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The Waves Hit

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Chapter 11


Sean’s Apartment

Hunter wakes up in a bed that isn’t his. He walks into the living room and finds Sean their.


Hendrix: Why am I hear?

Sean: Oh good your awake.

Hunter: What happened last night?

Sean: I invited you over to continue drinking after the party and then you got wasted and I said you could crash here.

Hendrix takes out his phone and realises it is dead! No battery.

Hendrix: Great I’m going to be in trouble.

Sean: Not my problem mate.

Hendrix see’s a vase in the kitchen and recognises it.

Hendrix: Where did you get that?

Sean: I raided a house this morning. No one was home.

Hendrix: You broke into my girlfriends house?!

Sean: Girlfriend?

Hunter: Yeah she’s lives at the beach house with her aunt.

Sean: Oh I’m so sorry. Didn’t know their was a connection. It was just a  random house.

Hunter: Promise me you won’t go near the house again.

Sean: I promise the house is off limits.

Hunter: And the caravan Park house too. My dad lives their.

Sean: Ok that too. But now I need a favour from you?

Hunter: What?

Sean: Don’t tell anyone about the break ins.

Hunter: Ok deal.

Sean: Just Remember I know your secrets and you know mine. So we are even. If I go down your coming with me.

Hunter: I promise.

Sean: Good. You can leave now.

Hunter: Thanks again.

Sean: No worries. If you need anything you know where to find me.

Hunter: Sure. See ya later.

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Chapter 12


Hunter finally arrives back and is surprised to find VJ and Zac at his van!


Hunter: Hey

VJ: Where we’re you?

Zac: Why didn’t you call us?

Hunter: I went to a mates house. We got drunk and my phone died! Happy?

Zac: No.

VJ: Glad your ok?

Zac: So breakfast?

Hunter: That sounds good I haven’t eaten. Just give me a second.

 Zac: Ok fine.

VJ: Meet you at the house.

Zac and VJ leave

Hunter goes into his van and takes out his pills and then he takes one. Then he puts them back in a draw.


Summer Bay House


Hunter arrives. Zac, Leah, VJ, Billie and Hunter all have breakfast together.


Beach House


Olivia is at home alone when their is a knock at the door and she is surprised to find Hunter their.


Olivia: Your ok?

Hunter: I was going to ask you the same question!

Olivia: Your the one who went AWOL!

Hunter: I heard about the break in!

Olivia: I’m ok. I was asleep.

Hunter: I was still scared and worried about you.

Olivia: You don’t need to be. I’m fine.

Hunter: I still love you. I want to be their for you.

Olivia: I can’t… I just can’t. You need to go…

Hunter: No…

Olivia: Hunter…

Hunter: Don’t kick me out… please…

Olivia: We can’t just go back and pretend our break up didn’t happen…

Hunter: Why not? You love me. I love you. From where I am standing nothings changed.

Olivia: Everything has changed!

Hunter: No!

Olivia: Hunter please just go…

Hunter: Tell me you don’t love me anymore…

Olivia: I…

Hunter: You can’t say it can you…

Olivia: Of course I love you. But it’s not that simple.

Hunter: It is. It really is. We can get though this. I just need you with me. Please…

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Chapter 13


Beach House


Olivia: Hunter…

Hunter: I need you. I need you…

Olivia: Ok.

Hunter: Ok?

Olivia: We can get back together.

Hunter: Really?

Olivia: On one condition.

Hunter: Name it!

Olivia: Tell me what you are hiding?

Hunter: I’m not… I’m not hiding anything!

Olivia: You are! I can see something isn’t right.

Hunter: No your wrong.

Olivia: I’m not! I can see it! Talk to me!

Hunter: Is this a trap?

Olivia: No! I love you! I want to help you!

Hunter: I…

Olivia: Tell me what’s going on?

Hunter: I know who broke into your house.

Olivia: What? Who?

Hunter: That guy Shawn. From the party.

Olivia: The guy you partied with?

Hunter: Yeah him.

Olivia: When did you find out?

Hunter: This morning.

