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Now A Family


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Chapter 11

Dan and Cassie had now arrived at the beach and were sitting below the pier when Dan looked at the teenager beside him "I known you long enough Cassie. I can tell that you need to get something off your chest." Cassie nods as she looks at him seriously "I do but you need to promise me you won't tell Sally and Flynn what I am about to tell you." Dan glanced at Cassie "Yeah I promise. So what is going on?" Dan knew Cassie was trying to think of a way to say whatever she was going so stayed silent.

Cassie looked around her then back at Dan "The truth is ever since my uncle gone away I haven't slept." Cassie paused as Dan hid how surprised he was at what she admitted as he thought she was doing ok "Why is that?" Cassie knew this part would be the hardest to admit to Dan "Because I'm terrified that he will get released and come find me and then hurt me again." Dan could hear the fear in her voice and he knew that this wasn't something she would get over anytime soon and Dan didn't blame her "Cassie even if your uncle is released he won't be allowed anywhere near you or Summer bay. The police will make that clear." Cassie knew this next bit would surprise Dan "My mum went to the police once about him not long after you left and they told him to keep away but it didn't change and then my uncle somehow convinced someone he was good enough to look after Ric and I." Dan was shocked to hear this information as usually if something like this was reported it would stop someone from having rights "Well he shouldn't ever been allowed to look after you but remember things are different now. You don't only have Ric to protect you but me too and Flynn and Sally." Cassie nodded "I know but I still can't shake things and then when the guy tried to force me to go on a date yesterday and touched me." Dan cut Cassie off knowing exactly what she was going to say "It bought all the painful moments and memories back and you felt like your uncle was right there again." Cassie quickly nodded before staring at the ocean "You know I thought I could push this all to the back of my mind and move on but after yesterday I realize I can't and just how scared I am." Dan pulled Cassie into a hug which she returned "Your allowed to be scared but no matter how scared you are, just remember you are not alone. You have people to support you Cassie." Cassie nods before speaking "I know but right now I only want you and Ric to know." Dan nods in understanding "This will stay between us Cassie. I promise." Cassie smiles grateful "Can we have daily chats just so I can be honest with someone about my feeling and not keeping then buried anymore." Dan nods again "Of course Cassie anything you need I will do particular if it means helping you." Cassie smiles again "Thank you Dan for listening and well everything." Dan hugs the teenager again "Anytime."

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Chapter 12

It was now Saturday morning and Cassie and Ric were both rushing to finish packing for their holiday with Flynn and Sally. It wasn't long before Ric knocked on Cassie door with his bag "Ready to go?" Cassie smiles with a eager look on her face "I am and I'm ready to forget my problems for a few days." Ric nods in understanding "Let's forgot everything and enjoy this trip." Cassie picks up her bag and walks towards Ric "That is a deal." The pair then walk downstairs and then to the car to join Flynn, Sally and little Pippa for their first holiday as family.

It was now three hours later and the group had just collected their bags after arriving in Queensland "Ready for a few days of fun?" Sally, Ric and Cassie smiled at Flynn "Yeah we are." The group then head out of the airport and into a taxi ready for the best weekend they had all had in a while. After unpacking at the hotel Sally and Cassie decided on a girls shopping trip so they headed of leaving Flynn and Ric to their own devices. 

Sally and Cassie were wandering around the mall when Cassie spotted a dress in a shop window and walked to the shop to look at it. Cassie walked in with Sally close behind her. After looking at the dress for a few minutes it was clear to Sally that Cassie liked it "How about you try it on?" Cassie shakes her head "If I try it on I will want it even more and I can't afford it." Sally could see the sadness Cassie felt when she said that "Try it on and if you like it Flynn and I will get it for you." Cassie turned around "I can't ask that of either of you." Sally looked at her daughter "Cassie I'm offering and besides you are family now so let us help you. Now go try it on." Cassie had the biggest smile on her face "Thank you." She then ran to the change room and after a few minutes came back out with it on and did a little spin "You look beautiful Cassie." Cassie have a massive grim on her face "I love it." Sally nods "You can wear it out to dinner tonight go on get changed and I will get it for you." Cassie immediately runs to the changeroom and gets changed and afterwards Sally then buys the dress.

