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Chapter 21


The Morgan House


Tori: So you know how I told you Grace’s father was dead?

Christian: Yeah.

Tori: Well I lied. He was in witness protection but then he got taken and that’s why me and Colby had to leave. To go rescue him.

Christian: Right. So were you and him ever?

Tori: No. He’s my best friend. We’re soulmates but not romanticly. He’s actually married to Jasmine.

Christian: Oh I did wonder why she wore a wearing ring but no one mentioned a husband.

Tori: Yeah Jasmine is also my best friend. The 3 of us are very close.

Christian: You guys must be if she let you have a baby with her husband!

Tori: Technically they weren’t even together or dating when we agreed to have Grace.

Christian: Oh.

Tori: Yeah so she didn’t get a say. It was between me and Robbo anyway.

Christian: So that’s who the photo on the wall is? You, him and Grace?

Tori: Yeah it is. Us as a family.

Christian: So what about Colby then? Why are you close to him?

Tori: Colby’s is Robbo’s best mate. And also one of mine. Our connection is though him but we have a very special bond between us. We all love each other.

Christian: Ok so your very close. And your all family?

Tori: Yeah we are.

Christian: And you still want to be with me though?

Tori: Of course. I love you.

Christian: I love you too.

Tori: I’m sorry it was hard on you when I left. And I couldn’t tell you why. I hope now you understand.

Christian: I do. It’s ok.

Tori: Good I’m glad.

Christian: So when can I meet him?

Tori: Soon. I need to tell Robbo who you are first.

Christian: Wait? He doesn’t know about me?

Tori: Didn’t actually get a chance to talk much. You know kind of been busy rescuing him and all.

Christian: Of course. So how do you think he’ll take it?

Tori: Well he might just kill you!

Christian: Your funny!

Tori: I’m not joking!

Christian: Wait, what? Why?

Tori: He might not like you. Or think your good enough for me?

Christian: Really?

Tori: He’s very protective of me.

Christian: So I have to be on my best behaviour. Ok.

Tori: I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Christian: I hope so.

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Chapter 22


Colby, Bella, Robbo and Jasmine’s Apartment


Tori has come over to see Robbo and they hug.


Tori: Hey.

Robbo: Hey. What’s wrong?

Tori: I have to tell you something.

Robbo: What is it?

Tori: I’m seeing someone.

Robbo: Your dating someone?

Tori: Yeah.

Robbo: Who is it?

Tori: His name is Christian. He’s a surgeon at the hospital.

Robbo: Oh so another doctor?

Tori: Yeah. He’s really nice and sweet. And good for me.

Robbo: When can I meet him?

Tori: Later tonight. You and Jasmine can come over for dinner.

Robbo: Just the 4 of us?

Tori: And Justin and Leah?

Robbo: Wait Justin and Leah are still dating?

Tori: Yeah they are.

Robbo: Oh that’s great news.

Tori: They are really good together.

Robbo: I’m glad they are happy together. And that your happy too.

Tori: I would of been happier with you. You know that.

Robbo: Me too Tori. I love you.

Tori: I love you too.

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Chapter 23


Tori and Justin are chatting


Justin: So how do you think tonight will go?

Tori: Hopefully well?

Justin: Hmm

Tori: What?

Justin: I don’t know what Robbo will think of Christian.

Tori: Yeah same. I hope Robbo likes him.

Justin: And if he doesn’t?

Tori: Cross that bridge if we come to it?

Justin: Well this should be interesting.

Leah and Christian arrive back with dinner.

Justin: Oh you got my favourite. Thanks.

Leah: Meatlovers right?

Justin: Babe your the best, love you.

Leah: Love you too.

Justin and Leah kiss

Tori: So pizza is good.

Christian: Everyone likes pizza right?

Tori: Yes.

Christian: You ok?

Tori: Of course. Just nervous.

Christian: About dinner?

Tori: About you and Robbo meeting.

Christian: I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Tori: I hope so.

Jasmine and Robbo arrive. Robbo and Tori hug. Tori also hugs Jasmine.

Tori: Hey guys.

Robbo: Hey.

Jasmine: Thanks for inviting us over.

Tori: No worries. Thanks for coming.

Jasmine: So pizza?

Tori: Yep.

Jasmine: Cool.

Tori introduces Christian and Robbo to each other. They both shake hands.

Robbo: Nice to meet you.

Christian: Nice to meet you too.

Justin: So pizza?

Tori: Do you ever think about anything other than food?

Justin: I think about Leah.

Tori: TMI bro.

Justin: You asked!

Tori: How’s work anyway?

Justin: Busy!

Tori: And Ziggy?

Justin: She’s good.

Tori: I’m glad.