Olivia: But why did he tell you?

Hunter: Secrets.

Olivia: Secrets? What?

Hunter: He knew mine. I knew his. It was a mutual agreement.

Olivia: Hunter what did you do?

Hunter: Nothing to nobody else!

Olivia: Yourself then?

Hunter: Maybe.

Olivia: Hunter please…

Hunter: I…

Hunter collapses to the ground. Olivia is in shock but grabs her phone and calls for an ambulance. She checks his pulse it’s faint but still their but they have to hurry!

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Chapter 14




Olivia is pacing in the corridor when Zac and VJ arrive


Zac: What happened?

Olivia: He just collapsed!

VJ: Why though?

Olivia: I don’t know I’m not a doctor!

Zac: Well let’s go ask one.

VJ: Yes we need answers.


Awhile later


Zac: So Nate said Hunter has an eating disorder

VJ: What?

Olivia: How?

Zac: I don’t know.

Olivia: How long?

Zac: Since you guys broke up he thinks. The timeline fits.

Olivia: No! No, I can’t deal with this…

Olivia runs from the corridor

VJ: Should I?

Zac: Yes go…

VJ: Ok! Text me if anything changes

Zac: Will do.


Outside the hospital


VJ finds Olivia


VJ: So

Olivia: This is my fault!

VJ: It’s not!

Olivia: Yes it is!

VJ: You didn’t know.

Olivia: I knew he was upset. I knew something wasn’t right. But I told myself it wasn’t my problem anymore!

VJ: You broke up with him to protect yourself!

Olivia: And now he’s in hospital. I’m a bad person.

VJ: Your not!

Olivia: I caused this!

VJ: No Hunter did! It was all him!

Olivia: And Shawn!

VJ: What? The guy from the party?

Olivia: He broke into my house!

VJ: What?

Olivia: Hunter knew. Covered for him. Said something about Shawn knowing his secrets so Hunter kept Shawn’s.

VJ: This is crazy!

Olivia: I guess we know everything now.

VJ: Do you still love him?

Olivia: Yeah. So much it hurts.

VJ: And your relationship?

Olivia: We’re… I told him we could get back together.. I miss him

VJ: Good he’s going to need you

Olivia: We are going to do things differently this time.




Zac is by Hunter’s bed and Hunter begins to open his eyes…

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Thank you everyone for reading this fanfiction and I hope you like the end.


Chapter 15




Hunter wakes up and is surprised to see his dad looking so scared.


Hunter: Dad? What?

Zac: Are you ok?

Hunter: I think so.

Zac: Good then we need to talk!

Hunter: Talk about what?

Zac: Talk about your eating disorder!

Hunter: What? I don’t know what you are talking about…

Zac: Drop the act I know everything!

Hunter: How?

Zac: Nate and Olivia.

Hunter: Olivia? Does she hate me?

Zac: What? No! She’s worried about you!

Hunter: I’m fine!

Zac: Says the guy in a hospital bed!

Hunter: I’m sorry.

Zac: Good.

Hunter: Dad? What?

Zac: You could of died! What would of happened if Olivia wasn’t their? Of you were alone? You were reckless and stupid! I could of lose you.

Zac falls to the ground in tears and Hunter looks scared

Hunter calls out for help…



Hunter: I’m sorry a million times I am sorry!

Zac: Are you going to do everything the doctors tell you to do to get your body back to full health.

Hunter: Yes I promise.

Zac: Good.

Hunter: About before?

Zac: Don’t…

Hunter: But I… that was my fault! You lost it!

Zac: Just forget about it and focus on you.

Hunter: Ok.

Olivia and VJ come in

Olivia: Hey

VJ: Hi

Hunter: Hey guys. I’m really sorry about everything.

VJ: It’s ok.

Olivia: I forgive you.

Hunter: I don’t deserve it.

VJ: Maybe not but you are getting it anyway.

Olivia: From now on. It’s me and you. Ok?

Hunter: Ok.

Hunter holds Olivia’s hand

Hunter: I love you.

Olivia: I love you too.


The end xxx





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