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Puppy Love


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Title: Puppy Love

Type of fic: Short/Medium fic

Main Characters: The Morgans Buddy Evie Matt

Genre: Comedy Horror

BTTB Rating:  A

Does it contain spoilers: No don’t think so

Warnings: Adult Themes. I will give additional warnings at the start of each chapter if necessary.

Summary: Buddy seems to be smitten with Evie.  A silly story for Halloween.


Chapter one

Freedom of the sweet scented glorious open air wafted generously into Buddy’s doggie nortails . Oh how he loved the smell of the sunflowers that grew high and proud. High enough so he could skip through them as he chased the rabbits, Sometimes the humans would attempt to play with him by throwing a giant flying disc at him which hurt as it bonked off his nose. Buddy didn’t enjoy this strange game but he did enjoy the small biscuits that the humans fed him to try and con him into this pointless exercise..


But to be truthful Buddy was happiest when they left him alone to explore the wonders of the wildness. The only human that he felt any sort of bond with was a pretty female human called Evie. She had long flowing black hair that often smelled of summer fruits, and Buddy also liked her long legs. Those legs he just couldn’t help but hump. She also didn’t seem to mind his doggie licks she just giggled loudly that made Buddy’s ears twitch when he heard those sounds of glee..


Buddy stopped running ears perked up as a slight rustle sounded a few yards ahead of him. A rabbit Buddy licked his lips dropping his body close to the ground Buddy crawled closer. Soon enough he would be called inside for his so called delicious  tasting goodness for dogs mince meat that would just be splattered into his doggie bowl and he would be expected to eat that mess. Buddy watched as the rabbit darted across his eyeline into the long green grass and within seconds the hungry dog was giving chase. Whips of blades of grass hitting his face long droplets of slime oozed from Buddy’s panting mouth. The excitement building up within Buddy’s loins were electric. One snap of the neck and he would be dining on rabbit again tonight Oh yes oh yes Buddy followed and watched the rabbit’s hops as they neared the veggie patch. The rabbit looked around looking petrified seemly begging Buddy to take mercy but Buddy wasn’t going to have any of that rubbish growling Buddy leaped at the rabbit. Catching it off guard and with one swoop Buddy had clenched down upon the rabbits furry body Screams from the little rabbit as Buddy was getting ready to snap its neck didn’t put him off The thing that stopped Buddy within his tracks were the sounds of Evie’s giggling as she helped a hyper over the top looking food growing manic plant seeds into their veggie patch. Buddy dropped the rabbit as Brody glared at him Buddy turned to Evie for support in case Brody was going to yell at him for coming to close to his veggie patch Buddy watched as Brody was about to open his mouth to yell but was halted by Evie rushing over and giving Buddy the most loving hug ever Buddy wagged his tail and licked Evie’s nose.. For saving him from Brody’s outrage Evie was in for a treat tonight a good leg humping Buddy’s tail wagged more passionately   

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Thanks for the kind comments everyone...I'm trying to get into the mind set of a dog for this story So I hope I pull that off :lol:

Chapter 2


Edging the dog flap open slowly Buddy poked his head through to survey the oversized human dog kennel that the humans called home,before taking the daring venture inside. Daring venture because these humans were a strange bunch, and when you’re a dog you had to keep a watchful eye out for such daunting inventions as the dog leash. Where the human insisted on dragging you around a big open space known as a park, where you weren’t quite allowed to socialise with your own wider doggie family but were allowed to smell one another’s butts for some odd reason and then you were dragged back home where you were expected to sit and keep the humans company for hours on end.

Buddy pushed his way fully through the dog flap and was met by a wailing which sounded to his twitching ears as howling. Buddy was just about to run away and hide when he was grabbed by his collar and dragged into the living room.


“Thanks Matt how do you I’m doing?” Justin asked smiling Buddy made a gagging sound Brody turned and simply stated…


“Buddy’s not a fan of your singing mate”


“Of course he is Buddy’s my buddy” Justin said jumping up from the sofa and throwing the guitar across into Matt’s awaiting butter fingers


“Wow careful dude this guitar is priceless” Matt said as he barely managed to save it from bashing off the coffee table. Justin hadn’t noticed as he was too busy snuggling into a loving embrace with Buddy.


“Buddy and I have sat up late at night and we have chatted about……”.Justin’s chatter just blended into white noise as Buddy yawned, hoping that the yawn would cause Justin to pull away from him, after he got a waft of his doggie breath. It was true he and Justin had spent late nights on the sofa as Justin had waffled on about something. Buddy hadn’t a clue what though because after all he only spoke dog. He didn’t understand human speak but Buddy had picked out such strange phases such as Phoebe and sexy because Justin had repeated that human speak loads of times. But after that Buddy had found himself to wander into a daydream about rabbits either it was that or a daydream about Evie.


Justin had sat himself back down on the sofa now and had gone back to wailing or howling. Buddy wasn’t sure why and for what reason so he turned and waited staring at the door waiting for Evie to walk through carrying the food from Brody’s veggie patch.


“I thought you said you were a rock star?” Justin asked staring at Matt.


“I’m wanting to impress Phoebe here not send her to sleep with all these billiards lovey dovey songs.”


“There’s not a chance of that happening. Maybe she will get some earache but wow she won’t be sleeping” Matt said ducking as Justin throw a pillow at him.”


The door opened and Evie stepped inside. Buddy ran around in circles chasing his own tail overjoyed to see her. Evie smiled across at Matt as he helped Justin reach his high notes of a Be Gees song. Brody watched as Evie tried her best to walk gracefully while carrying a box of freshly grown vegetables, but with Buddy jumping up at her and barking Brody choose to rush across and take the box from her. Evie’s look of shock as Brody took the box from her was a look for utter surprise and she had to lean into Brody to catch her balance. Instead of having the normal rush of excitement that every other man would likely experience from having a young girl come close to falling into their arms. Brody was more concerned that she might crush his sprouts within the cardboard box she was carrying.


“Buddy let go of my leg” Evie looked behind to catch a look of utter delight upon Buddy’s face his pink tongue hanging out and look of happiness in his eyes oh he really did enjoy these leg humps with Evie.

“I see you have made another friends with benefits there Evie..” Matt said motioning his head towards Buddy who held Evie’s leg in a vice like grip and was happily going to town humping away.

“Be careful Mason might get jealous”


“Shut up Matt Brody get your dog off me please” Evie pleaded as Brody stared at her like she was crazy.


“Are you mad if we move we will drop this box of food on the floor and then I will have to throw it all away”


“Wash it in the sink” Justin said shrugging as if the solution was the most obvious in the world.


“No Evie let’s just ride this out Buddy just likes you” Evie sighed.



Marilyn jumped back slightly as she gazed upon a worse for wear looking Mason who looked to be majorly hungover. His skin had a very pale shine to it as well.


“Black coffee please” Mason looked around the diner the brightness of the lights were to dazzling for his bloodshot eyes and his head was pounding with razor sharp hammering pains.


“You had a heavy night Mason my dear?” Marilyn asked eyeing Mason with caution.. Maybe he had been out and been up to some funny business Marilyn wasn’t to know But he was looking very much like one of those vampire creatures that John sometimes watched on the TV


 “Black coffee please” Mason murmured.


Mason then staggered to his diner table his coffee sloshing over the brim of his cup as he went.       


“Anything to eat Mason my lovely?” Marilyn shouted over to him.


“No Marilyn black coffee please you seem to have given me a empty cup” Mason’s head then bounced onto the table and as Marilyn placed his new coffee on the table she could hear the light sounds of his snoring Mason dreamed of Evie.

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Thanks for all the kind comments

Hope you like this one :D



Chapter 3


Mason trudged his way slowly through the tall brightly yellowed sunflowers, passed Brody and Evie’s veggie patch. Oh how he envied the time that Brody got to spend to Evie, with Mason away at uni a lot of the time Evie had a pretty solid hobby. Mason was happy he couldn’t deny Evie finding something that she enjoyed. She needed something to focus on ever since her brother Oscar died, but Mason often thought why couldn’t Evie have found a hobby with him instead of Brody? Mason didn’t want to become too jealous at Evie getting too impressed with the size of Brody’s carrots after all.


