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Light The Way To Love

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Title: Light The Way To Love

Type of story: Medium Fic

Rating: T/A

Genre: Drama/Romance/General

Main Characters: Tori, Christian, Jasmine, Irene, Justin, Leah, Colby, Lance

Spoilers: Yes

Warnings: Violence/Death

Summary: Tori is happy with Christian but when he learns about her past will he be ok with it?



Chapter 1


Tori and Christian are playing in the water on the beach together. They go to the sand and sit down to chat.

Christian: so work?

Tori: nope we’re not doing that

Christian: what?

Tori: talking about work on our 1 day off together

Christian: ok fine let’s talk about our wedding

Tori: no! Let’s just relax, unwind and not talk about anything for a few moments at least

Christian: well if you insist

Tori and Christian kiss

Jasmine interrupts them

Jasmine: hey lovebirds

Tori: hi

Christian: what’s up?

Jasmine: oh nothing just getting a quick swim in before my shift tonight

Christian: sucks you have to work we could of done something

Jasmine: yeah ikr! Hey blame your girlfriend!

Tori: what’s it’s not my fault! And it’s fiancé!

Jasmine: oh yes the big wedding, how could I forget? My mistake!

Tori: yes well your my bridesmaid and your supposed to orangise my bachelorette party so you better not forget!

Jasmine: chill it’s all sorted. I got back up

Tori: oh really who?

Jasmine: Leah

Tori: ah right my brother’s girlfriend of course. Oh well I’m fine then!

Jasmine: you bet! Anyway see you

Jasmine is just about to leave when she hears her name being called

Lance: hey Jasmine

Jasmine suddenly very excited and rushes to hug him

Jasmine: what are you doing here?

Lance: can’t I visit an old friend or two?

Jasmine: of course you can! I missed you so much

Lance: I missed you too!

Tori gets up and hugs Lance tightly

Tori: I missed you too! I can’t believe your here!

Lance: like I was going to leave Robbo’s 2 best girls alone for long! What kind of best friend would I be then? I missed you too Tori. You owe me that walk!

Tori: you’ll get it I promise!

Lance: good! So who is this guy?

Christian: hi I’m Christian. Tori’s fiancée who are you?

Lance: wait Fiancée? Your getting married? Since when? Why didn’t you tell me? Why haven’t I met this guy? What’s been going on since I’ve been gone? You better fill me in now!

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Part 2


Tori: woah! Clam down! I will explain everything. How about we go get something to eat and sit down and catch up.

Lance: Sounds like a plan. Is your guy coming too?

Christian: am I invited?

Tori: of course you can come.

Christian: thanks

Lance: well are we going or not?

Tori: yeah we’re coming. Now who’s being impatient?

Lance: who me? Nah, must have me confused with someone else?!

Tori: ah yeah of course my mistake

Lance: yeah whatever. Come on




Lance: ah so this place is named salt now? What happened to your brother owning the restaurant?!

Tori: yeah he left with his new girlfriend it’s a long story

Christian: wait you have another brother?

Tori: and a sister. And a dead Brother and mum and Dad.

Christian: why do I not know any of this?

Tori: Um because it’s hard for me to talk about. And harder to let people in.

Christian: Tori how much don’t I know?

Tori: most of it

Christian: were supposed to be getting married in 3 months. And I don’t know about your family? I’m so confused

Tori: I wanted to tell you. I just didn’t know where to start

Christian: at the beginning might be a start?

Tori: yeah of course I just... I need a drink

Christian: what the hell is going on?

Lance: um it’s a real long and painful story and it’s also connected to why I’m here kinda. Anyway the more you know the better it is for Tori and me.

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Chapter 3



Tori: so my parents were involved with drugs. My dad got into deep got both him and my mother killed. Justin knew about it at the end. The drug syndicate came after the rest of our family and we had to go into witness protection for 8 years and that’s how we ended up in the bay.

Christian: wait so you lost your parents and got your whole life ripped apart and had to start a new one without any warning?

Tori: yep it was hard

Christian: I get it. I can’t believe you went though all that. And then everything with Robbo, wait is that connected to Mason’s death?

Tori: yeah the people after Robbo took the hospital hostage and Mason died a hero trying to protect everyone else

Christian: I can’t believe you got though all that. I thought you were strong before but it’s just amazing how strong you are and your daughter. Your such an amazing person

Tori: thanks. It’s hard to let people in and get to know them but I feel like I finally got it right with you. You are my future

Christian: your mine too. I can’t wait to marry you

Lance: I’m glad your all caught up now but I need to talk to Tori alone. We have things to discuss.

Tori: why? What’s going on?

Lance: I can’t do it here. Too public. Let’s just go back to yours

Tori: ok sure. I’ll see you later Christian

Christian: yeah we’ll talk later. Bye. Love you

Tori: love you too

Tori and Christian kiss goodbye

Tori: How bad is it?

