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The Secrets We Keep

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Part 31

The Morgan House


Robbo and Tori are hanging out


Robbo: So we going to watch another movie?

Tori: Why so you can tell me how bad my movie choices are?

Robbo: Well...

Tori: No. let’s go play some basketball outside.

Robbo: Basketball? Since when do you like sports?

Tori: I don’t but you do.

Robbo: We can do whatever you want. I don’t care.

Tori: Then basketball it is.

Robbo: If you insist.

Tori: I do. Let’s go.

Tori takes his hand and practically drags him to the back yard


Robbo is winning by a lot. Tori is smiling and watching him shoot basket after basket in.

Tori: Seems like you wasted your talent!

Robbo: Yeah what’s that?

Tori: Professional basketball player of course.

Robbo: Sure. Because becoming a federal agent was a ball of fun!

Tori: Maybe you chose the wrong career path.

Robbo: Maybe? But could of been injured and struck out.

Tori: Possibly. But your job now is dangerous and nearly got you killed!

Robbo: True. So truce?

Tori: Always. I can never say mad at you for long!

Robbo: Because you love me.

Tori: You know I do.

Robbo: I love you too Tori. Always.

Tori: I’m sorry we couldn’t make things work.

Robbo: No that wasn’t all on you. It was both of us. We made a mistake.

Tori: A mistake we have to live with.

Robbo: Yeah unfortunately.

Tori: So you made a decision yet?

Robbo: About Christian? Hmm let me think, no!

Tori: Come on what are you waiting for?

Robbo: For him to convince me!

Tori: And how can he?

Robbo: By doing what I couldn’t...

Tori: What?

Robbo: The ring, Tori! The ring I gave you!

Tori: Oh you want him to propose?

Robbo: It’s the only way to know he’s serious and wants this for life... You for life.

Tori: Well I hope he figures that out.

Robbo: Me too.

Tori: So another game?

Robbo: You want to keep losing?

Tori: I’m never going to win. So yeah let’s play again.

Robbo: Whatever you want.

Tori and Robbo start playing again when Christian arrives and see’s them together. Christian has been told about them but he still doesn’t understand completely and he doesn’t think he ever will and he keeps thinking about what Jasmine told him about how making Tori chose wouldn’t be good for him. He wants Tori in his life forever he just doesn’t know how to convince Robbo of that.

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Part 32


Colby, Bella, Robbo and Jasmine’s Apartment


Jasmine: So Christian still being kept in the dark?

Robbo: Oh that is not all on me!

Jasmine: Sure but you could help the guy out. Give him a hint?

Robbo: Shouldn’t he be smart enough to work this out on his own?

Jasmine: Maybe he needs some help.

Robbo: Why should I help him?

Jasmine: Because you want Tori to be happy?

Robbo: Yes. And?

Jasmine: Christian is good for her.

Robbo: Then why isn’t he smart enough to put 2 and 2 together without my help?

Jasmine: I don’t know. Some people take time to figure matters of the heart out. Sometimes the right answer takes time.

Robbo: I concede the point.

Jasmine: But you still won’t help him?

Robbo: If I agree to help him will you stop annoying me?

Jasmine: Yes.

Robbo: Fine.

Jasmine: Good.

Robbo: Now?

Jasmine: Why not?

Robbo: I don’t even know where he is!

Jasmine: He should be arriving any second now. Good luck.

Robbo: What?! Jasmine!

Jasmine leaves just as Christian arrives

Jasmine: Got to go. Bye.

Christian: But you invited me here?

Jasmine: Yes to chat to my husband not to me. See you later.

Christian: Um why am I here?

Robbo: Good question!

Christian: Well?

Robbo: Jasmine made me promise to help you with Tori.

Christian: What?

Robbo: Do you want a hint or not?

Christian: Wait your going to help me?

Robbo: My wife is very persuasive!

Christian: Ok so?

Robbo: I’m giving you one hint then that’s it. Figure out the rest yourself.

Christian: Ok.

Robbo: The ring I gave Tori.

