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Early guest stints of characters


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In the early years, quite a few characters had early guest stints before joining the cast as regulars. Characters such as Travis, Chloe, Justine, Tegan, Tug, Sam and Vinnie. Was this to "test" actors and characters to see how they fit into the cast? Even Morag had some early guest appearances before joining the regular cast the following year. 

Do you think there were any that didn't deserve to be promoted? Personally, I don't think much of Chloe during her first guest stint and never really thought she was good enough to be brought back-full time at the end of the year

Then there were other guest characters who were integrated quite seamlessly into the cast, but then were abruptly written out never to be spoken of again: the original Rebecca Fisher, Nelson, Joe and Teresa Lynch, Marcus Deeks. I wonder if they had the flipside of the coin in which the producers considered introducing them as regulars, but then it didn't eventuate either due to the actor to wanting to or the producers deciding the timing wasn't right



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