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The Lies We Tell Ourselves

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Title: The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Type of Fic: Short/Medium Fic

Rating: T/A

Genre: Romance/Drama/General

Any warnings: Violence (V/D)

Main characters: Colby, Tori, Christian, Justin, Leah, Jasmine, Bella, Dean, Irene

Spoilers: Yes

Summary: Christian doesn’t understand why Tori and Colby are so close but he doesn’t know the half of it. If Tori and Colby had a chance at love would they take it?

Chapter 1


The Beach


Colby is staring out at the waves wishing he could be riding them right now but he knows he needs to focus on his job, his family and Robbo’s last wishes, they mean everything. Dean finds him and wonders what’s been up with him the last few days.


Dean: What’s up with you? You have been acting werid?

Colby: Just been thinking.

Dean: About what?

Colby: About our past. Our life here. The one we built. Our family. Our mistakes. And our promises.

Dean: Who did you break a promise to this time?

Colby: What? I didn’t!

Dean: Sure. Spill it.

Colby: Ok I might of lied.

Dean: Go on.

Colby: Robbo didn’t just ask me to look after Jasmine.

Dean: What else did he ask you? Oh Tori of course. You know I still remember thinking those 2 would end up together guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Colby: I thought that too but Jasmine.

Dean: Yes that came out of left field hey?

Colby: Well considering Tori and Robbo had a bond that I had never seen before it would make sense for it to turn romantic but Jasmine stole his heart first. I still don’t get it.

Dean: No you do. You know why and how it happened. Don’t play dumb.

Colby: Fine they couldn’t change it. They didn’t want to admit it and then the choice got taken from them. I know.

Dean: You have been a good friend for Tori as well as Jasmine this year. I can see it. Your not letting Robbo down.

Colby: If only you knew the rest. I’ve been running form it.

Dean: What’s the rest?

Colby: He didn’t just want me to look after Tori he wanted me to end up with her because he couldn’t.

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Chapter 2


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Colby is still thinking when Bella arrives home.


Colby: Hey.

Bella: Hey. What’s wrong?

Colby: Nothing.

Bella: No you have that “I’m thinking of doing something stupid” face.

Colby: What? No!

Bella: Sure.

Colby: Fine! But it’s not stupid.

Bella: Let me be the judge of that.

Colby: Me and Tori?

Bella: Really? About time! Your right that’s not stupid.

Colby: Wait what? You think we should be together?

Bella: Yes of course.

Colby: Why?

Bella: Because you and Tori are the only ones who have that bond because of Robbo. It makes sense.

Colby: You know your right.

Bella: Of course I am!

Colby: Dean was surprised when I told him.

Bella: What did you tell him?

Colby: That Robbo’s last wish was for me to look after Tori but also be with her because he couldn’t.

Bella: Wow. I...

Colby: Yeah I know. I have been running from this for a year.

Bella: Doesn’t seem like you.

Colby: I was scared. I still am.

Bella: About Tori rejecting you?

Colby: Wait you think she would?

Bella: Well your not Robbo. But Robbo isn’t here. And she valued his opinion more then anything. If he thought you guys should be together that would hold a lot of weight.

Colby: Yeah.

Bella: But you’ve had a year to do something about it and you haven’t. And Tori is with Christian now so it’s more complicated.

Colby: Why do you think I am still running...

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Chapter 3


The Morgan House


Colby and Tori are sitting on the couch talking


Colby: How are you?

Tori: You seen me yesterday!

Colby: So sometimes things can change in a day.

Tori: True.

Colby: So tell how you are?

Tori: I’m good ok. I’m really good.

Colby: I’m glad.

Tori: What’s up? You are acting weird.

Colby: Just thinking about Robbo.

Tori: I miss him too.

Colby: You ever regret not being with him?

Tori: Every day.

Colby: But your happy with Christian Right?

Tori: Of course. Why you ask?

Colby: Nothing. Just checking.

Tori: Why you think I’m going to get a better offer elsewhere?

Colby: You might.

Tori looks at Colby and is confused.

Tori: What do you mean?

Colby: Um...

Christian interrupts them at this moment and comes in and kisses Tori.

Christian: Hey.

Tori: Hey.

Christian: What’s going on?

Tori: Nothing. Why?

Christian: Just you went all quiet when I came in. You talking about me weren’t you?

Tori: Yep totally. You caught us!

Colby: Yeah 100%. Tori was just saying what an amazing boyfriend you are to her! Anyway I should go and leave you guys too it.

Colby goes to leave but Tori chases after him.

Tori: I don’t know what you are keeping form me but you can tell me anything and I won’t judge you for that. I love you.

Colby: I love you too.

Tori and Colby hug goodbye and Colby leaves.

Christian: What was that about?

Tori: No idea. Anyway let’s watch a movie.

Christian: Sure sounds good.

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Chapter 4


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Jasmine has come to visit Colby


Jasmine: Hey.

Colby: Hey.