Christian: Urg what?

Robbo: Do what I couldn’t, ok. That’s it, I’m done. See you later maybe?

Robbo leaves. Christian is confused and doesn’t understand what Robbo just told him. But he figures he has to figure it out and soon.

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Part 33


The Morgan House


Christian comes in to find Tori


Christian: Hey.

Tori: Hey.

Christian: Can I ask you something?

Tori: Sure ask away.

Christian: The ring Robbo gave you?

Tori: Yeah?

Christian: What does it mean?

Tori: Um it’s a promise ring.

Christian: And that’s it?

Tori: Yeah. Why?

Christian: I just... something he said.

Tori: What did Robbo say?

Christian: That the ring was my hint.

Tori: Hint for what?

Christian: To convince him I’m committed to you... to us.

Tori: Did he say anything else?

Christian: Yeah one other thing.

Tori: Which was?

Christian: He said the ring was a hint and to do what he couldn’t? But I don’t get it.

Tori: Oh...

Christian: What am I missing?

Tori: I can’t tell you.

Christian: What? Why?

Tori: I... you have to figure this out yourself. Christian I love you. I really do. But I can’t help you. You have to do this yourself.

Christian: I feel like I’m so close to getting the answer but still so far away from it.

Tori: Please find the answer...

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Oh sorry guys I have been very busy, tried and stressed out but finally a new chapter enjoy.

Chapter 34


The Morgan House


Christian and Justin are hanging out


Christian: Hey can I ask you something?

Justin: Sure.

Christian: Do you like Robbo?

Justin: Why would you ask that?

Christian: Because you seem to have a weird relationship I guess.

Justin: Yeah our relationship was tense before.

Christian: But now?

Justin: I’ve come to realise that I was wrong about him.

Christian: How so?

Justin: I thought Tori being with him would put her in danger and I didn’t like it. But I’ve come to realise that Robbo wouldn’t let anything happen to her so I was worrying over nothing.

Christian: So you trust him?

Justin: More than you.

Christian: What are you talking about?

Justin: Robbo has Tori’s heart. And you do too but it’s not the same. And it could of been... It might of been... but it can’t ever be anymore.

Christian: Why does everyone talk in code about them?!

Justin: It’s not code. It’s need to know. And do you need to know the truth about them? That’s the question.

Christian: Well I want too!

Justin: Do you really?

Christian: Yes!

Justin: Their relationship is complicated and TBH even I don’t get it half the time. But one thing I do get is they love each other unconditionally  and without fail.

Christian: And where does that leave me?

Justin: What do you mean? My sister is dating you!

Christian: Yeah and what I’m second choice?

Justin: No! That’s not... it can’t be a choice... it’s not a choice... they both gave up that right.

Christian: But why?

Justin: Your asking the wrong question!

Christian: Well what’s the right question? I’m so confused!

Justin: Have you seen the ring Robbo got for Tori?

Christian: Yeah I saw it. Tori said it was a promise ring. Did she lie?

Justin: No of course she didn’t lie! And it is!

Christian: Ok. I still don’t get it.

Justin: You know when Tori told me about the ring you want to know my first thought.

Christian: What?

Justin: That it was an engagement ring!

Christian: But why would you think that? Robbo is already married to Jasmine. Why would he give Tori an engagement ring?

Justin: He didn’t. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t want too.

Christian: Why? And why was that your first thought when you knew all this too!

Justin: What did Robbo tell you?

Christian: You mean the hint that I don’t get? Um he said “do what I couldn’t” I think. I still don’t get it!

Justin: Do you want to know why I thought it was an engagement ring even though I knew it wasn’t?

Christian: Why?

Justin: Because if their was ever a chance for them they would take it. Missing out sucks. Ruining the best thing that could of ever happened to you, well I guess I’ve seen it happen and I got to say that both would of been happier choosing each other. Figure out the answer Christian for all our sakes.

Edited by christine king
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Chapter 35


Colby finds Chelsea on the beach


Colby: Hey we got to stop meeting like this.

