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Story Title: Reunited
Type of story: One Shot 
Main Characters :  VJ, Coco 
BTTB rating: G 
Genre: General.
Does story include spoilers: No 
Any warnings: Sexual content
Summary: Coco left the bay to travel the world and when she goes to Greece she sees a familiar face. What happens when they reunite


Coco was walking in the streets of Greece when she see two familiar faces VJ and the other been his daughter Luc. VJ looked around when he spotted a face he seem from the past walking towards him. Coco, VJ said when she comes towards them, Hey Coco said, VJ what are you doing in Greece, I left the bay to travel the world she replied, How long are you here for VJ asked, 6 weeks she responded but still have no where to stay, You can stay with me and Luc VJ responded, really thank you Coco replied, don't mention it VJ said. Luc grown up so much Coco said to VJ, Yeah she has VJ said smiling as a three year old Luc spoke, This is Coco VJ said to his daughter as you the one you often talk about Luc asked as VJ nodded, all good things i hope Coco said, Yeah they are all good I missed you Coco, I missed you to VJ said as he kissed her and she kissed him back. I love you VJ said and i wanna be with you, Well I love you too she responded as they walked hand in hand with Luc by their side.






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