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Love and Lives are Turned

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Story Title: Love and Lives are Turned
Type of story:  Short/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Vj, Coco, Leah, Vinnie, Ziggy, Hunter, Olivia, Mason, Alf
BTTB rating: G
Genre: Romance, Drama, 
Any warnings: Sexual content,
Summary: - Vj and Coco are happily together. Then one day Leah sees a face from her past what will she do? How will Vj react when he meets the person? What will the bay think of this person showing up? Will Coco and Vj be bought closer?


Chapter 1

(Vj and Coco are in the diner sitting and talking)

Vj: I'm so happy but we are finally together after everything that happend 

Coco: So am I. I thought you would choose Jennifer and not me

Vj: No chance. You in my eyes are perfect in every way you are beautiful, you smile, you make me laugh, your always there for me when you need me and you are care for people when Jennifer only cares about herself 

Coco: Well your perfect to

(They kiss and Ziggy walks in)

Ziggy: Im sorry to stop you from whatever you doing

(Coco and Vj pulls away to see a crying and bruised Ziggy)

Coco: Ziggy What happend 

Ziggy: It was mum and dad they did this

Coco: I'm so sorry Zig I should been home

Ziggy: It not your fault. Vj could I crush on the couch tonight if your mum ok with it 

Vj: Yeah of Course, Coco your staying to, I'm not letting you go back there when they are like this

Coco: Yeah ok, I want to stay with Ziggy and anyway plus you can be my personal body guard

(Vj smiles)

Vj: Yeah I can and I promise they wont hurt you guys 

Ziggy: Can we have lunch then go ask your mum

Vj: Sure

(Hunter,Olivia and Mason walk over and they see Ziggy face)

Olivia: Zig what happend 

Vj: Her parents did this

Hunter: Well have you reported it

Ziggy: I was scary i come straight here 

Mason: It ok, we talk to the cops later

Olivia: Do you have anywhere to stay tonight?

Ziggy: Vj letting me and Coco stay with him if Leah ok with it

Hunter: Well you guys can have my room and I will crush on the couch

Coco: Are you sure?

Hunter: Yeah 

Olivia: I will stay too and stay with you Ziggy so if you need to talk or have nightmares i be there

Ziggy: Thank you all of you 

Mason: I crush too so there can be another body guard near the door

Hunter: That sounds good, Let's go ask Leah

(They leave the diner)

(Leah at home when a man walks in to the house and she gets a surprised look on his face)

Leah: Vinnie...

Vinnie: It me

Leah: I missed you

Vinnie: I missed you too

Leah: But how are you here? Am i having a dream Peter told me you died

Vinnie: It not a dream, can you let me explain 

Leah: Ok you better sit down, Would you like something to drink?

(Vinnie sits down)

Vinnie: Nah I'm ok.. just come sit 

(Leah sits down )

Leah: How could you be alive

Vinnie: Well the guy who i told on dead so it now safe for me to be a normal guy again and to be me

Leah: So you faked your death why

Vinnie: To keep me, Vj and you safe

Leah: Fair enough

(They are sitting down when Ziggy, Coco,Vj, Hunter, Mason and Olivia walk in)

Leah: Ziggy what happend 

Ziggy: Mum and dad happend, Can i stay tonight please

Leah: Of course and Coco you can to

Hunter: They can have my room and we thought Olivia could stay with them in case Ziggy needs her

Olivia: If that ok?

Leah: Of course it is

Mason: Hunter and I will crush on the couch and guard the door

Leah: Ok

Coco: We Won't stay long

Leah: Stay as long as you need

(Vj sees a man sitting there)

Vj: Mum who is this?

Leah: Vj this is your dad

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Chapter 2

(Vj Looks at Vinnie stunned Coco holds his hand looking surprised, Hunter, Olivia Ziggy and Mason look at him)

Vj: Mum it can't be 

Leah: Vj he is your dad ok he faked his death to keep us safe

Mason: Something i can kind of relate to 

Leah: Yeah well you been on the run to be safe so you can

Vinnie: Look Vj, can we please talk so i can explain at least

Vj: I can't I'm Sorry

(Vj let's go of Coco hand and walks out)

Olivia: He going to need time

Hunter: When I first arrived he didn't want to get to know me but now we best friends he like a brother to me so he just needs time

Vinnie: I just want to explain

Ziggy: Just let him cool off then I'm sure he will talk to you

Leah: Oh sorry Vinnie This is Mason he like family to us he was on the run for seven years because of his parents mixing up with the wrong people 

Mason: Hi Vinnie

Vinnie: Yeah Hi

Leah: This is Hunter he like a son to me and a brother to Vj he was my ex kid until he left one day with no explanation he been living with us for some time

Hunter: Hey man what up

Vinnie: That my line to use

(They laugh)

Leah: This is Hunter girlfriend Olivia she into Fashion and have her own label Liv Designs, she Lachie and Chloe daughter 

Vinnie: Oh Olivia you grown so much I remember when you were a baby

Olivia: Yeah I think i seem photos of you and my dad

Leah: This is Ziggy she arrived in the bay this year but her life haven't been easy this year even. Ziggy works at the garage

Vinnie: Hey Ziggy nice to meet you

Ziggy: You too

Leah: Finally this is Coco she is Ziggy sister and recently Vj girlfriend she is in year 10 and she is am amazing surfer 

Coco: Well I'm not that good of a surfer

Vinnie: Im sure you are a good one Coco

Coco: I might go check on Vj

(Coco walks outside and stands next to Vj)

Coco: Veej are you ok?