Lance: you don’t want to know. Let’s go now

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Chapter 4


The Morgan House


Tori: your scaring me? What is going on

Lance: I don’t know how to say this

Tori: just tell me

Lance: is Justin here?

Tori: why?

Lance: he needs to know too

Tori: what? So this isn’t about us?

Lance: no I wish it was, it would be easier

Tori: ok I’ll call Justin


The Diner


Justin is with Leah

Justin: when do you get off work?

Leah: in a couple of hours

Justin: that’s good. We can go for dinner later?

Leah: sound good

Justin’s phone starts ringing and realising it’s Tori he steps outside to take it

Irene: Justin left in a hurry

Leah: Tori called

Irene: ah

Justin comes back

Justin: ah sorry I got to go home Tori needs me it’s urgent

Leah: ok fill me in later and text me if you still want that dinner

Justin: will do, love you

Leah: love you too

Justin and Leah kiss goodbye

Irene: that sounds serious

Leah: if it is I’ll know soon enough. Come on let’s go back to working

Irene: like you do much!

Leah: hey I run this place!

Irene: I know just teasing!

Leah: haha! Come on


The Morgan House


Justin arrives and is surprised but happy to see Lance is back in town

They bro-hug

Justin: hey, how you doing?

Lance: hey been better

Justin: why didn’t you tell me you were back? Or Tori could of told me?

Lance: sorry no time

Tori: yeah it’s been a busy afternoon

Justin: ok I forgive you. Somehow I don’t think you are here just for a social visit

Lance: I wish I was believe me

Tori: ok now that we are both here please just tell us

Justin: tell us what? What’s going on?!

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Part 5


Lance: I really don’t know how to say this so... the people that killed your parents some of them have escaped jail and are going to come after your family again

Justin: what?

Tori: no! How is this possible?

Justin: they were supposed to be in jail for life. How did they escape?

Lance: they had an escape plan for months. We couldn’t stop them

Tori: I can’t believe this

Justin: we built a life here. Career. Family. Leah

Tori: Christian

Justin: what are we supposed to tell our partners? Our friends? Our family?

Tori: are we supposed to just leave the bay? Our life here?

Lance: I’m really sorry but yes.

Tori: but what about Christian?

Justin: and Leah?

Lance: I came here to tell you guys have to go back into witness protection but Leah and Christian can come with us if you can convince them too.

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Happy new year to everyone reading this story whether you comment or not I appreciate it.


Chapter 6


The Morgan House


Tori: so what are we going to do?

Justin: how do we tell them?

Tori: well I think telling them together would be better yeah?

Justin: yeah I guess that means we don’t have to do it twice

Tori: yeah and better in numbers right?

Justin: right

Tori: I’m scared

Justin: me too

Tori: but we did this once before we can do it again

Justin: yeah I know I just don’t want to do it without Leah

Tori: and me without Christian

Justin: how do we ask them to come with us? And do you even think they will?

Tori: I hope they will

Justin: me too

Tori: I guess the wedding is off until we get out of this again

Justin: yeah I’m sorry. I was looking forward to it, you know you finally settling down!

Tori: what about you and Leah?

Justin: we talked about marriage and we don’t need it. We’re happy without it

Tori: yeah I get it, Leah’s been their done that a few times

Justin: yeah

Tori: ok so we calling them

Justin: yep let’s do it

Tori: what ever happens we will always have each other

Justin: yes always


The next day


The Morgan House


Justin and Tori are chatting in the kitchen when Leah and Christian arrive

Justin: hey

Tori: hi

Leah: hi

Christian: hi

Tori: so this is awkward

Leah: yeah you sounded werid on the phone

Christian: what’s going on?

Justin: um it’s hard to say

Tori: I guess we just have to say it

Tori: ok

Justin: ok

Tori and Justin: the people who killed our parents are out of jail and they want us to go back into witness protection and you can both come with us if you want

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I hope everyone had a good first day of 2021 and I hope you guys all have a great year this year.

Chapter 7


The Morgan House


Leah: so your serious? This isn’t a joke?

Tori: I wish

Justin: no it’s real

Christian: this is a lot

Tori: I know. And I’m sorry I legit only just filled you in and now this. I should of said something way earlier

Christian: it’s ok, I’m just glad I know now

Tori: me too

Justin: so we need an answer in a week because we have to leave then

Tori: just think it over and get back to us

Justin: I really hope you both can join us

Tori: me too. But if you can’t I get it

 Justin: we both do

Christian: I don’t need time ok. I’m coming

Tori: what? Really?

Christian: of course. I told you one you are my future. Where ever you are I am. I’m not leaving you

Tori: I love you so much

Tori kisses Christian

Leah: I’m coming too. I’m not leaving you Justin

Justin: I love you

Justin and Leah kiss

Tori: ok we have to tell Lance and get everything sorted

Justin: wait he’s coming with us?