Justin: Ok so can we eat now?

Leah: Sure.

Jasmine: You better of got my favourite!

Tori: Of course we did! I ordered for everyone after all!

Robbo: Good. You know what everyone likes!

Justin: Hey I know what Leah likes!

Leah: Not your sister?

Justin: Of course Tori too!

Leah: No one else?

Justin: No one else in this room!

Leah: Aww Raffy and Brody?

Justin: Of course! I know what my family likes.

Leah: That’s good enough.

Justin: Thank you!

Leah: So food?

Tori: Now who’s keen?

Leah: Your not?

Tori: Didn’t say that!

Jasmine: Ok let’s just start eating before our food gets cold!

Robbo: Sounds like a plan.

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Chapter 24


After dinner, Tori and Robbo are talking outside


Tori: So?

Robbo: What? Dinner was nice!

Tori: I know. That’s not what I want to know.

Robbo: I know.

Tori: So what do you think of Christian?

Robbo: He seems alright.

Tori: Just alright?

Robbo: It was 1 dinner and a couple of hours of conversation. I need more time then that to make a decision on the guy.

Tori: Ok I get that.

Robbo: You know I don’t think anyone will ever be good enough for you.

Tori: Expect for you?

Robbo: Yeah.

Tori: But Christian and me are good together.

Robbo: I want to tell you what you want to hear but I’m not their yet.

Tori: Ok well just spend more time with us then. See him the way I do.

Robbo: We will. I will give him a chance I promise.

Tori: What does he have to do to win you over?

Robbo: Prove he deserves you.

Tori: He does.

Robbo: You say that but I need to see it for myself.

Tori: Ok. So tomorrow we should do something?

Robbo: Let’s go to the lighthouse. Take Grace with us. The 5 of us together. Ok?

Tori: Sounds prefect.

Robbo: Christian has to convince me that he deserves to be apart of this family. And that he deserves you.

Tori: I have faith he will.

Robbo: I hope your right. For all our sakes.

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Chapter 25


The Morgan House


Inside, Christian and Jasmine are talking.


Christian: So how long will they take?

Jasmine: Hours probably.

Christian: Really? Why?

Jasmine: Well they have a lot too catch up on.

Christian: Yeah but they don’t need to do it all in one night.

Jasmine: They won’t. Just be prepared to lose time with your girlfriend just saying.

Christian: Your ok with them spending so much time together?

Jasmine: I don’t get a choice. And neither do you if you want to continue dating Tori.

Christian: Why are they so close? And not together then?

Jasmine: Me.

Christian: You?

Jasmine: I feel in love with Robbo. And he feel for me too.

Christian: And Tori?

Jasmine: Tori didn’t admit her feelings till it was too late. They both missed out.

Christian: Right. And Grace?

Jasmine: Well you know they did IVF?

Christian: Yeah. But they never?

Jasmine: No.

Christian: But they wanted too?

Jasmine: Yes but they couldn’t. It’s complicated.

Christian: Ok so if Tori is ditching me for Robbo. I just accept that?

Jasmine: Yes.

Christian: Why?

Jasmine: Do you want to be with Tori?

Christian: Yeah of course.

Jasmine: Well then don’t ask her to choose.

Christian: Why?

Jasmine: She won’t choose you.

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Chapter 26


The Lighthouse


Tori, Robbo, Jasmine, Christian and Grace are all together


Tori: It’s prefect weather today.

Robbo: Yep it’s nice.

Jasmine: Should we set up the picnic?

Tori: Yeah.

Robbo: Here looks good.

Christian: Did you bring everything?

Tori: Of course.

Robbo: Tori never forgets anything!

Jasmine: So what did you bring?

Tori: It’s a surprise!

Christian: We got a hamper from the diner.

Tori: Seriously you could of keep them in suspense a bit longer!

Christian: Sorry.

Robbo: It’s ok.

Jasmine: Irene always takes care of us. Will have to thank her.

Robbo: How is she with you moving out?

Jasmine: The same as before when I did, it’s fine.

Robbo: Good don’t want to get on Irene’s bad side again.

Jasmine: You won’t! Plus she loves you now!

Robbo: Oh now?

Jasmine: You know what I mean!

Robbo: That I do!

Tori: I’m glad your getting along better with Justin too.

Robbo: Your brother was just jealous! Don’t worry we are fine.

Tori: Good, I like it when my two best people get along.

Robbo: You and Grace will always come first.

Tori: You for me too.

Robbo: I’ve missed so much but I’m making up for lost time now.

Tori: You are never leaving me again.

Robbo: I won’t. I promise.

Tori: I love you.

Robbo: I love you too.

Tori: We should take some photos!

