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Interview with H&A cast

Guest Livi

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This is an interview from Inside Soap this week in the UK(20 - 26 August)

Tim Campbell(Dan), Lyn Collingwood(Colleen) and Lynne Mcgranger(Irene) was interviewed after Home and Away was nominated for several awards.


When it comes to Soaps it's not just the beautiful beachside location that makes Home and Away stand out from the rest. this year's spectacular storylines have included a nail-biting siege resulting in the tragic death of Noah Lawson, the arrival of eveil Angie russel's lookalike cousin, and the beginning of a gripping stalker storyline that'll have viewers on the edge of their sofas for the next few months....

It's been a bit of a hectic year in the Bay- What's been your favorite moment?

Lynne: i think the Sarah Lewis storyline- where she ended up shooting Noah was fantastic. it was such a huge tragedy and had repercussions for a lot of characters.

Tim: my character came in off the back of that storyline, so obviously that was a good one for me!

Lyn: the return of laurie Foell as Josie Russel was an exciting thing to happen.

Which cast member do you think deserves an award?Tim: Ada Nicodemou, who plays Leah. plus, she could do with an award to stand on because she is so short!

Lynne: Ray Meagher(Alf) or kate Ritchie(Sally). They've worked so hard for so long.

Who's the funniest cast member?

Tim: Kate and I are always having a giggle. She has a very dry sense of humour, which I love.

Lyn: Mark Furze (Ric). he's one of the worst offenders for those scenes where the actors can't stop laughing during filming.

Which other categories would you like to see in our awards?Lyn: Best episode. We have so many good directors, I'd like to see them recognised.

Tim: Worst Dressed Character. I'm sure Dan would win that one hands down!

Who should we look out for next year in Home and Away?

Tim: Dan's ex-wife, Amanda, will be arriving to stir up some trouble. The actress who plays her Holly brisley, is very sexy. there's also a new charcter coming in, Cassie(played by Sharni Vinson), who gets together with Ric. they're going to be the Bay's hot young couple.

Lynne:Ella Scott Lynch has just started as the new Hayley. She's a lovely girl- though she looks nothing like Bec Cartwright, who used to play her! And we've got a new family, the Holdens, with three very hunky boys.

Why should our readers vote for Home and Away?

Tim:We've just celebrated our 4000th episode and we've been going for 18 18 years, which is a huge achievvement.

Lynne:Because we all work really hard. The writing is second to none, and because we're screened earlier in the day than most soaps, we also have censorship issues to deal with. But we still manage to tell amazing stories.

Lyn:There's been so much visually stunning stuff this year- Noah's funeral is a great example. We're just a great Australian product!

So there you have it! There's also a little interview with Chris Hemsworth that I will type in in a seperate topin if anyone is interested.

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