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Past and Future

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Story Title:  Past & Future
Type of story: Median Fic - .
Main Characters: Tori, Christian, Colby , Jasmine, Justin, Leah
BTTB rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Drama.
Does story include spoilers: Idk
Any warnings: Sexual content
Summary:  Christian is trying to win Tori heart and doesn't understand why she won't give him a chance and is holding back. For Tori however she is worried about jumping into a relationship because of all that happened in her past. Will Christian win Tori heart? Will Tori tell him the truth about her past?


Chapter 1

Christian walked into Salt to see Tori talking to another female before the female left and Tori was alone at the bar. Christian decided that this was his chance and walked over to Tori "Aren't you missing something" Tori looked surprised to see her brother doctor beside her "Sorry?" Christian smiled "Your baby Grace" Tori nods "She is with Jasmine" Tori smiles as a waiter comes over "Good then let me buy you a drink" Christian wanted a chance to get to know Tori "No that ok" Christian knew he wasn't going to give up "Red or White: Tori remained silent as Christian looked at her before she gave in "White" Christian smiled at the chance of spending more time with her "Dry?" Tori spoke once again "Yep"

The pair sat at one of the tables as Christian spoke "Look we talked about work and your brother I want to know about you" Tori knew there wasn't much to know  "There's not much else to know not that I'm totally boring i do have a life outside of work" Tori after that walked away to get some water as Christian watched her this made him just want to get to know her more.

Tori came back and poured most of the wine in Christian's glass. "Not all for me" Tori shakes her head knowing she can't drink anymore as she needed a clear head to look after Grace "I need a clear head in case Grace decides to have a party in the middle of her night" Christian now had to ask the question he was curious to know "Not with her dad?" Tori goes quiet for a minute wishing Grace and her could be with him "No I'm the sole parent"  Christian smiles "And you run the ED full time?" Tori just nods as Christian speaks again "You deserve a medal and you definitely  should have another glass of wine" Tori cut him off "I have great support around me" Tori thought about all the people that supported her Leah, Justin, Jasmine, Colby, Maz and Irene. Christian smiles "That great"

Christian then knew he needed to know whether Grace's dad was in the picture in Tori "So do you mind if I ask where Grace's dad is? Is he in the picture?" Tori goes quiet she wishes he was more then anything then she speaks "He passed away" Christian feels awful for asking "I'm so sorry I shouldn't of" Tori cuts him off "No it's ok. We weren't together, in fact we were never together" Tori pauses shocked that she is been this open about Robbo as she usually isn't with anyone "I wanted kids and i never met the right person. So i asked a friend to donate we did IVF and along came Grace" Christian was surprised hearing this but it only made him more interesting in Tori. "Wow that a big call"  Tori nods "Yeah it was but it was the right one. He was a really good dad and now that he is gone i just want my focus to be on Grace and try to give her the best life i can" Tori knew that is what Robbo would want her to do "Sounds like Grace chose her mum wisely" Tori smiles at Christian's comment. Tori then got a text and she was thankfully she did cause she knew she would become a mess very soon "I'm sorry i have to go" With that Tori got up "Thanks for the drink and the chat. it been" Christian cuts Tori off "Fun" With that Tori and Christian smile at each other as Tori walks away


Tori got home shortly after and sat on the couch as she opened her phone and went through her photo gallery until she found the one she was looking for. It was her with Robbo and Grace. She missed him more then she could say and talking about him tonight had made her only miss him more. A tear came down Tori's face as she looked at the photo. She would do anything to have Robbo by her and Grace's side again. 

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Loved Tori being so open.

Great chapters Haha at Tori yelling at Angelo. Nice girly chat between Jasmine and Tori Update again soon  

Chapter 2

Tori woke up the next day and decided to call in sick. She knew she wasn't but last night made her think about Robbo as well as her past and she knew she needed to do something and if she didn't now she would end up regretting it later. 

Tori walked out in a black dress to see Justin have a look of worry on his face. He had barely been out of hospital a day yet was worried about Tori "What wrong?" Tori knew she would need to tell Justin where she was going "I need to see Robbo" Justin knew Tori missed him everyday but he also knew there was more to this "I know you miss him but there something else" Tori decides to tell Justin but not who she talked about him too "I was talking to someone about Grace, Robbo and I last night and it made me need to go see him" Justin nods understanding "Ok but when your there text me" Tori nods to this and grabs her keys leaving Grace in Justin's care.

Leah walked out to see Justin sitting on the couch "Did Tori just leave?"  Justin nods he can't help that worry as she hadn't been to the grave alone yet. Leah can see his worry "What is it?" Justin looks at Leah "She going to Robbo's grave alone she never done that before" Leah is now just as worried as Justin but before they can talk about it, the pair hear a knock at the door.

Leah opens it to see Doctor Green there who can immediately noticed she is worried "I came to check on Justin and looks like it a good thing I did cause you look worried" Leah shakes her head "Justin's fine. It is other stuff that have gotten me worried" Christian nods as Leah lets him in. He walks over to Justin and sits next to him only to see the same look of worry on his face "Everything ok? Any pain?" Justin looks up realizing who was there "Yeah all good no pain" Christian decides to ask another question one more personal "Tori called into work sick is she ok?" Justin whispers so Christian doesn't hear unaware that he does "I really hope so" He then looks at his doctor "She will be fine. She just out getting stuff to help her get better" Christian nods as Justin wonders why his doctor was asking all of this. Leah then  speaks up "Want to stay for a drink?" Christian smiles "Sure" Christian was glad the Leah asked and he really hoped he would see Tori.