Chelsea: Oh yes what would the locals say? Ex marriage couple talking must be some big scandal hey?

Colby: Being married to you for a week was the best week of my life.

Chelsea: You really mean that?

Colby: What? Of course I do. I love you. And I waited for us to get married for ages. Your the only one I’ve ever wanted everything with. So of course I go ruin it thinking honestly is the best thing right?

Chelsea: It was! But apart of me wishes I didn’t know. That you never told me. So we could go back and just be happy.

Colby: Same. Me too.

Chelsea: I’ve been thinking a lot about us.

Colby: And?

Chelsea: And I made a decision...

Colby: Well?

Chelsea: I...

Jasmine comes across them interrupting their moment.

Jasmine: Hey.

Colby: Hey.

Chelsea: Hi.

Jasmine: Oh did I interrupt something?

Colby: Kinda.

Chelsea: No you didn’t. This was a mistake. I will talk to you later. Bye.

Colby: Bye.

Jasmine: I did interrupt something didn’t I?

Colby: Well let me put it this way you either saved my life or you just delayed the inevitable. I honestly have no idea what choice Chelsea made and I’m scared to find out.

Jasmine: Wait you guys are getting back together?

Colby: Maybe? I don’t know yet.

Jasmine: Well I hope it works out and I am sorry for delaying your answer.

Colby: I live another day in libido. What’s new? So coffee?

Jasmine: Well that was the reason I came to find you so yes please.

Colby: Let’s go then.

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sorry guys for taking so long to update but real life has been hectic. I hope you like the new chapter.

Chapter 36


Jasmine and Colby are having a coffee in the diner when Christian comes in.


Jasmine: Hey.

Colby: Hi

Christian: Hey guys.

Jasmine: So did Robbo help you?

Christian: Um kinda.

Jasmine: what do you mean kind of?

Christian: Well I still don’t get it...

Jasmine: Get what?

Christian: His hint?

Jasmine: His hint?

Christian: The advice you told him to give me!

Jasmine: I told him to help you!

Christian: Well I’m more confused than ever!

Jasmine: Urg what did Robbo say?

Christian: Something about the promise ring that he gave to Tori and to do what he couldn’t. But I don’t get it.

Jasmine: Why not? He gave you so much help!

Christian: Maybe I’m not smart?

Jasmine: Cop out.

Christian: What?

Jasmine: Use your brain!

Christian: I’m trying! I just can’t put 2 and 2 together!

Jasmine: Try harder! Think!

Colby: Anyway we should go.

Jasmine: Yes we should. Good luck Christian.

Christian: Thanks I think.


Robbo, Jasmine, Colby and Bella’s Apartment

Colby: You ok?

Jasmine: No!

Colby: Why not?

Jasmine: Because I thought Christian would realise what he needs to do.

Colby: Frustrating when people don’t understand things hey?

Jasmine: Hey this isn’t about me! It’s about him!

Colby: Maybe? Or maybe your seeing himself in you.

Jasmine: What do you mean?

Colby: You and Christian you are more alike then you think?

Jasmine: How so?

Colby: How long did it take you to figure out Robbo and Tori’s relationship?

Jasmine: That’s not what this is about!

Colby: isn’t it?

Jasmine: Now I’m confused.

Colby: Christian can’t see the answer because he doesn’t think Tori wants him and maybe he’s right?

Jasmine: She does though. She loves him.

Colby: I know.

Jasmine: Then why?

Colby: Because he doesn’t understand why Tori is with him and not Robbo. No one has ever explained it.

Jasmine: How can I explain it to him more than I already did?

Colby: You can’t and that’s not the point anyway.

Jasmine: What is the point?

Colby: Tori and Robbo would of been happy together. They would of had everything. You know this.

Jasmine: Yeah I know.

Colby: Ok then why you?

Jasmine: What?

Colby: Why did Robbo fall in love with you?

Jasmine: Ask him!

Colby: No I’m asking you! Why do you love him? Why does he love you? Why do you love each other?

Jasmine: Because I can’t live without him!

