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The Bay Celebrates 170 years


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Story Title: The Bay Celebrates 170 years
Type of story:  Long Fic 
Main Characters: Alf, Past and Current Cast
BTTB rating: T
Genre:  General.
Does story include spoilers:  No, .
Any warnings: Sexual content, violence/death,
Summary: 5 lines max - This year would make 170 years of Summer Bay so what happens when residents return to the bay to celebrate the event. Former and past bay residents will be reunited for the event however what will happen when a disaster takes place.

Chapter 1

It was a few days before the celebrations and everything was going to plan so far, Dean was even hiring Surf Boards out to people who wanted to surf while they were in town and he had been told by Alf allot of people were returning, including some today which is why Dean was up at six o'clock in the morning, to make sure he was at the surf club before people arrived.

He grabbed his keys, getting ready to leave when he heard a knock at the door, something Dean thought was weird as it was only six o'clock, he just hoped whoever it was didn't wake up Ziggy and Mackenzie.

He had his keys in his pocket as he opened the door and when he saw Bella there, he hugged her immediately. Bella was like a sister to him and in the five months that Bella had been gone Dean had missed her terribly. Dean then saw Emmett, Bella mentor standing beside her and while hugging Bella shook his hand before ushering the pair inside quietly, Dean still having an arm around Bella the entire time.

Dean and Bella were seated next to each other on the couch while Emmett was on a chair across from them. Dean looked at Bella "I wish you had told me you were coming." Bella smiled as she looks at Dean "I wanted it to be a surprise besides that look on your face." Emmett cut in "That was pretty good." Dean looked at Bella "How did you know I would be up?" Bella knew Dean so well that she knew he would be "Call it a hunch. Besides Emmett and I are doing some photography for the celebrates so we wanted to get here a few days early." Dean was smiling, he was so proud of Bella and everything that she had achieved and hugged her again tightly "I'm so proud of you Bella." Bella smiled as she rested her head on Dean neck "Thanks, Now how about you guys come with me, I meant to be meeting Alf." Bella and Emmett got up as Emmett spoke "Sounds good, we should probably discuss things with him too." The three got up and left the house without waking Ziggy or Mackenzie.

Meanwhile Alf was at the surf club with John, he knew it was early but he needed to make sure they had everything under control, Alf wanted this to go to plan particularly after the one hundred and fifty event  disaster. It was when him and John were in discussion about the sound when he heard a voice "Up with the sun Grandad." Alf turned around so fast after hearing that voice "Ryder." Alf was so happy that he stopped what he was doing and walked over and hugged his grandson and after Alf had hugged him, Ryder shook John hand "Managed to get some time off then." Ryder nods "I wouldn't miss this, after all it's such a big event." Alf smiles as Ryder then goes on to tell John and him about his job as they set up.

It isn't long after Ryder arrives and when he talking to Alf about his job when he hears his name "Ryder." Ryder turns around and sees Bella there, standing with Emmett and Dean, the friends hadn't seen each other in six months so immediately ran into each other arms as Dean, Emmett, Alf and John watched on "I missed you Ryder." Ryder smiles as he hugged his friend " I missed you too." The friends then go and sit down and begin talking about their careers and catching up, both glad to be reunited and back in the bay. 

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Just now, beachside said:

Cant wait to see who else returns for the celebrations

Love that Bella surprised Dean 

Awww Bella and Ryder

Love this so much

Plenty more to come.

Glad you enjoyed Bella reuniting with both Dean and Ryder.

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Chapter 2

Martin Dibble had gotten off the bus and was setting foot in the bay for the first time in twenty years, in fact the last time he was here it was for one hundred and fifty years of the bay and he had become a changed man since them, you see Martin now had a beautiful wife named Indiana and a son Lincoln. He knew Alf wouldn't be expecting him to rock up the bay this early for an event not only because it was seven o'clock in the morning but also because he hadn't been the most reliable in the past.

Martin carried his big bag on his back as he headed in the direction of the surf club and when he got there he spotted Alf in the distance carrying two boxes and walked in his direction "Need a hand Alf?" Alf turned around and saw Martin and he couldn't believe what he was hearing "That would be great thanks." Martin carefully grabbed one of the boxes of Alf as the pair started walking to the back access of the club "I must admit, I'm surprised to see you here so early." Martin nodded after all he could understand where Alf was coming from "Yeah I get it, I made allot of dumb mistakes in the past but I want to fix what I can and help the best I can, so anything you need just ask." Alf was totally shocked with what Martin had said and he could tell that Martin knew that himself, Alf spoke first "Well your a changed man." Martin smiles and nods "You can thank my wife Indiana for that, she made me such a better person then I ever thought I could be." Alf smiled as he opened the door and him and Martin sat the boxes down on the ground before Martin followed Alf inside.

