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The Big Mistake

christine king

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Title: The big mistake

Type of story: Short Fic

Main characters: Colby, Bella, Nik, Dean, Ziggy, Jasmine

Rating: T/A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: violence

Summary: What if one big mistake starts a chain reaction? What if one lie descends into chaos? What if one moment makes your life not worth saving? If you could turn back the past would you?


Chapter 1


Colby is pacing on the beach, he is really upset. He is struggling to keep his emotions in check. Dean comes to check on him.


Dean: So?

Colby: Don’t!

Dean: I didn’t say anything!

Colby: That’s the problem!

Dean: Is that really your issue?

Colby: Yes what else would it be?

Dean: Jasmine?

Colby: Jasmine? What?

Dean: I saw you kissing her!

Colby: What? That was nothing! Not important. We have bigger things to worry about!

Dean: Like?

Colby: Bella and Nik

Dean: Thought they were solid?

Colby: They are! Not them as a couple just them as people in general.

Dean: So their connection to you is putting them in danger!

Colby: Yes duh keep up

Dean: Is that why Tane punched you?

Colby: Yep! All though why he didn’t punch you I don’t know? I mean kissing Ziggy?

Dean: It was in the moment. I thought.. I thought she wanted to forget the past and move on. Get back together.

Colby: If I wasn’t here you guys would still be together! I blame myself!

Dean: I don’t blame you.

Colby: You should! Everyone should! All I cause is problems for everyone!

Dean: Ross deserved to die but you didn’t deserve to go down for it.

Colby: But I did it! I killed him!

Dean: Yeah and the world is better off!

Colby: I know.

Dean: Let’s forget it all and just move on and start over.

Colby: Can we?

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