Colby: Ectually! Tori and Robbo can’t live without each other either but they chosen to live without the romantic part in their relationship. But you and Robbo can’t? Which is why you guys are together.

Jasmine: Oh I’m so stupid.

Colby: No your not. You let your emotions control your judgment. But everyone does that. It’s not important. What is important is making Christian see that Tori can’t live without Christian being her romantic partner. So can you help him with that?

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Chapter 37


Robbo, Jasmine, Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Robbo finds Colby sitting on the balcony


Robbo: Hey.

Colby: Hey.

Robbo: Why you sitting here alone?

Colby: Time to think.

Robbo: Why?

Colby: I want an answer from Chelsea but I’m not sure I want the answer you know.

Robbo: Your scared?

Colby: Yeah I am.

Robbo: I hope you get the answer you want.

Colby: Me too. So what’s going on with you?

Robbo: Nothing. Why?

Colby: Just been trying to help Jasmine help Christian with Tori.

Robbo: Why?

Colby: Because they love each other. Because they are good together. I don’t know.

Robbo: Huh.

Colby: What?

Robbo: Nothing.

Colby: Ok now who’s keeping secrets?

Robbo: I’m not!

Colby: Sure!

Robbo: Fine I still don’t trust that guy.

Colby: Why?

Robbo: Because he’s not...

Colby: You?

Robbo: Well yes but also because he’s not...

Colby: Who?

Robbo: You!

Colby: What? Why me?

Robbo: Because your both my best friends and you love each other. And I trust you with her. Your probably the only one who I think is good enough for her. Excluding me of course.

Colby: Really? You think?

Robbo: Why do you think I sent you both together to find me?

Colby: You know I always thought we would be good together.

Robbo: Me too.

Colby: But it’s not going to happen. Tori wants Christian.

Robbo: I’m pretty sure she care about you. I know she loves you.

Colby: I love her too. You know that.

Robbo: Then why?

Colby: Why not you and Tori then?

Robbo: You know why.

Colby: Ectually. Sometimes you find the person you want to spend your life with and sometimes you find someone you can be friends with for life.

Robbo: Worth a shot but I know your holding out for Chelsea.

Colby: In another life. Me and Tori together could work. I could see it so clearly. You and her too.

Robbo: Yeah same.

Colby: We all find our soulmates right and sometimes a soulmate doesn’t have to be romantic.

Robbo: Good because your not getting her back now.

Colby: Haha your funny. Like I could take her from you anyway. No one could.

Robbo: Hope Christian learns that.

Colby: Oh he’s smart I think he knows.

Robbo: Well then he has nothing to worry about.

Colby: And if he does Tori will sort him out.

Robbo: Damn straight! Haha.

Colby: I’m glad you back. I don’t actually know how any of us survived without you.

Robbo: You won’t ever have to know again trust me.

Colby: If you go die on me I will kill you myself.

Robbo: Who’s the one with a gun here?

Colby: Both of us?

Robbo: Good point. But who could fire first?

Colby: Hopefully me?

Robbo: You better hope.

Colby: Don’t worry neither of us are going anywhere we both have too much to lose or gain.

Robbo: That we do. Anyway you going to check that?

Colby: Check what?

Robbo: The message on your phone!

Colby picks up his phone and see’s it’s a message from Chelsea.

Robbo: So?

Colby: She says...

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Chapter 38


The Beach


Christian is sitting on the beach lost in thought when Jasmine finds him.


Jasmine: Hey.

Christian: Hey.

Jasmine: So I owe you an apology.

Christian: Why?

Jasmine: Because I didn’t really explain things well.

Christian: Maybe your not the one who should!

Jasmine: You mean Tori?

Christian: Or Robbo? Or both of them? I just want an answer.

Jasmine: Maybe your asking the wrong question!

Christian: People keep saying that but I don’t get it. and I’m struggling and running out of time. And I don’t know what to do. And I’m scared...

Jasmine: Scared of losing Tori?

Christian: Yes!

Jasmime: You won’t!

