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Now A Family


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Story Title: Now A Family
Type of story: Long Fic 
Main Characters: Sally Fletcher, Flynn Saunders, Cassie Turner & Ric Dalby
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Sexual content, 
Summary: In the Sequel to Becoming A Family find out what happens next for Sally, Flynn, Cassie and Ric. Now Cassie and Ric adopted and her uncle put away they can start their lives as a proper family however they will face hurdles along the way. Are they ones they can overcome as a family.

Chapter 1

It was the next morning when Ric woke up thinking about the past few months. He must admitted he never predicted any of it. He never thought they would leave home and end up getting adopted by a people who were great parents but they did and for once Ric was feeling happy and in a good place in his life and if he was honest he couldn't remember the last time he felt that way.

Ric walked down the stairs to see the light on and Flynn up sitting on the couch with a crying Pippa. Ric smiles as he watches the scene, he knew Flynn was a great guy and a great dad to Cassie but he never really had seen him with his own daughter and he must admit he loved watching the moment. When Pippa cried again Flynn stood up with her in his arms walking around and that was when he noticed Ric "Sorry did I wake you?" Ric shakes his head and looks at the older man "No I used to waking up at three am that all". Flynn smiles "Well I tell you what I would rather be asleep". Ric laughs at Flynn's statement "Wouldn't we all. Perhaps give me a try". Flynn walks closer to Ric and hands him Pippa. Ric looks at the young child and tickles her hand which makes him stop crying "You are a miracle worker. Thank you Ric." Ric smiles at what Flynn says "Calming Pippa down is the least I could do for you after all you have done for Cassie and I. I hope you know how much we appreciate it." Flynn have the biggest smile on his face "Ric I would do it all again for you and Cassie and I will always protect you guys. We are family." Ric can't help that feel at home particularly after what Flynn said. He hands him back Pippa and walks towards the steps "Yeah we are". Ric then goes back upstairs in the hope of getting a few more hours of sleep.

It was three hours later when Ric woke up again to hear a knock on his door. He got up and opened it to see Cassie "Cass you know it early?" The young teenager nods "I know but I couldn't sleep.". Ric now understands why Cassie woke him up and moved so she could enter his room. The pair went and sat on his bed "So why couldn't you sleep?" Cassie tears begin to come out "I relieved it is all over but I can't stop thinking about my mum. I know we have Sally and Flynn now." Ric cuts her off before she can say anything else "But you miss her". Cassie nods as she cries "I know it stupid." Ric shakes his head "It isn't stupid. Your allowed to miss her particularly today " Ric reaches over and hugs Cassie who returns the hug as she cries in his arms letting all her emotions out.

Sally and Flynn who had been woken to Pippa yet again who had now since calmed down. They were now downstairs both with huge smiles on their faces "You know last night I was thinking about how much have changed in the past few months." Flynn looks at his wife "Yeah me too. But I wouldn't change anything that happened." Sally smiles "I wouldn't either. I love Ric and Cassie so much and I just want to protect then." Flynn nods knowing the love and need to the protect then Sally was feeling "Yeah me too and we will whenever we can." Sally looks at Flynn as she starts getting emotional  "I just don't ever want to lose then Flynn." Flynn smiles and walks towards his wife and kisses her which she happily returns and as Flynn pulls away still holding his wife in his arms "I don't either Sal and we won't lose then. All of us are a family and that isn't about to change." Sally nods as her husband pulls her into a hug and holds her in his arms.

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Chapter 2

Cassie walked downstairs she knew Sally and Flynn were there but she didn't talk to then she didn't want to talk to anyone right now. She was glad her uncle was gone but today was going to be even harder. She had barely slept and was missing her mum like crazy. She wished that her mum was still here as all she wanted was for the pain to go away.

When Ric walked downstairs twenty minutes later Sally and Flynn both looked at him "What is it?" Flynn was the one that decided to ask the question "What is going on with Cassie?" Ric knew she wouldn't tell then which meant he couldn't either "It isn't my story to tell but I wouldn't take Cassie keeping to herself to heart not today." The pair nod still confused as they hope Ric will explain more "Look when Cassie gets back, talk to her but don't push her on the matter." The pair nod but couldn't help that worry about her. 