Vj: I can't believe my dad here

Coco: I bet it would be hard to get your head around

Vj: The werid thing is that I always wanted my dad to be alive and to get to know him but now that is happening, I'm really scary

Coco: Well your allowed to be scary. How about you hear what he have to say and do whatever feels right to you when you are ready

Vj: Yeah Ok

(They hug and walk in hand in hand )

Vj: Look this is going to take time dad but I do want to get to know you

Vinnie: I know it will take time and we can do things when we ready 

Vj: Thanks 

Vinnie : I will tell you guys what happend but you can't tell anyone else

Olivia: Ok

Ziggy: We Won't tell a soul

Mason: We promise

Hunter: On our lives

Coco: You can trust us

Vj: Come on dad Lets hear it

Vinnie: Well the guy who I told on hated me for it so he tried to kill me in all different ways mainly fires or explosions anyhow he said he would come for my family if he had to so the cops decided to get me to fake my death to keep everyone safe

Hunter: That rough

Olivia: Why are you out now if these guys are after you

Vinnie: He died a few days ago , the cops told me straight away that i could come back to my life in the bay

Vj: So what happens now

Vinnie: Now I get a fresh start

Mason: well you had pretty rough few years so a fresh start might just be what you need

Vinnie: Yeah I think so

Ziggy: We could all use one sometimes

Vinnie: We could

Vj: How about we start with dinner as a group 

Vinnie: Really 

Vj: Well now a good as time as any to get to know each other

Vinnie: Ok 

Coco: I will go get dinner

VJ : Yeah I come

Hunter: Me too

(Vj, Coco and Hunter get up and walk out the door a few minutes later Alf walks in)

Alf: Stone the Flamin Crows Vinnie

Vinnie: Long time no see Alf

Alf : Yeah, How are you even alive we were told you were dead

Leah: Someone was trying to kill him so he faked it

Alf: Right well it nice to have you back

Vinnie: It good to be back to get to know my son and you and Leah again also to get to know this lot

Alf: Which we will do when Vj gets back with dinner

Vinnie: Yeah we will


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Chapter 3

(Vj, Coco and Hunter are walking to get dinner)

Coco: Today been unexpected 

Hunter: Yeah between your dad been alive and Ziggy been bashed

Vj:Tell me about it

(Vj and Coco walk in the diner and Irene at the counter  )

Vj: You know i never thought i meet my dad

Irene: Did you say your dad

Vj: Yeah 

Coco:His dad alive

Irene: What 

Vj : It a long story 

Irene: I got time

Coco:It best we get dinner and talk outside

Irene:Here it is

(Irene, Vj and Coco walk out and see Hunter)

Irene: So how he alive

Hunter : He faked his death

Irene: Why

Hunter: Let him explain when you see him 

Irene: Fine i taking you three home 

Hunter: Ok 

Vj: That fine I guess

Coco : Lets get home 

(Irene drives then home)

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Chapter 4

(Irene walks in with Vj, Coco and Hunter)

Irene: Long time no see Vinnie

Vinnie: Yeah 

Irene: How are you alive

Vinnie: I had to fake my death to keep you all safe

Irene: Right 

Alf: Are we gonna eat 

Vinnie: As long as you fill me in on what been happening here

Leah: You bet

(They eat)

Leah: Well Sally left the bay after Flynn died of cancer, Chloe died in an accident caused by Jesse

Vinnie: Wow

Irene: And their always a drama or love triangle

Vinnie: Well some things never change

Hunter: That the bay for you

Olivia: Things don't change that much

Mason: Which can be good 

Vinnie: Yeah 

Vj: So dad how did you know we were still in the bay

Vinnie: Peter Baker told me

Leah: You been in contact with Pete

Vinnie: Yeah 

Leah: How is he

Irene: And Drew and Amanda 

Vinnie: They are good, he actual coming to visit in a few weeks

Vj: Really

Vinnie: Yeah

Irene: I can't wait to see him

Vj: Me too 

Leah: Guys Peter a dectieve 

Ziggy: Figured that out

(They ate and all passed out shortly after)




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Chapter 5 

(Coco and Vj are talking)

Coco: Are you ok

Vj: Honestly for once my life feels perfect i have my mum, i getting to know my dad and i have the best girlfriend ever

(Coco kisses Vj)

Coco: Well I have the best boyfriend ever

Vj: I love you 

Coco: I love you 

(Leah and Vinnie are in the kitchen)

Vinnie: So do i have another chance

Leah : with what 

Vinnie : with us

Leah: Yeah you have always been the one i never stopped loving you

Vinnie : and i never stopped loving you

(Mason and Ziggy are in the kitchen)

Ziggy: I need to tell you something 

Mason: Ok what is it

Ziggy: I in love with you and i want to be yours 

Mason: You like me

Ziggy : Yeah a lot

Mason: Let give this a go 

Ziggy : sounds good 

(They kiss)

( Hunter and Olivia are outside)

Olivia : Hunter i need to ask you something 

Hunter : Ok what is it

Olivia : Will you marry me?

Hunter: Yes I love you Olivia Frazer 

Olivia: I love you Hunter King

(They kiss)

The end

i was losing inspiration but i wanted to finsh the story in a sense but every character got a happy ending i going to be writing a Christmas story i will let you know the title in the comments






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