It was after that when they were wandering around the mall trying to find something for Sally to wear when she heard her name "Sally?" This made both Sally and Cassie turn around "Pippa." Pippa walked towards the pair and hugged Sally as Cassie watched on confused which when Sally pulled away from Pippa she realized "Cassie this is my mum Pippa. Pippa this is Cassie she is my daughter." Pippa was shocked with what Sally said "Your daughter? I think you better start talking." Sally and Cassie looked at each other and Sally knew Pippa would have questions including why she didn't know about Cassie. She knew the chat that was about to happen was going to be a long one.

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Chapter 13

Sally, Cassie and Pippa walked towards the nearest seats and sat down as Cassie looked at the older woman with her arms cross as she rested her head on Sally shoulder. Pippa watched the pair and had a feeling Cassie wasn't a fan of new people "So how long have you been fostering Cassie?" Sally knew Pippa wanted answers "We fostered her for a bit then adopted both her and Ric." Pippa immediately looked confused "Ric who is Ric?" Before Cassie or Sally could answer Cassie phone rang and she looked at Sally "It's Dan I'm going to answer this." Sally smiled and nodded "Sure, don't go to far." Cassie nodded as she stood up and walked away.

Once Cassie was gone Pippa looked at Sally "How long have you had Ric and Cassie as your foster kids?" Sally knew she needed to give Pippa an answer "A few months. Flynn saw the kids one day and they had ran away from home and we decided to help then take then in." Pippa was worried Sally would get hurt "I know you adopted then but what if their families want then back?" Sally knew this would never happen and shook her head "That won't happen." Pippa looks serious "You don't know that." Sally crosses her arms "Cassie mum is dead and her uncle was abusive and is in jail as for her dad Flynn and Dan are the closest she had to that and as for Ric his mum never been in his life and his dad is dead." Pippa nods "Ok well I want to meet Ric and chat to him, Cassie too." Sally smiles "Of course they are your family now, but don't push Cassie on her life she doesn't trust many people." Pippa nods in understanding "But she trusts you and Flynn." Sally smiles "Yeah both her and Ric do." Pippa smile as the pair sit and chat more and Sally fills her in on things.

Meanwhile Cassie answered Dan call "Hi" Dan smiled as he heard Cassie voice "How are things? Are you ok?" Cassie looks to where Sally and Pippa are before speaking "I honestly have no idea. I'm even struggling when I see guys in the mall and now we ran into Sally mum and I'm worried she will tell Sally to not keep us." Dan could hear the worry in Cassie voice "I met Pippa she is a good person I don't think she would do that and as for stuff with the guys Sally with you so you are safe but if you ever need to talk to me I'm one phone call away." Cassie smiles at what Dan says "I know and I love you." Dan can't help that smile "I love you to Cassie." They then hang up and Cassie heads back nervously to where Pippa and Sally are.

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Chapter 14

As soon as Cassie got back she stood next to Sally "So you fostered Sally?" Pippa nodded "You know it might have not seen like it before but I am happy Sally fostering you and Ric and I would love to get to know both of you Cassie." Cassie smiles in relief "Well I think we have done shopping, we could head back and you could meet Ric." Cassie nodded in agreement when Sally said that and the three headed out from the mall. Cassie and Sally with some shopping.

