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Falling In Love

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Title: Falling In Love

Type of Story: Short/Medium Fiction

Main Characters: Ziggy, Dean, Brody


Any Warnings: Sexual references 

Spoilers: Yes

BTTB Rating: G

Summary: When Ziggy and Dean get to know each other more after work one night will it lead into something more. Will they fall in love? Will this make there friendship grow? Will Brody find out about Ziggy hanging out with Dean?


Chapter 1

[Ziggy is locking up and Dean is helping her]

Ziggy: What are you doing tonight?

Dean: Nothing just chilling in the caravan

Ziggy: That boring. Come and hang with me

Dean: What about Brody

Ziggy: He is away for a few days besides what he doesn't know wont hurt him

Dean: Ok sounds good as long as there is Pizza and beer involved 

Ziggy: Of course there is.

Dean: Lets go

Ziggy: Yep

[Ziggy locks up the garage her and Dean walk out and smile at each other]


*This is the info leading in to it. Sorry that it is a short chapter*

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Chapter 2

[Ziggy and Dean sit on the couch]

Ziggy: Do you want to play 20 questions

Dean: Sure. I will ask first

[Ziggy nods]

Dean: Biggest fear?
Ziggy: Heights what about you

Dean: Ending up alone

Ziggy: Any girl would be lucky to have you

[Dean looks at Ziggy and smiles]

Dean: Really

Ziggy: Really. One thing I don't know about you?
Dean: That before I was in the Riverboys I was bullied

Ziggy: That sucks.

Dean: It does. What one thing I don't know about you

Ziggy: That when I was younger I was afraid of ending up a bad person

Dean: Your not a bad person

[10 minutes later]

Ziggy: Final question What is your favourite thing about me?
Dean: That you are always looking out for others, that your kind, loyal and caring. Your always helping others.

[Ziggy have the biggest smile on her face]

Ziggy: Thanks and I like that your support people you care about and always have there back

[Ziggy and Dean look at each other and cant stop smiling]

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Chapter 3

[Dean knocks at the Morgan's door and Ziggy answers]

Ziggy: Dean hey!

Dean: Get changed we going on a adventure

Ziggy: What sort of an adventure

Dean: You will see

Ziggy: Now you got me interested.  Come in and talk to the others while I go get changed

[Dean walks in as Ziggy goes to her room]


[Justin looks at Dean]

Justin: You know she married right

Dean: Yeah I know, we are just friends hanging out

Justin: Just remember she my brother wife

Dean: Yeah I know

[Ziggy walks out]

Ziggy: Everything ok

Dean: Can we go

Ziggy: Yeah

[Ziggy smiles at Dean as they walk out and Justin gives then a funny look]


[Dean drives to a clifftop at the Mangrove River]

Ziggy: What are we doing here

Dean: Well when I was a kid I used to jump off this thing in to the water.

Ziggy: Right

Dean: I know you don't like heights but this isn't over high and you have a safe landing

Ziggy: Ok

Dean: So are we jumping

Ziggy: Yeah we are

[Ziggy takes her shirt off to reveal swimwear and Dean takes his top off]

Dean: Are you ready

Ziggy: Ready

Dean: In three

Ziggy: Two

[Ziggy grabs Dean hand and I holds it]

Dean: One

[Ziggy and Dean jump]


[Ziggy and Dean are in the water musking around]

Ziggy: That was fun

Dean: Yeah it was

Ziggy: So do you do this often these days

Dean: Not really but I wanted to this morning

Ziggy: I surprised not many people are here

Dean: Not many people know about this place

Ziggy: So why did you tell me 

Dean: Cause your someone special and you care about me 

[Ziggy kicks some water at Dean before kissing him and he kisses back]

Dean: I wasn't expecting that

Ziggy: Well the truth is Dean that I falling in love with you

Dean: But Brody

Ziggy: We broke up that why he left

Dean: I didn't know

Ziggy: No one does

[Dean hugs Ziggy]

Dean: I'm sorry Zig

Ziggy: Don't be just kiss me

[Dean kisses Ziggy, they soon get out of the water]


[Ziggy gets her phone and dials Brody number]

Brody: Zig hey

Ziggy: Hey you need to know something

Brody: What is it?
Ziggy: That I love Dean and i'm with him now

Brody: That fine we are separtated 

Ziggy: Yeah we are

Brody: I will tell my family

Ziggy: Thanks

Brody: A part of me will always love you

Ziggy: And a part of me will love you always

Brody: Bye Ziggy

Ziggy: Bye Brody

[Brody and Ziggy hands up]


[Dean walks over to Ziggy]

Dean: You ok

Ziggy: Yeah I am now that i'm with you

Dean: I love you, I always have 

Ziggy: Me too

[Ziggy and Dean kiss]


[Dean and Ziggy are in the car]

Dean: How do you feel about coming with me for a BQQ with Colby, Willow and his sister Bella

Ziggy: That be great. I didn't know Colby had a sister

Dean: No one did. She was brainwashed by her dad

Ziggy: Wow that huge

Dean: Yeah. So will you still come

Ziggy: Of course I will

Dean: I love you

Ziggy: I love you too

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Chapter 4

[Ziggy and Dean walk into Colby's and see Bella and Willow on the couch]

Willow: Dean Hey, oh Ziggy hello

Dean: Hey Wil, Hey Bella. Where's Colby?
Bella: He gone to get the meat

[Bella looks up and sees Ziggy]

Bella: Who are you?

Ziggy: I'm Ziggy. Dean girlfriend

Bella: I didn't know you had a girlfriend

Willow: Neither did I 

Dean: It only just happend

Willow: Congrats guys

[Willow gets up and hugs Ziggy then Dean]

Bella: Anyone want a drink

Ziggy: Beer would be good

Dean: Same and you aren't having one

Bella: I know

[Bella hands Ziggy and Dean a drink as Colby walks in with the Meat]

Colby: Dean Hi oh Zig we weren't expecting you

Dean: I have some news

Willow: Brace yourself

Colby: What going on

Bella: Dean found a girlfriend

[Colby looks at Ziggy]

Colby: When did this happen?

Ziggy: Today

Dean: For the first time in a long time i'm happy

Ziggy: Well so am I 

[Ziggy kisses Dean as Colby, Willow and Bella cheer]


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[Dean and Ziggy are sitting on the pier]

Dean: You ok

Ziggy: The bay it doesn't feel like home anymore

Dean: You want to leave

Ziggy: Yes and I want you to come with me. So will you come

Dean: Yes so where were you thinking

Ziggy: Somewhere down the coast near one of the best surf spots and close to the beach

Dean: That sounds amazing

Ziggy: So lets leave tomorrow 

Dean: Ok but you need to tell your family and I need to tell Colbs, Willow and Bella

Ziggy: Yeah I know

Dean: Well we better do it now

Ziggy: I cant wait to have a fresh start and to do it with you

Ziggy: Me either

[Ziggy and Dean kiss]







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