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Story Title:  Jealously
Type of story: Short/Medium Fic.
Main Characters: Tori, Christian, Nate , Jasmine, Justin, Leah
BTTB rating: G
Genre: Romance, Drama.
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: None
Summary:  When Nate brings a patient to the bay him and Tori are reunited and the pair grow closer again. Christian later coming back from the city and seeing Tori with this guy and begins to feel jealous of the pair and is scared of losing the one he loves.


Chapter 1

Nate had just bought in a care flight patient and handed the patient over to another doctor when he spots Tori at the counter "Tori" Tori knew that voice anywhere and smiled she had missed him. She turned around "Nate" The pair immediately hug not letting each other go as Jasmine watches on confused "I missed you Nate" Nate smiles "Yeah I missed you too" Jasmine looks at the pair "You know each other?" Tori and Nate both smile and speak in union "Yes we do" Nate then adds "Nate Cooper I used to work here" Jasmine smiles and shakes his hand. Nate looks at Tori "Time for coffee?" Tori nods as she put her arm around Nate "Always" Nate then smiles again "I'm staying here" Tori cannot help but feel excited "We are working together again" Nate smiles "Yeah we are. The dream team is back" Nate puts his arm around Tori "Yeah finally" With that Tori and Nate walk out of the hospital 

The pair walk in the diner and Leah immediately spots Nate walking over and hugs him "It is good to see you Nate" Nate smiles "You too have i missed much?" Tori cuts in before Leah can even speak "Leah is dating my brother" Nate clicks "Justin well that an interesting pairing" Leah nods "No one expected it I mean I didn't" Leah smiles as she decides to leave the pair to it "Coffee" They nod as Leah walks away thankful she knows both of their orders

Nate and Tori sit down "What about you? What have I missed?" Tori smiles "I have a daughter Grace she is the most beautiful girl in this world" Tori grabs her phone and shows Nate a photo "Yeah she is perfect. I would love to meet her" Tori smiles "We can make that happen" Nate then looks around "I was going to ask Irene if I could stay with her does she have room?" Tori nods "She does she will be happy your back just like I am" Nate smiles "Well allot have happened since I was last here" Tori nods "It have but none of that matters what matters is that you are back" Nate smiles at this before standing up walking over to Tori and pulling her in for a hug.

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Chapter 2

Justin and Christian walk in the diner when Christian spots Tori talking to a guy "Justin who is that?" Justin looks over and is surprised to say the least as he walks over "Nate" The pair man hug before Nate puts one arms around Tori making Christian feel insecure and jealous. He didn't know why but he was. He then watched as Tori and this Nate guy mucked around. He couldn't handle this anymore "Tori a word" Tori looks up and can see the worry in Christian eyes she couldn't believe this he was jealous something she never thought he would be.

They walk out to the pier when Tori speaks "Your jealous I can't believe it" Christian looks at Tori "I walk in and see you guys all flirty and over each other do you seriously expect me not to be" Tori doesn't say anything so Christian speaks "Who is he?" Tori speaks "Nate he used to work with me" Tori decides to not mentioned they dated "There is more" Tori looks down and Christian knows he right "Please tell me he not an ex" Tori remains slience "He is exactly why I am jealous " Tori walks closer and grabs his hand "There nothing going on Christian because I'm in love with you and I always will be. You are everything to me but i have to admit Jealously is cute on you" This cause Christian to laugh "So i have nothing to worry about" Tori shakes her head "No you never did" With that Christian walks forward kissing Tori "I love you Tori" Tori smiles "I love you too"


The end






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