When they arrived they spotted Flynn sitting down by the pool and walked towards him. Sally sat down beside him which made him look up and he kissed her as Cassie and Pippa watched on "It great to see you both still in love." Flynn turned around as he saw Pippa and smiled as he got up and hugged her "I had no idea you were coming but it great to see you." Pippa smiles "You too and I bumped into Sally and Cassie at the mall and she filled me in about you fostering Cassie and Ric and I want to have a chance of getting to know then." Flynn nodded "Yeah of course. Ric is swimming but he will be out any minute then we could get changed and go out for dinner." The group all smiled and nodded at Flynn's idea as Ric walked towards then "I'm guessing your Ric." Ric looked confused "I am but who are you?" Sally cuts in "Ric this is Pippa my foster mum." Ric smiles "Well it is great to meet you." Pippa nods as Cassie grabs Ric hand and they leave the adults to chat as they both need to get changed into something more causal for dinner.

Sally now sat on Flynn knee and Pippa sat on the chair beside then "You guys are doing a great thing. I can tell from the brief chat with Cassie she loves you both and I'm guessing Ric does too." Flynn and Sally both smile "Well we love then so much." Pippa looked at her daughter as she said this "I think you two will be amazing foster parents and I'm proud of you both." Sally reaches over and hugs her foster mum "Thank you." Flynn adds in "That means allot."

Cassie and Ric both had gotten changed and sat on the couch wanting to chat before dinner "How did your chat go with Dan?" Cassie nods "Yeah it was good." Ric smiles "And what Pippa like." Ric wanted Cassie to let him know whether or not they can trust her or whether they should only tell her the small basics on their past "Yeah she seems nice enough so far and it clear she means allot to Sally. I say we don't tell her everything but we make an effect." Ric nods in agreement and the pair then walk out of the hotel room and head down to meet Sally, Flynn and Pippa for dinner.

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Chapter 15

Ric and Cassie both arrived at the restaurant to see Flynn waiting outside for then looking concerned. As they got closer they showed Flynn a smile "Are you guys ok?" Both nod as Flynn looks at the pair again "You don't have to trust her just enjoy dinner and be nice." The two smile and nod in agreement as Flynn opens the door and the three walk into the restaurant to join Sally and her mother.

Once seated Pippa turns to Cassie and Ric "So are you liking the bay enough to stay long term?" Cassie looks at Ric before answering "It is one of the best places we lived in a while and Sally and Flynn are the best parents we could ask for." Pippa looks serious and at then "So you won't do anything to hurt then?" Before Cassie or Ric got a chance to speak Flynn jumped in "They are our kids Pippa, they won't hurt us." Pippa stops looking at Cassie and Ric and turns to Flynn "How do you know that? Because I had foster kids that have done exactly that." Flynn was getting annoyed with the questions his mother in law was asking "Because Ric and Cassie are family, they care about us. They are out kids and we are their parents." Pippa can see the annoyance in Flynn's voice and decides to drop the topic. "So Ric, Cassie are you enjoying school?" Both didn't know what to say and looked at each other before Ric spoke "We haven't spent much time there yet so we can't really answer that." Pippa was surprised "Why not? You lived in the bay for over a month?" Cassie jumped in "Personal things. Look I get your protective of Sally and Flynn which is why your asking questions so here what you need to know. They are our parents and we love then more then anything so we will never hurt then or leave then." Before Pippa gets a chance to speak Ric jumps in "They are our family they won't get hurt." The answer leaves Pippa happy and the rest of the dinner is a success.

After dinner Cassie, Ric and Flynn are walking back to the hotel while Sally spends some time with Pippa before they have to fly home. Flynn looks at the kids "You know what you said earlier goes both ways. Your family to us as well and we will do anything to protect you." Cassie smiles as she moves closer to Flynn and wraps her arm around him "We know dad and we love you." Flynn smiles as Cassie says that but what Ric says next makes him smile "Your the best dad ever and we are lucky to have you." Flynn smiles as the three pull in for a group hug "You guys are the best kids ever. I love you both very much." Cassie and Ric immediately smile before speaking "We love you too."


Note- Thank to everyone who is reading this story. I hope your enjoying it. Only 10 more chapters left which I hope you will all love. 

