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Back to the bay posters mentioned in article!

Guest starrychris

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes.

Apparently the Mercury newspaper in Tasmania has published an article regarding Bec Cartwright leaving Home and Away. Within that article, they have opinions from various different people of what they think about her leaving. I've been told that i've been quoted with a post of mine from this board in that very article, referred to as "starrychris", and at least one other poster on this board has been mentioned in there too.

I can't find the article though, i've just been told about it. Would someone be able to post it?

I find it interesting that the media must be reading our posts here!

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I did a search on both newstext and factiva and couldn't find anything.

There are no articles mentioning "starrychris" in the Hobart Mercury, and no articles on Bec Cartwright since June 20.

Unless it was today's issue, because sometimes the less major papers don't appear until the next day, although it does say "Online Availability: Same day as publication date" for the Mercury, and I did a search for Delta, who is on the front page of today's Mercury and the story came up under todays date, so it looks like todays paper is online.

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Ok here it is. I will only type up the Home and Away related parts (there is some parts about re-casting in US soaps).


Last week, Australia's favourite soapie starlet, Bec Cartwright, bid a teary farewell to her castmates after recording her final scenes as popular character Hayley Smith on Home and Away.

While Cartwright is now busy supporting her tennis star and fiance Lleyton Hewitt at Wimbledon and getting ready for the birth of her baby in October, another actress is getting ready to take over the role of Hayley.

NIDA graduate Ella Scott Lynch, 22, will make her first appearance as Hayley on our tv screens in August. The redhead Lynch beat more than 100 other wannabe starlets to step into blonde bombshell Cartwrights role in the popular soapie.

It may prove to be a risky move.

"Im very excited and a little daunted to be taking over someone elses role. I don't look like her at all," Lynch said. "the audience will have to readjust really dramatically."

Cartwright has played Hayley for 6 years, winning a Logie in the process, and many of her fans are not happy that the role has been recast.

But this is not the first time H&A has replaced actors. Beloved foster mum Pippa was played by both Vanessa Downing and Debra Lawrence, and recently Joel Mcllroy took over the part of Sally's husband from Martin Dingle-Wall.


But fans are not always happy to see their favourite actors replaced. Home and Away fansite "Back to the Bay" was flooded with complaints after the character of Flynn was recast, and now fans are outraged that Hayley will be played but another actress.

"I wouldn't have minded if they just wrote her out, but Hayley is Bec Cartwright! I can't imagine her being anyone else," said fan Sacha on the website's fan forum.

Another fan, Starrychris added: "You can't go and recast a character played by the most popular actress in the country! It's going to suck having someone new playing Hayley!".

So while Bec Cartwright relaxes courtside at Wimbledon, theres no doubt that Ella Scott Lynch faces an enormous challenge back in Australia on the set of Home and Away.

(From The Mercury - Friday June 24 2005)

There you go! :)

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