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Abuse Scars


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Story Title: Abuse Scars
Type of story: Short/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Carly Morris & Matt Wilson
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Drama
Does story include spoilers: No.
Any warnings: Domestic Violence
Summary: What if Carly's Family find out she is being abused by Ben how do they and her high school boyfriend help her through this tough time.  




Chapter 1 



(Pippa, Tom, Steven and Sally are in the kitchen)

TOM - Are you ready to go Pip?

PIPPA - Yeah i'm ready let's get going 

TOM - Ok

STEVEN - You helping with the Wedding Planning?

PIPPA - Yes 

SALLY - Why can't I help?

TOM - You can with the fun stuff this is the boring stuff


(Tom and Pippa exit) 



BEN - How many times do I have to tell you this is how it is going to be

CARLY - Ben you can't get your own way all of the time 

BEN - You don't get to speak to me like that 

(Ben hits Carly and Tom and Pippa walk in) 

TOM - Get off her 

(Carly runs to Tom's arms) 

PIPPA - Stay away from her 

TOM - You heard her. Carly lets go sweetheart. 

(Tom,Carly and Pippa exit) 



(Tom,Carly and Pippa walk in) 

STEVEN - Back already? 

PIPPA - Yeah 

STEVEN - Sal's in bed 

CARLY - I'm going to head to bed too

TOM - I will come up with you 



CARLY - I'm sorry Tom

TOM - Sweetheart to be sorry you did nothing wrong 

CARLY - Thank you 

TOM - How long's this being going on?

CARLY - Months

(Carly cries and Tom hugs her tightly) 



STEVEN - What happened why are you back so early? 

PIPPA - Tom and I walked in to Ben hitting Carly

STEVEN - He what I am going to kill him 

PIPPA - I think Tom will join you


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(Matt is behind the Counter talking to Frank when Tom walks over) 

MATT - Hey Mr Fletcher!! What can I get you? 

TOM - The biggest piece of Chocolate Cake you have got 


FRANK - How's Carly? 

TOM - She's trying to be strong but we are know she's hurting. Wait a minute how did you hear about that?

FRANK - Steven called last night and told me 

MATT - What's wrong with Carly? 

TOM - You will hear about sooner or later from Celia so I may as well tell you so you have heard the full story 

FRANK - I want to hear this too

TOM - Pippa and I went to the farm to help Carly do some Wedding Planning but when we got there we walked in on Ben hitting her. I spoke to Carly after we got home and she told me this is being happening for months 

MATT - Oh My God. I have to see her 

(Ailsa walks in) 

MATT - Hey Ailsa do you mind if I take my break and see Carly?

AILSA - No of course not I just spoke to Pip 

MATT - Thank you

(Matt and Tom run out with the Chocolate Cake in hand)

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