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Mangrove River High in 2009

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Name of Fic: Mangrove River High in 2009

Type of Fic: One Shot 

Rating: T/A

Genre:  Drama

Rating: Adult themes 

Characters: Matt, Colby, Dean, Andy, Josh and Jade Montgomery. 

Spoilers: No 

Summary: Story based on Mangrove River Students set back in 2009 before any of them become Summer Bay residents. 



School captain Colby Thorne is harbouring secret that he slept with school principal Jade Montgomery  and one day he got letter saying someone knows his secret . 

So question is who is it. 

Colby bedroom 

Colby after reading letter that come in mail saying I know who you slept with last Friday night and rings alarm bells that who could be behind this letter and more to point how did they find out . 

Jade Montgomery house . 

Jade says my main suspects are is that year 7 Student smart ass Matt Page and you good for nothing pal Dean Thompson . 

Colby I speak to both of them . 

Matts House 

Colby do you anything about this letter Matt?. 

Matt Like I care what self righteous School captain does or who he  sleeps with on Friday Night or any night for that matter as have I thousand more  better things  to do and worry and if don’t mind I need wake up my hangover father up and get sister ready for School as our mum walked out on us not so long ago and so that therefore think pretty obviously that too busy to being sending letter so bye Mr Mangrove high prince . 

Dean House 

Colby I just want to know Dean do you know anything about this letter ?. 

Dean  Dude it might help if tells what about ?. 


Colby  You can’t tell anyone this but I slept with Principal Montgomery and someone blackmailed me with this letter . 

Dean Dude I slept with her once too 

Colby well in that case we need find out who it  is and No Dean before you asked I am not surprised you would slept with her ether as we both do stupid things. 

Mangrove High 
Matt pulling his head out of empty classroom and says Colby and Dean come in  here  I have information you might interested in?. 


Colby says  you know who it is ?. 

Dean say’s demanding how do you I am involved Matt  ?. 

Matt says in rather cocky voice Because mr king  Dean Thompson I know person who blackmailing Colby is targeted you next and you sleeping with dragon principal as well. 

Colby says look Matt we don’t have time for games who is it ?. 

Matt says it’s Andy Barrett as be wanting to get back Montgomery for kicking him out .

Colby says how did you find out it was Andy Barrett ?. 

Matt says I figured it has to be  someone out for revenge and sure Josh and Andy walking along after I drop my sister off at her school and so I figured asked at first Andy declined it was him but then when I got to school I sure   Josh he said it was Andy . 

Colby says takes us to Josh now Matt ?. 

Matt says only if say please school captain can’t lose his manners 

Both Colby and Dean says at once  alright please take us to Josh .

Josh walks along and it grab by Dean and pulled empty classroom . 

Colby says alright Josh what does you brother what?.

Josh come over to my house I tell you my address and you can  asked him yourself . 

Josh and Andy house 

Andy says all I want is to get back to school ?. 

Colby is Montgomery you need talk to no me and so why send me letter and not her ?. 

Andy says  Because she listen to you not me and all asked is you tell it was me and let back to school and secret love affair will die with me. 

Montgomery House 

Jade Montgomery very well I let you back in Andy but no more trouble and as for you two pointing to Matt and Josh you better keep you mouth shut. 

Both Matt and Josh nodding in agreement. 

The end. 






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