Mason stepped up to the front door, as he did so he gave a odd glance towards Buddy’s slop bowl which gleamed in the sunshine. Buddy had been dining upon dog biscuits by the smell of it no rabbits for Buddy last night. Mason sighed and pushed the door open.


“Hey Mason how goes the medical training?” Justin shouted in passing as Mason murmured his reply. He sighed again thinking now that he had returned home  the week long hospital training would begin once more, he would have too undertake questions and seeing to treatments under the watchful hawk like eyes of Nate and Tori. In truth Mason didn’t remember a thing that he had studied at uni and Nate was strict and Tori was becoming a bossy doctor too no easy rides from her or sisterly love to be found. Mason shuddered with the fear of coming across as a bell end in front of them they might end up laughing at him.


Chocolate he was in desperate need of a sugar rush for some reason. Mason had been feeling tired and chocolate seemed to set him on the right path of feeling normal again. Brody eyed him with caution as Mason entered the kitchen Brody remembered all too well the way Mason had hurtled him into the fridge when it came to Evie Brody was aware that Mason could fly off the handle without warning.


“Mason how you doing mate?” Brody went to open the fridge for him, the main reason being so he could just show off all the wonderful desserts he had made to try out at Salt.


Mason was met with the sights of bright wobbly jellies exotic looking cheesecakes even a mini chocolate fountain with white fluffy marshmallows.


“Impressed are we eh?” Brody said smiling nudging his head towards all the carefully crafted hand made food.


“I’m looking for chocolate just a plain chocolate bar” Mason muttered back feeling the brightness of the jellies burning a hole into his unwell feeling soul.


“Oh well I tried to impress you with the wonders of my food dishes and you want a chocolate bar” Brody slammed the fridge door closed and backed out of the kitchen with a mock offended hurt look on his face.


Mason went about searching high and low for a single chocolate bar but couldn’t find one. Justin had told him to just wait until Tori returned with the shopping, but Mason couldn’t wait he was eager to pass this state of drowsiness off now and that is why he went to Buddy’s sash of specially made doggie chocolate. Mason found it to be quite bitter but at the same time refreshing and rather tasty Mason licked his lips feeling more like himself again. Mason looked around with a new found glee and went bounding upstairs to get himself ready for his date with Evie later.


Evie found it hard to walk in her wobbly heels. Matt had teased her about that earlier on in the evening when she had stopped by the diner to get his take on how she looked. Matt’s wolf whistle reaction had been all she needed to know that she was within the realms of looking like a complete tart or just rather fetching Evie wanted to achieve in going for the tart look so having Matt go silent and seem to be at a loss for words was encouraging. After all wanting to get laid was what the idea of dating Mason was all about. Matt had gaped at her in her red fishnets tights mini black leather skirt and her low tight crop top Matt also noted that she ws making sure that she was showing plenty of   cleavage.


“Matt what do you think, you think Mason will like?” Evie asked standing with a stance of newly found sexiness, while batting a whip lightly against her black leather gloved hand.


“Errrr what Evie that is no way to turn up to one of Ellie’s study sessions”


Evie raised an eyebrow not knowing if Matt was being seriously or not, she then turned and wobbled her way out of the diner the sound of Matt’s laughter echoing behind her.


Mason lay bare naked leaning against some puffed up feathery cushions gazing at himself in his full length closet mirror.  he was well impressed with his muscle toned pecks had he been working out? He couldn’t remember his legs were brimming with muscle as well, making it seem he had been doing a fair bit of running of late. Mason wasn’t sure about that either but as long as his body looked hot he was happy. Evie would be beside herself with lustful joy and passion for him and that’s all that mattered. In his mind Mason pictured this the ideal scene to be one of romance him laying on the bed having gotten himself ready for Evie. Condoms overflowing his sock drawer not far to reach to grab one when their lovemaking reached that critical moment.. Least Evie would know he had made an effort and…..


“Mason, Mason are you in there?” Evie glanced away from Mason’s bedroom door to catch Brody’s bemused look at her sexy outfit.


“Brody I….”


“Wow Evie I don’t even want to know” Brody said as he ran down the stairs laughing.


Evie quickly pushed the door open and slammed it eagerly when she was inside Mason’s room, then she turned and screamed at Mason within the glory of his birthday suit.


“Mason my god put some trousers on and at least lets say hello first”


Mason blushed “I thought we were just going to go at it like rabbits when you got here sorry”



Evie moved with the rhythm within the realms of passion looking downward towards Mason’s face she couldn’t quite tell if his expression was one of pleasure or the look of needing a constipated poo as he pushed his way inside her. If it wasn’t for his howling as he came close to reaching climax Evie would have stopped.


“Oh Evie that was soooooo good hope you could tell how turned on I was. How about you smack me with your whip now?”


“Errr Mason how about we just cuddle and go to sleep now? Its late and you look tired.”


Mason kissed her and fell asleep mid kiss so Evie rolled off him and cuddled into him for warmth before falling asleep herself.



What a chase that was up over the hills one hop two hops three hops fours and………..Oh I’m awake oh no that rabbit got away


Buddy’s sleepy eyes opened, slowly yawning Buddy’s pink tongue caught the thigh of Evie’s leg Buddy heard her slight sleepily giggle Buddy liked that sound very much. So he licked her again and Evie giggled again. Buddy lifted his head and found he had curled himself up at the bottom of a sleeping Evie. Buddy’s tail wagged and he felt happy that was until he had the urge to go to the toilet. Evie was sound asleep again so Buddy nudged her hard with his head when that didn’t work he decided he would stand on all fours and just stare down at Evie’s face and wait. When that didn’t work he barked Evie rolled onto her back. Buddy licked her face Evie woke up spluttering and laughing Evie had a quick glance around for Mason but like every other typical man he had vanished from the night before.   

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Thank You everyone

Hope you like this one


Chapter 4


Justin eyed Decker with sudden suspicion as the other man held out a six shooter pistol for Justin to take.

“I thought you said we were safe?”

Decker shrugged

“I’m sure you are……. No I mean to say you are…… Well you could be….. No, no no, no that’s wrong of me to say…… I mean yes most likely….. oh heck who really knows…… I mean you tell me you’re the ones who pissed off a whole bunch of reality contestants.  Decker shoved the gun into Justin’s hands and then laughed half heartily..


“That gun will keep your family safe”



“What’s happened to your car it looks quite banged up?” Justin said stretching his head round Decker to take a peek at his once state of the art luxury sports car. The FBI had generously forked out a lot of money on the sports car as a treat to Decker for being such a good bodyguard to the Morgan’s who had come up  against some very bad and naughty bakers who had taken not so kindly to  Brody thrashing them at in the Great British Bake Off contest.


“Oh my car, Oh you know got ran off the road earlier on today by a Mr Warburton bread van no bigger.” Decker said turning to go. But as he did so he collided with Matt who was too busy yelling at his sister Eille to notice him.


“Wow sorry dude, Eille get here now” Matt gazed upwards to see a gleaming gun barrel pointed in his face.


“Who are you are, Are you carrying any weapons such as rolling pins baking trays. Exploding cupcakes? Decker questioned using his menacing most scary voice.


Matt looked as though he was about to wet himself


“Nooo I..”


Decker pressed his gun against Matt’s nose.


“Do you know Brody Morgan?” Decker pressed  


“Yes I….”


“Are you a baker out for revenge against him?”


“No I’m here to drop my sister off I heard Evie stayed over last night and…”


Buddy had been laying in the corner dozing up until he heard Evie’s name mentioned.

Matt couldn’t deny he was scared of the mad wielding gunman who was asking absurd questions about revenge bent bakers and as soon as Matt spotted Evie coming down the stairs he leapt into her arms. Buddy didn’t like that one bit he was a jealous doggie now, seeing Matt being comforted by Evie was like seeing another dog getting the prized bone Buddy jumped to his feet and ran barking over to Evie.


Justin meanwhile had ducked outside to see if he could work his magic on Decker’s car he waved at the small blonde girl as she wandered across the Morgan’s threshold and into the most outrageous wackiest scene she had ever witnessed.


