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Kate Ritchie Interview

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Today's Daily Telegraph TV Liftout says it will be featuring an interview with Kate Ritchie next week (that is Wednesday 27th April). Just in time for some "Stalker" promotion.

I normally don't buy the Telegraph (I sometimes get to read it while I am out shopping when I am having a coffee.)

Perhaps some kind person will get it and write it up.

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Here is the article.

The Daily Telegraph

Edition 1 - PreprintsWED 27 APR 2005, Page T28



Growing up as Sally on Home And Away, Kate Ritchie has dealt with her fair share of embarrassing plots. But it wasn't her character's imaginary friend Milko that made Ritchie cringe - it was the time she had to sing a Toni Pearen song

1. So who's the Summer Bay stalker?

My lips are sealed [laughs]. I haven't even told my family or my boyfriend [Roosters player Chris Walker]. We have to keep it confidential. I know it sounds silly but it's so much more fun when you use your imagination. I keep saying that anyway. It's been a bit crazy lately. There was much discussion in the green room [among the cast] about who it was going to be and I think secretly some people probably wished it wasn't them because how do you maintain a stalker character within the storyline? I think there were people worried for their jobs.

2. People think it can't be Sally because she's one of the show's oldest characters. But the Salem stalker on Days Of Our Lives last year had been with the soap since 1976.

Yes, what's her name?

3. Marlena. But none of her "victims" were really dead. Not even Alice, who was poisoned by doughnuts. They were simply stuck on a remote Caribbean island.

[Laughs] No, I know what you mean. That's what people were saying to me too - you go down the list and you cross off who you don't think it would be. And you think, "well, it's never going to be Sally". I guess I kind of thought that to start with but then you start thinking, "stranger things have happened". You live in a place like Summer Bay and anything can happen. Like you're saying about Days Of Our Lives - people can be rehabilitated ...

4. But speaking of strange storylines, how about some of the more embarrassing Sally ones - her imaginary friend Milko, her first bra. Any in particular that stand out?

The one I actually really hated was I when I was about 14. Sally wanted to get into the cool gang at school and she had to go through a series of tests. She did things like steal teachers' underwear and then she had to stand up on a pool table and sing a song. It was a Toni Pearen song as well so that tells you what era it was. So Sally had to get up and sing and then the boy she fancied came in and she was completely embarrassed. Instead of it working against her he actually thought she was really brave though. I can't imagine that happening in real life but in Summer Bay it does. I only remember that story because it was also really embarrassing for me. There were tears at home the night before [laughs].

5. So what was the verdict on your singing voice?

Well I don't know. I think from all accounts people thought I sounded all right but they probably had to say that [laughs]. I'm not bringing out an album just yet.

6. Don't you ever get bored of playing the same character?

It's like any job. You have your ups and downs and some days it does just feel like work and other days [it doesn't]. But I've had such a good time on Home And Away over the years. It's not exciting like it was the first day where you're not sure what to expect but the characters and stories change. I've been here for say, 18 years, but I'm certainly not the same person I was 18 years ago. I do often think about what life holds beyond the show and what I'd do if I ever did decide to leave or they decided to make me the stalker and write me out [laughs]. To be honest I think I'd like a very long holiday.

7. You've said you read a lot in your time off - some of the books being those written by Judy Nunn, who used to play Ailsa on the show.

Yeah I have read them. I've been slack of late but don't tell her that. I love the first books that she ever wrote like The Glitter Game. She's also written great books based on a lot of Australian history. But years ago, her first books were all about the television industry and the catfights and that kind of thing. I remember when they first came out, my mum got a copy to read but I wasn't allowed to read them straight away because they were a bit too adult for me [laughs]. I think Judy was probably worried that my attitude towards her would change if I knew what kind of scandalous things she was writing about.

8. There were a few things you weren't allowed to do when you were young. Didn't your Dad also ban you from going to blue light discos?

Yes. Then, you know what else he used to do? He used to pull out the articles about sex in Dolly and Girlfriend [laughs]. It certainly didn't hurt me. I thought it was so sweet. He just never wanted his

little girl to grow up.

9. Lastly Kate, can you clear up all the speculation about you and your boyfriend? Apparently

one week you're together ... the next week you're not.

Well to be honest it's a little boring. We have always tried to take the line of not making any comment about anything at all. There's no problem as far as we're concerned so actually coming out and going "No, no, no - everything's all right" is kind of giving life to the story. So we're perfectly fine but it can be entertaining [laughs].

At least I can keep up with my love life by reading the papers. I wish my life was as exciting as Sally's but I'm quite happy for all the drama to be happening in my character's life. Chris and I will live the quiet life.

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You live in a place like Summer Bay and anything can happen. Like you're saying about Days Of Our Lives - people can be rehabilitated ...


Thats an interesting comment at the end there, by Kate. Is there some chance, I wonder, that the stalker, whoever it is, wont just be written out of the show instantly after being revealed, and will in fact be seen going through treatment..??

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