Jasmine: What’s up?

Colby: I’m thinking.

Jasmine: About?

Colby: Me and Tori.

Jasmine: You and Tori?

Colby: About whether we should be together.

Jasmine: Really? About time!

Colby: Wait you know?

Jasmine: Of course I do. Robbo told me, we don’t keep secrets.

Colby: And your ok with that?

Jasmine: Hey I got to marry him and be happy. Tori didn’t. I feel sorry for her.

Colby: Ok.

Jasmine: So yes Robbo told me everything and I say go for it! You should of done this a year ago but you ran from it. But no more running ok.

Colby: Ok I will tell her.

Jasmine: Good.

Colby: How do you think she will take it?

Jasmine: I think she will be shocked but once she thinks about it she’ll know the right thing to do.

Colby: You think?

Jasmine: I know.

Colby: How?

Jasmine: Because Robbo knew her better than anyone. She knows he wanted her to be happy and now she can be with you. And I know she loves Christian and is with him, but Robbo never met him. And you were his best mate and he trusted you. And trusting you with the person he loved most in the world, well that would mean everything to her. She won’t turn you down I have faith.

Colby: I hope your right.

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Chapter 5


The Morgan House


Colby has come to see Tori


Tori: Hey.

Colby: Hey.

Tori: Are you going to tell me what the other day was about?

Colby: Yes I’m ready. I just don’t know how you will react to it.

Tori: Knowing the truth so I can help is what I want.

Colby: Ok. Can we go outside?

Tori: Sure

Colby and Tori walk outside

Tori: So?

Colby: I don’t know how to say this.

Tori: Just rip it off like a bandaid I guess.

Colby: Um Robbo told me something before he died.

Tori: To look after Jasmine I know.

Colby: Well yes but not just that.

Tori: Ok what else did he ask you?

Colby: To look after you too.

Tori: Of course he did I’m not surprised. Is this what your worried about that your not doing that? Because you are.

Colby: I know and that’s not it.

Tori: Ok.

Colby: There is more.

Tori: What else?

Colby: He told me he didn’t just want me to look after you he said he also wanted us to be together because he couldn’t be with you.

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Chapter 6


The Morgan House


Tori: What I don’t understand?

Colby: Robbo asked me to look after you. And the best way to do that was for us to be together.

Tori: No, I get that! I don’t understand why you never told me the truth? You had a year to tell me this?

Colby: I was scared. I still am scared.

Tori: Why?

Colby: I guess I was worried you would reject me?

Tori: I...

Colby: Tori it’s ok. You don’t have to give me an answer right now. I made you wait. You can ask for time.

Tori: No I don’t need time. That’s not...

Colby: Then what?

Tori: Christian. I...

Colby: I know you love him.

Tori: I do. But it’s not that..

Colby: Ok well what is it?

Tori: Your right I need time. I’m sorry.

Colby: No don’t be sorry! I sprang this on you!

Tori: You did! And I’m surprised! But it’s not even that!

Colby: I don’t understand.

Tori: Robbo...

Colby: Yeah Robbo wanted us together.

Tori: I know. And I feel like I know why.

Colby: He told me why.

Tori: No! Well yeah I mean he did, yes. But...

Colby: Tori is their something else?

Tori: You know when I lost Robbo. I lost apart of me you know?

Colby: Me too.

Tori: Our connection is though him but that’s not all we are. You understand?

Colby: I course I do. I totally get it! And  I agree!

Tori: Robbo never met Christian. He doesn’t know what we are like together.

Colby: I know. Your happy with him?

Tori: Yes but you and me? I thought about it a lot.

Colby: You did?

Tori: Of course I did!

Colby: I’m glad, I thought about us a lot too.

Tori: I’m sorry I need time to get my head around this.

Colby: Take all the time you need.

Tori: Thank you for telling me.

Colby: I’m glad I finally did. Even though it might be a year too late.

Tori looks at Colby and before she changes her mind she leans in and kisses him...

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Chapter 7


Colby kisses Tori back but just as they back away, Justin walks in the door!


Justin: Hey guys.

Tori: Hey.

Colby: Hey.

Justin: What’s going on?

Tori: Um...

Colby: We just...

Tori: What’s going on with you?

Colby: Yeah aren’t you supposed to be at work?

Justin: I could ask both of you that same question! So spill?

Tori: Um...

Colby: We got the day off?

Justin: Your questioning that?

Colby: Well...

Tori: No we did get the day off!

Justin: Right, ok you guys are acting werid.

Tori: No were not!

Colby: Yeah we were just caught off guard!

Tori: Yes you surprised us!

Justin: What were you guys doing before I walked in here anyway?

Tori: Um we were...

Colby: Talking!

Tori: Yeah talking!

Colby: About something important!

Tori: Yes about Robbo. I miss him so much.

Colby: Me too. A lot.

Justin: Oh I’m sorry for interrupting you guys then.

Tori: Don’t be. It’s fine.