Christian: How do you know that?

Jasmine: Because she loves you!

Christian: Does she? Or am I just some second choice? Or third choice? I don’t even know anymore.

Jasmine: Oh what do you... oh you mean Colby?

Christian: Yeah she’s close to both of them. Clearly loves them too. So why me?

Jasmine: Colby actually told me why and explained it too.

Christian: Did he? Mind filling me in?

Jasmine: Yeah I think it’s time you understand.

Christian: Thank you for helping me. I owe you.

Jasmine: You don’t because I didn’t figure it out till Colby explained it so you will owe him.

Christian: Ok deal.


Robbo, Jasmine, Colby and Bella’s apartment


Robbo: Good luck.

Colby: Thanks I think I will need it.

Robbo: I feel like you will be ok and this will work out for you. I have faith.

Colby: I hope your right.

Robbo: See ya.

Colby: Catch you later.

Robbo bails from the apartment. While Colby waits for Chelsea to arrive.


The Morgan House


Christian has come to see Tori but she’s not their. Justin let’s him in though.


Justin: So you know?

Christian: Know what?

Justin: What you have to do?

Christian: Yeah I get it now.

Justin: Good luck.

Christian: What about Robbo though?

Justin: If your going to be apart of this family then you will have to accept it and get used to it.

Christian: Yeah Jasmine warned me.

Justin: Did she?

Christian: Yeah told me not to make Tori choose between us because I wouldn’t like the answer.

Justin: Smart girl. Guess she learnt!

Christian: What do you mean?

Justin: I mean are you ok with coming second? Because Jasmine learnt how. Can you?

Christian: I want to be with Tori. I love her.

Justin: Well then it’ll work out.

Christian: Are you sure?

Justin: Yeah I’m positive.

Christian: Why?

Justin: Because my sister has been standing at the door listening to this conversation. Anyway good luck. And bye.

Justin quickly leaves. Christian is standing their shocked.

Tori: Well I can’t say I’m mad at my idiot brother because your here and I did hear what you just said. So my only question is did you mean it?

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Chapter 39


Robbo, Jasmine, Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Chelsea has arrived and Colby wants an answer.


Colby: So your message said “I’ve made my decision” so what is it?

Chelsea: Oh Hi to you too!

Colby: Sorry Hi! But I’ve been waiting for you to make this decision and I’ve been freaking out about it and I just want to know where we stand.

Chelsea: I...

Colby: Just tell me...

Chelsea: You know I love you...

Colby: That’s not an answer!

Chelsea: No but maybe this is.

Chelsea kisses him

Colby: So were doing this?

Chelsea: Getting back together? Yeah let’s make this work for good now.

Colby: Thank you.

Chelsea: So should we tell everyone?

Colby: How about we do this first

Colby kisses Chelsea

Chelsea: Ok deal. Reunion first, Then tell everyone. That’s a plan.

Colby: I love you so much.

Chelsea: You think Dean can organise another wedding for us?

Colby: I’m sure he can!

Chelsea: Good. Let’s get married again!

Colby: Sounds like a plan to me.


The Morgan House


Christian: Yes I mean it. Every word.

Tori: So you finally figured out the answer.

Christian: Yes with no help from you!

Tori: Sorry!

Christian: It’s ok.

Tori: So...

Christian: Oh you want me to do this now?

Tori: Well...

Christian: Yeah it’s not like I planned this or anything...

Tori: Didn’t you?

Christian: Well maybe something like this?

Tori: Not everything has to go according to plan but the main part well I’m hoping will!

Christian: Oh are you?

Tori: Yes!

Christian: Well if your ready!

Tori: Been ready for weeks and was waiting for you to catch up!

Christian: How rude of me! Sorry for being slow!

Tori: It’s ok. Your here now, and you figured it out so I’m very happy.

Christian: Oh are you happy? Figure you might be happier in a moment!

Tori: Oh will I be? Do tell!

Christian: Tori I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?

Tori: Yes! A hundred times yes.

