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Amanda Vale Vs Charlotte King


Who was better villian?.  

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1 Amanda Vale 

2 Charlotte King


Watching Amanda episodes again has really made me compare her lot to Charlotte and watching  Amanda now after Charlotte King  makes Amanda look tame and I think Amanda was less bad then Charlotte as Amanda seem to be more stable then Charlotte and I think Amanda had bounders where she didit cross unlike Charlotte and Charlotte seem like dangerous  person as Amanda just seem like trouble maker and not dangerous person.

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Also another thing I would like to add about Amanda is that she would never put her son Ryan's life at risk unlike what Charlotte did with Hunter when he was  kidnapped. Amanda took Ryan away the moment it looked like he was danger and I guess it is easier to convince 6 six  year to get packing then 16 year old but still..

When Josh knock  Morag out  and Amanda come in and was very angry at Josh for what he did  and Amanda seem generally concern for Morag and call ambulance and despite Amanda knowing Morag was on to them she didit want to cover up her crimes by innocent person    being hurt. 

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