Meanwhile Cassie was sitting down on the beach staring at the ocean when she heard a voice "I know today sucks for me so I can't imagine how hard it is for you". Cassie turns around and sees Dan who knows she been crying and takes a seat beside her "Yeah it does. I miss her like crazy and I really wish she was here with us." Dan nods in understanding "Yeah I get that. There is so much more I wanted to tell her that didn't". Cassie could understand how Dan was feeling "Yeah me too, I wish she knew how much I loved her." Dan looks at Cassie before pulling her into a hug "She knew Cass, she knew how much you loved her and she loved you more then anything. She always will." Cassie hugs Dan back as both let their emotions get the better of then and starts crying. If Cassie was honest she was glad it was Dan with her in that moment as he understood exactly how she felt in a way no one else ever could.

It was a few hours later when Dan bought an emotional Cassie home. The teenager immediately ran upstairs and Flynn who was in the kitchen looked at Dan "How did she seen to you today?" Dan was caught off-guard by the question "Look today is a hard one for her. She might not be her usual self but I get that cause I'm not even". Flynn looked at Dan confused "And why is that?" Dan who was a mess himself looked at Flynn "It is her mum birthday today. I saw her at the beach and then we talked and in the car she told me she only wanted to talk with me about it". Flynn nods "I can understand that. You knew her mum where as I didn't neither did Sally." Dan smiles "Anyhow let her be and I will leave you to it. If Cassie needs me tell her she can call me" Flynn nods as Dan walks out the door "Yeah I will." If Flynn was been honest he couldn't imagine how horrible Cassie would be feeling as he hadn't lost a parent himself.

When Sally and Ric arrived home, Sally looked at her husband "Is Cassie back?" Flynn nods "She is, just let her be those." Ric realized in  that moment that Flynn knew what day it was "Did she tell you?" Sally looked between her husband and Ric confused "No she didn't. Dan filled me in when he bought her home." Ric nods he didn't even think about Dan as he had been worried about Cassie. Sally looked between her husband and Ric "Does someone want to fill me in." Ric nods if Flynn knows Sally should "It is Cassie's mum birthday today." Sally nods getting why she was keeping it herself now. 

Twenty minutes later Sally knocked on Cassie's bedroom door and goes in standing at the door frame  "Ric and Flynn told me about today. Look I don't know if it helps but I get what your going through". Cassie who is sitting on her bed looks at Sally "Really? How?" Sally shuts the door and then goes and sits on Cassie bed with her "I was fostered by a man named Tom and after a while he adopted me and a year later he died. Ever since every birthday have been hard." Cassie didn't realized Sally had lost her dad "Does it get easier?" Sally shakes her head "I wish it did, he died when I was ten and I'm a mess every year. He was a dad to me and I love him." Cassie nods in understanding "That how I'm like on mum birthday. I wish she was still here. Do you wish Tom was?" Sally nods "There isn't a single day that I don't miss him or wish he was here." Cassie listens to Sally and then reaches over and hugs her which she returns "Thank you for this. It really helped me." Sally smiles at the teenager "Of course. I am always here for you Cassie." The pair then smile at each other and sit on the bed for a while.

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Chapter 3

The next morning the family were sitting at the table when Sally decided to bring up a topic she wasn't sure Cassie and Ric would like "We need to start thinking of getting you both enrolled in school." As soon as Sally said the words Ric face went pale and he immediately got up and left the house. Sally, Flynn and Cassie all looked at each other and as Cassie started to get up Flynn looked at her "I'll go." Flynn immediately got up and walked out the door to find Ric.