Christian gets down on one knee and shows Tori the ring. Christian puts the ring on Tori’s finger. And they hug and kiss each other.

Tori: I’m so happy right now!

Christian: Were engaged!

Tori: Were going to get married!

Christian: I love you.

Tori: I love you too.

Christian: So we should tell everyone!

Tori: Yes let’s tell the whole bay! But first I need to tell one special person before anyone else.

Christian: Robbo?

Tori: Yeah. I’ll be back soon.

Christian: I’ll be here.

Tori: Love you.

Christian: Love you too.

Tori and Christian kiss goodbye.


Robbo, Jasmine, Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Tori arrives and is happy to see Robbo answer the door. She hugs him.

Robbo: Hey what’s got you so happy?

Tori: Christian proposed! And we’re engaged!

Robbo: Oh so he firgured it out. Guess I owe him credit.

Tori: He told me that Colby and Jasmine helped him. So not quite.

Robbo: Ah my wife and my best mate working against me. Might have to have a chat to them about that!

Tori: Nah don’t! They were just helping me and Christian sort things out. It was sweet.

Robbo: Of course you would say that you got what you wanted!

Tori: Yeah not everything...

Robbo: I know. Me too. Honestly I’m so happy for you. You deserve this.

Tori: Thank you. It means everything to me that you approve.

Robbo: What can I say. Christian proved himself. And your happy with him. That’s all I ask.

Tori: I love you.

Robbo: I love you too.

Tori and Robbo hug again just as Jasmine arrives home.

Jasmine: Hey guys. What’s up?

Tori: Christian proposed!

Jasmine: That’s great news. I’m so happy for you.

Tori and Jasmine hug.

Tori: Thanks Jas. I hear I have you and Colby to thank for getting him across the line.

Jasmine: Yeah but mostly Colby.

Tori: Ok. Well thank you anyway.

Jasmine: You deserve to be happy. And have what me and Robbo have.

Tori: Your the best.

Jasmine: You too.

Tori: So come with me so we can tell everyone else!

Robbo: Sure!

Jasmine: I’m in. Let’s go.


The Beach


Colby and Chelsea are kissing on the beach when Tori, Robbo and Jasmine find them


Tori: Hey guys!

Colby: Hey.

Chelsea: Hi.

Robbo: Hey.

Jasmine: Hi.

Tori: So I see congratulations is in order?

Colby: Yep we are back together and going to get married again!

Tori: OMG that’s amazing news!

Tori and Colby hug.

Robbo: So happy for you bro.

Robbo and Colby also hug.

Jasmine: That’s the second best news I’ve heard today. So happy for you guys.

Jasmine and Colby hug.

Colby: Wait second? What’s the first?

Tori: Christian proposed!

Colby: OMG Tori that’s amazing news. I’m so happy for you.

Tori and Colby hug again.

Tori: I heard I have you to thank.

Colby: It’s nothing.

Tori: Sure. Like you didn’t help at all!

Colby: Fine I helped a little.

Tori: High praise!

Colby: So were both getting married before the end of the year. That couldn’t be more perfect!

Tori: Yeah I agree. It’s amazing.

Robbo: Yep you both rescued me and now your getting your happy ever after. It’s fate. And you both deserve it.


The Morgan House


Tori arrives back and Christian runs up to her and spins her around before they kiss.


Christian: So you told half the bay yet?

Tori: Kind of.

Christian: Why what happened?

Tori: Colby and Chelsea are back together and are also getting married!

Christian: That’s great.

Tori: Yeah it’s amazing. They both deserve to be happy.

Christian: Just like us?

Tori: Ectually.

Justin and Leah arrive home

Tori: So we have news?

Justin: What’s going on?

Tori: Christian proposed!

Justin: OMG T. That’s amazing.

Justin and Tori hug.

Leah: I’m so happy for you guys.

Tori and Leah hug.

Justin: You better not hurt my sister.

Christian: Wouldn’t dream of it.

Justin: Good keep it that way!

Tori: So let’s celebrate tonight. Family dinner?

Justin: Sounds like a plan.

