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Dancing With The Stars: All Stars (2021)


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A Bunch Of Home And Away Stars Reunited At The Iconic Diner Bc You Know They Belong Together

Lincoln Lewis, Bec Hewitt, Ada Nicodemou and Luke Jacobz reunited on the set of beloved soapie Home And Away, and aren’t they awfully dressed up for people hanging out in a cafe.

The group weren’t reuniting at Palm Beach, the setting for Summer Bay, but at Channel Seven’s studios in Redfern, where production films scenes inside the iconic Diner.

Lincoln shared the footage to his Instagram, noting that it’s been a few years since he last set foot on set. “I’ve seen a few familiar faces,” he added.

“Oh my God, hello fam!” he exclaimed, filming Bec and Ada behind the counter, and Luke leaning on the coffee machine.

“I want an Alf special,” he ordered. “I’ve heard they’re just delicious.”

Source: Pedestrian TV


Former Home and Away stars Lincoln Lewis and Bec Hewitt reunite with castmates as they return to set

Former Home and Away stars Bec Hewitt and Lincoln Lewis recently returned to Summer Bay for a very special reason.

The pair visited the soap's set in Sydney while they were shooting a promo for Dancing with the Stars: All Stars nearby. They were reunited with their former co-stars Ada Nicodemou and Luke Jacobz, who are also appearing in this year's reality show.

Posting on Instagram, Lincoln documented the special Home and Away reunion, sharing a video with the cast members as they were all gathered in the famous diner.

Source: Digital Spy






Cast Announcement Wrap-Up:

Dancing With The Stars Australia 2021: Every cast member revealed! | New Idea

Seven confirms Dancing with the Stars cast | TV Tonight

[Promo] Your favourites are back, and better than ever! | @DancingAU on Twitter (A+ promo if you want to see them dancing for 3 seconds each)

H&A reunion | @linc_lewis on Instagram (would definitely check out Lincoln's instagram video if you haven't seen it)

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Week 1 Dances for those who haven't seen them. The show is just a bucket of nostalgia and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I know what to expect and it's delivering.

Bec's Foxtrot:


Lincoln'a Quickstep:


Ada's Cha Cha:


Bec's Jive:


For some reason they haven't posted Luke's first dance, so enjoy this gem instead:


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