“Ellie stay back” Matt screamed.


“Oh cool Matt stop being such a wuss, it’s only a doggie” Eille rushed over to elope Buddy in a blanket of gut wrenching strong strokes against Buddy’s fur.


Buddy ignored her but watched as Matt edged closer to the ground as his weight was getting to much for Evie to hold. Decker stood within the doorway gun pointed towards the maddening scene before him, unsure of what to do. Matt screamed again as he toppled to the floor Evie fell on top of him, as this happened Matt and Evie’s lips lightly touched causing Buddy’s frenzy of jealously to worsen. Matt didn’t want to waste time in thinking that his and Evie’s brief kiss was earth shattering good. He wanted nothing more than to save himself and Eille from the raging violence of this insane dog. The once friendly house pet was now yapping and growling at him seemly intent on maybe eating him alive at any moment.



Buddy watched as Matt struggled to get his footing and grab Eille before bolting passed Decker and out into the wildness.


Brody was happily whistling a pretty tune happily caught up with watering his seeds out in the veggie patch. That a heavy whoosh of wind surprised him causing  his stylish beard to rustle out of shape, as Matt and Eille darted past as fast as the speed of light Buddy soon followed.


Being their bodyguard and all that fun stuff Decker yelled to Justin to throw him the six shooter pistol, seeing as when Decker had pressed his gun up against Matt’s nose the end of the gun had become jammed with some of Matt’s snot.


Decker caught the gun as Justin tossed it into the air and then realising on what Decker planned on doing next Justin screamed at him to stop.


Decker never heard him though he was a trained marksman, a trained killer the number one hitman in Australia and now he was inside the zone he aimed and fired the weapon.


Buddy felt a sharp pain pierce through one of his back legs as he fell to the ground a piece of Matt’s tshirt tore away and ripped as Buddy clenched the soft fabric in his teeth Matt carried on running not stopping to see if the dog was alright


Buddy let out a cry of pain stupid humans what had they done to him? He couldn’t walk he needed to rest he heard a patter of footsteps behind him but that was all before he fell into the darkness of doom.


Justin kneeled beside his fallen dog his friend his campion his buddy   

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Thanks for all the feedback everyone

I hope you enjoy this next one Hope it makes sense. :unsure:

Chapter 5


Chris Harrington watched memorised allowing his mind to wander as the small electric powered hand held whisk lapped itself throughout the gooey white cream. Chris prepared his next mind blowing tasty invention of a strawberry and cream pie but wished the huge craze of the Chris burger hadn’t ended up dying. But thanks to Brody Morgan’s rugged good looks and his charm filled abilities to have Chris’s girlfriend Hannah merely falling at his feet and flirting wildly with him. Chris’s cooking skills had been pushed to the side lines.


To make matters even worse Hannah had been one of the judges of the reality cooking show, and Chris had become convinced that Brody had paid Hannah off and not in the money sense either, as a way to win the contest. Surely the enjoyment and the sound of pleasure as Hannah smacked her lips together as she licked her fingers of every essence of Brody’s cooking treats such as his carefully baked full to scale sized gingerbread house were faked.. When baking his gingerbread house masterpiece Brody had even come close to killing Hannah in a puffy clouded explosion of baking soda. But that even didn’t change the outcomeof Hannah’s casting vote which brought Brody the win. Hannah had just giggled fluttered her eyelashes and gave Brody the deep meaningful look as if to say I’m really turned on now.


Looking back on it now Chris could have sworn that Hannah’s breast size had shrunk thanks to that explosion. Chris stopped whisking his cream and went about finding his ripen strawberries while dark thoughts of vengeance for Brody Morgan danced around at the back of his mind.


Leah Patterson considered herself an exotic cook. Leah knew the way to a man’s heart and that way was preparing dishes from Greece. She had been sure she would take the title of the cooking reality star beauty home with her, had it not been for Brody Morgan and Hannah’s flirtatious behaviour. Brody cheated plain and simple and that was just not on.


Leah had gone to a lot of effort nagging endlessly at her wannabe novelist husband Zac to publish her Greek recipes into numerous cook books. Zac had bitched and moaned that he wanted to achieve more than to let the world know about Leah’s raisins and sultanas Greek buns. Leah had answered him back with some angry sounding Greek words that made Zac recoil in horror. Those words sounded nasty and dangerous maybe even cursed, Zac had heard the whispers about his wife people called her the black widow. Thinking it wise to do as Leah wanted Zac had tried but failed to write and publish her books and soon after that he had ran away causing Leah to blame Brody Morgan for the breakdown of her marriage.


Irene Roberts had been saddened to lose out to Brody’s prize winning gingerbread house. But she had taken the loss as a respected lady held no grudges and shook Brody’s hand and parted ways. But since the realty contest had come to a close Irene hadn’t that much to do to keep her mind active. So when a good case of revenge against Brody came along it seemed to be the only logical answer, Better than her dying from boredom from only serving coffee and wiping down tables all day every day.


Evie and Matt sank into the softness of the cushions of Roo’s manky stained sofa kissing passionately The intense feel of their kiss washed over them Since their brief kiss back at the Morgan’s where Matt had fallen on top of Evie while a jealous fuelled up Buddy had yapped at their heels, Evie and Matt had agreed upon a causal hook up relationship deal Evie liked Matt more than Mason it seemed. Anyways it seemed Mason’s expressions of pained pleasure left a lot to be desired and while Buddy was on the scene Evie was worried about having a meaningful relationship. That dog just seemed to have a obsession about her and ever since seeing him give chase after Matt, Buddy’s love had started to frighten her. Evie heard a the incoming phone call as her and Matt struggled to climb up from they tangled lusts of lovemaking.


“Hello” Evie answered quite breathlessly.



Nate Copper tasted the saltiness of Tori’s sweat as she arched her way into his embrace. The hospital cupboard they found themselves in was too cramped really to play the famous game of doctor and nurses, As it turned out they weren’t having that much fun anyways as they had both experienced bruise making pain as they bashed each other’s arms and heads within they romantic tangle. Nate was glad as he spied the clock he swung Tori around and then said…..


“Time for our shift to start Doctor Morgan”


Tori looked startled it always seemed unbelievable how Nate could just fall back into his super doctoring profession within moments. The tit of the ladies man just seemly to vanish.

Nate marched out into the hospital hallways. Tori followed listening as Nate tutted as he glanced at his watch.


“Where’s Mason Tori? His late again if he wants to become a doctor he needs to be more committed more super not to mention more handsome like me  Nate looked behind and gave Tori a quick wink when he turned to face forwards again he was startled to see Justin who shoved Buddy into his arms.


“Oh doc you got to help him” Justin pleaded. Brody and a shamefaced looking Decker stood behind nodding their heads in agreement. Nate looked down at Buddy and then back at Justin.

“I’m not a vet I’m a doctor how you expect me to be able to do anything for him?”


You’re the best doctor we know!! Plus there are no vets in this town, in fact no other animals only Buddy here Justin added as Brody and Decker nodded as to act as confirmation to Justin’s statement.


Nate shrugged he couldn’t deny Justin spoke the truth and plus he liked the fact that Justin had massaged his ego saying he was a best doctor around, but he wanted more praise.


“Oh I don’t know I’m quite the super doctor really wouldn’t you say?”


The Morgan’s answered him in unison and pushed him towards one of the treatment rooms. Brody who had claimed that he wasn’t crying but had been peeling onions earlier on in the day dashed outside to phone Evie.  Given Buddy’s bond with her and also because Decker had placed Evie as Buddy’s next of kin while sorting through the Morgan’s paperwork Evie had a right to know, Even though she had no knowledge that she was Buddy’s legal guardian. Brody had planned on sharing this information with her as a birthday present in a few weeks time.


Nate placed Buddy upon the treatment table as Justin watched as Buddy gazed lazily around the room the smell of disinfectant of the hospital  was killing him given he had fifty times more powerful sniff power than humans,  his tongue lay lopsided inside his mouth.


“Is he going to be alright doc” Justin asked looking to his furry best four legged friend.

