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If You Love Someone You Tell Them

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Story Title: If You Love Someone You Tell Them
Type of story: One Shot
Main Characters: Casey,Sasha,Phoebe,Brody,Sally,Flynn Jack and Martha
BTTB rating: G
Genre : Romance .
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Sexual content
Summary: People telling the person they love that they are in love with them


Phoebe and Brody

(Brody was working at Salt when he saw his co-worker Phoebe Nicoleson walk in and this was also the woman he was in love with which made him smile and she walked over to him)

Phoebe: Hi

Brody: Hey, Can we talk

Phoebe: Sure, Have I done something wrong

Brody: No you haven't 

Phoebe: Well, What up

Brody : Phoebe since i met you, I knew you were something special and i have completely fallen in love with you, everything about you is amazing and you make me so happy. I love you Phoebe Nicoleson 

(Phoebe smiles and Brody smiles)

Phoebe: Well I love you to

(They kiss)


Jack and Martha

(Jack in the station when Martha walking in crying)

Jack: Martha what the matter 

Martha: He right i am ugly and worthless

Jack: Well he might think that but i don't i think your beautiful 

Martha: Really 

Jack: Yeah and you know what else

Martha: What

Jack: I love you for who you are and how you look 

Martha: What are you saying?

Jack: Im saying that I love you

(Martha smiles and her and Jack hug)


(Casey at the beach and Sasha comes and sits next to him)

Sasha: Casey I know your with Denny but i need to tell you something 

Casey: Ok what is it 

Sasha: I still love you, I always have 

(Casey smiles)

Casey: Really even after what i did

Sasha: Yeah i forgave for that a long time ago and i wanna be with you

Casey: Well I always wanted to be with you as well

Sasha: Really 

Casey: Yeah because I love you always have

Sasha: I love you to

(They kiss and then hug)


(Flynn walks in to Sally office)

Sally : Hi can i help you 

Flynn: You can help me by hearing me out

Sally: Ok 

Flynn: Even though we can't have kids it doesn't mean my feelings for you have changed 

Sally: Well they should have

Flynn: They haven't and they haven't changed because I love you I don't care if we can't have kids i just care about you and us been together is all that matters 

Sally: Really, You won't change your mind

Flynn: No not a chance

(Flynn sits on Sally office desk and kisses her)





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