The others saw Alf approaching but no one had any idea who was with him and Martin knew that but to be fair he didn't know who any of them are. He could see someone in a lifeguard uniform talking to some other guy and he could see a guy working at the new surf shop with a younger girl sitting on the counter. Alf then points at one "Martin this is John Palmer, he helps me run the joint so when I'm not around and you want to know what to do just ask him, next to him is Ryder my grandson." Martin was shocked to hear Alf had another grandson that was something Lance hadn't told him, Martin knew Alf had one named Ric but not Ryder. Martin shook both John and Ryder hands and introduced himself before walking over to the small surf shop and looking at some stuff when the girl spoke "Your Martin Dibble right? I heard about you from the History of Summer Bay book." Martin smiled, he was impressed clearly this girl knew the history of this place pretty well "That's right and you are?" Bella put her hand out "I'm Bella Nixon and this is Dean he runs the shop." Martin shakes Bella hand before doing the same with Dean, after that he begins chatting to Bella and Dean interested in how they got to the bay after all if Martin knew one thing it was everyone that came to the bay did it for a reason.

Meanwhile at the Stewart house Roo and her mother Martha were eating some breakfast when they heard the door open so Roo got up and walked to the lounge room to see who it was, it was them she spotted Frank and she was delighted to see her ex, she also knew he would be remising after all he lived here for a while "So how much have this place changed?" Frank looked up to see his ex standing there and hugged her "The place haven't, just the people in it." Roo nodded in understanding, Frank then looked at his ex "We should catch up later, it have been a while." Roo smiled "Sounds Great, so where are you staying?" Frank hadn't booked accommodation as he was hoping a van was left "If there some vans left could I have one?" It was then an older woman who was the splitting image of Roo walked around the corner "We have three left." Frank looked at Roo and she knew what he was thinking "Frank this is my mum Martha, Martha this is Frank my first love." The pair shook hands and then Martha handed him the keys to the caravan and he couldn't help that smile "It's my favourite van, thank you." Roo looks at the number and smiles and she knows why it's his favourite, it's the one his family did up. Frank looks at Roo "I will go and get settled then I will come back and we can catch up." Roo smiles at her ex "That sounds great, your still a latte drinker right." Frank nods impressed his ex remembered that "Yes I am." Roo smiles at him "One will be made for you when you come back in." Frank looks at his ex "Thank you." With that Frank is out the door to go to his van, thankfully he knew exactly where it was so he would be able to go and settle into it, then go back and see Roo. 

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1 minute ago, beachside said:

Martin's a changed man I love that 

Frank's back and he's seen Roo 

Wait until Frank asks ten million questions about Martha 

Great chapter

He's a better man that's for sure

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Chapter 3

Leah and Chloe walked in the diner at seven thirty that morning, opening up earlier then usual due to so many people returning to the bay for the event. Chloe and Leah weren't open to customers yet when Chloe spotted someone walk in and she was about to speak when Leah looked up "Miles oh my god." Leah stopped what she was doing and ran into his arms, allowing Miles to pick her up and spin her around the room, Leah smiling the whole time. Chloe who was watching the pair and couldn't help that noticed how happy Leah looked, in fact it was the happiest she had ever seen Leah which made Chloe know this guy must be important to her and had a special part of her heart.

Once Miles put Leah down she looked at her best friend "Why didn't you let me know you were coming?" Miles knew Leah well enough to know she was eager for an answer "I decided last minute and booked a flight and came, I honestly had no time to even tell you." Leah wrapped her arms around Miles chest as Miles spoke again "So I'm forgiven." All Leah can do is nod her head as Miles looks around and spots a girl who he knew would be around Vj age "Hi I'm Miles, I used to live here." Chloe smiled at the man "Chloe Anderson, nice to meet you." Chloe paused "I'm guessing you two know each other well them." Leah nodded "Miles is my best friend." Chloe smiled at the pair. she had never seen Leah so happy not even with Justin. 

Miles then looked at the time "You guys have to open up soon, how about I give you a hand setting up." Leah smiled at Miles, she was so happy right now "That would be great, you can help me prep while Chloe sets the table." Chloe smiles and agrees straight away after all it was clear to her that Leah wanted to catch up with Miles.

Miles and Leah walked into the kitchen both starting the preparation when Leah spoke "Anything new, since we talked last?" Miles shakes his head "Nothing changed, still teaching" Leah smiles "Your happy right?" Miles was caught off guard with the question "Most of the time." Truth was not that Miles would admit this but he was still in love with Leah so he did think about her a fair bit. Thankfully for Miles though Leah changed the subject "How long are you staying for?" Miles smiled at her eagerly "About a week." Leah clapped her hands all excited "Well I won't lie, I will not be complaining about having my best friend back for the week." Miles just smiled as he prepared the food and talked with Leah.