It wasn't long before Flynn found Ric sitting beside ones of the vans "I'm not doing school Flynn." Flynn immediately sits beside the teenager and he already knew the matter was one he probably wouldn't change his mind on "Can I ask why?" Ric takes a breath "All though school, I gotten bullied whether it been cause of dad or my life in general and after dad died I even got hit by a student at my old school." Flynn was shocked to hear that "What? That is so wrong." Ric nods "I guess it something that I have never gotten over whether that cause it bought back memories of my dad or because they didn't even get in trouble." Flynn couldn't believe Ric had to go through all of that "I can't imagine how hard that would be for you." Ric nods "It was as bad as dad hurting me. Look I might give school here a chance one day." Flynn cuts him off "But you aren't ready yet and that is ok." Ric looks at Flynn shocked as he thought he would be forced to go "Really?" Flynn smiles "Really as long as your happy that all that matters and I'm always here if you need to talk, both Sally and I are." Ric smiles "I know thank you." The pair both sat there for a bit longer as Ric wasn't ready to go inside and Flynn wasn't about to leave him alone when he knew he would be thinking about all those painful memories.

Meanwhile back at the house Cassie is cleaning up the dishes "You can enroll me in school but don't with Ric. Trust me it isn't a good idea." Sally looks at Cassie eager for answers "Why not?" Cassie kept her mouth shut then spoke "It is complicated and not my story to tell." Sally nods she just hoped Flynn had better luck getting through to Ric "When would you like to start?" Cassie was surprised by the question "Next week. I would rather settle in and spend some time with Ric this week." Sally smiled and nodded "Yeah of course." The pair then continued cleaning up the kitchen.

When Ric and Flynn came back in the house Ric races upstairs, Sally immediately looked at her husband "So?" Flynn shakes his head "He got his reasons so we are not pushing the matter." Cassie realizes in that moment that Flynn knows "He told you?" Flynn nods as Cassie immediately heads upstairs as Sally looks at her husband again "Told you what?" Flynn goes over and kisses Sally which she returns "It isn't my story to tell. Ric will tell me if he wants too and when he is ready." Sally nods her husband isn't serious that offer but she knew on this matter he was.

Cassie knocked on Ric door and opened it. Ric looked up and smiled at Cassie as he moved over and she joined him sitting on the bed "I must admit, I am surprised you told Flynn." Ric nods "Yeah I am too if I'm honest." Cassie looks at Ric "Well Flynn told Sally to not push on the matter or enroll you." Ric was curious "And what about you?" Cassie smiles at a worried Ric "I will try it and see how I go and if I struggle I will go to Dan or come to you." Cassie knew she was going to struggle particulary because the last school she was at her mum taught at so she knew it would be hard "You promise me Cass." Cassie smiles "Yeah Ric I promise." Ric and Cassie then hug each other tightly.

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Chapter 4 

It was a week later and the first day for Cassie at Summer Bay High. She walked in by herself and was getting stared at by everyone which made her nervous. She hated been the Centre of attention at school, she always had.

Once she reached her locker she turned around at the sound of a girl voice "You must be new here?" Cassie smiles "I am. I'm Cassie by the way.". Cassie smiles at the girl "I'm Matilda and this is my boyfriend Lucas." Cassie smiles at the pair and must admit they make a cute couple. "So you must be fairly new to town?" Cassie nods at Lucas "I am, I moved here recently." Matilda smiles at her "With family?" Cassie looks at her "I guess you could say that. My foster brother Ric and I ran away from something and landed here. We are now fostered out by Flynn and Sally." Matilda clicks "You must be the one my mum gave Sally the uniform for". Cassie nods as Lucas speaks "Is Ric coming too? We would love to meet him." Matilda nods in agreement "Not to school but you could come to the house and meet him." The pair nod  as Matilda asks Cassie "What do you have first?" Cassie looks at her timetable then back at the pair "English with Sally." Matilda smiles again "So do we. We could show you around and you can sit with us." Cassie smiles at the pair "I would like that thank you." Cassie then grabs her books out of her locker and the three walk to class.

It was lunchtime when Cassie spots Dan in one of the classrooms. She knocks at the door and immediately hear it open. She sees Dan there and he knew something was up "Come in Cassie". He ushers Cassie in and then shuts the door behind him "So I guess today haven't been good." Cassie nods "English was fine I made two new friends Lucas and Matilda but then I had History and was sitting in there alone and" Dan cuts her off knowing what she was going to say "You can't stop thinking of your mum." Cassie nods "I know it stupid." Dan walks closer to the teenager "It isn't at all. I knew school would be hard for you because of this." Cassie starts getting tears in her eyes "I miss her so much Dan." Dan immediately wraps his arms around her and she returns the hug "I do too Cass. She would be so proud of you Cassie just like I am." Cassie smiles "Thank you Dan I think that is what I needed to hear. The bell then rang and they pulled out of the embrace before Cassie left to head to her locker.

