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Leah Battle

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Story Title: **Leah Battle.
Type of story:  Short/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Leah, Ben, Maggie, Vj, Ziggy, Coco, Alf
Genre: General
Any warnings: No

Any Spoilers: No
Summary: Leah have cancer but she only tells Ben and he helps her. What will Ben family think when he spends his time with Leah without telling then why? Will Maggie thinks they are having an affair? Will Leah tell her friends and family she sick?


[Leah walked in to the hospital where Dr Sophie Lawson was waiting for her they went into Sophie office and sat down]

Sophie: It not good news I'm afraid 

Leah: Can you just tell me what wrong with me 

Sophie: You have stage 3 Breast cancer it is a fast cancer and can spread I am so sorry

[Leah walks out]

[Leah runs in the diner knowing it shut for the day because of the Revos upstairs. she starts crying and cant stop when Ben walks in and sees her]

Ben: Leah are you ok?

Leah: Sorry I didn't think anyone was here 

Ben: I just come to get the books. Are you ok?

Leah: No I'm not

Ben: Do you want to talk about it

Leah: Yeah but can you not tell anyone not Maggie or the kids

Ben: I won't it will be between us so do you wanna tell me what going on 

Leah: I was just told I have Breast Cancer it fast spreading and well I could die

Ben: You won`t die your a fighter and you don't have to go through this alone. you got me whenever you need me I'm here

Leah: Thanks Ben and sorry for dumping you with this

Ben: Don't be sorry

[Ben and Leah hug as she cries in his arms]

Leah: I walked out before she could talk about treatment I just didn't want to face it alone

Ben: Well I can come with you if you like

Leah: Are you sure? only if you have time?

Ben: I'm making time plus I would just be doing the books anyway

Leah: Lets do this

[Ben and Leah walk out of the diner]

[They get to the hosptail and go In Sophie office]

Leah: I'm sorry about before for walking out

Sophie: That ok I get you needed time I see you bought a friend

Leah: Yeah Ben this is Sophie Lawson my doctor

Ben: Nice to meet you. 

Leah: What the options

Sophie: There is only two 

Ben: Which are

Sophie:chemo and radiotherapy or surgery

Leah: How long before I have to make my choice

Sophie: By tomorrow it so fast spreading

Leah: Can I sleep on it and then meet up with Ben talk to him about it

Sophie: Sure

[Ben and Leah walk out]

Leah: Thanks for coming and been a great friend

Ben: Anytime plus your been a good friend to me to

Leah: So 6am breakie at the diner.

Ben: Yep that way no one there and can hear our convo

Leah: That the plan

Ben: I see you then

Leah: Yeah Bye 

[ They walk there separate ways]

[Ben goes home and Maggie waiting for him]

Maggie: Where have it been it have been 2 hours

Ben: I had some jobs to do 

Maggie: What jobs

Ben: That doesn't matter 

Maggie: It does 

Ben: No it doesn't now I going to bed

Maggie: I'm coming too

Ben: Well in the morning don't expect me to be there I going for breakfast with Leah as we haven't caught up in a while

Maggie: Ok

[ Ben and Maggie goes to bed Maggie sleeping but Ben awake thinking about what Leah should do]

[Leah goes home and straight to her room lays on your bed and thinks about what she should do]

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Chapter 2

[Ben walks in the diner and sees Leah sitting there with two big breakfasts so he goes and sits down]

Leah: You look so tired

Ben: Yeah I couldn't sleep

Leah: Me even I have no clue what to do

Ben: There negatives to both

Leah: Yeah with chemo there been sick and it could come back but with surgery it more then likely will  also come back you just wont get sick

Ben: Then maybe chemo the best option

[Leah and Ben are eating]

Leah: Who will look after me after I have chemo 

Ben: I can always do that

Leah: No you couldn't you have the kids and Maggie to think about 

Ben: Leah your my friend to besides they are always working or at school

[Ziggy walks in the diner unseen to Ben and Leah]

Leah: I hate having this Ben I hate it 

Ben: Yeah I know

Leah: Why does cancer have to suck

Ziggy: Because it always does

[Ben and Leah turn around and see Ziggy]

Ben: How much did you just hear

Ziggy: From when Leah said I hate having this

Leah: Would you like some breakfast

Ziggy: Yeah sure

[Leah goes in the kitchen and Ben and Ziggy are talking]

Ziggy: How long have you known

Ben: Since I saw Leah crying in here yesterday.

