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Did Ailsa look at Irene as her new Bobby?.


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When Irene returned as recovering alcoholic the first person to treat her like she was a changed person with trust and respect was Ailsa.

Because I don't remember Ailsa ever having screen time with Jacqui Irene.  

It's funny how there were times when Ailsa was first to see the good in someone like Bobby and Irene and then there were  times when she would never trust someone like Dodge and Morag.

In fairness Ailsa was right in seeing good as both Irene and Bobby did change and whereas Dodge never changed and Morag did not change until after Ailsa died. 

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At least not at first. Ailsa never saw Irene as competent enough to be a co-owner of the diner and IIRC Ailsa once went crazy when she thought that Irene was going to buy remaining shares of the diner. She would also joke behind Irene's back in very early sober days.

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