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Past Characters Getting Together for Lunch in Sydney

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Title: Past Characters Getting Together for Lunch in Sydney

Type of Fic: One Shot

Main Characters: 2012-2016 cast getting together for lunch in Sydney and Isla and  Taj who appear as river boy earlier this year. 

Genre: Drama 

BTTB Rating:  G

Does it contain spoilers: No

Warnings: None

Summary: This is short story of past character getting together for lunch in Sydney.


Coogee beach hotel  Sydney. 

Kyle/Matt/Taj/Andy/Josh/Brax/Heath/Nate/Zac/Chris/Bianca/Ricky/Evie/Maddy/Phoebe/Tamara are all sitting down having lunch and then Isla walks in.  

What in hell are doing here said Ricky angry.

Please Ricky i invited Isa here and i am release now  anyway   said Kyle. 

Alright fine i wont say anything more but i am  not going be talking friendly with her said Ricky.

 i am doing right thing now and facing up to my  consequences Said Isa. 

Took you long  enough Said Ricky and Phoebe together.  

Just shame it took you seeing Kyle man you said you love on his death bed to do decent thing said Brax

Isa i feel like huge  hypocrite if i was to  judge you so i hope you out come is not to harsh in court next week said Heath. 

Yeah that very good of you to say that  Heath giving riot could of killed you and left me being single mum to Darcy and Harley and our new born Said Bianca .
Bye Isa and going be there for you in court as friend but after that i need move on form you as me and Phoebe are giving things second chance Said Kyle and giving Isla hug. 
Bye guys said Isa.
So Josh how did you and Andy get release said Matt.
Silmair to Kyle we help prison grands with riot but we only very firm parole grounds said Josh. 
I never get over glut that cause Hannah and Oscar  death and I  never stop loving Hannah  and Oscar was like nephew to me said Andy.
Also Zac and Evie and Chris i know its not much and sounds lame but truly dreadful  sorry  said Andy.
Andy thanks but i know never mean any harm  said Chris.
Its all good mate Hannah or Oscar would not what us to hate you said Zac.
I never blame you Andy or even Tank for that matter said  Evie.
I dated Tori Morgan who was very silmair to Hannah said Nate.
I dated  her old brother Justin and we broke up when I move to LA for year and decided four dramatic years  in Summer Bay was enough dramatic moments to last lifetime and also other thing creeps me out is 4 of my housemates are dead Denny/Hannah/Billie/Kat  said Phoebe.
I better stay clean form you since i am only alive farm housemate left but then again maybe i am curse one as after all my brother is dead  as well as my parents   said Evie jokey voice. 
I am glad i didit stay in Summer Bay for long after hearing all dramatic times said Taj.
Yeah not once you came to visit me when i live in  Summer Bay and we suppose be best friends in high school said Matt.
Yes well two  years  of Summer Bay drama was enough for me and i better get going i have long drive back to orange  bye guys said Tamara. 
Yeah well look at my  drama  i lost arm and had cancer and Chris we  better get going our bus to take us  back home to Miranda is almost here said Maddy.
I think no one  can top my drama i lost my Dad/Aunt/Brother and my boyfriend being sent to jail said Evie 
Nice catching up guys  bye guys said Chris. 
Maddy gave Matt hug and then Kyle got up and said Maddy i know i have said it so many times times but i am dreadful sorry for trying kiss you that night and have no idea what was going in my head in fact i did quite few out of mind things in my last year  in bay getting mix up in gambling in Melbourne and then hooking up with that crazy Charlotte    and then taking fall for girl who i just met.
Kyle i know you were not in right head space and you said sorry right away in fact few times said Maddy. 
Kyle and Maddy hug.
Bye guys said Maddy. 
We better get going as well said Ricky and Bianca we have  bit of  drive to pick kids form Cheryl's.
Brax and Ricky and Heath and Bianca say there goodbyes and Zac /Nate /Josh/Andy  get up to leave as well.  
Kyle and Phoebe  come look at my and Evie  house its just up road with sharing with Taz said Matt.
Okay sure right said Phoebe and Kyle.
The End.



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