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Paul's sons David and Leo.


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In 2017, it was found out that David and Leo are Pauls sons, it was kind of silly to me, because Paul and their Mum had not much to do with each other, if anyone it should be Scott. I saw a video on YouTube where it says 1985 vs. 2017 and they actually used old footage that was really Paul talking to another character to show him and their Mum and was a crazy thing to do, they absolutely had nothing that would imply it back then, and it seems weird to me to do this, They should have made it be Scott's at least that would have been slightly realistic.

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Yeah I agree it was a pretty ridiculous thing to do and so unrealistic, the thing is I doubt they would have made it that their Dad was Scott as there's no chance Jason Donovan would come back and the writers have him and Kylie as the golden couple from that era I doubt they would have Scott having kids with someone else even if it was before he'd met Charlene.

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