I have also started a new fanfiction called The Hardest Thing Is To Say Goodbye and it would mean so much to me if you guys could give this me a read as I love writing stories for you all and hearing your wonderful feedback.

The best part of writing stories is hearing all your feedback. I appreciate everyone feedback on every story I write so thank you for giving it to me.

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Chapter 16

Once Sally was alone with mother she looked serious "I don't understand why you asked all those questions. I told you Ric and Cassie are great kids and that they don't need that." Pippa looked at her daughter "I do it because your my daughter and I need to know you won't get hurt and I love you." Sally hugs her mum "I love you too and I get that you care so much but I promise you that both Flynn and I get hurt." Pippa nods however looks at her daughter "Well what happens when they leave one day. Just like you guys did me." Sally looks at her mum "No matter what happens Flynn and I will be apart of their lives and Flynn and I will get through anything as long as we are together." Sally hugs her mum again who returns it "Now I do have to go Pippa. I need to sleep before our flight." Pippa nods and hugs Sally "I will miss you." Sally smiles "I will miss you too." Sally smiles as she walks away.

When she arrives back at the hotel she sees her husband waiting for her and walk over to him before sitting on his knee "Where are the kids?" Flynn kisses his wife "In bed. How did your chat with Pippa go?" Sally knew that would come up "Yeah ok. She just been protective and worried about what will happen down the track." Sally wraps her arms around Flynn who looks at her "No matter what happens in months or years to come. We will get through it together." Sally kisses her husband "We will, I love you so much." Flynn kisses back and then pulls away looking into her eyes "I love you too more then you know."

The next day came rather quickly and after a hour and a half flight and drive they arrived back in Summer Bay and Flynn, Ric and Sally walked into the house carrying all the bags when Sally looks at Ric "Cassie was in a hurry to leave when we got back." Ric knew that would come up and he wished that she didn't rush off but he also knew why "Yeah she needs to talk to Dan about some things." Sally and Flynn nod in understanding however look at each other worried that something going on with Cassie that neither of then know about.

Cassie arrived at the diner in tears grateful to see Dan there talking to Leah, however he wasn't facing her so couldn't tell that she was there until she spoke "Dan" Dan immediately turned around to realize the teenager had been crying and immediately ran over and hugged her tightly "Do you want to go for a walk?" Cassie nods at what Dan says as he leads her out of the diner.

They walked along the path when in silence for a bit until Cassie spoke "Been away helped me forget what I was scared off, but the moment we arrived here, it all came flooding back and I'm so scared." Cassie was barely holding it together and Dan pulled her into a hug "Your allowed to be scared after everything you have been through and I don't blame you for not wanting to go back to school yet but your not alone Cassie. You have Ric and me there to support you anytime you need." Cassie pulls out of the hug and looks at Dan "I know but I don't want to be a burden." Dan looks at Cassie "You could never be a burden Cassie. Just let us support you Cassie, we love you and want to help." Cassie just nods as she hugs Dan tightly "I know and I love you." Dan smiles as Cassie says this "No matter what happens I'm here Cassie." Cassie nods as she hugs Dan tighter who once again hugs back.

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Chapter 17

It was during the night and Cassie couldn't sleep as she was having a nightmare, it all was starting to get to much for her and she screamed and cried before hearing the door open and seeing Ric come towards her and wrapping his around her "It is ok Cassie, your safe just breathe." All Cassie could do was panic and cry she was scared and she knew exactly why this happened, she knew it was because in a matter of hours she would have to go back to school. Ric looked at Cassie "Let's go and watch a movie" Cassie looked at Ric and nodded "But you need sleep." Ric shakes his head and grabs Cassie handing holds it as they headed downstairs.