Nate stood looking knowledgeable but not really having any clue on where to start Scanning Buddy’s body Nate made a lot of mmmms and arr noises  

“Everything seems normal” Nate started to pace up the length of Buddy’s body stopping every so often to act as though he had found something of interest.  


Nate’s eyes then glinted with hope as he spotted the golden little bullet wedged inside Buddy’s leg. Having treated the Braxton family for multiple bullet wounds in the past Nate was a dab hand at removing the little blighters.  


Nate walked calmly through the double swinging operating theatre doors, clipboard in hand where he had doodled a picture of a dog upon the page. What else could you put on a dog’s patient hospital chart record sheet? Nate looked up feeling proud of his drawing. and screamed a rather girly sounding yelp which carried with the weight of it  surprised horror. Mason was lying where Buddy was meant to be lying.

Mason rolled over groaned as he felt a mild dull ache at the bottom of his leg where a bullet once had been lodged inside.


Nate staggered out of the room to be met with the awaiting Morgan’s and a rather confused looking Evie who had just been told she was the next to kin of a dog.


“Who’s Buddy’s next of Kin?” Nate spluttered looking white as a sheet.

Evie stepped forwards Nate looked shell shocked..


“Errrr can I have a word please? May I ask are you and Mason still seeing each other and if so I hope your still on the pill Evie?”  Evie nodded but inside she felt a jolt of panic she had forgotten to take the pill on last few occasions that she and Mason had slept together

Justin raised a questioning eyebrow

“What’s Evie being on the pill got to do with anything to do with Buddy?”

Nate gulped this whole thing was about to get an whole lot more strange.


Mason was now sat up in bed looking worried as Evie and Nate entered the room.

“Evie what… why are you here?” Mason asked


“Mason I could ask you the same question” Evie answered giving Nate a strange look of wonderment.

“Where’s Buddy Nate?”

Oh I’m sure he will return to us shortly Nate answered eyeing Mason with a look of disbelieve   

“Mason would you mind if I had some of your blood to be tested please?” Nate asked jabbing a needle into his arm without giving Mason chance to answer.

“Why I don’t understand?” Mason howled as the needle was plunged into his arm.


Nate laughed and just claimed it was for routine purposes as he lifted the bed sheet and glimpsed Mason’s leg and the remaining scar of where the bullet had been removed from Buddy’s leg hours before. Nate glanced back at Mason and Evie with a happy cheesy grin upon his face. Nate then wandered off thinking it best not to worry Mason with the news that he lived half his life as the family pet dog..

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Thanks I never expected when I wrote this story that so many of you guys would enjoy it :D

Chapter 6


The swinging doors creaked loudly, causing the dozen or so white floating coated scientists to turn and gaze towards the visitors daring to enter Murmurs of heightened interest the sounds of scribbling pens upon notepads rustled and echoed, as Justin, Brody and Decker stepped into the unnerving atmosphere. Justin gave the scientists a look of awed confusion as he smiled sheepishly over at Mason, who was equally looking dumbfounded by all the odd attention.


“How are you doing buddy?” Justin asked Nate stepped forward emerging from the sea of white coats and simply corrected Justin’s mistaken case of  identity


“No that’s Mason Justin”  

Justin looked at Nate as if he had gone barking mad.

“I know that cheers for clearing that up doc”

“Am I sick or something?” Mason asked gazing around as the group of toffee nosed scientists took on a look of utter pity for the young Morgan.

Nate stepped forward again.

“No Mason but let’s just say you’re a medical and bizarre mystery that we all can’t wait to study. Now tell me have you suffered from any odd symptoms?”


“Symptoms what like?” Mason asked gazing across at Justin, then back at Evie who sat at the side of his bed faking concern as best as she could awhile she and an cute dishy  white coated scientist secretly flashed each other flirtatious glimpses at each other.

“Do you experience any blackouts loss of time anything like that?” Nate asked he gazed sideways slightly as the flock of white coated eggheads of science peered goggled eyed over this shoulders and looked to Mason awaiting his answer.


“Blackouts yes I have those sometimes?” Mason answered to a chorus of delighted grasps of wonder from the gawking spectators of science, sounding as though they were watching the whooshes of an impressive display of fireworks.

Mason glanced back and fro between the babble of animated faces.


“Doesn’t everyone get blackouts sometimes though? He questioned crushing Evie’s hand hard, making her gaze away from her dishy scientists  for a moment and turn towards Mason with a look of fury upon her face. The pain of tension within Mason’s iron felt grip of her hand was too much to withstand so she tried to pull away from him which upset Mason’s inner soul.


Justin stepped forward fighting his way through the gabble of white coats.

“What’s going on here Mason why are you here where’s Buddy? He demanded.  


“Your brother’s a dog said one of the white coated scientists leaning forward, feeling good within himself thinking he had done his good deed for the day. Justin turned a whole one hundred and eighty degrees on the spot took the hold of the outspoken and good willed man of science by the  turfs of his collar and hurtled him across the room. Brody winced as he heard the crack as the guy bounced off the wall.


“His not a dog why you don’t even know him” Justin yelled.


“Actually started a another white coated scientist but he was cut off mid sentence by a venom raging angry Justin yelling


“Oh get out all you lank white toffee nosed swans”


“Oh how very dare you we are entitled to our research” the white coated lanky swans of science all protested but flinched backwards at the look of Justin’s look of fury.


“Best to leave them to it now guys” Nate spoke ushering flock of whiteness out of the room leaving the Morgan’s feeling confused and dazed.


Brody collapsed into a nearby chair. Evie looked bored as Mason smiled weakly over to her, he was slightly worried that having large groups of people come to gawk at him like some kind of zoo animal wasn’t doing much to impress her.. Nate stepped back into the room with a nervous looking Tori when was gripping the results of Mason’s blood tests within her pale looking hands. Tori handed the results over to Nate who had to hold back a hysterical fit of maddening laughter, as he read the confirm  piece of information that showed Mason and Buddy shared the same DNA.


“Mason would you like to tell your family or will I?” asked Nate kindly a look of amusement in his blue eyes.

“Tell us what?” Brody asked.

“You aint gay are you?” Justin asked.

Mason laughed loudly but stopped as he could see that Justin was indeed being serious.  

“No are you joking? Evie and I go at it like rabbits most nights” Mason spluttered Having just mentioned rabbits Mason had a sudden urge to check the hospital dinner time menu for rabbit stew.

Everyone turned to Evie in hope that she would confirm that she and Mason had a active sex life but she had zoned out listening to such musical classics such as Justin Bieber via her IPod


Decker meanwhile had snuck out and found a quiet corner of the hospital. His phone rang it was the commissioner calling, placing the phone to his ear he heard the words the bakers are coming.

Startled Decker said….

“Are you sure Gordon?”

“Oh yes get the Morgan’s to the safe house as fast as you can” the commissioner answered back .

Decker hung up and ducked into the shadows of the hospital hallways.



Matt was so happy to see Evie stood on his doorstep that he picked her up and swung her around into the small flat. Roo smiled as Evie’s surprised screams filled the apartment.


“Strange day eh?” Matt questioned as he placed Evie down.


“Finding out you’re a guardian to a dog who by the way vanishes into thin air and is replaced by your sex buddy… Roo coughed Evie blushed Matt looked quite jealous.


“Yes it was quite strange, is Roo going to be here all night? Evie whispered Roo glanced up and smiled.


“No I will go and see Duncan his been quite lonely since dad up and left after getting that surprising and very odd job offer” and she said getting up and sweeping passed them both.


“Oh and Eille’s on a sleep over so you two can do whatever you like.. Matt just clean the sheets afterwards byeeeeee” Roo left leaving Evie and Matt stood there blushing

Evie moved forwards dodging Matt’s kiss.


“I’m sorry but I need to go check something first” Evie said pulling out a pregnancy test from her bag and dashing into the bathroom. Matt gulped they had only done it once, he then felt a wave of pride wash over him. Was he that good that one time on Roo’s manky old sofa had been enough to what… Bring a baby into this world Matt suddenly felt sick himself.


