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Secrets, Protection and Love


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Story Title: Secrets, Protection and Love
Type of story: Short/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Leah Patterson, Miles Copeland, Vj Patterson, Alf Stewart, Charlie Buckton, Ruby Buckton
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Sexual content, violence
Summary:  After Leah gets into a car accident and is fighting for her life this makes Miles realize that he needs to admit to Leah that he got feeling for her. Will Leah pull through so Miles can tell him how he feels? And if she does will Leah and Miles finally get together and make things work.


Chapter 1

It was just after eleven o'clock at night when the phone started ringing at the Stewart household, which had woken Alf up. He raced downstairs and picked up the phone "Hello Summer Bay Caravan Park." There was pause before Alf spoke again "Well what happened?" As Alf said this he turned around and saw Miles standing beside him "No Charlie it fine, thanks for letting me know. I will be there as soon as I can." Alf then hang up the phone and by the look on Alf's face it was clear to Miles that something had happened "What is it?" Alf knew Miles wouldn't take this well after all Alf knew how much he cared for people "It's Leah she have been in an accident." Miles immediately had fear written all over his face "Is she ok?" Alf can hear the concern in Miles voice "No Miles she isn't. Charlie says I should get down as soon as possible." This had made Miles even more worried "Give me two minutes to get changed and I will come with you." Alf just looked at Miles and nodded as they both headed upstairs to get change.

As Miles got in his room and was getting changed all he could think about was Leah and how much he cared about her. He cared about her more then a friend and if he was honest with himself he had for a while, so all he needed right now was for Leah to be ok because he didn't know how he would cope if she wasn't ok and he knew if she wasn't that he would spend his life regretting not telling her how he felt. It was the fastest Miles had gotten changed as he headed downstairs to meet Alf.

After driving for ten minutes to get to the hospital and both worried about Leah they ran inside to see Vj sitting with Ruby and it was clear by the major cut Vj had on his face that he was in the accident with Leah. Miles who was closely followed by Alf walked over to Charlie "Any news?" Charlie looks at the pair and knows how concerned they both are "She is in surgery. She suffered a head injury while this is a major injury it needs operating on, the kidney that was damaged does and as well as that they need to put her arm back into place." Alf nodded and looked at Charlie "Thank you for letting us know what happened." Charlie nods as both Alf and her watch Miles who raced over to Vj and sat on the other side of him.

It was a few minutes later when Vj looked at Miles "I couldn't stop it the other car didn't see us and mum she couldn't stop the car. If I wasn't out so late with a friend this wouldn't happened." Miles could see the young teenager felt guilty "This isn't your fault Veej." Charlie walked over and looked at the young boy "Miles is right, the other car ran a light." Vj looked around the room hoping that one of the older adults would answer his question "Will my mum be ok?" The adults looked at each other and Miles was the one that answer "Your mum a fighter she will be ok." Miles really hoped what he had told Vj was right as he could see how scared Vj was about losing his mum and truth was Miles was just as scared about losing Leah as Vj was. Miles just needed her to come through the surgery ok and to survive this.

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Note: Thank you to everyone who read the first chapter of this story. I hope you are enjoying it. Also I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this story. 


Chapter 2


It was now a few hours later as Miles waited with Alf and Charlie for news as Vj and Ruby had gone home a bit earlier. It wasn't long before Sid came over to them "Leah is still in theatre guys. The head injury have already been operated on as it turned out to not be as major of a bleed as we first thought. Her arm have also been put back into place and the doctors are working to fix the kidneys now." Miles nodded as he looked at Sid "How long will her recovery take?" Sid could see the worry in Miles eyes "It could take a bit for her to recovery. Her head and arm will hurt for a few days and she shouldn't really do much for a few weeks after having her kidney operated on." The three nodded as Miles thought about how Leah couldn't look after herself and Vj during that time. He looked at Sid again "How long will she be in here?" Sid knew Miles well enough to know he was trying to work things out "Between three and five days depending on how she is recovering." Miles offered a smile to Sid "Thank you Doctor Walker." Sid just nodded before walking away.

