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December filming

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I’m so sorry for creating another thread but I couldn’t find any other place that would be appropriate to post my question. I’ve planned to head to Palm Beach on Wednesday the 12th of December in the afternoon. I know that they do exterior filming on Wednesdays usually but I was wondering if any of you would have any inside information on the advance filming schedules for this particular day. Any help that could be given would be much appreciated, thanks so much :)

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Filming schedules aren't known by the cast/crew until the Friday beforehand, so there's no inside info to be had I'm afraid.

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That’s alright, I didn’t know if there was or not. But do you at least know what the latest trend has been with filming on Wednesdays the past few weeks? That could give an idea if they will or won’t be filming on this Wednesday. I would just hate to get there and find there is no filming happening you see. I went once before but it was their winter break so there was no filming at all. I’m hoping this day will be before their summer one too. Again, thank you so much :)

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