It was a hour later when Flynn had returned home and could see Ric sitting on the couch and Cassie laying on his knee asleep. Ric turned around and smiled at Flynn "How was work?" Flynn walked towards the teenager and sat on the chair beside him "It was good. Why are you guys down here?" Ric could see the concern on Flynn's face "Cassie had a nightmare and we were watching a movie and she fell asleep." Flynn was even more concerned about Cassie "How long have this been happening?" Ric who was rubbing Cassie headed now fully focused his attention to Flynn "Years, she have been talking to Dan about it but I don't think she should be going to school tomorrow." Flynn nods in agreement "I agree. I have the day off anyway so she can stay with me." Ric smiles "Thanks Dad" Flynn nods "Of course. I will see you both in a few hours."

It was now seven o'clock the next morning when Cassie woke up to see Flynn sitting on the couch "Cass go back to sleep." Cassie looks confused as Flynn speaks "I have school today." Flynn immediately shakes his head "You earned some time off." Cassie could see Ric wasn't beside her "Did Ric tell you?" Flynn shakes his head "All I know is you at nightmares. Cassie you know if you need to talk I'm here." Cassie reaches over and immediately hugs Flynn "I know, thank you." Flynn smiles "Anytime, I have today off so how about we hang out." Cassie smiles and nods she loves the idea of that "That would be perfect." 

It is half a hour later when Sally and Ric come down ready for school "Good luck for your first day Ric." Ric smiled at Cassie as he walked over and hugged her "Thank you, It won't be the same without you." Cassie smiles as he says this "I will be back there with you very soon. I love you Ric." Ric smiles as Cassie says this "I love you too." After a few more minutes both Ric and Sally grabbed their stuff and left the house to walk to school. 

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Chapter 18

It was later that day when Flynn and Cassie were sitting together on the couch watching a movie when Flynn paused it. "I won't push you on this Cassie but what was the nightmare about?" As soon as the question was said Cassie had a scared look on her face but knew she needed to tell Flynn the truth "I had then since the thing with my uncle and then again after the guy at school." Flynn clicks straight away "You have nightmares about been attacked and your scared to be around guys you don't know or trust." Cassie doesn't say a word as the tears run down her face and she nods. Flynn grabs her hand "Cassie not every guy is like that. Your allowed to be scared and after everything you been through I get it. Your one of the bravest people I know and you get through anything. And remember Cassie your not alone you have plenty of support around you when you need it." Cassie smiles as she hugs Flynn "Thank you that means so much Flynn." Cassie didn't know why but after speaking with Flynn she felt better not completely better as she knew she would never feel that way but she knew now she could go back to school and face up to her problems and that if she needed it she would have the support around her.

Elsewhere at school Ric had one class after another. He had met Matilda and Lucas who he had remembered Cassie mentioning and had hang around with then for most of the morning. He was grateful when he heard the lunch bell rang as it meant he could have a break but first he needed to check in with Sally like he promised her.

Ric knocked on Sally's office door and then heard footsteps and Sally opening the door with a huge smile on her face. She immediately let Ric in the office before shutting the door again "How your day going so far?" Ric knew Sally would be worried particularly with his reasons for not wanting to go in the first place "It going better then I thought it would, I actual like some of my classes." Sally smiles glad to hear this "Well I'm glad your having such a good day and remember if you need anything I'm here." Ric smiles as he walks towards the door "I know and Sally thank you for everything you have already done for me." Sally smiles as Ric says this "Of Course Ric, I'm here anytime." With that Ric gives Sally a smile before exiting the office and thinking about how for the first time he feels ok about school and home and how great that feeling is.

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Chapter 19

Dan was happy he had the afternoon off as it meant he could go and check in on Cassie as after she didn't show up to school was worried as he knew how much she was struggling. He was walking along the caravan park when he spotted Cassie sitting on a caravan step and walked over to her "Mind if I join you?" Cassie smiled and nodded as Dan sat beside her.