Buddy jumped from the hospital bed and wandered passed a sleeping Brody who seemed to be having a sort of nightmare, about a deep graveling voiced man who looked very much like Decker in his dream. Brody was a child of nine years old and Decker was bent over him speaking very deep into his ear. A playing card of a Joker had fallen out of Decker’s pocket..

Buddy licked Brody’s hand as he crept passed. Evie’s hair band rested within his doggie jaws .


Evie exited the bathroom looking quite white. Matt got ready for the news that he somehow knew was coming to hit him like a freight train and change his life forever.


“I’m pregnant Matt” Evie said with tears in her eyes.       


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Now be warned this chapter brings with it lots of sillyness :P


Thanks for all the awesome comments

Chapter 7

Matt gazed into the depths of his golden beer, and watched as the tiny popping bubbles rose to the top of the glass. Kyle glanced over as Matt sighed loudly.

“Matt for goodness sake its happy hour your be scaring away the rest of the punters”

“I have made a dog’s dinner of things Kyle. Evie’s  pregnant with my kid”


Kyle grabbed the nearest beer towel and threw it over his shoulder. He had heard the stories that with the joys of owning a bar, that one of the most vital roles to befall the barman was to wallow in and help counsel the slightly drunk and depressed customers troubles away, as they drown their sorrows while drinking the slightly overpriced beer. Kyle patted Matt lightly on the shoulder and gave him his most solemn look of support.


“Thanks Kyle mate means a lot, but I have to go and see her” Matt dashed away feeling the world start to swirl as he tried his best to walk in a straight line.  


“Hey Matt your pint”

Kyle shrugged and licked his lips as he gazed at the golden deliciously tasting home brewed treat.. Since the Morgan’s over take of Angelo’s, Kyle had moved to the Yabbie Creek where he had opened his very own bar. But with good fortune came the downfall of turning into an alcoholic. Kyle didn’t see it that way though if the customers wanted to dash away and leave their drinks untouched, who was Kyle to deny himself the pleasures of the leftovers? Especially if he wasn’t the one not having paid for the drink Kyle chugged down Matt’s pint in one huge gulp  

Then smiling and staggering backwards Kyle fell into the bar’s display of very expensive wines cabinet feeling all of a sudden very drunk..  




Buddy sat staring at Evie  as she wailed and making sounds he just didn’t understand if he had to guess though Evie had run head first into the closed screened door thinking it was open. He often did after being to do his doggie business outside. Humans didn’t tend to like it if you went to the toilet on their carpets. Buddy licked her on the nose and then went to lay his head in Evie lap.


“Oh Buddy I’m having a baby, I think its Matt’s” Evie then stopped short…… Mason oh God Mason. Buddy felt Evie’s body tense up and her nails dig into his fur Mason might be the father of the my baby

Mason!!!!!!! I might be having Mason’s baby Evie said jumping up feeling a sudden hint of dread start to creep up her spine.  Buddy jumped up and barked wagging his tail happily Evie gazed towards the dog oddly.


Justin crept downstairs holding his baseball bat high above his head. There was something swinging through the trees outside. Oddly it sounded very much like a bat mixed with the grunts of a man. Justin swung the front door open with a pouncing start Matt screamed as he was hurtled at Justin’s feet.


“Wow dude don’t go out there!!! There’s a crazed man in a dark cape” Matt said looking worriedly up at Justin.


“I’m not just any crazed man in a cape though. I’m the Batman” The strange caped figure swooped down out of the dark shadows of the night and fluttered down so he stood within the Morgan’s doorway. Justin lifted his baseball bat.


“Your family get them, meet me by my car, the bakers are back and are hell bent on getting their doughy revenge.” The Bat Nutter spoke with such a deep sounding serious voice that Justin just laughed.   


“Oh good one I bet you think you’re a right joker don’t you?”

The darkly caped oddball fixed him with a serious expression.

“I’m nothing like that insane clown”


Brody and Tori having just woken up both stepped down the stairs in awe.


“Wow its Batman I have had dreams about you” Brody said in amazement.

“I did too. I have always had a thing for men wearing black tight leather”  Tori said dreamily.  


“Come where is Mason and that dog of yours? That mutt better not chew at my car’s leather seats or drool all over them.. they are a bitch to clean or so my butler Alfred tells me.”  


“Wow Justin Batman me and Tori we used to send loads of letters to him” said a smiling Brody


“Yeah me and Brodies were members of the fan club. Oh Brody do you remember when Mom used to read us a comic before going to sleep each night?” Tori happily skipped her way out of the front door.  


Justin yelled for Mason to get down the stairs forgetting he was in the hospital being closely monitored by Nate and his crazy scientists. Justin didn’t like this much Decker hadn’t been in touch and now he couldn’t think of what other choice he really had than to follow his star struck brother and sister out of the door in their pursue of this Bat freak.


While he stood there gazing out into the darkness of the night. Justin jumped at the feel of Buddy brushing against his legs, and then catching a quick glimpse of the dog equally shocked Justin as he watched Buddy run out into the night’s blackness, having thought that the dog must have ran away after being spooked by Nate in the hospital. 


Evie followed Buddy wiping sleep from her eyes and smiling at a drunk looking sheepishly cheesy grinning Matt, who was fearing the worse thinking that Evie had told that dog all her hidden fears that he Matt Page might be the father to her baby.


“Matt will you be alright here if we are not back in a few hours call the cops?” Justin then left, leaving a half sobering up Matt who was starting to get the munchies alone Brody would have plenty of food for him to eat until the Morgan’s returned though. Matt was sure Brody wouldn’t mind if he helped himself to his food.



Justin caught up with Brody and Tori  both were too busy to notice him though as they both took in the sleek shine of blackest of the Bat mobile.


“Get in and Buckle up came Batman’s command making everyone jump about a foot in the air. Buddy barked and growled at the strange dark caped man, who to be fair wasn’t at all being that brave as he flinched away from the dog with a certain amount of fear.


“This is the Bat mobile” Brody and Tori both screamed with excitement, as they both climbed inside, hyperventilating as they did so. Justin rolled his eyes he thought back to when Brody’s obsession with food had happened Justin had thought that was over the top, but he had forgotten about Brody’s comic book nerd fest obsession which had been the mother of all his obsessions.    


“Err can you drop me home please?” questioned Evie nervously..

“No time” came the bats grunted reply as the car’s engine rocketed into life.

“I’m just going to give Decker a call” Justin said pulling his phone out of his pocket but the loopy Bat leaned across and snapped it right out of his hands Justin then watched as the crazy man dressed as a bat tossed his phone out of the car’s window. Justin winced as he heard the splash as the phone sank into a muddy puddle yards away from the car.


“Decker knows his spoken to the commissioner and…..”

“Commissioner Gordon right?” Brody asked smiling at Tori like a Cheshire cat.


Batman grunted and turned to face forwards pressing his foot down on to the floor. Justin and the rest of the Morgan’s fell back into their seats with such great force thanks to the car’s throttle force power that small ripples began to caress throughout their cheekbones.


The mass build up of Buddy’s slimy drool exploded covering everyone with dog saliva. Buddy then barked happily being able to swallow once again.

“Ewwww Thanks a lot Buddy” Evie said as she reached across to stroke the dog slime onto his furry coat. Evie’s eyes widened as she did so as she thought she caught the tiniest glimpse of Mason sitting next to her. Surely not, how did he get here, and if he was here where had Buddy gone? Mason was indeed sat next to her though and what was that he was doing was he barking just as Buddy had been doing moments before? Time seemed to stand still as Evie turned to Mason who was grinning at her and winking.


“Alright Evie can I just say great news that your pregnant and I might be the father I mean not at all that surprising with the amount of sex we have been having….  Hang on how did I know about it? Have you told me I don’t remember” Mason looked confused and even more baffled when Evie screamed, causing everyone else to glance upon Mason. “NATE WAS RIGHT MASON’S A DOG” everyone screamed.


“Oh thanks that’s just charming” Mason said looking hurt and slightly annoyed.


Justin quickly opened the window of the car and puked thinking of all the time he had played with and cuddled up to Buddy on the sofa as they sat watching Netflix.




