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Two chairs and a wedding

Guest Andy

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Two chairs and a wedding

Sydney Morning Herald

21 July 2005

Two white chairs, surrounded by white drapes and bouquets, were set up in the northern foyer of the Opera House this morning, apparently for the Hewitt-Cartwright wedding this afternoon.

A handful of tourists looked on as catering staff busied themselves laying out chairs for the guests.

And it appeared that, in the absence of barriers or blinds this morning, fans might be able to look on when the nuptials begin - reportedly at 1430AEST.

The question is though, was it all a decoy to throw off the media? Will the wedding be at the Opera House ... or the zoo ... or Summer Bay ... or...?

As the minutes ticked down to when Australia's top tennis player Lleyton Hewitt would say: "C'mon, I do" to his pregnant bride, soap star Bec Cartwright, lips were remaining tight about where the knot-tying and reception would be held.

Would the couple just stay on at the Opera House?

Spokeswoman Lisa Bateman told smh.com.au: "Unfortunately we can't confirm it or deny it. It's worth coming down.

"The Opera House is not closed. It's just a normal day. We have functions here all the time."

What about one of the other favoured party places ... Taronga zoo?

"I'm not aware of anything I can tell you," said a spokesman for the function centre. "So I have to leave you to your investigations."

The zoo's media officer Helen Pantenburg said: "The rumours are flying around. We don't really know. It's turning out to be bigger than Ben Hur."

As for a reception at Government House, given its proximity to the Opera House, a spokesman who asked not to be named sounded most put out.

"No. Definitely not. Absolutely, definitely not," he said. "Government House is only used by the governor, the premier and major cultural and charitable organisations.

"We don't hold weddings here, no matter who they're for. We wouldn't even have one for Lleyton and Bec."

Meanwhile the staff at the Intercontinental, where the pre-nuptial reception is expected to be held, were throwing the media off the scent with lines like: "I did hear on the radio that there is a lot of activity outside the Hilton."

And at the HIlton? "I know nothing about any of that."

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