Leah: Pizza? Salt?

Christian: Cool.

Tori: I’m in.

Justin: Let’s do it.

Tori: Let’s invite Robbo, Jasmine, Colby and Chelsea. It can be a joint celebration!

Christian: Sounds like a good idea.

Tori: Cool. I’ll call them now.

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Thank you to everyone who has read and commented on this story I appreciate it and I hope you all like my ending.

Chapter 40


The Morgan House


Colby arrives to find Tori alone in the house.


Colby: Where is everyone?

Tori: Outside. We decided since it was a nice night that we could eat outside. Use our backyard for once.

Colby: Yeah it is beautiful out their. Shame you don’t use it much.

Tori: Yes it’s ok in summer but in winter it’s too cold!

Colby: True that.

Tori: I wanted to ask you something.

Colby: Ok ask me anything.

Tori: You know that moment when you kissed me at Robbo’s grave?

Colby: Yeah?

Tori: I know we had to play the game obviously but in that moment it didn’t feel like it was a game.

Colby: It wasn’t.

Tori: Then why?

Colby: Honestly I wanted one more moment of us being together before it all got blown up and we had to go find Robbo together. But I just wanted that one last second to be something real.

Tori: I felt it too.

Colby: Really?

Tori: Yeah in that moment I just wanted to kiss you and forget the world.

Colby: I’m glad I could help us both do that.

Tori takes Colby’s hands

Tori: I love you.

Colby: I love you too.

Tori: I wouldn’t of wanted to do that with anyone else. I needed you with me.

Colby: I will always be here for you.

Tori: And I you.

Colby: Should we go outside?

Tori: No one more moment.

Tori let’s go of Colby’s hands before pulling him into a hug.

Tori: Just hold me.

Colby: I’m never letting you go.

Tori: Good I need you, always.

Colby: I won’t leave you I promise.

Tori: Good. I couldn’t handle it. Losing Robbo was the wrong thing but losing you would of been just as hard.

Colby: I get it. And I feel the same. I can’t lose you either.

Tori: Colby...

Colby: Yeah?

Tori kisses him before she changes her mind. Colby kisses her back. Them both just forgetting the world in this moment. Until they are interrupted by Robbo!

Robbo: What are you guys doing?

Tori: Um...

Colby: We were just..

Robbo: Chill, I’m just messing with you! It’s fine!

Tori: Are you sure?

Colby: Yeah we don’t want to make you mad or upset.

Robbo: I’ve seen you guys kiss before remember? You came to save me.

Tori: Yeah I know.

Colby: We will never regret that.

Tori: Ever.

Robbo: I will never regret picking you two to come rescue me. I made the right choice.

Tori: We would always come find you.

Colby: Till the end of the world explodes.

Robbo: Well as long as we 3 are still standing. Why would it matter if the world isn’t!

Tori: Good point!

Colby: Your right like always.

Robbo: You might want to be careful though.

Tori: Why?

Robbo: Um because anyone other then me could of just walked in and saw that!

Tori: Yeah that’s true.

Colby: We got lost in a moment!

Robbo: Your got lucky that’s all I’m saying.

Tori: Yeah your right.

Colby: That was the last time anyway.

Robbo: Probably for the best with the weddings and all!

Tori: Ah yes I’m so excited!

Colby: Me too can’t wait!

Robbo: Same. You both deserve this. Never doubt it.

Tori: We should probably go join the rest of the family.

Colby: Yes before someone else comes in here hey.

Robbo: I think that’s a good idea.

Tori: So what pizza we ordering?

Colby: What ever you want.

Robbo: Just order everything! Nah kidding. Let’s ask everyone what they want!

Tori: Good idea.

Colby: Let’s just enjoy this time together. Planning 2 weddings will take a lot of time.

Tori: It will be worth it.

Robbo: Yep and I’ll be their helping you both.

Tori: Good, can’t have the wedding without you.

Colby: Same.

Robbo: I’m glad the three of us are here. Safe & sound and happy. It’s what we all deserve.


The end xxx





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