Once Sid had left Charlie looked at Miles and Alf "I have the next few days off, I can get Vj sorted and look after him." Alf looked at the local cop and friend "Yeah that would be great, thank you." Charlie smiled "Of course. Look I'm going to head home but can you please keep me updated." Alf nodded "Yes of course and I will walk you out." Charlie smiled as her and Alf started to walked away.

Miles was sitting down in the chair, still worrying about Leah even those he knew she was going to be ok, he was still scared of losing her and he also knew that he needed to tell her how he felt before that happened because today had made him realize how much he did care about her and how much he didn't want to lose her, in fact he knew he wouldn't cope if anything bad happened to her.

It wasn't long before Sid walked towards Miles with a worried look on his face and this had made Miles worry "Where's Alf?" Miles knew that whatever had happened was serious if Sid was asking the question "He is walking Charlie out, can you please just tell me what happened?" Sid knew he had to tell Miles otherwise all he would do was worry "Leah's kidney wasn't repairable and they had to take it all out and her second kidney shows signs that it could be beginning to fail also. Now the second kidney could repair itself or she could be fighting her life and needing a kidney donor. This isn't something we will know for a few days those. For the moment she is out of theatre." Miles was upset he really didn't want the worst happening to Leah. He knew she didn't deserve this "Is she awake? Can I sit with her?" Sid nodded "Of course you can sit with her. She is very sleepy and asleep at the moment but she should wake up soon." Miles nodded as Sid showed him to Leah's room.

When Miles walked in he saw that Leah was sound asleep and with a few machines hooked to her. He quietly thanked Sid before moving the chair next to Leah's bed and just held her hand as she slept. 

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Chapter 3

It was a few minutes later when Miles felt his hand been squeezed and he looked up to see Leah holding his hand and awake but she also knew she was confused. Leah looked at Miles "Vj is he ok?" Miles could see the worry in her face "He's fine, we need to focus on you right now." Leah knew by the way Miles said that something wasn't right "I'm not good am I?" Miles immediately shakes his head "One Kidney isn't repairable at this stage and the second one could turn out the same." Leah immediately had tears running down her face "No this can't be happening." Miles stood up and went and sat on the end of the bed "Leah you can get through this, your a fighter." Leah was scared she knew kidney failure isn't a good thing "But what if I don't? What will happen to VJ?" Miles grabbed Leah's hand "You will get through this and if you don't which is very unlikely then I will take care of Vj." Leah looked at Miles seriously "Promise?" Miles nods "Promise." After that was said Leah was getting sleepy again and started dosing off.

Once she had Miles was left in her own thoughts and they weren't good. He knew Leah was worried about the worst and truth was he was too. He didn't want to lose her as she was the most important person in his life, he knew he needed her and that Vj did too. He was also relieved at the same time as he had spoken to Leah and that reassured him that she could fight this and he knew Leah long enough to know that she was a fighter and that she always had been.

It wasn't long before Alf came back in "Sorry for taking so long. Irene called." Miles turned around "It's fine. She needed to know." Alf looked at Miles "How is she?" Miles knew Alf was worried just like he was "She was awake briefly and she knows what is happening but she is scared Alf. I don't know what to do." Alf walked over to where Miles was and looked at him "All you can do is be here for her. She needs you Miles now more then ever." Miles nods "I know she does and I don't have any plans to leave this room anytime soon." Alf could see that Miles was very serious and looked at him "I will go and get you a coffee." With that Alf walked out as Miles held Leah hand as she slept. Miles knew one thing for sure after today as soon as he got the chance and when he knew she would be well enough to hear it he is going to tell her how he feels about her. 

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Chapter 4

It was the next morning when Miles felt someone nudging his shoulder and he immediately  lifted his head up and realized he had fallen asleep on the hospital chair and that his head found it way onto Leah's bed. Once he rubbed his eyes, he looked around and saw Leah smiling at him "How are you feeling?" Miles was hoping she was feeling ok today "I should be the one asking you that after all you spent the night sleeping in the hospital chair "Well I'm fine. Worried about you those." Leah knew Miles was worried "I'm sore but it isn't as bad. You should really go home and get some sleep." Miles shook his head "I've slept fine in the chair and besides I'm not leaving you." Leah could tell Miles was serious but so was she "You have been here all night, You shouldn't have to be here all day too." Miles grabbed Leah's hand and held it "Leah I'm staying here ok. I almost lost you yesterday and there is no place I would rather be then here." Leah just smiled as much as she wished Miles would go home and get some sleep, she was also grateful he was staying as she knew she could use the company.

