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The Story of the Morgans

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Title:  The Story of the Morgans

Type of story: Short/Medium Fiction

Characters: Justin, Tori, Brody, Mason, Phoebe, Nate, Raffy, Olivia and Decker 

Genre: Drama/ Hurt/ Romance

BTTB Rating: G

Warnings: none

Spoilers: No

Summary: What if a few weeks after coming to the bay Brody tells Phoebe everything Tori tells Nate everything and Mason tells Olivia everything however they don't tell there family other people know. Will the Morgan's secret stay that way? Will new relationships form? Will Raffy be able to rebuild her relationship with her dad? Will the Morgans stay safe or will trouble follow then?


Chapter 1

[Justin, Raffy, Brody, Mason and Tori are at the Morgan's having a BBQ lunch when there a knock on the door and Justin answers it and see Decker there, Raffy runs up to him and hugs him]

Raffy: Dad I missed you

Decker: I missed you too

Tori: So what are you doing here Decker?
Decker: Come to see if you guys are safe and spend time with my daughter

Brody: Well I better get going I have work but we will catch up later Decker

Tori: I better be going as well I also have work

Mason: And Im catching up with Olivia

[Mason, Brody and Tori walk out]

Raffy: So how long are you here for?
Decker: A few days

Justin: I get him some drinks 

Decker: Thanks mate Raffy and I have allot to catch up on

[Justin walks into the kitchen]


[Olivia is at the diner when Mason walks in]

Mason: Sorry im late 

Olivia: It fine are you ok

Mason: Can we go for a walk

Olivia: Yeah of course

[Olivia stands up and walks towards the pier and Mason follows]

Olivia: So what going on

Mason: My family are in witness protection

Olivia: That huge

Mason: This stays between us

Olivia: That goes without saying. whenever you need to talk im here

Mason Thank you Liv


[Tori is in her office crying at work when Nate walks in and finds her upset]

Nate: You okay

Tori: No im not

Nate: Wanna talk about it

Tori: Yeah but can you close the door first

Nate: Sure

[Nate closes the door]

Nate: What going on I promise whatever it is stays between you and me

Tori: My family are in witness protection

[Nate hugs Tori]

Tori: I hate lying to you I hated it cause your my best friend and I don't want to lose you 

Nate: You wont lose me no matter what


;Phoebe and Brody in the kitchen at Salt]

Phoebe: What did you want to tell me

Brody: Im in witness protection

Phoebe: Wow that huge

Brody: Yep

[Phoebe hugs Brody]

Phoebe: Im always here for you day or night whenever you need me

Brody: Thanks Phoebe

Phoebe: And this will be mine and your secret 

Brody: Yeah it will



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Chapter 2

[Tori, Brody and Mason arrive home to see a note from Raffy saying her Justin and Decker gone to Yabbie creek]

Mason: Thank god Justin not here. I'm done something bad

Brody: Well what is it

Mason: It doesn't matter

Tori: Spill we wont tell Justin

Mason: I told Olivia about witness protection

Tori: Well your not the only one. I told Nate he one of my closest friends and I couldn't lie to him

Brody: Well I told Phoebe. I think we all agree that Justin, Decker or Raffy cant find out about this

Tori: Yep

Mason: Defs

Tori: For the record he knows everything

Brody: So does Phoebe

Mason: And Liv

[There a knock at the door and Brody answers it and sees Nate]

Brody: Nate hey, relax I know you know but this stays between Tori, Mason, Phoebe, Olivia, you and I 

Nate: Right well this secret safe with me

Mason: Thanks Nate

[Tori walks over and hugs Nate]

Nate: Wanna go for a walk

Tori: Yes

Brody: I gonna go find Phoebe I don't wanna see Justin just yet

Mason: And I will go and find Olivia

[Nate, Tori, Brody and Mason lock the doors then walks out and leaves]

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Chapter 3

[Decker walks in with Justin and Raffy]

Decker: Get your things you have to leave the bay

Brody: Fine I tell Phoebe I leaving

[Brody calls Phoebe and Tori calls Nate while Mason calls Olivia]

[Justin comes out with everyone things as Phoebe, Olivia and Nate walk in with bags]

Brody: What going on?
Phoebe: We are coming with you

Justin: You cant 

Olivia: We know about Witness Protection so we In risk besides I want to be with Mason

[Mason walks over and Olivia kisses him]

Mason: Really you want to be with me after everything and with this life

Olivia: I do, I love you Mason Morgan

Mason: I love you too

[Olivia and Mason hug as Phoebe walks over to Brody]

Phoebe: As for me Brody the bay doesn't feel right for me and I want to stay with my best friend and besides I cant imagine my life without you

Brody: And I cant imagine mine without you

[They hug and both smile]

[Nate kisses Tori]

Nate: As for me Dr Morgan over the three months I known you I have fallen madly in love with you and want to spend my life with you

Tori: Even if we on the run

Nate: Yeah I don't care where in the world we go as long as im with you

[Tori kisses Nate]

Raffy: We need to go

[Everyone grabs there bags and gets in the car and leaves the bay]







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