Ziggy: Was that when she first found out

Ben: Yeah we were talking about her options and things when you come in

Ziggy: Right so what are they

Ben: Even Chemo and radiotherapy with little chance of it coming back or surgery and a huge chance of her getting it back

Ziggy: Then Chemo the best option

Ben: Yeah but she could get sick and no one can look after her cause she only wants me knowing

[Leah comes out with breakfast for Ziggy]

Ziggy: Thanks Leah and I wont tell anyone about this

Leah: Thanks Ziggy

Ziggy: If you need anything I'm here

Leah: Yeah thanks, can you come when I speak to Dr Lawson

Ziggy: Of course

[Ben, Ziggy and Leah eat breakfast]

[Ben, Leah and Ziggy go to the hosptail and they are in Dr Lawson office]

Dr Lawson: What are you going to do

Leah: Chemo

Dr Lawson: Can we start today

Leah: Sure can Ben and Ziggy stay with me

Dr Lawson: Of course they can

Ben: Thanks doctor

Ziggy: Yeah thank you




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chapter 3

[Leah in chemo Ben is sitting beside her]

Leah: Ben

Ben: Leah what wrong 

Leah: I don't feel so good

[Leah blackouts Ben yells out for a doctor]

Dr Lawson: Ben she reacting to the chemo

Ben: What does that mean

Dr Lawson: We will have to look at new options

[Leah wakes up]

Leah: What happend

Ben: You reacted to the chemo

Dr Lawson: But you will be fine

Leah: Where Ziggy

Ben: She just gone to get some food

Leah: When will this be over

Dr Lawson: We have to stop this type of chemo and look at other options but you will have to stay here overnight

Leah: I don't want to be alone

Ben: I Will stay here until you go to sleep

Leah: Promise

Ben: Promise on my life

[Leah and Ben hug]

Leah: Thanks Ben

Ben: Don't mention it you would do the same for me

[Leah lays in bed and Ben sitting by her side it now 8pm and Leah asleep so Ben goes home]


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Chapter 4

[Ben goes home and sees Maggie waiting for him]

Maggie: Breakfast took longer then expected

Ben: Oh I was helping Leah with a few things


Ben: I'm sorry my phone ran out of charge


Ben: I promised Ziggy I help her at the garage


Ben: No way 


Ben: Ziggy my daughter


Ben: Look I'm helping Ziggy

[Ziggy and Coco walk out]

Coco: What going on

Ben: It nothing

Coco: Mum yelling so it isn't nothing

Ziggy: Look dad are you still ok to help me tommorow

Ben: Yeah it fine Ziggy

Ziggy: Awesome thanks dad, dad do you have a minute

Ben: Sure

[ Ben and Ziggy walk outside]

Ziggy: How is she

Ben: Asleep I going back first thing tommorow

Ziggy: Well I come with you after all you told mum your helping me out

Ben: Yeah that a good idea

Ziggy: Dad she is a fighter they will fix her they will find her new treatment

Ben: I hope so

[ Coco and Maggie are inside talking]

Coco: You think he having an affair aren't you

Maggie: The thought crossed my mind

Coco: He wouldn't do that surely

Maggie: I wouldn't  thought he would of but he barely been home all week

Coco: And you think he lying to you about helping Leah and Ziggy

Maggie: Yeah I do

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  • 1 month later...

The final chapter

Chapter 5

6 months later

Leah: Thanks Ben for all your help you too Ziggy 

Ben: No problem

Leah: And sorry for ruining your marriage

Ben: You didn't that was a long time coming

Ziggy: We just glad your ok

Leah: So am I 

Ziggy: I give you guys a minute 

{Ziggy walks out]

Ben: Leah I know these 6 months have been tough on you and on me but during that time I fell in love with you and was wondering if we have a chance

Leah: I think we do cause I falling for you too

[Leah kisses Ben]

Ben: Lets see where the future takes us

Leah: Sounds like a plan

[they smile and hug]

The end






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