When she arrived there she checked her timetable to discover she had a free and smiled. She saw Matilda walking towards her "Have you got a free too?" Cassie nods at her classmate "I do." Matilda smiles "Would you like to hang out for a bit?" Cassie thinks for a second "Sure that sounds good." Matilda smiles "I will grab my stuff and meet you here." Cassie nods as she begins to pack her stuff.

"No Class?" Cassie turns around to hear Dan's voice "Turns out I have a free." Dan smiles at her and when no one around puts his hand on her shoulder "That is a good thing. I think you could do with a break." Cassie smiles at Dan "I think you are right somehow." Matilda was walking towards Cassie when she saw Dan talking to her and wondered if they were close as it looked that way "Find me if you need company or to talk." Cassie nods "Yeah I will." Dan smiles then walks away as Matilda walks towards Cassie from the other direction "Ready?" Cassie nods and the two girls head out of school ready for a fun afternoon.

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Note- Sorry for not updating in a bit. I have been busy.


Chapter 5

It was a little while later when Cassie and Matilda were sitting on the beach "I don't think I could ever get sick of this view." Matilda nods in agreement "This place is pretty amazing." Cassie smiles as she looks at her new friend. Matilda needed to ask Cassie a question but was worried she would be out of line "I need to ask you something." Cassie smiles and nods "Yeah of course." Matilda takes a breath and looks at her friend "I saw you with Mr Baker earlier and it just, you guys seem really close for teacher and student particularly on day one." Cassie was surprised she hadn't realized Matilda saw her talk to Dan. She was nervous "Look if I tell you this, don't tell anyone as it is personal." Matilda isn't sure she could agree but she wants to know what the deal is so nods. Cassie fiddles with her hands "Dan before he came to the bay used to date my mum. He been in and out of my life for years. We reconnected when I came here."  Matilda understands a bit more now at least it isn't is what she thought it could be "What about your mum? I mean you live with Flynn and Sally now?" Cassie knew she would ask the question "My mum died. She used to be a teacher at my school too so today been hard that why Dan and I were talking." Matilda nods in complete understanding "I'm sorry about your mum and I promise no one else will know." Cassie smiles grateful "Thank you."

It is a hour later when the girls go their separate ways and Cassie spots Dan walking towards him "Hey how was the rest of your day?" Dan looks at Cassie "Yeah it was ok.  What about yours?" Cassie looks nervous "Interesting would be the word for it." Dan looks confused "Why is that?" Cassie takes a breath as the pair stop walking "Matilda saw us talking and was wondering what the deal was." Dan looked worried "Right so what did you tell her?" Cassie have a nervous smile "Everything well that I knew you since I was younger because you dated mum before she died." Dan wraps his arms around Cassie and hugs her which she happily return "I'm sorry. I can't imagine how hard that must of been." Cassie nods "It was but at least she is keeping it to herself." Dan nods in agreement as the pair pull away and head there separate ways.

Cassie soon arrived home to see Ric and Flynn waiting for her. Ric smiled "How was school?" Cassie nods "Yeah good. I made some new friends Lucas and Matilda. You should come meet then sometime." Ric smiles as Flynn looks at Cassie "Matilda and Lucas are great kids. Did you get through the day ok?" Cassie smiles "I did because Dan was there when I needed him too be." The pair smile "Anyhow I'm heading upstairs to unpack my bag." Flynn and Ric nod as Cassie races up the stairs. As Cassie walked up the stairs she was thinking about how much she loved Summer Bay and never wanted to leave.


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Chapter 6

It was the next morning and Cassie woke up excited to go to school but she couldn't help that feel like today wasn't going to be a normal school day and she didn't know why. She quickly got changed and was heading downstairs hoping this feeling would go away.