Robbo: Yes as a family!

Tori and Robbo go to take some photos with Grace while Jasmine takes some photos of the three of them together.

Jasmine: Prefect!

Tori: Thanks Jasmine.

Robbo: Come swap!

Tori: Yeah you guys take some photos too.

Tori switches with Jasmine. Tori takes photos of the 3 of them now.

Tori: Beautiful!

Robbo: Ah I can’t wait to hang these up.

Tori: Same.

Robbo: We should go. It’s getting late.

Tori: Yeah I agree.

Robbo: We should do dinner though.

Tori: Sounds good.

Jasmine: I’m working but go ahead.

Christian: Me too.

Tori: Just us then.

Robbo: Even better. It’ll give us a chance to talk!

Tori: Yes because we don’t talk enough!

Robbo: Never! I could talk to you all day every day and not get bored!

Tori: Same! Should we go out?

Robbo: Sure let’s go to Yabbie Creek.

Tori: Sound prefect.

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Chapter 27


The Morgan House


Robbo and Tori come back from dinner with Grace


Robbo: That was nice.

Tori: Yeah it was.

Robbo: I missed it. It just being the 2 of us.

Tori: Me too. I was a mess since you left. Now your back and everything seems perfect again.

Robbo: I’m so happy to be home and with you and Grace.

Tori: Me too.

Robbo: So let’s talk about Christian.

Tori: Oh you want to talk about him? Thought you were avoiding that topic of conversation.

Robbo: You want an answer though?

Tori: Yes but if your still not ready then I can wait for one.

Robbo: Ok good. I’m still not ready. But thank you for giving me time.

Tori: I know you will like him just like I do.

Robbo: Really?

Tori: Yes because he makes me happy. And that will convince you.

Robbo: Well he better! And we will see.

Tori: So movie?

Robbo: Sounds good.


Later that night


Justin arrives to find Tori asleep in Robbo’s arms but Robbo is awake.


Justin: Hey.

Robbo: Hey.

Justin: Tori asleep?

Robbo: Yeah. We just finished watching a movie. It’s getting late I should go.

Justin: Wait I need to ask you something.

Robbo: Well then ask away.

Justin: What do you think of Christian?

Robbo: Ah you want to know my thoughts.

Justin: For Tori’s sake.

Robbo: I’m not sure yet. Still deciding.

Justin: Ok.

Robbo: What’s your view on him?

Justin: Your not going to like it.

Robbo: Why?

Justin: Because Christian saved my life and is now pretty much my new best friend. So I’m totally happy about them being together.

Robbo: Ah so your biased?

Justin: Yeah sorry.

Robbo: It’s ok. I asked!

Justin: True.

Robbo: I’ll leave you too it ok.

Justin: Ok. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Robbo: For sure. Tell Tori I’ll see her tomorrow.

Justin: Will do.

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Chapter 28


Colby, Bella, Robbo and Jasmine’s Apartment


Robbo and Jasmine are talking


Robbo: So what’s your take on Christian?

Jasmine: Well he’s a good surgeon. And he’s dating Tori. He’s alright. They seem happy.

Robbo: Your not convinced either?

Jasmine: Does it matter what I think? Tori’s only wants your opinion anyway.

Robbo: You think I should give the guy a chance?

Jasmine: I think you should trust your instincts. But yes give him a chance he might surprise you.

Robbo: We will see.

Jasmine: So should we go to the beach?

Robbo: Yeah sounds good.

Jasmine: Sweet I will get my stuff.

Robbo: I’ll meet you down the surf club.

Jasmine: Ok see you in 10.

Robbo and Jasmine kiss goodbye


Outside the surf club


Robbo is waiting for Jasmine when Christian finds him


Christian: Hey.

Robbo: Hi.

Christian: So are we good?

Robbo: I don’t know. You tell me?

Christian: I just want Tori to be happy.

Robbo: So do I.

Christian: I make her happy.

Robbo: I’m still not convinced.

Christian: Then tell me how I can convince you.

Robbo: You figure it out.

Jasmine arrives

Jasmine: Hey.

Robbo: You ready?

Jasmine: Yeah let’s go.

Robbo: Cool.

Jasmine: Bye Christian.

Christian: Bye.

Robbo and Jasmine walk off together

Jasmine: What was that?

Robbo: Nothing!

Jasmine: Sure! Felt like I walked into a war zone!

Robbo: Maybe you did?

Jasmine: You going to scare the guy away?

Robbo: Well if scares that easy then he shouldn’t be anywhere near Tori.

Jasmine: Thought you said you were going to give the guy a chance?

Robbo: I am!

Jasmine: Doesn’t seem like it!

