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Secrets, Protection and Love


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Chapter 11

As soon as Miles and Alf walked into Leah's room, they were even more worried particularly after seeing how scared she looked. Miles rushed to her side sitting on the bed next to her while Alf walked over and sat on the chair beside the bed. Alf was the one that asked the question "What's going on?" Leah could see the concern on the two men faces and she knew no matter how scared she is, she needs to tell them what going on "My Kidneys are failing I'm on the list." Miles was trying to hold back his fear and sadness as she spoke again "And I'm not having treatment." This shocked both Alf and Miles as Alf decided to give the pair a minute.


Once Alf had walked out of the room, Miles moved closer to Leah and grabbed her hand before deciding to ask the question "Why don't you want the treatment?" Leah knew Miles would ask the question and she also wasn't sure if he would like the answer to it "Because there nothing left to fight for anymore." Miles was shocked to hear this after all she had put Vj first for years and as long as he had known Leah she hadn't been one to give up on her son. "What about Vj?" Leah knew Miles would ask that question also "VJ well he will have you to take care of him." Miles knew he would step up for Vj if Leah died but he wasn't going to let that happen "Leah your son he needs you to survive to fight this, to have treatment." Leah shook her head "I'm not having treatment Miles." Miles took a breath and he knew that he needed to tell Leah how he felt while he had the chance.

Leah could sense Miles was tossing up something she just didn't know what "What is it?" Miles looked at Leah "Vj isn't the only one that needs you, I do too Leah. I love you ok and I cannot imagine my life without you so please." Leah was shocked to hear Miles confession, sure they had  moments in the past but she never expected him to still have feeling for her "Miles you are the most important person in my life besides Vj and If I can I will stay with you but we can't act on this, not now, not while I'm like this and not if this is the end for me." Miles was emotional now and he was trying to hold back the tears in his eyes "Leah I can't lose you." Leah could see he was about to cry and immediately indicated for Miles to come closer which he did as as she hugged him which he returned. They just sat there and held each other not wanting to let go after that.

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Chapter 12

It was a few hours later when Miles had left to pick up Vj so Leah could see him, when she had asked Sid for more morphine due to her pain getting worse which thankfully she was given. After that was given all Leah was able to think about was Miles confession, in truth Leah knew deep down that she was happy about this as she had loved Miles for a few years now, hell she was even jealous of Kirsty for having him to herself but she couldn't put Miles through anything that she was about to go through, she wouldn't do that to the man she was in love with.

Soon enough Leah heard her name getting called and she immediately spotted her son and smiles at him as Miles lifted him onto the room, Leah carefully moves over so Vj can lay next to her which he did. They didn't talk at all Leah just held her son tightly while she still could before she got too weak that she couldn't even do that. 

Miles had decided to go and speak to Sid why Leah was spending time with her son and it wasn't long before Miles spotted Sid and the moment Sid saw Miles he walked over "I'm sorry." Miles nodded "How long would she have without treatment?" Sid could see the worry on Miles face "Considering she asked for morphine when you left because her pain was that bad it could be days unless a donor kidney found or she accepts treatment." Upon hearing this tears went down Miles face he couldn't lose her, he wouldn't lose the woman he loved. He knew he needed to do everything that he could to make sure she survived to make sure he never had a life without her because he couldn't imagine that in fact the thought of that almost killed him.


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Chapter 13

That night after Miles had left, Leah knew she had allot to think about, not as much about treatment as she rather just wait for a donor but about her and Miles. She knew that both of them had always liked each other and she knew that the people closest to them also knew that, after all Leah knew from the way she was when Miles was around she was pretty obvious.

Leah was thinking about how she wanted to spend the rest of her life, whether she only had a small amount of time left or she got a donor and had her whole life ahead of her. As she began to think about her past all she could think about was Miles and she started thinking about her future, whether that was in hospital or at home with Vj all she could picture were her and Miles together and happy despite the ups and downs and Leah knew in that moment that she wanted to be with him, even if it was only for a short time, she just hoped that Miles wouldn't end up losing her and going through all the pain of that. She knew as soon as she saw Miles tomorrow she was going to tell him exact how she feels about, exactly how she always felt.

The next day rolled around and whilst Leah was hurting and in so much pain, she couldn't wait to see Miles and just hoped that he would soon be there.

It was a hour later when Miles finally walked in her room and Leah breathes a massive sigh of relief and smiles as he walks over to her "Everything okay?" Miles looked at Leah "The accident Xavier caused it You were right. John he found a diary Xavier was keeping." Leah was shocked, she couldn't believe that the truth was out after all she had kept this quiet. Miles looked at Leah "He will be charged Leah." All Leah does is nod as she takes in that information.

After processing all of that she looks at Miles "Come sit with me." Miles does that as he sits next to her on the bed before she speaks "I love you too. You know after you left yesterday all I could think about was my future no matter how short or long it is and every minute of it, you are there right beside me, I love you Miles." Miles couldn't help that smiled as he kissed Leah "I love you too."

The pair were still kissing five minutes later when they heard a cough, Leah and Miles looked up to see Sid there and Sid smiled "Well Leah now you and Miles are finally together and I'm guessing happy, I will be able to happily report to you that you won't just have a little amount of times together but your whole lives. We found a kidney it an exact match and it will arrive this afternoon." Leah smiled "Thanks Sid." Miles on the other hand stood up and hugged the man truly grateful.

Once Sid left the room Miles immediately went and sat beside his now girlfriend and then kissed her and she returned it before speaking "Looks like we will get our whole lives together after all." Miles smiled at what Leah said "Yes just like we always wanted." The pair then kissed again, both ready for Leah to get her new kidney and recover so that they could start their new life together.






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