Alf Stewart polished the silverware for the hundredth time. It wasn’t even real in fact Alf was certain it had been purchased on Ebay. When being offered this job Alf was excited working as someone’s butler being promised pay of slabs of gold from someone high up working in the FBI. That had all turned out to be a lie. Alf looked around at the dingy poxy looking cave that was infested with bats  To make matters even worse his employee insisted on calling him Alfred all the time as well. Alf hated the full term of his name Alf would of even taken to being called AL over Alfred. He missed Roo and Duncan.  


“Great Galah” Alf muttered as he heard the screech of tyres followed by a huge crash causing the fragile jagged rock wall of the cold dank cave to crack. Alf then dived out the way as the Bat moblie came shooting through the jagged spilt of rock.


The car smashed into the other side of the cave causing everyone to crawl out of the wreckage and tumble out into a pile. Buddy was back and went about exploring he barked happily as he spotted some bats to chase.


“Mason Mason is a a a a”


“Dog” coaxed Brody helping Justin out.

Tori looked faint as she watched her furry dog brother run around the cave.

Batman stepped in front of them all and then pulled his mask off.

The Morgan’s just stared back with even more shocked expressions


“Surprise” Decker said happily thinking his true identity would bring them great comfort, from finding out that the dog that they had played fetch with since childhood was also their baby brother.


Tori and Brody let out disappointed sighs.

“Decker no your not Batman”

“I am Brody I’m the Batman” Decker said gazing around them all looking sumg.


“No Bruce Wayne is” Tori answered thinking how disgusting it was to have a unknown crush on Decker all these years.


“Well what a anti climax” muttered Brody. 


Decker having chosen to ignore Brody’s comment continued.


“I bet you thought Fifty Shades Of Grey was the biggest piece of global success for the Fan Fiction genre. But no you were wrong. I reinvented myself I am Batman I spent years creating the back story for character. So nobody would realise that I was the real man behind the cape. The comics the movies the cartoons I wrote them all as a cover. Decker said with pride.


“The commissioner tells me when you are in danger and I watch you within the shadows… Then I come out sometimes as myself as Decker to come and say hello to you all” Decker watched as Justin came forwards.

“Is it just a strange fetish you have or something because that just sounds utterly bonkers”

Decker smiled.

“I’m you bodyguard by day The Batman by……….” Decker stopped and screamed as he heard the of loud rippling sounds of leather echoing throughout the cave.


“That great Galah of a mutt is destroying all your batsuits Sir Decker.”


“Yes thank you Alfred” Decker turned and glared at all the Morgans.

“I have always hated that dog”

“Hey that’s my brother you talking about” Justin stepped forwards and gave Decker a knuckle sandwich.




Buddy ran across to them dropping a strand of chewed up leather into Decker’s hand.

“All my life’s work gone chewed away” Decker said glaring up at them all.

“Well at least you can still protect us right? I mean you are still a FBI/assassin” said Tori

Decker felt a sudden surge of needed vengeance as he stared up at the Morgans  

“Yes your right I am”  

“Good then you can still keep us safe from the band of bakers” Brody said smiling

“Oh no I’m not helping you now, not after destroying my life’s work. No I’m going to get my revenge on you all now by joining forces with the band of bakers.”

Decker started laughing and within seconds had vanished to only be replaced with a wisp of smoke.


Mason wandered over to them thinking it odd that he had bits of leather stuck in his teeth.

“What’s going on guys?”

“Oh goodness can someone take me home RIGHT NOW I’m a pregnant woman I can’t take all this stress screamed Evie stomping her feet.

Mason smiled and winked at everyone.

Yeah and I’m the daddy

Everyone just stared wide mouthed at him thinking and wondering if Evie was going to  bless their family with the patter of tiny feet or the soft padding sounds of puppy paws.     






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Thanks for the comments so glad you are enjoying this story :)

Warning this chapter is rather cheesy :wink:

Chapter 8

3 Months later


Residing high beyond the sunshine sea and the surf up amongst the hilltops within the deepest forest stood the house made from gingerbread.

The house made from candy was Brody’s pride and joy, his winning entry which was where the Morgan family’s nightmare with the revenge wielding bakers all began. Unknown to the Morgan’s Brody’s award winning gingerbread house was also the FBI’s idea of where the Morgan’s would go to hide, if the use for a safe house came about.. The house surprisingly enough stood strong and was able to withhold its own resistance against bad weather conditions, due to the gingerbread consistency and texture. The house of ginger had become hard and steely due to the mould that had grown throughout its structure and biscuitly foundations. allowing for such weather as hard hitting hails of rain to beat down to be sent shooting away ricket shading  from its walls of its doughy sweetness. The hailing rain would hit with such force that the small shard of ice would shoot off somewhere at the same speed as a speeding bullet.


All around the sounds of the wildlife encased the forest. From up on high sat high above the chirping crickets a balloon sized heavily pregnant Evie as she manned the rooftop turrets of the house of confection.


Evie’s baby could come any day now, which was somewhat concerning, given that seemed to soon to be considered in anyway shape or form the way of a normal pregnancy. Evie often found herself experiencing strange and to be quite frank utterly bonkers sets of cravings such as dog biscuits dog chews and having to go and sit and watch Justin as he sucked his kangaroo chops dry of their meat. Evie would sit there dribbling waiting for Justin to hold out the bone for her to take by clenching the bone with her teeth and then going to nibble at the bone in a corner of the house. Justin often shrugged these acts of odd behaviour off putting them down to hormones, and maybe Evie just wanted to keep the juicy bones for Buddy. Indeed Buddy would enjoy to share the bones with Evie but when she had grew tired of sucking them Buddy would take them away to go and bury throughout the forest to return too at a later time.


Evie also couldn’t deny the joy it brought her to have Brody throw the spare slightly chipped logs of wood often used for the log burner away to the side of the house. Evie would chase after those with glee running on all fours. Brody was quite surprised but to be fair he didn’t really understand the thinking and thoughts of a female mind, so he just enjoyed the playful time he had with Evie, it reminded him of the days where they would have been out working on their veggie patch together.


Matt stood gazing out of the sugar crusted window armed with its very own machine gun. Thoughts whizzing through his mind of how he and Evie had been thrown into this mad world of having to go live with the Morgan’s, Ever since Decker had double crossed the Morgan’s or as Commissioner Gordon liked to say double Deckered the Morgan’s  Matt and Evie were no longer safe from the bakers doughy revenge either


Mason stood behind the large cannon as Justin tossed him the cannonballs of cheesy lunch packed sized baby bell cheesy treats. All of the built in weapons for the house were food based around Brody’s ideas for a themed nights at Salt this month it happened to be of the cheesy variety. Also Brody thought it be quite fitting because it meant that he could bowl his jealous enemies over with the taste of sweet tasting revenge. Brody made the foods for the ammunition Justin built the machinery that would house that ammunition out of  spare car parts from his car garage that he worked at.


A slight rustle in the brushes put everyone on edge. Brody loaded his catapult with some large custard pies. Matt made sure his machine gun was equipped with its supply of cheesy puffs. Evie’s turret was loaded with bubbling hot splashes of melted cheese. And Tori was hidden from sight high amonst the treetops dressed as Jungle Jane.  The Morgan’s were all ready for their cheese based showdown with the bakers to begin.



Decker signalled for the baker vans to make their way forwards, as he lay in safety amongst the darkness of the concealing leafy outgrowth of the forest.  He chewed at a strand of grass as he spied upon the Morgan’s new hideout.


Chris crept forwards slowly hoping that the slight purring sound from his bread van engine wouldn’t give him away.

Irene sat behind her wheel of her bread van humming with new found excitement just happy to be out to be involved and to feel part of something worthwhile.


Leah was moving along looking very impatient a very strict look of annoyance upon her moody face.


Suddenly the three bakers were set into a state of utter shell shock as a ton of coconuts rained down hitting and denting the roofs of their bread vans, Then they heard the clear and crisp jungle call from Tori as she swung through the trees. Tori quickly took up her javelining throwing pose and threw quick fire sets of stale rock hard foot long cheesy toasted sandwiches down upon the three troublesome bakers. each of the foot long cheese toasted sandwiches sailed through the air shattering the glass of the three advancing baker vans.

