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A Love That Never Stops

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Story Title: A Love That Never Stops
Type of story: One Shot 
Main Characters: Sally, Flynn
BTTB rating: G
Genre  General.
Does story include spoilers: No 
Any warnings: Sexual content
Summary: Sally thinks about Flynn and all the good and bad times they had 10 years after his death.


All Sally could think about today although she did every year on the day of the date that Flynn died was Flynn but this year was really hard as it was 10 years without him although she still had him in her heart and daughter all the time. The first memory that come to mind was their wedding day and how after some issues they got married in dressing gowns in hospital and next she remembered Flynn surprise vow renowned which only Sally, Flynn, Cassie,Ric, Alf and Colleen went to next she thought about when they first got together how he kissed her in the kitchen of the Drop in Centre and finally the day she lost him come to mind the day of his death the day they spent hours talking about when they first met and how Shauna liked him but he had eyes for her, looking through their wedding pictures, dancing to their favourite song and at the thought of all these memories Sally cried and said like to she did every year that I love you Flynn and nothing will ever change. Sally always knew and every year at this time was reminded of this that Flynn was her true love and she could never be with anyone else. She knew her love for Flynn would never stop.





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