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Whatever, says Tammin

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Whatever, says Tammin

Sunday Mail

22 May 2005

JUDGE me on my music, not my public image. That's the message from ex- Home & Away star Tammin, now embarking on a solo music career.

"People think these days it's good to have a profile but I think it's the opposite," she said.

"What it means is you have to prove yourself more."

While she looks back on her time with Home & Away with fondness and is thankful for the opportunities it has given her, Tammin - she has dropped her surname Sursok - recognises it will make it diffi cult to win over some music critics.

"Critics wanted to dislike me because of being in a soap opera, and when one reviewed the album they actually said they were pleasantly surprised and that it was great for guilty pleasure moments," she said. "I just thought 'can't you like it for what it is?'."

Tammin releases her debut album, Whatever Will Be, tomorrow. She said it was a true representation of who she was at the moment and the journey from teenage girl to young woman.

"It (the album) took two years to record so I started when I was 19 and now I'm 21," she said.

"There's a fair bit of growing up in those years - I've moved out of home, left Home & Away and started concentrating on my music."

At the age of 17, Tammin was offered a record contract, but becoming another lip-syncing pop tart in the style of Britney Spears was not for her. She waited, biding her time until the right opportunity presented itself.

One that would let her be her own person and have some creative control.

"It's so important to do lyrics of your own," she insisted. "I didn't want to make an album where I was lying to my fans." Five of the album's tracks were co-written by her and it's something she is excited about doing more of. For now, however, the independent Tammin is happy to compromise a little and listen to ideas from her record company.

"If this first album does well you have to be accepting of different things and not getting all your own way." she said.

"But I've been lucky and had control over my videos, shots, what the singles will be and in which order - they let me control a lot of my image."

Her album contrasts musically between orchestral and guitar-based instrumentation and hook pop-rock, catering to those looking for soulful lyrics and girls who just wanna have fun.

Its release marks the culmination of a childhood dream for the South African born starlet.

"I definitely wanted to do this (music) 110 per cent," she said. The first recording sessions for Whatever Will Be were in Sweden. It was not unusual for Tammin to fl y from Sydney to Sweden on a Thursday and return to the Home & Away set on a Monday.

"I didn't want to do music and acting half-half and knew I couldn't fully concentrate on Home & Away," she said.

"I had a great life on the show but I wanted to move forward and do other things." Tammin is looking forward to getting out there and performing more live shows and meeting her fans.

"I'll never ever get used to people knowing my name and singing my songs," she said.

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