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Please post all Australian spoilers in the pinned Spoiler Thread and all discussion, appreciation and comments of the spoilers in the pinned discussion thread.

Please continue to set out UK spoilers in one of the formats below.










To use the Spoiler Tag, enclose all or part of your post in [ SPOILER ] and [/ SPOILER ] (removing the spaces). This will give you the following effect:

Now you see it...

If you're posting a new topic which contains Spoilers, please place the word 'SPOILERS' in the topic description as a warning for other members.

Thanks. :)

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This forum is different to all others in that everything is all thrown in together. As aresult it is difficult to cope with the issues of spoilers. However there are some general ground rules which I thought were obvious but it seems not so I'm going to post them here.

* Spoilers for Australian viewers should go in the relevent thread.

* Discussion of Australian spoilers should go in the relevent thread.

* A topic based on what is currently happening in Australia should be clearly marked that it is Australia pace and may contain spoilers for non-Aus viewers.

* In the case of a general topic not specifically country related but which ends up including spoilers, these should be placed in spoiler tags.

Thank you to those people who do follow these guidelines, if you find posts that aren't please report using the report button.


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