Robbo: I’m trying!

Jasmine: Just be careful. Tori really likes him.

Robbo: Yeah I know. But we both know she wants me to like him too.

Jasmine: Don’t I know it. You think Tori will dump him if you don’t approve of the guy?

Robbo: You already know the answer to that.

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Chapter 29


Colby, Bella, Robbo and Jasmine’s apartment


Colby and Robbo are talking


Robbo: So have you sorted things out with Chelsea yet?

Colby: No... I... she kissed me because she thought I might not come back. But that doesn’t mean she wants to fix things.

Robbo: It might. You don’t know for sure.

Colby: Yeah I guess I’m just worried that hoping she will forgive me and get pass Ross is a pipe dream.

Robbo: Well this is your chance to find out? Don’t ruin it being scared.

Colby: Your right I need to face this. And hopefully save it? Or at least try.

Robbo: Good. Glad your taking my advice.

Colby: You know what your talking about.

Robbo: That I do. Good luck. I hope it works out.

Colby: Thanks. Me too.




Colby is waiting for Chelsea when she turns up


Colby: You came?

Chelsea: You wanted to talk.

Colby: No I want an explanation!

Chelsea: About?

Colby: About why you kissed me? If Robbo was the only reason you came back? About whether you can forgive me and we can work something out? I don’t know Chelsea you tell me!

Chelsea: I thought you were going to die! I didn’t know whether you were ever coming back! I wanted to give you something to fight for!

Colby: Well you did! I fight to come back to you and to sort this out! So this is me asking you to talk this out!

Chelsea: Ok.

Colby: Ok?

Chelsea: Let’s talk.

Colby: Thank you for giving me a chance I don’t know if I deserve it but I will take it.

Chelsea: Your right Robbo wasn’t the only reason I came back. I wanted to see you. Talk to you. Maybe sort things out? I don’t know. Just it all happened so fast and that split second decision to come back was just that but then I saw you and I... I don’t know, it felt like home I guess.

Colby: I miss you. I miss us. But can we fix it?

Chelsea: I guess this is our chance to find out.

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Chapter 30


The Beach


Colby and Chelsea are still talking


Colby: So you think we can save us?

Chelsea: I don’t know. I want too. I want us to be how we were... before. But I don’t even know if we can go back.

Colby: Maybe we just have to move forward together and forget the past.

Chelsea: Can you do that?

Colby: I’ve been doing it for the last year or so. So yeah I can. But can you?

Chelsea: Colby I’m sorry I don’t know if I can just forget about Ross as easy as you can.

Colby: Why? You know who he was. What he did. Why I killed him. I had enough reasons. Surley you understand that?

Chelsea: Of course I do. And back then it was so raw I needed to run and escape but now I’ve had time to process it. And deal with it.

Colby: You agreed not to say anything even though we broke up? That means you still care about me. Maybe even still love me?

Chelsea: Of course I do! That wasn’t the reason we broke up.

Colby: Surley we can save us? I love you. Your the one I want. Please?

Chelsea: What about Bella?

Colby: What do you mean? She would be stoked! We’re a family. The 3 of us. If you still want that?

Chelsea: I need more time. I’m sorry. I’m leaving in a couple of weeks. Once I finish wrapping up this case. So I guess I’ll give you an answer before then.

Colby: Ok I’ll wait for you.

Chelsea: I’ll talk you you soon I promise.


The Morgan House


Colby has come to see Tori and they hug


Colby: Hey.

Tori: Hi.

Colby: How are you?

Tori: Shouldn’t I be asking you that?

Colby: Your dealing with Robbo and Christian!

Tori: Your dealing with Chelsea!

Colby: Ok fair. Call a truce?

Tori: Fine. Deal.

Colby: I’m sorry we haven’t seen much of each other since we got back.

Tori: It’s ok. We are both dealing with our own stuff right now.

Tori: Robbo being back is great though.

Colby: Same. It’s like we just picked up our friendship from before you know?

Tori: Like he never left.

Colby: Ectually.

Tori: That’s the way he wanted it.

Colby: And that’s the way I needed it to be too. I didn’t realise until we got him back. But yeah.

Tori: Same. Me too. I’m never letting him go again.

Colby: Me neither.

Tori: I love you. And I will always be here for you. Don’t forgot that.

Colby: I love you too and same.

Tori: I hope Robbo accepts Christian.

Colby: And if he doesn’t?

Tori: I don’t know.

Colby: Well having me and Robbo is enough right?

Tori: Of course. Never doubt that!

Colby: But you want Christian too?

Tori: Finding someone to spend your life with would be nice too.

Colby: We are both going to get our happy ending. I know it.

Tori: I hope your right.

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