Tori made it to safety swinging her way into a nearby tree house before Chris Irene or Leah had chance to react.


Decker fired some gunshots off from his place on the ground but all he achieved was to cause Leah’s van to get a flat tyre. Chris and Irene winced as they heard the sound of Leah complaining voice as she screamed like a banshee.


Next to hit the unprepared bakers for the Morgan’s onslaught were the custard pies. The crusted filled pastries were shot with such precise accuracy from Brody’s catapult that when the custard hit three bakers the coldness of the custard sent shivers up their spine.


Next was the turn of Evie who sent sheets of boiling hot melted cheese down from the turrets  melting in turn each of  the vehicles controls systems to beyond repair rendering the  van’s as useful as three chocolate teapots. With the vans immobilised Chris, Irene and Leah exited the vehicles covered from head to toe in cheese and custard making each of look as yellow as the Honey SugarPuff Monster but alot less scary.


Matt gazed down from the window. Now was his time to shine Aiming the massive machine gun Matt giggled with great delight as he fired a shower of bouncing cheesy Worsits from off each of the three angry baker’s heads. Matt laughed with insanity as he watched Chris then Irene and finally Leah as they all fell to the ground dazed and confused as the corn based cheesy puffs mowed them down to the ground.


Irene climbed to her feet only to be knocked down again by a cheese baby bell sized cannonball. Slight mummers of the word Gawfather could be heard as flurry of Baby Bell cheeses smacked her in the face. As she fell to the ground Irene was pretty certain she heard the sound of a laughing cow off somewhere in the distance. Or maybe it was just Chris who was howling with uncontrollably laughter at her cheesy misfortune.


Brody was pleased they had managed to dispose of the bakers. At the end of the day he wasn’t sure why they had been running from them for so long. It turned out they weren’t at all scary in fact they were nothing but crust less wimps. Yes they seemed scary with their rolling pins and heavy weighing scales. In truth they were as good as brunt to the crisp blacken pieces of toast and as brave as a limp biscuit.


Brody smiled there was one last cheesy trick to throw their way. One final trick to sure to run them out of town and back to their baker’s dozen, and that one trick was one giant kickass enormous rolling cheese wheel.


Chris stopped laughing as he heard the sound of a heavy latch being loosen to reveal a large cheese wheel hidden behind one of the gingerbread houses moulding walls.

Leah gaped at the huge wheel with muted awe. Chris and Irene even though they were both shaken by the sight of the huge cheese wheel, they both took a second to lap themselves with the luxury of the glorious heavenly silence from Leah. For once she wasn’t screeching or flicking her hair or standing hand on hips looking at you with a look of disproval, or looking as though she may breathe fire like a dragon if you disagreed with her. Now all they could see was the utter fear in her eyes as she began to realise she was wearing heels and not the sort of footwear one would think of wearing when getting chased by a cheese wheel.


The Morgan’s Matt and a heavily beach sized whale pregnant Evie all gathered behind the cheese wheel smiling as each other. Then each placing a hand to the cheese wheel they pushed into its gooey texture and then stood back as it started to roll, they thought they heard the screams from below the high hilltop coming from the bakers as the speed of the cheese picked up momentum. The looks of utter terror upon the bakers face were comedic as they started their live or get flattened by a cheese wheel sprints The big wheel of matured cheddar threatened to Edam their lives forever.


The cheese wheel tumbled and rumbled its way down the hilltop and Chris Irene and Leah ran like the wind, catching fair amounts of wafting cheesy smells  reminding them all of the cheesy smell of smelly feet.


Leah tripped in her heels and that became the edam of her as the wheel moulded itself around her body. Chris was next to face his cheesy end. Irene who was just grateful to have a day out was pretty cheesed off when she was grated into the wheel of cheese


The Morgan watched then turned and cheered as they watched the bakers flattened and mashed into the cheese. Matt was slightly distracted though as he gazed upon Tori’s beauty. Her slender body her butt cheeks, yes her Jungle Jane outfit left little to the imagination and Matt was feeling just a tiny bit smitten with Tori’s older woman’s sexiness. Right then Mat came to the decision that if Evie’s baby was a dog. He was going to ask Tori out to see she fancied taking him for a quick swing through the open treetops. Minus her hard stale stiff cheese toasted sandwiches in which she had javelin styled thrown down at the bakers of course. Matt was sure that he would have his very own foot long troasted sandwhich inside his trousers if Tori looking the way she was right now when they went on their jungle date. Matt was sure he would manage in that department no problem.  Evie nudged Matt causing him to jump.


“Matt stop it do you mind I might be having your kid here”


“Err yeah sorry Evie don’t tell Tori was checking her out will you?” Matt gulped as he finished giving Tori the eye. Evie rolled her eyes.


Within the darkest Decker crept forwards making sure he stayed low to the ground. Gun raised slightly his dream of being the batman dashed. They were going to pay for that Tori had been right he was a assassin a very dangerous one at that too. He was known to be the master of stealth the man who got the job done the………….Decker screamed the loudest girly scream Buddy had ever heard in his doggie life humans were quite wimpy him thought as he jumped and tackled Decker to the ground. Buddy then slapped Decker around the face with one of his paws Buddy towered over the wimpy human foaming at the mouth and growling menacing. Buddy knew these forests had its own wolves and if this silly human had any sense he would run or become their meal ticket. Buddy started to wag his tail if this silly wimpy human was silly enough to stay Buddy would collect his bones later on after the wolves had finished their dinner.






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Thank you Red Josie Tash Funky Monkey,Sarah Kristen,KittCatt and Ludub for all your kind reviews

Wow I have had quite a few readers for this story..I have had great fun writing it and I hope too have brought you all laughs along the way :D Having read you comments though of the parts you enjoyed I think I have :)

Chapter 9


Feeling anxious Matt and Mason sat waiting nervously fretting like they both had a unreachable frustrating itch to scratch. The number of hours that Evie had been in labour had melted into one timeless block of countless agonizing ticks of the clock. Mason turned toward Matt who gazed at Mason with a questioning look of intrigued Mason had seemed like he had been working up the courage to say something too him for quite some time now It looked to Matt too be causing Mason as much pain as Evie as she experienced labour.

“What is it Buddy?” Matt asked slightly worried for the answer Mason would supply him with.

“Now Matt don’t take this the wrong way or anything but would you hold my hand please?”


“Why not” Mason questioned looking slight hurt by Matt’s rejection.   

“Because that would just be all kinds of weird”

“Ah fair enough”


Mason and Matt went tense as they heard Nate open the door to the operating theatre.  Nate the wondrous doctor stepped out into the waiting room wearing a long white doctor’s grown. The giant blood splatters that oozed throughout the coat’s whiteness really brought the full redness of the gore of childbirth to life. Nate was looking like some sort crazed bloodlust thirst driven killer who had come to the end. He smiled at Matt and Mason who could tell by looking into his eyes that he was trying to keep the  potential madness of the situation at bay as best as he could.

Sounds as though Evie maybe having kittens in there Matt said trying to ease the tension Nate laughed hysterically thinking close but no cigar there  given Evie had a a fifty to fifty chance of having a dog pop out of her.

“Please guys come in we are ready for you now.” Nate said when he had wiped away his tears of laughter.


Matt and Mason stepped over the threshold upon Nate’s request to enter. They both gulped witnessing the scene to befall their eyes. A very sweaty and breathlessly panting Evie lay out legs bent and pulled wide apart.


“Take a seat guys” said a head torch wearing Tori  emerged from gazing within the dark depths of Evie’s womanly glory hole. Tori wiped blood from her hands. Matt noticed Tori cut lip indicating that Tori had been battling with something with sharp teeth down inside Evie’s realms of lady parts.


 A very pale looking Brody who had started to hold Evie’s hand with an iron felt grip as a way to bring Evie some comfort looked to Matt and Mason with pleading eyes in the hope they would take his place. His hand grip had grown limp as a dead fish. Brody fist pumped the air and quickly jumped out of his seat so Matt or Mason could now experience Evie’s venomous rants which came with the joys of childbirth. Justin laughed as Brody staggered his way around Evie’s bed.