Meanwhile Gina was walking into the diner when she spotted Alf fixing a boat "How's Leah?" Alf smiled at the woman "She isn't the best. Miles haven't left her side since it happened." Gina knew Leah and Miles were close so had already predicted he wouldn't be at working that day "Yes I had a feeling he wouldn't be in today." Alf looked at Gina "Sorry, I know it makes you a teacher short." Gina nods at the older man "It does but Leah always been Miles person or whatever that saying is." Alf just laughs "Yes I guess she have." Gina gives Alf one last smile before heading into the diner.

At Leah's house Vj was anxiously waiting for Ruby to take him to the hospital as he wanted to see his mum "Let's go." Ruby knew the young boy was worried about his mum "Yeah I'm coming." With that the pair raced out the house with Vj eager to see if his mum was doing ok. 

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Chapter 5

As soon as Vj got into Leah's hospital room he ran over to his mum with the biggest smile on his face. Leah got her pain free arm out and held her son tightly in it as he did the same "I'm so glad your ok mum." Leah smiled at her young son before giving him a kiss on his forehead "I'm fine I promise. Now promise you will be good for Ruby and Charlie and Miles while I'm in here." Vj smiled as he hugged his mum again "I promise mum."

Meanwhile while Vj and Leah had their interaction Miles had walked over to the door where Ruby was "How have he been?" Ruby knew Miles would be just as worried about Vj as he was Leah "He's doing ok. He just wanted to see his mum that all." Miles nods and smiles before looking at the younger girl "Thank you for looking after him." Ruby looked at Miles smiling "Yeah of course. Just look after Leah for us." Miles nodded as Ruby said that before the pair were interrupted by Leah "Ruby." Ruby looked at Miles before walking towards Leah and holding her hand "How are you feeling?" Leah looked at Ruby "Not great but I'm ok. Can you do something for me?" Ruby looked at the older woman who was clearly in pain "Of course." Leah looked serious "Can you call Charlie? I need to speak with her?" Ruby nods "Of course. I will call her now but I should go and take Vj to school." Leah nods at Ruby "Thank you." With that Leah ushers Vj in Ruby's direction and the pair leave.

After Ruby and Vj left Miles went back and sat beside Leah and grabbed her hand and held it. Miles could tell by the look on Leah's face that something was wrong "How are you?" Leah knew Miles knew her too well but she knew she needed to not tell him about this "I'm fine. Just worried about Vj." Even those he knew she would be worried about Vj he wasn't buying that "Leah I know you and I don't buy that Vj thing for a second." Leah looked at Miles she was nervous about telling him who did but she knew she needed too "I know who was in the other. I know who hit me." Miles was shocked Leah could remember particularly with her head injury, he immediately moved closer and held her hand "Well who was it?" Leah looked at Miles "It was Xavier Austin." 

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Chapter 6

Miles couldn't believe what he had just heard that Xavier was responsible for Leah's accident . He was furious and very angry and wanted to do nothing more then have a go at Xavier for what happened but he knew he couldn't leave Leah "Are you sure it was him?" Leah immediately nods at Miles and gives him a look "There's more, Leah what is it?" Leah knew Miles would be annoyed at hearing what came next "It wasn't an accident like Charlie thinks. Just before I was out to it from the crush I heard him say that this is revenge Ruby for ever hurting me." Miles was shocked and mad he couldn't believe how much Xavier had changed "He thought it was Ruby in the car not you and Vj." Leah looks at Miles "Yes he did but Miles please don't do anything stupid." Miles looks at Leah "I'm not going to hurt him, I know he deserves to pay but I wouldn't hurt someone you know that right?" Leah nods before looking at Miles again "You can't tell Charlie or Angelo about this, all they would do is worry about Ruby." Miles couldn't believe that Leah was protecting him even after what had happened "The cops they need to know and Angelo and Charlie are the best ones." Leah gives Miles a look and he straight away knows he won't be able to change her mind on this.