Tori arrived at the graveyard putting flowers beside Robbo grave before crying as she spoke "I know it have been a while and that is my fault but I knew i had to come. I miss you like crazy and I really wish you were here. You would know exactly how to make me feel better and you would be an excellent father to our daughter who really needs you.  I was thinking about you last night about our crazy lives and as much as i hated the guards and fears. I hate more that you aren't here with us and wished I had that back just so I could have you. I love you Robbo and I miss you" Tori laid at the grave for a bit before getting up and heading to her car so she can go back to the bay.

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Chapter 3

Tori arrived home with puffy eyes not even taking in her surrounding as in her mind she was still at the gravesite with Robbo. Leah is first to spot her and walks over and hugs her "I could of came with you" This made Christian and Justin to turn around and Christian could see she had some form of cold however Justin knew the truth "Tori bed now" Tori nods as all she wants to do is be alone.

As Tori walked away Christian couldn't help that worry. He hated seeing her this way already and they weren't even together. He never worried about someone this much but to him Tori was different from most. Justin gets up and follows Tori into the room as Leah hands Christian another drink.

Justin sits beside Tori pulling her into a hug "I miss him so much. I wish he was here" Justin nods "I know I do too" Tori then decides to ask "What is Doctor Green doing here?" Justin knows seeing his doctor at their home would worry her "He came over wanted to check on me but I'm fine" Tori looks at her brother who speaks "I'm more worried about you" Tori knows Justin knows how much Robbo meant to her "I wish he was here and I know i have you" Justin knows what Tori means "But i'm not Robbo" Tori nods as she hands Justin a photo of her with Robbo when she was 8 months. Justin can see how much this memory meant to her and held her.

Christian and Leah were in the lounge room as Christian looked at the photos around him. He spotted one of her and Justin with who he would guess was their brothers and sisters. He then spotted one of Tori and  a guy hugging and looking happy which made him feel jealous as he wished he was that guy he then spotted yet another photo of her and that guy this time they were with a group of friends which made Christian wonder who he was. Little did he know that guy is Grace's dad the guy who means so much to Tori.

It is shortly after when Justin comes out of the bedroom and Christian decides to check on Tori before he leaves. He knocks at the door before hearing a voice "Come in" He opened the door to see Tori wipes her eyes "Flu the worst thing" Tori nods as she was actually getting sick for real "Don't get any closer we can't have our neurosurgeon sick" Christian shakes his head not caring as he walked over and sat beside her "I don't care besides company will do you some good: Tori shakes her head "I want to sleep:" Christian nods "Ok i will let you sleep but Tori get better" Tori nods "I will" With that Christian leaves the room but really wishes he could walk back in there and take care of her like he wants to do

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Chapter 4

It was now the next day and Tori had woken up better and had agreed to have breakfast at the diner with Colby as she hadn't seem him in a while and she heard about what went down with Ross and she knew he wouldn't be coping.

Tori walks in the diner and sees Irene at the counter before smiling and walking over to Colby who immediately stands up and hugs her "It have been way to long" Tori smiles "It have. I missed you" Tori meant that she missed her friend and her last link to Robbo "Well I missed you too Tori" They both smile as they pull apart and sit down.

Tori can see Colby's worry "How are things on the Ross front?" Colby knows Tori knows the truth as he had told her and Robbo "The person in charge of the case thinks i did it" Tori was shocked this could not be happening "What?" Colby knew Tori was worried "He got nothing we all given him nothing. You are not losing me" Tori breathes a sigh of relief "Good cause I need you. Your all i have left" Colby nods as he gets up and walks over to where Tori is and pulls her into a hug.

Christian walks in the diner as he heard they have a great coffee well according to Justin anyway. As he orders his drink he seeing Tori hugging some guy and if he remembers right he was in some of the photos with Tori. The jealously had hit Christian once again as he wondered who the guy was. The staff member then handed Christian his drink and he walked out.

Shortly after Tori arrived home to see Justin there. "How Colby with everything that happening?" Tori was worried about Colby "Not good, how are you?" Justin knew that Tori was worried "I'm fine" With that Tori hugged her brother before getting changed to head to work.

Tori arrived at work and saw Jasmine with Doctor Green at the counter. She knew Jasmine knew who she was with this morning and knew she should tell Jasmine that Colby could use her support. Tori walked over to the pair and smiled as both smiled back. Jasmine could sense something was wrong and from the way her brother doctor was looking at her she had a feeling he could too "You ok?" Tori heard Jasmine concern "No I need a word" Tori grabbed Jasmine hand and led her to her office as Christian watched the pair realizing they were close out of work as well.

Tori shut the door as Jasmine and her went into the office. Jasmine spoke first "How was breakfast with Colby?" Tori takes a deep breath "The person in charge of the case think Colby did it" Jasmine understood Tori worried "We can't lose him. Am I right to go check on him?" Tori nods as Jasmine walks out of the office shutting the door behind her.

Tori puts her head on the desk as she hears the door open yet again. She looks up to see Doctor Green "How are you feeling after yesterday?" Tori smiles "A lot better thank you" Christian had a feeling she was trying to avoid him "Are you trying to avoid me?" Tori knew she was but she couldn't tell him that or that she was cause she doesn't allow people into her life cause of her rough past "No not at all" Christian not sure he buys this but he barley knows her so he can't push her on any of this. Christian then leaves the office wondering how the hell he will get her to spend time with him so he can get to know her more.

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