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Is This Friendship or Love?

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Title: Is This Friendship or Love?
Main Characters: Colby, Willow, Mason, Jasmine, Dean and Justin

Type of Fiction: S/M Fic

Genre: General 

BTTB Rating: G

Warning: None


Summary: Is what Colby and Willow feel for each other friendship or is it more then  that


Note This is a short chapter as it the intro for what the story will lead into


Chapter 1

[Colby is at the beach when Willow walks towards him upset. Colby spots Willow and runs over to her]

Colby: Willow what wrong?
Willow: Justin dumped me and he didn't tell me why

Colby: Im so sorry Willow you didn't deserve that. You deserve allot better

Willow: No I don't I made so many mistakes

Colby: So have I but we both turned our lives around

Willow: Yeah but there is still drama

Colby: But we haven't had as much as we used to

Willow: True

[Willow smiles]

Colby: I glad that I made you smile

Willow: Thanks for cheering me up

[Colby hugs Willow]

Colby: Anytime

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Chapter 2

[Colby sees Justin the diner and marches over to him and starts yelling]

Colby: You don't deserve love you selfish human, you hurt Willow and that not cool. how dare you dump her without a explanation 

Justin: This isn't your business 

Colby: Actual it is as Willow my friend and I hate seeing her like this

Justin: Just stay out of this

Colby: Not Happening stay away from Willow or else

Justin: You cant tell me what to do

Colby: Yes I can after all I am a cop

[Colby walks out]


[Willow and Mason are setting up for boot camp]

Mason: Im sorry about you and Justin my brother can be a idiot sometimes

Willow: More like all the time 

Mason: Yeah well he always wants thing to happen his way at his pace that is his problem 

Willow: True but he cant always have his way

Mason: No he cant 

Willow: Maybe breaking up with him was the best thing I could of done 

Mason: I think it was I mean he still trying to run my life

[Justin walks over annoyed]

Justin: I hope your happy

Willow: Excuse me

Justin: Colby had a go at me

Willow: In that case I am happy as you deserve it

 Mason: I wish I was there cause you did 

Willow: I gonna go find Colby

Mason: Alright catcha later


[Willow sees Colby at Salt]

Willow: Thanks Colby

Colby: For what

Willow: Yelling at Justin he deserved it

Colby: Anytime. you know I want what best for you Willow

Willow: And I want what is best for you


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Chapter 3 [the last chapter]

[Willow is talking to Jasmine]

Jasmine: What going on

Willow: I think im falling for someone

Jasmine: That huge

Willow: Yeah it is

Jasmine: Who is it

Willow: Colby

Jasmine: You need to tell him

Willow: I know


[Dean and Colby are talking]

Colby: Im in love with Willow

Dean: What

Colby: I want to be with Willow

Dean: I got that but why Willow

Colby: She pretty, smart and beautiful plus I liked her for a while

Dean: I want to you guys to be happy even if it does hurt me

Colby: So your saying your ok with this

Dean: Yes now go and be happy


[Colby sees Willow at the beach]

Willow: I need to tell you something

Colby: I need to tell you something to

Willow: You first

Colby: Ok here it goes. I am in love with you Willow Harris and I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy

Willow: And I want to spend mine making you happy

Colby: So your saying you love me to

Willow: Yes I am I love you Colby Throne and I always will

[They kiss]







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