She walked downstairs to see Flynn laying on the couch "Late night?" Flynn sits up rubbing his eyes "I got called in and didn't want to wake Sally when I got back." Cassie smiles she knew Flynn was a thoughtful guy "Anyhow are you ready for today?" Cassie smiles again as she goes to the kitchen and puts some toast on "I think so. I feel a bit better then I did yesterday." Flynn smiles "I know this is hard considering everything but I'm really proud of you Cassie." Cassie smiles at Flynn before walking over and sitting beside him "I love you dad" Flynn was shocked that Cassie called him dad but he hid it as he was also very happy "I love you too." The pair then hugged but was interrupted by a knock at the door and Cassie toast popping up. Cassie raced to get her toast.

Flynn got up and opened the door to see Matilda there "Is Cassie in? I was thinking we could walk to school together. Lucas is sick and she only new so." Flynn smiles at Matilda "Well come in Cassie is just having breakfast." Matilda nods as she goes in and walks towards the kitchen and Cassie sees her "Am I late?" Matilda shakes her head "No I'm early. Take your time." Cassie starts eating her toast as Flynn pours Matilda a juice. The girls and Flynn chat while Cassie eating her breakfast and getting stuff sorted and then after half a hour they leave for school.

The day had been going well for Cassie until this class.  They were waiting for the teacher when an annoying kid started giving Cassie a hard time "Go on a date with me?" Cassie shook her head "No." The guy then grabbed her hand "Come on everyone loves me." For Cassie this was all getting too much for her as she was starting to get painful memories of her uncle. She started to have a panic attack and Matilda wished to her aid "Look what you done. Leave Cassie alone." Matilda then grabs Cassie hand and leads her out of the room. However Matilda for some reason knew the attack wasn't going to stop and she needed backup fast.

Once Matilda had gotten Cassie seated in an empty classroom she reached for her phone and started dialing Sally number hoping she would pick up.

Meanwhile Sally and Dan were in her office chatting when she heard her phone ring. She picked it and was shocked to see Matilda name particularly because she knew she was meant to be in class "Mattie hi." Matilda was relived Sally had picked "Look I need your help." Sally was confused "How can I help?" This made Dan look at up and what Matilda told Sally next immediately made Sally worry "It Cassie she having a panic attack." Sally hang up the door and looked at Dan "It Cassie she needs us." With that the pair leave the office ready to find Cassie and hopefully help her through this.

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Chapter 7

Dan and Sally ran into the classroom to see Cassie in the corner with her head buried. Sally walked over to Cassie and sat beside her and when the young girl spotted who it was she buried her head in Sally chest and didn't stop crying. Sally looked too Dan who then looked at Matilda "What happened?" Matilda knew the pair were worried "Some guy kept trying to get her to go out with her after she said no and then he tried to make her leave class with him." This was enough to make Sally angry and Dan too in fact Dan was very close to punching a wall. Sally held Cassie "It ok. Your safe now." Cassie for the first time since the attack calms down hearing Sally voice before speaking five words "I want to go home." Dan looks at Cassie "Of course. I will take you and Mattie how about you come too?" Matilda nods as Sally helps Cassie stand up and then Matilda and Sally help an upset Cassie out of the classroom after all she hadn't calmed down fully yet. Dan followed behind the trio.

Ric was sitting on the couch when he heard a voice "It alright Cassie your home now." Ric immediately gets up and opens the door and when Cassie spots him in the distance she lets go of Sally and Matilda and runs into his arms crying. He knew something happened and holds onto her tightly as he leads her inside with the other following. Ric looks down at Cassie and knows whatever happened messed her up "What happened?" A girl he didn't know looked at him "Some guy was trying to force her on a date and she had a panic attack." Ric was annoyed "Why do some people not understand?" Matilda could see Ric cared about Cassie and understood now why Cassie spoke so fondly of him "Because they are idiots. I'm guessing your Ric." Ric smiles "The one and only and your Matilda. Cassie mentioned you last night." The pair nodded as Ric helped Cassie to the couch before looking at Sally "If you three need to go. I have this." Sally then looks around "You can't stay here alone not with the state she is in. Where Flynn?" Ric looked at Sally "He got called into work and Pippa is asleep upstairs." Sally smiles at Ric "Well I have a free period I will stay until Flynn gets back." Ric nods as Dan and Matilda wish Cassie well before leaving to head back to school.