Meanwhile Lance had just parked his car near his old motorhome deciding to take a trip down memory lane and that exactly what he was doing when he heard a voice "Lance." Lance turned around and saw Frank there. The pair were close mates these days so they immediately shook each other hands "Remising?" Lance nods  "It's hard not too, particular when I'm coming back for an event like this." Frank smiles in complete understanding, after all he did the same thing "I did the same, the moment I walked into the house don't worry." Frank then looked at Lance "Is your mum coming down too?" Lance nods "She wouldn't miss this, she coming down tomorrow." Frank smiles "So you will have some time to catch up with everyone without her butting in." Lance smiles "Exactly." With that he heads into his old motorhome after getting in contact with the new owners who agreed he could have it for the weekend as he out of town, so Lance opens the door and dumps his bag inside before turning around to Frank "It's good to be back." Frank can't help that agree "Yeah it is." The pair then agree to head into the Summer Bay house so are heading in that direction now.

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2 hours ago, beachside said:

Miles is back and Leah is pleased to see him 

OMG Lance and Frank two of my favourites having a scene 

Glad you enjoyed the Lance and Frank scene, thank you for reading

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Chapter 4

Miles and Leah were in the diner, it was now eight o'clock in the morning when Miles turned to Leah "I don't suppose you know of any good accommodation that not booked." Leah nodded "You can stay with me." Miles smiled "Really, what about Justin?" Leah could hear worry in Miles voice "He will suck it up, after all you are my best friend." Miles smiles as he hears the door open to the diner and then two voices "Miles." Miles and Leah both turn around and see that Irene and Marilyn are standing next to Chloe so he exiting the kitchen and giving his friends a hug before looking at Leah "Mind if we go and dumps my bags?" Leah looks at Irene "Go just go, it's fine." With that Leah and Miles exit the diner.

Meanwhile at the Morgan's Justin was sitting down when he heard footsteps and people walking into the house "Well this place haven't changed." Justin turns around and have the biggest smile on his face, after all he had been waiting to see Tori and Christian again ever since they left. Justin gets up and shakes Christian hand before hugging his sister tightly "It's so good to have you back T, and you too mate." Tori looks at her brother "It's good to be back even if it only for the week." Christian then cuts in "I'm just glad that we could be here for this." Justin nods "Yeah I'm glad you guys are here too, it will be interesting to see who else comes back." Tori and Christian nod in agreement to Justin statement.

Tori, Christian and Justin were sitting on the couch, when they heard the door open and Leah walking in with someone. Leah immediately spots Tori and Christian and heads in their direction and hugging them which they happily return before going back to Miles side. Miles could see they already had guests and looked at Leah "Are you sure it's okay?" Leah puts her arm on Miles shoulder and is focused on him, something everyone else seems to notice "You are staying here Miles, I need you here this week okay." Miles just nods as pulls Leah into his arms and hugs her, something which she happily returns as Justin watches on and he won't lie he feels jealous, he doesn't know who this guy is but it been less then three minutes since he laid eyes on him and in that time it become very clear to Justin how close he was to his girlfriend.

Elsewhere Hayley Lawson had found herself walking inside the diner, for the first time in years, this was the first time she had set foot in the bay since she left with Scott Hunter over fifteen years ago. When she walks in, she sees Irene hard at work with another staff member and walks up behind them before tapping Irene on the shoulder which makes Irene turn around and once she does Hayley immediately feels arms around her "Hayley I had no idea you were coming." Hayley smiled as she hugged her foster mother "Neither did I but it was time to come back here, it was time to see you and Noah." Hayley tears up at that "I wish he was here Irene." Irene nods "Yeah me too, he would of loved this." Hayley nodded as she pulled out of the hug "Yes, yes he would of." Hayley then looks at the staff member next to Irene "Sorry I'm Hayley Lawson." The young girl smiled at her "Chloe Anderson, I'm sorry about." Hayley nodded "Thanks Chloe." Hayley then looks at Irene "How can I help?" Irene looked at Hayley "We need to get catering sorted." Chloe cuts in "I can give Hayley a hand with that." Hayley nodded "Sounds good to me, so what do we start with?" Irene hands Hayley a list "The supermarket." Hayley nods as she looks at Chloe "You ready to go?" Chloe nods as she takes her apron off and after both her and Hayley said goodbye to Irene, they were straight out of the diner and now on a mission to get everything they could on Irene's shopping list. 

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