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Sacrifice for a Sister

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Title: Sacrifice for a Sister

Type of Fic: One Shot

Main Characters: Matt and other characters. 

Genre: Drama 

BTTB Rating:  M

Does it contain spoilers: No

Warnings: None

Summary: Matt Sacrifice for his sister


Summer bay High

Eloise was in bad mood and decideed  she need time away form everyone  and sneak into room thought broken window and so happen to be  Home EC kitchen and   feeling bit hungry she deiced to look for some food and she found some marshmallows in  storeroom and wanted them hot she  thought they would cook by putting  them in flying pan and while waiting for them to cook and Elose fall asleep laying on the floor and then  suddenly   she woke up and smell smoke and run for it .


Diner Flat

Where have you you been  said Matt angry. 

Leave me alone you have no right asking me that since you got up to all sorts of things when were my age and almost were sent to juvenile twice and almost sent to jail and Phoebe told me  once being about murder of Charlotte. 

I was only question by police on Charlotte death and Phoebe had no right to you  said Matt both angry and annoyed.



FINE said Matt angry. 

I may even stay night said Eloise.

You be back before too late as you hate Mason bad jokes as much as me said Matt.


Phone rings

Hello said Matt in dull voice. 

Theres be fire at school said Zac.

Why are telling me this i am no longer student said Matt indifferent voice.

Just wanted to let you that school wont on for while and to pass on Eloise said Zac.

Sorry Zac i dont mean sound unconcerned but having trouble with sister at moment said Matt.

You just seat her down and let her know whos boss said Zac.


Diner flat

So i knew you be back said Matt.

Matt theres something i need to you said Eloise.

Okay lets here it said Matt.

Eloise just shares and starts crying and starts crying i started fire at school


Then Matt gets up and says it okay Eloise i am going do Kyle take fall for you and we not going do runnier like Josh and Andy.


Matt you cant said Eloise worry.

Its okay Eloise its least i can do for you said Matt.

But whats going happen i dont what go live with Aunt May again said Elosie freaking out.

No you can go live with Aunt Faye our dad sister and you should went to live her in first place since she is teacher and be better taking care of teenage but she was living overseas but now she is back in Australia said Matt.

But Matt you be going jail for something you didit do said Eloise.

Its okay Eloise i am doing it for you and its not like i be going to jail for years and years  and who knows i might even not get jail time but since i am on good behavior i am probably going get same jail time buts its all good i survive i know types who are in jail and with any luck i might end up in Parramatta Jail and thats where my three Friends are Kyle/Josh/Andy said Matt 

So when do i go to Aunt Faye said Eloise. 

Tomorrow and might be best if just make out you visited and no telling anybody  about me handing myself into police as think people find after handing my self.

What about Evie she has be thought so much said Eloise. 

I know i love Evie but you come first no matter what said Matt. 

Hate Evie having more heartbreak said Eloise. 

Well when i get out of jail i look for Evie.

I you going call aunt Faye tonight said Eloise. 

Yes said Matt.

Later that night 

Okay Eloise Aunt Faye coming to get first you first thing in morning and remember plan no telling her and need act just as surprise as me when i had my self over to police.

I love you Matt said Eloise.

I love you too Eloise and just promise you stay out of trouble or otherwise i am going to jail for nothing Said Matt. 


I promise Said Eloise. 

If i get sent to Parramtta Jail you be able visit me regularly as Aunt Faye lives in Liverpool and thats not to far of drive said Matt.


They hug and Matt gave Eloise gentle kiss on forehead.

Next Morning

After saying goodbye to Eloise and making look like he send her off to live with Faye due not getting along it was hard but needed to happen and knew what he had to go right to police station.


Police saition

I did it i causes  fire at Summer Bay high last night said Matt in guilty voice and convening voice.

You be remaining in cell into you court-case next week said Kat.


Room at police station.

Why Matt after everything i went thought with Josh said Evie.


Well sorry Evie but i guest i just got restless and reckless and just felt like doing something wild in cocky voice said Matt.


Matt i love you but hate you for doing something stupid said Evie sadly.

Matt got up and can please not tell anyone about my court case is i need face it on my own and my Aunt Faye coming up to pick my personally belongs tomorrow as even if i dont get jail time i cant stay in Summer Bay anymore said Matt.

Well i come with you then if you dont get jail time Said Evie.

But very likely too as i am breaking my good behavior bond Said Matt.

Well i wont tell anyone about court case but i still coming tomorrow said Evie.




Matt Page since broke you good  behavior bond as well as you latest crime  iam  sending you to four years imprisonment.


Back at Police Sation.

 Matt i promise i keep eye on Eloise and come visit you as not forgetting you despite you poor lack of judgement said Leah.

Leah walks out and Evie walks in and says at least get be with Kyle and Josh and Andy.

Well least i know i be with few mates laughs  Matt.

Please tell Josh we i still love him despite everything that happen and tell Kyle and Ricky if she see her when she visits that Summer Bay really were upset that they didit get say goodbye to ether of them said Evie.

Well if come and visit us you might see me and Josh fight over you  said Matt 

No Matt i chose you over Josh said Evie.

Kat and Police officer walks in.

Its time said Kat.


Matt and Evie hug and look at each other  lips for moment but deiced not too.

Bye Matt said Eve

I will come and look for you after i get out i promise said Matt.


Matt is walk into cell and sits there worrying who is going share with.

then hears most filmier voice well Matt our greens shirts dont look as good as our black shirts we wear at Angleos Said Kyle.

Matt got up and both gave each other hug and please say we sharing said Matt.

Yes and Andy Josh are next door to us said Kyle.

Both Josh and Andy come in and Josh and  Matt hug and Andy gave Matt pat on shoulder. 

Well looks like maybe jail  no so bad  after thought Matt.


The End.






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