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A New Family Arrives In The Bay

Guest Kimmy

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Hey everyone

Me and a friend wrote this some time back I thought I would post it here:

What's their secret?





The Adby family are American tourists who have run out of money and are stranded in Sydney. With no other options available, they head for Summer Bay to be with Simon’s cousin Jesse. Jesse has no room for them in his flat, so they have to live in the caravan park. Unable to provide them with financial support, Jesse suggests that they find work in Summer Bay. Simon is given a job in Noah’s bar.

Since Irene was spending the week away on holiday with Barry, Leah desperately needs help in the Diner. Whilst eating breakfast, Lauren overhears Leah telling Colleen of her worries. Later she approaches Leah and asks if considering her history of working in the food industry, would there be a job available for her. Leah is amazed; she explains that she had just been thinking about hiring someone.

“What a coincidence!†Lauren replies uneasily.

Leah tells her that she’ll schedule a trial for her the next day. If she does well then she can have the job. A very grateful Lauren rushes off to tell her husband.

Lauren arrives at Noah’s and tells him her great news. She says she has a job trial tomorrow and asks if he is able to look after Nina for the day. Simon reluctantly replies that he can’t because he also has to work. Lauren protests that he can just take a day off, and she really needs his support. He refuses on the grounds that he has only just started and cannot possibly expect Jesse to let him miss work so soon. An argument almost breaks out between them but Hayley quickly intervenes. She suggests that she could baby-sit for them, as it is her day off. In fact, she’d be happy to do so.

Next morning, Lauren starts off for her trial. She completes the day with flying colours, increasing business and impressing customers. Leah cannot imagine the Diner without her, she has the job. Lauren is delighted but is hesitant to accept because of her daughter Nina. She explains that Hayley cared for her today, but there was no way that she could find a permanent baby-sitter.

“How old is she?†Leah asks.

“Nina has just turned 4.†Lauren replied.

“Oh, my son VJ is around that age. He goes to a pre-school in Yabbie Creek, Nina could go there. I recommend it!â€

Lauren thinks this is a great idea. Leah gives her the number and off she goes.

More to come...

Feedback would be greta, but remeber this is my first one so be gentle!

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