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The Lies We Tell Ourselves

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Chapter 11


The Morgan House


Jasmine has come to see Tori, they hug


Tori: It’s good to see you

Jasmine: You too

Tori: So you know?

Jasmine: Of course I do

Tori: So Colby told you?

Jasmine: Well yeah. But Robbo told me first!

Tori: Wait he did?

Jasmine: Of course he did, we don’t keep secrets!

Tori: No… I know… I just… I’m just confused

Jasmine: Your not though. Not really

Tori: How do you mean?

Jasmine: Tori I’m not an idiot

Tori: I never said you were!

Jasmine: And your not one either

Tori: Thanks?

Jasmine: It’s a compliment

Tori: Ok.

Jasmine: Just listen…

Tori: Ok.

Jasmine: You know I was jealous of you.

Tori: I know.

Jasmine: And you know why?

Tori: Yes.

Jasmine: Well I’m not jealous anymore!

Tori: Ok.

Jasmine: I just figured out what’s important.

Tori: And what is that?

Jasmine: Protecting Robbo’s legacy!

Tori: I…

Jasmine: I love you.

Tori: I love you too.

Jasmine: We’re best friends. I mean the 4 of us were best friends. Now it’s just the three of us left. And I’m literally standing here telling you it’s ok.

Tori: What’s ok?

Jasmine: To be happy!

Tori: But Robbo?

Jasmine: Wanted us all to be happy. He knew the way forward for you 2 and he told me to be happy. And now we have the chance to do that and honour that. So I’m just asking you not to throw that away. Listen to your heart because that can never be wrong…

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Hey thank you for whoever is still reading this story. I hope you like my ending.


Chapter 12


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Tori comes to see Colby and he lets her in. They sit down on the couch and hold hands.


Tori: I have made a decision?

Colby: Ok and what did you decide?

Tori: I got told some pretty good advice the other day.

Colby: What was that?

Tori: To follow your heart…

Colby: and what is your heart telling you?

Tori: That I deserve to be happy.

Colby: You do.

Tori: And I will be happy with…

Colby: with?

Tori: U! It’s always been you.

Colby: So we are really doing this? We are really going to be a couple?

Tori: Yes we are really doing this. Yes we will be a couple.

Colby: I was worried.

Tori: Why?

Colby: I thought maybe I wasn’t enough for you.

Tori: that’s bs. You always were.

Colby: Their is something I want to give you.

Tori: Ok.

Colby gets up and heads to his bedroom. He goes to a drawer and takes something out. He heads back to the lounge room and sits back down.

Colby: Tori I love you. And this is from me and Robbo.

Colby pulls out an engagement ring and shows it to Tori.

Tori: Did Robbo?

Colby: Yeah he did.

Tori: When?

Colby: Before he died.

Tori: He wanted me to have that ring?

Colby: Yeah it’s from him. But it’s also from me too. He wanted a happy ending for us.

Tori: I love the ring.

Colby: Well good! I mean we don’t have to get married straight away. We could have a long engagement whatever you want.

Tori: No we have wasted the last year not being together let’s not waste anymore time. We should start planning the wedding soon.

Colby: Ok sounds like a plan.

Colby puts the ring on Tori’s finger.

Colby: I love you.

Tori: I love you too.

Colby and Tori kiss


The end xx





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