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Leah Letter

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Story Title: Leah Letter
Type of story: One Shot 
Main Characters: Leah Patterson with mentions of Vinnie Patterson
BTTB rating: G
Genre: General.
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: none 
Summary: Leah writes a letter to Vinnie as she have just found out he alive. 


To Vinnie

I am so glad your alive and safe. Vj is well he recently turned 18 he was married to Billie but she died who would thought he would got married at 18. He says he misses you and wishes you could meet his daughter Luc. As for me every day i remember days or times we were together such as our wedding day or the day we met. I miss you so much Vinnie and I love you i always will love you. I know you know about Zac and Dan but i didn't love them like i do you and they didn't replace you as my husband. You are the only person i call my husband. I hope to see you again one day hopefully soon and Vj hopes he can get to know you.

Love Leah






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