Once comfortable Dan looked at Cassie "I have been worried about you." Cassie immediately felt bad "I was meant to call you. I had a nightmare so I stayed home. I talked to Flynn and I think what you are both saying is starting to help." This makes Dan smiles "Well I'm glad. So when do you think you will come back to school?" Cassie smiled as she knew Dan would be happy with her response "Tomorrow." Dan nodded "Well if anything happens or you need to talk to me during the day I will be around." Cassie smiled truly grateful to have Dan in her life " I know and thank you, not just for this but for everything. I'm really glad to have you back in my life Dan." Dan smiles at this as he wraps his arm around Cassie and pulls her into a hug "And I'm glad to have you in mine." The pair smiled and just sat there for a while.

It was a few hours later when Sally, Flynn, Ric and Cassie were sitting down and having dinner when Cassie suddenly stopped eating and looked around at the people who were with her before taking a breath "I just wanted to thank you all for standing by me and supporting me through everything that happened. Just know I appreciate it and love you all." Sally, Flynn and Ric all smiled as Flynn spoke "Of course Cassie." Sally jumped in "We wouldn't change anything that happened. We love both Ric and you so much." The four smile at the same time as Flynn speaks again "Cassie and Ric, I hope you know that no matter what happening in your lives Sally and I will always support you." Ric and Cassie both smile as Ric looks at Flynn and Sally "Yeah we know you will. Your the best parents we ever had." Cassie nods in agreement as Sally and Flynn smile at the kids they now called their own.

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Chapter 20

It was the next day and Cassie and Ric were walking to school together as Cassie needed the support and Sally had an early meeting. Ric wraps his arm around Cassie "Let's hope we have classes together." Cassie smiled at Ric "We better otherwise I won't cope." Ric nods in agreement as they both stopped walking and pulled their timetables out of their bags and both checked then. Cassie smiled relieved "We have all our core subjects together, Thank goodness." Ric smiles as they start walking again "What you won't get sick of me?" Cassie shakes her head "Not a chance." The two then admired the view as they walked when Ric spoke "I'm glad we came here." Cassie immediately smiles "Me too, we have a proper family now." Ric smiled at that "Yeah we do and I'm so grateful that we ended up with such loving people as parents." Cassie nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile Sally had just finished her meeting when Dan walked into her office "Hi sorry to interrupt" Sally looks at Dan and shows him a smile "It's fine besides it saves me from paperwork. How can I help?" Dan took a breath "I need to give something to Cassie so I wondering if it is ok if I came around tonight." Sally nodded "Of course, can I ask what it is?" Dan looked at Sally "Just something special that all." Sally looked at Dan "Come at five o'clock and you can join us for dinner as well." Dan smiled at Sally "Thank you. See you at five." Dan then walked out of the office and left Sally to do her work.

Class soon started and Cassie was sitting between Ric and Matilda with Lucas on the other side when the boy who gave her a hard time walked towards her "So that date?" Cassie stood up fired up and annoyed "Is never going to have. A guy doesn't have the right to force a girl into anything and we aren't your property. " All the girls and a few boys in the classes clapped when Cassie said what she did and then she spoke again "So in case I wasn't already clear enough I will never be going on a date with you." The teacher looked at Cassie and gave her a smile and Cassie was relived she wouldn't be getting in trouble. Cassie then walked out of the classroom needing a minute.

Sally was walking along the hallway when she spotted her foster daughter sitting down near the lockers. She immediately walked over and sat beside her. "Cass you ok?" Cassie looked up at her foster mum "The guy asked me again and I had a go at him. I don't know why but part of me is glad I did it." Sally looked at her daughter "But?" Cassie takes a breath "The other part of me is embarrassed that I did  it in front of everyone." Sally can get why Cassie would feel that way and looked up at her "I get why it would feel like that but you don't need to be. You stood up for yourself Cassie and I'm very proud of you and I know Flynn will be too." Sally then hugged her foster daughter who returned the hug "Thank you for saying that Sal. I think it helped me feel a little better." Sally nodded as the pair pulled out of the hug and Sally headed back to her office and Cassie did to class.

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