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The Waves Hit

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I thought they were setting up a eating disorder storyline for Hunter at the end of last year but it never happened, this is my take on if it did.

Story Title: The Waves Hit
Type of story: Short/Medium Fic
Main Characters: Hunter, Olivia, Zac, Irene, Leah, VJ
BTTB rating: T/A
Genre: Drama/Family/Romance/General
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Violence.
Summary: Hunter has just been dumped by Olivia and is a mess but what if he developed an eating disorder during this time? how would that affect him? and would anyone realise before its too late?


Chapter 1:

The Beach

Hunter is running on the beach when Zac find him

Hunter: hey
Zac: how are you this morning?
Hunter: you know powering though
Zac: you are ok right?
Hunter: why wouldn't I be?
Zac: you've been exrecising alot latley and you didn't eat dinner last night
Hunter: dad seriously I am fine.. I just want to be healthy
Zac: ok but no more skipping meals
Hunter: what ever you say
Zac: good, I'll see you later
Hunter: bye

Summer Bay House

Zac and Leah are chatting

Leah: so did you talk to Hunter?
Zac: yeah and he says he is fine
Leah: are you sure?
Zac: no but he just got dumped by Olivia, maybe he needs more time
Leah: yeah maybe
Zac: I am worried about him
Leah: only natural
Zac: I'm sure he'll be fine

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Chapter 2:

The Gym

Hunter and VJ are working out together

VJ: so are you doing okay?
Hunter: why does everyone seem to think I'm not okay
VJ: maybe because you aren't coping?
Hunter: I'm fine
VJ: yeah sure you are
Hunter: seriously if you don't want to hang out just say, we don't have to be here
VJ: well lets go somewhere and talk properly then
Hunter: fine if it will shut you up
VJ: hey I'm trying to be your friend here
Hunter: your not doing a good job
VJ: yeah like your prefect, you've barely been around for me latley
Hunter: yet here we are arguring about that
VJ: maybe if you actually act like a human for once
Hunter: I am Human and I am fine
VJ: you know what, your on your own, don't blame me anymore for your problems
VJ walks away
Hunter: don't worry I won't

Summer Bay House

VJ enters the house

Billie: your back early?
VJ: yeah well Hunter was being annoying
Billie: you could give him a break?
VJ: why bother? hes being so stupid
Billie: hes clearly suffering and all your doing is letting him push you away
VJ: why is it up to me?
Billie: because your his friend
VJ: yeah I know, I should be helping him
Billie: good, glad you figured that out
VJ: what would I do without you?
Billie: no I'm the lucky one, you stayed and you didn't have too
VJ: hey were both lucky

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Chapter 3:

Summer Bay House

Hunter and VJ are playing video games together

VJ: you seem better?
Hunter: I'm sorry about freaking out on you, I just feel like everyone's out to get me
VJ: hey I'm here for you, you know that?
Hunter: of course
VJ: you seen Olivia latley?
Hunter: trying to advoid her but its not working
VJ: well we do live in a small town
Hunter: yeah thats tue
VJ: cheer up, I'm ging to beat you
Hunter: you wish, see I just won, so their
VJ: rematch
Hunter: maybe later, I'm going for a run
VJ: do you want me to come with?
Hunter: nah, I'm okay
VJ: just call if you change your mind
Hunter: yeah I will

Beach House

VJ comes to see Olivia

VJ: hey
Olivia: what you doing here?
VJ: came to see you
Olivia: yeah but why?
VJ: you mean I can't just see my friend?
Olivia: of course but we both know its not just about that
VJ: fine, I need to talk to you about Hunter
Olivia: whats he done now?
VJ: nothing
Olivia: ok so whats wrong?
VJ: hes just being distant and stuff
Olivia: well what do you want me to do about it?
VJ: talk to him
Olivia: I don't know if thats a good idea
VJ: come on, he needs you
Olivia: ok fine, I'll go and talk to him
VJ: thank you and good luck

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Chapter 4:

Hunter's Caravan

Olivia approaches Hunter

Olivia: Hi
Hunter: Hey
Olivia: how are you?
Hunter: I'm fine, how are you?
Olivia: I'm good but I know your not fine
Hunter: your wrong
Olivia: no I'm not, I know you just as well as you know me and I know your not fine
Hunter: fine, I'm not fine, are you happy?
Olivia: at least your being honest
Hunter: why are you here?
Olivia: I thought we could go to dinner, like old times?
Hunter: like a date?
Olivia: no just friends
Hunter: I don't want to be friends, you dumped me if you don't want to get back together just leave me alone

Hunter bails

Zac see's Hunter walk away from Olivia and goes to talk to her

Zac: Is Hunter ok?
Olivia: no
Zac: what happened?
Olivia: me and VJ both tried to talk to him but he won't listen
Zac: I'm sure he will soon
Olivia: maybe? I don't know
Zac: he'll be ok
Olivia: will he? He's in this dark place and I feel like it's all my fault, I dumped him but I still love him, I just can't...
Zac pulls Olivia into a hug
Zac: calm down, just take a breath, you'll be ok

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Chapter 5:

Summer Bay House

Hunter, Zac, Leah have just finished eating dinner

Zac: so how are you?
Hunter: seriously, do we have to keep doing this
Zac: doing what?
Hunter: you making sure I'm ok
Zac: I just want to know you are
Hunter: I'm fine, thank you for dinner

Hunter leaves

Leah:  hes been eating with us all week, maybe you should cut him some slack
Zac: I know, I'm just worried, hes not coping
Leah: hes ok
Zac: I hope your right


Caravan Park

Hunter goes for a walk into the bush and he starts throwing up everything in his stomach...