It is twenty minutes later when Sally and Ric are in the kitchen while Cassie sleeping on the couch. "I wish she didn't have to deal with this trauma Sally. Her uncle put away it was meant to be over." Sally could see how upset Ric was and hugged him. After all she knew how much he cared for Cassie "I know but now we just need to help her through this." Ric nods in agreement "How?" Sally knew that would be a hard answer "Anyway she needs us too whether that us listening to her talking or just sitting with her when she needs someone." Ric nods again before looking at Sally "Would it help If i went back to school with her at least that way I could be there if things get messy." Sally was surprised at Ric statement particularly because she knew how much he hated school "Yeah it would. But are you sure your ready?" Ric nods "I think I might be." Sally nods as she goes to call the school and Ric sits on the chair watching Cassie sleeping and praying that everything would be ok.

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Chapter 8

It was a few hours later when Flynn arrived home to see Ric, Sally and Cassie all sitting at the table waiting for him. The three had all agreed to not tell Flynn what happened earlier that day and act as normal as possible. "Hi guys." The trio smiled as Flynn came in put his bag down and sat beside Sally. "How was everyone day?" Sally smiled as she kissed her husband check "Busy but good. I think it Ric that got the big news." Flynn looks confused "What must that be?" Ric can tell Flynn is curious "I start back at school tomorrow." Flynn was surprised "I didn't think you wanted to go." Ric knew this was true as he was only going for Cassie "Well things change." The family then sit and eat dinner with three out of four pretending everything is ok so Flynn didn't get worried.

It was the next day and not even six o'clock when Flynn had finished his run and walked into the diner to see Dan there. Dan decides to take this opportunity to ask how Cassie is and walks over "How Cassie?" Flynn knew the pair were close so it was a standard question "Yeah she is good." Dan was surprised to hear this "What even after what happened yesterday?" Flynn looked confused "Nothing happened she said she had a great day." Dan put his head down suddenly realizing that Flynn didn't know "What aren't you telling me?" Dan hoped no one would be mad at him "Cassie had a panic attack yesterday." With that Flynn was out the door and racing towards home. He couldn't believe this was kept from him.

Flynn arrived home to see Sally making breakfast and walks over to her "Hey how was your run?" Flynn looked at his wife "It was good until I found out about Cassie." Sally was surprised "What?" Flynn is a bit upset about been lied too "Look Dan wanted to know if she was ok and didn't realize I didn't know. I had to drag it out of him." Sally nods "Right." Flynn looks at his wife "We are a family. You should told me. I suppose that explains Ric change of mind." Flynn then walks outside sitting on the seat needing time to think.

It was a hour later when Cassie and Ric both walked downstairs in their school uniforms to see a worried Sally. Thinking she was worried about her Cassie turned around "I will have Ric and Matilda and you and Dan aren't too far away so I will be fine." Sally looks at both Ric and Cassie "I know that but Flynn he knows." Cassie and Ric looked worried and Ric is the one to speak "How unhappy is he?" Sally looks serious "He is very hurt I mean we all lied to him." Cassie and Ric nod in understanding as Cassie looks at Sally "Is he outside?" Sally nods "Yeah he is." With that Cassie dropped her bag to the floor and starts to head outside to talk to Flynn.

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Note- I hope you all are loving this story as much as I am writing it. I have also started a second story called Moving On it is Bella centric if you all want to read.

Chapter 9

Cassie walked out to see Flynn sitting staring into space. "Flynn I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you by not telling you. Truth was I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to get angry at the guy or worry about me or worst confronting the guy and you getting hurt". Flynn listened to what the teenager said "You know I wouldn't get hurt." Cassie looked at Flynn "Maybe I'm scared that you would and then I would lose the one dad I ever had because of it." Flynn stood up and wrapped his arms around Cassie hugging her "You don't need to be scared about losing me Cassie. Your my daughter and I won't ever leave you" Cassie nods as she stays in Flynn arms "I promise to tell you from now on. I love you." Flynn smiles "I love you too."