“Here Buddy take a seat” Nate said pushing up a chair for Mason to take next to Matt. Mason sat with a nervous gulp as Evie’s head swung around to meet them both. Watching Evie as she gave both Matt and Mason the look of pure hatred reminded Justin of the little processed demon girl from The Exorcist It wouldn’t have surprised him if Evie’s head started to spin and she started to spit green slime cursing both Matt and Mason to total damnation in the deepest fiery pits of hell.


“YOU’ YOU………………….BASTURDS WHY’ WHY DID I LET YOU DO THIS TOO ME?” Evie screamed casting death like glares across at the wincing manly wimps sat by the side of bed.. Mason reached out to grasp Evie’s clenched hand but a quick shake of the head from Matt made him rethink the action taking his hand back. Mason turned his scared rabbit caught in the headlights gaze towards Nate who was busy waiting for Tori’s head to emerge from Evie’s lady garden.


“What can you see down there Tori any sign of the baby yet?” Nate called out. Everyone listened as the Tori’s muffed reply of needing more batteries for her head torch.


Tori gazed nervously as a sound of a loud bark came from within the darkness of Evie’s womb Jaws the snapping teeth were getting closer and closer to the wide opening to the world outside Tori recoiled quickly as the snapping and barking neared the end of Evie’s long deep tunnel.


Matt smiled at Evie nervously while she screamed with pain as another contraction hit her. Mason smiled too and went for Evie’s hand which she smacked away his offer of hand holding quickly away. Justin and Brody stood far back against the wall feeling very scared to even inch a step forward they never realised the violence that could possibly come of a mother bringing life into the world.   


Tori had braved the chance to take a peek inside Evie again she now held her hand up signalling Nate to go ahead and tell Evie to push hard Nate nodded even though Tori couldn’t see him So Tori pulled the bed sheet away. The sight of the two things  trying to crawl their way out Evie’s body made everyone gag. It made Matt think of that scene from Alien when the alien had exploded from someone’s stomach.


“Push Evie push your bab……..creature….alien…whatever it is its coming” Nate yelled Evie screamed and screamed, while Matt and Mason looked on in horror as the two alien type things fell out of Evie and onto the bed. Tori ran around to catch  hold of the cute bundles of joy…

Nate looked startled as he came forwards.

“Congratulations Evie you have given birth to a couple of bitches”

“Excuse you doc?” Justin asked stepping forwards Brody following him to gaze upon the newborns.


“Bitches you know as in two female dogs” Nate answered, feeling dizzy with wonderment in all his years of training they never told him it was possible for two puppies to come out of a human.


“Where’s my babies why aren’t they crying?” Evie said tiredly

“Here they are and they are barking” Tori said back happily placing the two puppies into Evie’s arms. Mason felt slightly pressured as everyone turned to face him.

“Wow how did that happen….. How does that make the slightness bit of sense?” Mason questioned with eyes as big as bowling balls.

“Well done you’re the Dogfather Buddy” Matt said slapping Mason on the back.

“What do you mean the Dogfather?” Mason asked watching the two puppies lick Evie’s face.


“Mason come here now” Evie said groaning loudly as she gazed wide eyed at the two cute puppies she held. What rotten luck why out of all the guys that she could have  chosen from to have a bit of casual friends with benefits fun with why oh why did he have to be part dog?


Mason sat on the edge of Evie bed looking profoundly baffled. Surely this was all some wild outrageous sort of joke. But as Mason took in his surrounding he could see by all the looks of everybody else that they were stunned too.


“Errr I like your puppies” Mason said trying to sound casual

“MASON Evie shouted quickly grabbing to pull her hospital grown around herself.

“Oh no god no, no I didn’t mean your boobs and meant the dogs your holding” Mason whispered as he looked upon Evie’s confused face.

“Oh yeah well thanks Mason I thought you were just being a pervert then”

Mason shook his head viscously feeling embarrassed. 

“Oh but don’t you mean to say that you like our puppies Mason?” Evie said with a sigh which soon turned to a loud groan.

Mason just stared back blankly.

“Oh for God sake Mason you’re a dog” Evie all about screamed at him.


“Wow I know you have just been through a very stressful time and your probably feeling a bit miffed as to why your not holding a baby right now, but that’s not nice Evie not nice at all to call me a dog I haven’t done anything wrong here” Mason said turning slightly away from her in a sulky type of way.


Justin stepped forwards he felt it was somehow down to him seeing he had the manliest bond with Buddy having turned to him on many occasions where Buddy would listen to him as he more and likely bored the dog silly with stories of his heartbreak over girls.

“Come on now Buddy don’t be like that”


Mason sat on the corner of Evie’s bed, his lip quivering with upset at the girl he really fancied having just yelled and called him a dog that wasn’t very respectful.

“No Justin Evie’s called me a dog I’m a nice guy I’m….”


Mason’s lip started to shake even more and then he started to blubber.

The two small puppies started to bark scaring themselves as they did. Evie gently stroked them. Mason got to his feet and ran from the room crying.


“Well done between the two of you there you just made a right dog’s dinner of that” Tori said as she shot Evie and Justin looks of disappointment. Matt feeling like this was his chance to impress the jungle swinging Jane sexy doctor stepped forwards to play the knight in armour role.

“I will go see if I can talk to him”  

Tori smiled as she thought she caught a wink from Matt as he ran from the room.


The long hospital hallways stretched for countless miles and as Matt ran he could hear the cries and moans of injured patients who begged to be seen next by the super     Nate Cooper .


“Nate could I ask you something?” Evie asked.

Nate smiled at her flinching slightly as he checked the two puppies over. As they tried their best to bite at his swinging doctor ID badge.

“Go on Evie” Nate said.

“Can I have normal babies or….

“Of course you can but next time try to find a fully ledged normal human being would be my advice.”

Evie beamed at Nate as he sneezed suddenly.

“Oh dear me I think I have a allergy to dogs”


Matt found Mason outside gazing into a puddle with a look of utter surprise on his face.

“Mason you alright dude?” Matt asked.

Mason looked up.

“Why am I seeing Buddy’s reflection in this puddle can you see him?”

Matt studied the puddle.

“No” Matt said blushing slightly as a group of giggling nurses who had been watching him gazing into the puddle went passed.

“His stood beside me” Mason said looking up to gaze around himself but Buddy was no where to be seen. In fact had Mason even seen Buddy himself or just heard Justin Brody and Tori talk about the dog?

“My God I am I’m……………Matt watched as Mason fainted headfirst into the puddle. Matt should have attempted to catch him but in truth it happened very fast and Matt was too busy laughing to muster up the effort to react in time to catch Mason’s fall.



The two puppies were busily chasing after their own tails at the bottom of Evie’s bed by the time Matt and Mason came back. Mason looking slightly shaken


“So what are you going to name them?” Justin asked

Evie and Mason shrugged.

“Oh I know one could be called Daffy as in Daffy Duck and the other one Bugs.. as in. Bugs Bunn….”


“Yes thank you Brody but those names sound quite Naffy” Justin said rolling his eyes. Nate sneezed loudly causing his little raffle ticket for the hospital Christmas charity fund to flutter to the floor

“Oh no I dropped my Raffy on the floor”

“Brilliant name” Brody said gleaming Mason and Evie both nodded.

“Awww little puppy Raffy sweet” Tori said gushing over at Matt who gazed back at her dreamily.

“Lets hope choosing the other’s name is as easy” Matt said

Next puppy name? Just don’t ask me about names I’m hopeless with that kind of thing” Justin said

“That’s it how about Hope and Raffy?” Brody said smiling everyone nodded back grinning.


Evie all of sudden felt happy she had in a very strange way brought some new life into the world and she was a mother now. She gathered Hope and Raffy into her arms and gazed over at Mason who sat down next to her on the bed.

Everyone took in the scene as Evie and Mason played and laughed with their doggie children

“Awwww young love can’t beat it can you?” Tori said turning towards Matt. Grinning and turning to face Tori Matt simply said

“Don’t you mean puppy love?”   

The End    






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