Edited by christine king
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Sorry for the long wait, I'll try to update quicker. I hope you guys enjoy this one.


Chapter 6:

The Beach
Hunter is running on the beach when VJ stops him

VJ: you going to be mad at me forever?
Hunter: that depends, are you going to be an idiot forever?
VJ: harsh
Hunter: fine, sorry, were cool, you can leave now?
VJ: how do you know I don't want to hang out?
Hunter: well do you?
VJ: yeah 
Hunter: do you want to run with me?
VJ: yeah ok as long as you take it easy
Hunter: ok but you have to try to beat me
VJ: agreed, mission accepted
Hunter: its on

Summer Bay House

Leah: its good you've let up on Hunter
Zac: well hes doing well
Leah: I'm just glad everything is getting back to normal
Zac: you and me both

Caravan Park

A guy approaches Hunter

Sean: so you want me to hook you up?
Hunter: yeah, can you get them?
Sean: of course
Hunter: cool
Sean: are you sure you want them?
Hunter: yeah I need them
Sean: I'll get you appetite suppressant pills by tomorrow
Hunter: thank you
Sean: they not cheap, do you have the cash?
Hunter: yep
Sean: happy doing buisness with you then, we'll do the deal tomorrow

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Hope you guys like this chapter, enjoy.


Chapter 7:

Hunter's Caravan

Hunter is waiting when Sean turns up

Hunter: you have them?
Sean: show me the cash
Hunter gives him the money
Sean: are you really sure you want these?
Hunter: yes
Sean hands over the pills
Sean: if you ever need more, you know where I am

Sean leaves

The Gym

Hunter is working out when Zac arrives

Zac: hey
Hunter: hi
Zac: you've been working out alot
Hunter: yeah to get my fitness up
Zac: ok as long as thats all their is
Hunter: what else would their be?
Zac: I don't know, you tell me
Hunter: there's nothing else going on
Zac: ok, I beleive you
Hunter: good
Zac: so you want to have lunch together
Hunter: sure, I'll be out in a second
Zac: ok I'll be outside

Hunter grabs his bag and quickly takes the pills out, he then takes one before putting them back in his bag

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Hope you guys like this chapter, enjoy.


Chapter 8

Hunter's Caravan
VJ and Hunter are hanging out in Hunter's caravan

VJ: you never want to do anything lately
Hunter: what are you on about?
VJ: your always exercising or working out, its like you forget how to have fun
Hunter: ok well what do you want to do?
VJ: well there's a party on the beach tonight, you should come with
Hunter: what about Billie?
VJ: she'll be ok for one night
Hunter: ok I'm in but it better be fun
VJ: it will be, just relax and come have some real fun

The Beach
VJ and Hunter arrive but Hunter soon she's Olivia and wants to bail but VJ refuses to let him

VJ: hey I am going to be a father in a few months and I want to have some fun before then
Hunter: emotional blackmail I like it
VJ: I thought it would work
Hunter: only because I've used it before in the past
VJ: actually

VJ goes to see Olivia while Hunter see's anther person he doesn't want to see, his dealer Sean...

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I’m going to be revisit this story. So here goes


Chapter 9

The Beach


Hunter goes to grab a beer and Sean walks over to him wanting to chat


Sean: Hey

Hunter: What are you doing here?

Sean: It’s a party!

Hunter: So?

Sean: So it’s a free party on the beach would be stupid to not come.

Hunter: I guess.

VJ approaches them

VJ: Hey who’s this?

Hunter: Sean

VJ: How do you guys know each other?

Hunter: We don’t. It’s a party. You talk to random people.

VJ: Fair. Come on let’s go dance.

Hunter: Sure. You still suck at dancing?

VJ: One way to find out!

Hunter and VJ go dance.




Hunter goes to get another beer but this time he finds Olivia at the drinks station.


Olivia: Hey. How are you?

Hunter: Do you care?

Olivia: Of course I do!

Hunter: Then get back with me!

Olivia: Hunter I…

Hunter: We were happy and good together. You can’t not admit that!

Olivia: It’s not that simple!

Hunter: It is! You just don’t love me anymore!

Hunter walks off and Olivia goes to find VJ

Olivia: Why did you leave Hunter alone?

VJ: He went to get a drink chill!

Olivia: Well we had a fight and he took off!

VJ: We have to find him now!

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Chapter 10


The Beach


VJ and Olivia have been searching the beach but couldn’t find Hunter anywhere. They go to check the caravan park too but he’s no where in sight and he’s not in his van either. They are both really worried but don’t know where to check since it’s dark, late and everyone is shut and everyone is asleep in bed. They decide to go home and try to sleep.


Summer Bay House

VJ arrives home. He goes up to his room and gets into bed with Billie who is already asleep.


Beach House

Olivia arrives home and finds the house all quiet. She locks the front door and goes up to her room. She goes to sleep.


Summer Bay House


VJ comes down stairs to find Billie, Zac and Leah eating breakfast.


VJ: Have you guys seen or heard from Hunter this morning?

Zac: No why?

Leah: What happened?

VJ: He ran off at the party last night. Me and Olivia tried looking for him but we couldn’t find him.

Billie: Maybe he’s back now? Did you check his caravan?

VJ: I just woke up and was just about too.

VJ and Zac head outside


Hunter’s Caravan


VJ and Zac arrive and realise the door is still locked meaning Hunter hasn’t been back. They decide to mount a search party for Hunter. They have to find him.


Beach House


Olivia wakes up and discovers her window is open which is weird because she thought she shut it last night. She walks downstairs to find the place trashed! Someone has broken in! She calls out to Irene but on receiving no answer she realises Irene must of left to go to work early. She grabs her phone and calls the cops to report a break in!

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