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No Racket About Bec's Pregnancy

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No racket about Bec's pregnancy

The Advertiser

13 April 2005

Home and Away, 7pm, weekdays, Channel 7 ***

ON screen, she's about to become pregnant. But is motherhood something TV golden girl Bec Cartwright (pictured) would entertain for real?

"Down the track. It's going to be down the track. Yeah, no, still very young at the moment," says the soon-to-be Mrs Lleyton Hewitt.

The 21-year-old Home and Away soap star - aka pregnant Hayley - last week added another rung to her skyrocketing celebrity when she was nominated for a TV Week Gold Logie as Australia's most popular TV personality.

This Friday, Hayley reaches for a pregnancy kit and the question soon becomes "whodunit?". Was it love of her little life Scott (Kip Gamblin) or torrid one-night fling Kim (Chris Hemsworth)?

Cartwright confirmed real-life love Hewitt filmed scenes for Home and Away last week (with two episodes to air in June).

"I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say on this so I'm just going to have to leave that one," she says.

And the wedding plans?

"I think we'd like to keep it private. We actually haven't set a date as yet," Cartwright says.

"We'd like to keep it quite quiet, I think - family and friends."

So has her tennis game improved these days? "Definitely not. There's no way I would put him through that. That would be torture . . . I would not return the ball."

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