Colby: Yeah no harm done. Honesty.

Justin: Ok as long as you guys are ok? You are ok right?

Tori: Of course.

Colby: Totally fine!

Justin: Ok sorry again. I just came back to get my lunch and now I’m going back to work. I’ll talk to you both later ok?

Tori: Yeah of course. See you later tonight.

Colby: Yeah catch you.

Justin: Ok bye.

Colby: Bye.

Tori: Bye.

Colby: Omg that was close!

Tori: I don’t know what would of happened if he walked in on us!

Colby: Yeah luckily he didn’t!

Tori: So should we talk about what just happened?

Colby: Do you want too?

Tori: I think we should.

Colby: Ok then let’s talk.

Tori: Not here.

Colby: Where?

Tori: Let’s go see Robbo. We both need to talk to him.

Colby: I think your right.

Tori takes Colby’s hand and they both leave the house together.

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Chapter 8


Robbo’s Grave


Tori and Colby have arrived


Colby: So?

Tori: You want to go first?

Colby: I can if you want.

Tori: Ok.

Colby gets the courage to say something

Colby: Well me and Tori are here. And I told her what you said. And it’s a year too late and I’m sorry. But we are here now and I just need you to know I won’t give up and I miss you.

Tori hugs Colby and they both start to cry.

Tori: I miss him so much.

Colby: Me too.

Tori: I wish he could tell us what to do.

Colby: Same.

Tori: I guess we have to do this ourselves right?

Colby: Yep we have to figure this out together.

Tori: Yeah together.

Colby: Do you want to talk to him alone?

Tori: Yeah just give me 5 minutes.

Colby smiles at her and leaves her to it.

Tori: Hey Robbo. Ok I’m standing here scared about what to do. And how to make this choice. If you were standing right here then you could just tell me but your not and you can’t. I’m happy with Christian. He’s good for me. But Colby? You wanted us together and I wanted that too. Maybe I still do? I don’t know. All I know is I miss you and I don’t know what the right thing to do is but I will figure it out.


The Morgan House


Tori and Colby arrive back


Colby: So you have any idea?

Tori: No I’m sorry. Their is too many thoughts and feelings in my head right now.

Colby: It’s ok. I can wait.

Tori: I don’t regret kissing you.

Colby: I don’t regret kissing you back either.

Tori: I want to be honest but I just don’t know.

Colby: Just take your time. You don’t need to make a decision yet.

Tori: I love you.

Colby: I love you too.

Tori: We should hang out tomorrow. Do something fun.

Colby: Sounds like a good idea.

Tori: Ok well I will see you then.

Colby: If you need anything, call me.

Tori: I will. I promise.

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Chapter 9

The Diner


Dean runs into Jasmine


Dean: Hey.

Jasmine: Hi.

Dean: You seen Colby?

Jasmine: No why?

Dean: Just needed to ask him something.

Jasmine: About Tori?

Dean: You know?

Jasmine: Of course.

Dean: Well do you think they will get together?

Jasmine: I hope so.

Dean: Kind of werid how we’re rooting for our best mates to sort things out hey?

Jasmine: Nah I think it’s sweet.

Bella comes in

Bella: Hey guys.

Jasmine: Hey.

Dean: Hey.

Bella: So is this the “Colby and Tori support group?” Or something?

Dean: Maybe.

Jasmine: Could be.

Bella: Well how about we get some food, and continue this conversation.

Jasmine: I won’t say no!

Dean: You say the magic word and it’s a done deal.

Bella: What food?

Dean: Don’t you know it.

Irene comes over to take their order.

Irene: What do you guys want?

Bella, Jasmine and Dean all look at each other and say “burgers”.

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Ok guys I am going to revisit this story so here goes.


Chapter 10


After their burgers the support game has moved to salt to order some alcohol!


Bella: So what were we saying?

Jasmine: I don’t know. Colby? Tori? Something!

Dean: I’m just drinking the beer!

Bella: Ok guys come on we need to focus.

Jasmine: So how are we going to help them?

Dean: Shouldn’t they sort this out themselves.

Bella: Their is nothing wrong with a bit of a push.

Jasmine: Yeah a little nudge.

Dean: Ok tell me what the deal is then!


Colby, Bella and Dean’s Apartment


Dean and Bella arrive back and find Colby moping on the couch.


Bella: Hey what happened?

Dean: Did it not go well?

Colby: I told Tori the truth and she said she needed time.

Bella: That’s not a no!

Dean: You still have a chance here!

Colby: I want to keep fighting but what if I’m not what Tori wants?

Bella: It is. She will realise that.

Dean: You guys should be together and everyone knows it!

Colby: Thanks guys for cheering me up.

Bella hugs Colby

Bella: I love you.

Colby: I love you too kid!

Dean: Yeah I’m not one for hugging!

Colby: I know. But we’re family so get in here!

Dean goes to join in the hug

Colby: To family.

Bella and Dean: to family

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