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Kat Chapman - Pia Miller

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I mean she might try to be good cop but certainly failed at all counts. 

I mean I think she was saved more times then she saved anyone and in fact having trouble remembering when she saved someone. 

She definitely was lower version of Charlie as least Charlie was far better written character and least Charlie did seem to better job at helping others and Kat made far to obvious she was on to Charlotte and someone like Colby or Charlie would be smart enough not to let someone dangerous unstable like Charlotte know they on to her.  

Its funny how they seem to talk about her death  in media as if she was  fan favourite and yet seemed unpopular in fan community.


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I liked her at first but she went downhill with the whole getting involved with the wrong people (similarly to Charlie), and I guess turning a blind eye to certain situations because of that. Its a shame as I feel like she started off being quite strong and independent, and very career-orientated...and that kind of went away and she became a bit of a 'damsel in distress' type and prioritised bad relationships over being a cop. It just didn't make sense as it was something she'd worked so hard for and was a big part of her identity.

I never really saw her as a fan favourite either - I didn't dislike her but by the end she was quite frustrating, so was quite surprised at the response to her death. I remember Sam got a lot of hate on social media over it.

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I think that Sam got a lot of hate because of they way she's been cast on H&A, as lot of fans even people in the industry considered that as publicity stunt, and then IMO fans projected that on Kat's death story-line. Even after 18 months Jasmine is still very unpopular character on social media and I believe big part of it is because of Sam. 

Regarding Kat, for me she was just Charlie 2.0 (weaker version).

I didn't like how weak she was all the time, how she would turn to alcohol every time things got tough, I lost count how many times she was kidnapped or beaten up, and for 3 years on the show I can't remember one time that she 'saved the day'. For someone who was career oriented I never understood her getting involved with Ash and Robbo, being prepared to risk going to jail (while pregnant) for running away with Robbo, braking the law, turning the blind eye when her love interest is in trouble, etc. So far, IMO she was the worst police officer since I've been watching the show (since 2003). I'm not some hard core feminist, but I believe if they want to have female police officers on the show they should make them bad-ass (and most importantly being able to defend themselves). Morag was not police officer (and wasn't fighting) but you wouldn't want to stand in her way. 

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Yeah she wasn't a bad person at all, she just wasn't a good cop.. For the reasons others mentioned, but she also just seemed so visibly nervous and scared at crimes going on, which is weird for a cop. I remember one time she and a squad of cops were perusing a criminal, and as she was chasing him and got near him, she completely froze with anxiety and he got away.

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