Ruby who had a free period arrived home to see Angelo sitting on the couch. She straight away walked over to him and hugged him tightly which he returned. Truth was after what had happened with Leah made Ruby realize she didn't want to lose Angelo or Charlie. As Angelo held onto Ruby he knew that she wasn't coping about Leah's accident as well as she had been making out "You are not ok are you?" Ruby pulls again from the hug and sits beside Angelo on the couch "No I'm not. Leah shouldn't be in hospital and I don't know why but I have a feeling there is something more to this accident. I mean what if someone meant to hurt Leah or one of us." Angelo even those he was a former cop hadn't thought about this "You have a point but if that right then I don't see anyone wanting to hurt Leah or Vj." Ruby nods in agreement "I had a few issues this year what if the person thought I was in the car." Angelo could hear the worry in Ruby's voice and he knew that this theory was one Ruby wasn't go off and neither was he "Or they could be after me and Charlie we are cops who have to do things that upsets people." Ruby knew Angelo was right too "The point is Leah shouldn't gotten hurt." Angelo nods as he hugs Ruby again "I know and Charlie's doing whatever it takes to find who did this Ruby but you need to promise me if you are struggling or not holding it together to come to me ok." Ruby smiled at Angelo "Yeah I promise." The pair just sit there hugging after that for a long while.

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Chapter 7

Leah knew that Miles didn't understand why she was keeping quiet about Xavier causing the accident and she knew that the moment she told him and how not long after he made a quick escape to get a strong coffee. Leah knew keeping quiet was wrong but she was scared that if she told anyone the truth that they wouldn't believe her not to mentioned Xavier only a minor and Leah knew he didn't need anymore criminal charges after all he had some a few years ago back before he found out about his brother Hugo criminal activities. 


It was only a few minutes after Miles left when Alf had walked in and sat at the chair where Miles previously sat "So how are you feeling?" Leah knew Alf would get the truth about that out of her even those she had told Miles she felt sore but fine that wasn't the truth "I'm in allot of pain actually. Like my kidneys are hurting so much and I just don't know If I can take it anymore. What if they both fail and I die Alf?" At this point Leah was crying and Alf had gotten up and hugged her. As Alf held her Leah looked at him "I'm scared Alf." Alf just kept on hugging her and reassuring her that it would be all ok but Leah knew deep down that it wouldn't be the same for her ever again.


Meanwhile as Miles was getting a coffee he saw Sid walk towards him and even those Miles was tired he gave the doctor a smile because he was good guy and Miles was truthfully so grateful for Sid as right now he was looking after Leah and doing a good job at it. "How Leah?" Miles could see the concern in the doctor face "She said she in a bit of pain but she okay. I don't know whether she just saying that so I don't worry those." Sid knows how close Miles is too Leah "I will check in with her and Miles I know you guys are friends but you are probably the only person who will be able to help her through all this so are you prepared to go through the good and bad with her." Miles looked at the doctor "Of course I am. Leah and I have gone through so much together over the years and we can get through anything. I will support her through this Sid." Sid smiles at Miles "I know you will but take care of yourself too okay." Miles nods at Sid as Sid walks away. Even those Miles told Sid he would take care of himself, taking care of Leah and making sure she was okay was his priority right now.

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Chapter 8

As Miles was walking towards Leah's room he could see Alf waiting for him with a very worried look on his face which immediately made Miles worried and concerned. As he walked closer he looked at Alf "What is it?" Alf could see the concern all over Miles's face "She isn't ok. She just broke down Miles. She is really struggling." Before Alf could say anything else Miles was already running in the direction of Leah's room.

When he got there he looked at Leah who had clearly been crying and had very puffy eyes. He hated seeing her like this and walked towards her before sitting on the bed beside her and as he did that Leah reached out wanting a hug so Miles moved closer and did exactly that. He held Leah and didn't let her go as she cried. "It alright Leah, I got you, I'm not going anywhere." Leah just held onto Miles even tighter not wanting him to let her go or leave as she was scared right now and she needed him. He was the only person she wanted to be here right now.