The pair soon join Ric and Sally inside when Flynn gets an idea "How about a few days away?" Cassie and Ric smiled immediately as Ric looked at Flynn "We would love too." Sally nods in agreement "Sure on the weekend sounds good." Flynn nods knowing his wife wouldn't take time of work as she loved her job "Well I will plan everything and I think Cassie should stay home today." Sally looked at Cassie "It is up to you Cassie." Cassie smiles at Flynn "I would like that. I'm not ready to go back yet." Ric looks at Sally "I'm staying too as I'm not going without Cassie." Sally nods as she checks her watch "I need to go." She quickly hugs Ric and Cassie and kisses her husband before leaving.

When Sally arrives at school she sees Dan in her office looking worried "I'm so sorry." Sally shuts the door and looks at Dan "Don't be. Besides I should told him even those Cassie didn't want that."  Dan was surprised "I thought she was closer to Flynn then you." Sally puts folders on her desk "She is which I suspect is why she didn't tell him." Dan looks at Sally "So how mad was he?" Sally looks at Dan "He was pretty mad at me when he came home then Cassie went and talked to him. I don't know  what she said but clearly it helped because Flynn wasn't even angry." Dan breathes a sigh of relief and the pair go there separate ways heading to classes. 

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Chapter 10

It was later day when Ric walked outside to see Cassie sitting there alone. He was worried about her and he knew after her wanting to stay home there was more to this and he knew she wasn't about to admit that to Flynn, Sally or even Dan. "You know Cassie? Your allowed to not be ok or to be upset or scared. No one will judge you for that." Cassie glanced at Ric "Want the truth?" Ric nods as Cassie starts expressing her feeling "The truth is that I still don't sleep. I know my uncle is gone but I'm still afraid that he will come looking for me and hurt me again. Then yesterday when that guy tried too do the same thing well not the same thing but it felt like he would and that it made me feel sick. It like apart from Flynn, Dan, Lucas and you I can't be near guys without the fear of then hurting me." Ric was shocked at Cassie admission but hid it "After everything you have gone through, you are allowed to feel that way but you also need to talk about it." Cassie knew where Ric was going with this "I'm never going to a professional." Ric knew she would say this "I get you don't trust professionals but Dan he is one and you trust him." Cassie knew Ric had a point "I will talk to Dan about how I'm feeling if you promise to not telling Flynn and Sally I know I said I would tell Flynn things from now on but I won't be until I'm ready." Ric nods "I promise. I won't say a word. I'm always here Cassie whenever you need me." Cassie smiled at Ric " I know that after all you are coming to school for that reason." Ric knew she was going to say that "Yeah Cassie I am but I think I made the right choice." Cassie glanced at him "Are you sure?" Ric walks over and hugs her "I am but neither of us will go until your ready to go back." Cassie nods in agreement after all she knew she wasn't ready to go back yet.

The pair walked back inside to see Flynn sitting on the couch "I figured I would give you a chance to talk alone." Cassie and Ric speak in union "Thank you we needed it." Flynn smiles at the teenagers "Well I have some news." Cassie and Ric were curious and looked at each other then at Flynn. Cassie spoke first "What is it?" Ric then jumped in "Please let it be good news."  Flynn knew the teens didn't need bad news "I booked our holiday. We are going to Queensland on Saturday." This made both Ric and Cassie excited as the pair ran towards Flynn and the three wrapped their arms around each other sharing a group hug. They stayed in the hug "Five more days and then we get a break I'm so happy as it what I need." Flynn and Ric listened to what Cassie said "I think it is what we all need." Ric nodded in agreement at what Flynn said.

It was later that day when Sally came home with Dan. As soon as Cassie saw Dan she was happy as she could talk to him about what she talked about with Ric earlier. When Dan saw Cassie he immediately smiled "How are you?" Cassie knew he was already worried and was about to be even more worried "I was wondering if we could go for a walk. I need to talk to you about some stuff." Dan nods as Cassie gets up "Let's go. The pair leave and Dan wonders what Cassie wants to talk about.

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