Tori: yeah he told me

Justin: that’s a relief to have someone we can trust

Tori: yeah I know especially after last time

Justin: yeah let’s not go their

Tori: yeah your right. The past is the past we need to look towards the future

Justin: yes, 100%

Tori: I’m so happy you guys are coming with us

Justin: me too. We’re so lucky and grateful

Christian: I wouldn’t be anywhere else

Leah: me neither. We are all in this together now

Justin and Leah kiss goodbye

Leah: cya talk tomorrow

Justin: love you. Goodnight

Christian and Tori kiss goodbye

Christian: love you

Tori: love you more

Leah and Christian leave

Tori: so let’s make this call

Justin: yeah


Later that night


Lance arrives & Tori and Justin both hug him

Tori: thank you

Justin: yeah thanks man. We appreciate it

Lance: I wouldn’t be anywhere else. so how did Leah and Christian take it?

Tori: it’s great news they are both coming with us

Justin: I still can’t believe they said yes but I’m so happy they did

Lance: I’m happy for you guys. This is a good thing.

Tori: Lance what’s up you seem worried?

Lance: their has been a change of plan

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Sorry about the delay but I should be able to do regular updates from now on


Chapter 8

The Morgan House


Tori: what?

Lance: I told you, you had a week, well  now we have to leave tomorrow. New intel has come in and we think they are coming to the bay as we speak

Justin: ok then I guess I will go pack

Tori: me too

Lance: wait Tori their is one more thing

Tori: yeah?

Lance: we have to tell Jasmine

Tori: yeah of course she is going to freak out

Lance: I know. We should go tell her now

Tori: ok let’s go


Jasmine and Colby’s apartment


Tori and Lance arrive

Jasmine: hey

Colby: hey

Tori: hey

Lance: hey

They all hug each other

Lance: their is something we need to tell you both

Jasmine: ok your scaring me

Colby: I’m a cop and I’m also worried

Tori: the people that killed my parents are out of jail and coming for us so me, Justin, Leah and Christian are all going into witness protection

Jasmine: when?

Tori: tomorrow

Jasmine: no I can’t lose you both

Tori: I wish this wasn’t happening

Jasmine: you expect me to stay here by myself? While the 2 closest people to family is god knows where? No way I’m coming

Tori: I can’t ask you to do that

Jasmine: your not and I’m not taking no for an answer their is no way I’m staying here by myself

Colby: yeah and what if you guys need back up? I’m coming too. I promised Robbo I would protect Jasmine and if she’s going I’m coming as well

Tori: what about Bella?

Colby: she’s fine. She’s going to NK with Nikau I can just tell them both to stay their for awhile

Tori: ok if your both sure

Jasmine: of course I’m sure

Colby: I’ll protect both of you

Lance: we both will

Colby: wait your coming too?

Lance: of course I would never let Tori go it alone. I promised Robbo I would protect them both and I will

Colby: with the 2 of us protecting them. We got this

Lance: yeah we do

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Sorry for the long wait just been super busy.


Chapter 9


The safe house


Tori is out the back alone until Colby joins her


Tori: hey

Colby: hey

Tori: I never got to thank you for coming so thank you

Colby: Jasmine wasn’t the only reason I came. I came for you too. And Robbo

Tori: I know

Colby: I miss him

Tori: me too

Colby: you will always have people who care about you

Tori: I know

Colby: so Christian? Tell me about him

Tori: well he’s a surgeon

Colby: haha I do know the basic stuff but that’s not what I meant. Tell me about you and him

Tori: oh are you sure?

Colby: I want to know that’s he’s treating you right

Tori: he came here for me. Gave up his life for me. I think he’s proven that

Colby: I know but that’s also not what I meant

Tori: then what do you mean?

Colby: Lance?

Tori: we’re not. I don’t. Can we not have this conversation?

Colby: he came to protect you. You know he cares about you

Tori: I know he does. I care too

Colby: I know

Tori: it’s complicated

Colby: I know

Tori: I’m glad your here

Colby: me too

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Chapter 10


The safe house


Christian walks in to find Lance and it’s awkward

Christian: hi

Lance: hey

Christian: can we talk?

Lance: you want a beer?

Christian: sure

Lance goes to the fridge and pulls two beers out and hands one to Christian

Christian: thanks

Lance: so this is awkward

Christian: yeah.. um don’t really know where to start

Lance: just ask me what you want

Christian: how do I say do you like my fiancé without sounding like a jackass?

Lance: ah so this is what this is about. TBH I was wondering when you were going to bring it up. We are all stuck here together. I can’t ectually run away

Christian: yeah aren’t I lucky you can’t

Lance: oh sure. But just to be clear I would win in a fight between us just saying

Christian: oh I believe that

Lance: you better believe that

Christian: so about Tori?

Lance: you really want to know?

Christian: no. But I need too. Honesty is what makes or breaks a relationship right?

Lance: right

Christian: well then be honest

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