Meanwhile at the diner Gina and Xavier had walked in to have some lunch when Gina spotted Charlie "How's Leah?" Charlie could see Gina was concerned and she couldn't help that notice that Xavier had his head down and not even caring "She isn't great. I spoke to Alf and she isn't coping as well as we thought and now well she won't let Miles leave her." Gina felt so sorry for Leah "Tell her I'm thinking of her and Charlie regards whether Leah wanted Miles to leave or not he would always choose to stay with her. He wouldn't leave her and I know that." Charlie nodded "Well they are close friends." Gina looked at Charlie "It just always seemed like something more happened between them." Gina just smiled again as her and Xavier got up and left leaving Charlie wondering if there was perhaps something going on between Miles and Leah.

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Chapter 9

Charlie had just arrived into Leah's room to see her curled up in Miles arms and both asleep. She thought it was cute and decided on taking a photo and as she did she realized that Gina might be right that something might be happening between them or if it wasn't already that it would. After all most people don't just curl up with your best friend.  If Charlie was honest when she first came to town she thought something had happened between them but it hadn't and she thought they were an item for a while too. She was now starting to think maybe they had liked each other this whole time but hadn't admitted it to themselves or each other. Charlie took the photo before leaving the room and deciding to let the two sleep.


Meanwhile Xavier had taken the afternoon off, he had been skipping any classes he had with Ruby since they broke up as it hurt so much to see her. It hurt that much that she had to pay except it wasn't her in the car it was Leah which meant Ruby would hurt even more when she found out this was all her fault which was exactly what he wanted, for her to hurt just as much as he had hurt. Xavier then walked into his bedroom and slid a bottle of sleeping pills from his pillow cover before putting two in his mouth and swallowing them. He had been taking sleeping pills as the doctor had instructed him too and it was the best he had felt in a while and most of all it meant that if anyone found out it was him, he would just blame the medication and his doctor. But he was still hopeful no one would find out it was him after all they hadn't so far.

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Chapter 10

Charlie had walked into the house to see Angelo and Ruby on the couch waiting for her. Ruby turns around when she hears Charlie walks in "How was Leah?" Charlie stays silent which worried both Ruby and Angelo. Ruby then looked at Charlie "What is it?" Charlie takes a breath "I think something going on between Leah and Miles." Ruby and Angelo don't look surprised and Angelo speaks first "Miles have liked her for a while but he haven't told her." Ruby nodded in agreement "It's pretty hard not to notice Charlie." Charlie just nods she couldn't believe that she didn't realize that Miles liked Leah.

Meanwhile back at the hospital Miles wakes up to see Leah still asleep in his arms. He looks down at her and continues to hold on to her so that she knew that he was there. It was a short time after when Leah wakes up and looks at Miles "Can you get me a doctor?" Miles nods but this immediately makes him worry "It will be ok. I will just got and get Sid." Leah nods as Miles walks out. The moment he leaves the room, the worry is all over his face.

Miles is walking along the hallway and he immediately spots Sid and walks over to the doctor "Leah just woke up in lots of pain and she needs a doctor." Sid immediately nods and grabs a piece of paper "I will go in now but Miles don't worry ok she is a fighter. I will come and get you when we are done." Miles just nods as Sid heads towards Leah room.

When Sid walks in he shuts the door behind him before sitting beside Leah's bed "Leah, Miles said you were in pain and I'm guessing it's in your kidneys." When Sid asked the question  Leah nodded "Something wrong isn't it." Sid this time nods "Leah you need to go and the transplant list and you need to have...." Leah knows what he's going to say "How long for?" Sid looked at the worried woman "Until you get a donor or the Kidney repairs itself." Leah nods as tears come down her eyes "Miles, Alf do they know?" Sid shakes his head and Leah looks at him "I need to see them." Sid immediately nods "I will let Miles know."

Meanwhile while Sid was checking on Leah, Alf who just arrived at the hospital had walked over to Miles "How was she?" Miles face said it all but Alf needed to hear it "I don't think it good." Alf looks at Miles "Leah is a survivor mate." Miles looks at Alf "I know, I just can't lose her." Alf nods in understanding as Sid walks towards the pair with a worried look on his face "Leah needs to see you both." Miles and Alf nodded and walk in the direction of Leah's room both worried.

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