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The Braxton Family Torture

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Title of story: The Braxton Family Torture.

Type of Fic:  Long

BTTB Rating: G/T

Main characters:  Heath, Kyle, Casey, Brax, Ricky, Bianca, Sasha, Rocco, and Lisa Bennett

Other Characters:  Other members of Summer Bay 

Spoilers: No 

Any warnings: Adult Themes, Violence, and Language

Genre: family,  tragedy, drama, and friendship

This is a sequel to my other story Kyle's past 

Summary- It's been almost a year since Kyle's death and Heath has still not gotten over his guilt of the way he treated his brother. He finds it hard to sleep, work even eat at times. Everyone has tried to tell him Kyle would have forgiven him, but he doesn't believe it. 


Chapter 1

Heath woke up; he had only slept for about 2 hours. It was Kyle's 24th birthday today, but it wasn't the same without him here. Heath pushed himself out of bed and went to the lounge. Bianca was cooking pancakes Kyle's favorite. 

"Morning." He yawns. 

"Morning baby." Bianca smiles. 

Heath was surprised Bianca was a mess last night, and now she was happy. 

"Babe, you do know what today is right?" Heath asks. 

"Yea It's your brothers birthday." Bianca laughs. 

Heath's face scrunches up.

"Don't tell me you forgot to get him a present again." Bianca sighs.

"Ahhh," Heath mutters he was bewildered now, his brother was dead he had been for nearly a year now. 

"You're lucky he's understanding." Bianca laughs. 

Heath opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. 

"This is a joke isn't it since I always pulled jokes on his birthday, you're pulling one on me." Heath grunts. 

"What joke?" Brax asks.

"Mate, you can't expect me to fall for it." Heath sighs.  

"Fall for what?" Casey asks. 

"Kyle's dead; He's been dead for nearly a year," Heath growls at his family. 

"Really, when was I going get the memo?" Someone asks him; it was Kyle. 

"How?" Heath asks pulling Kyle closer. 

"Ahhh what's going on?" Kyle asks confused as Heath shakes him and pokes him. 

"You're meant to be dead, your Uncle and cousins killed you." Heath grunts. 

"What Uncle and cousins." Kyle laughs.

"The ones that killed you, Duncan, Jackson, Joseph, and Anton, you've got to remember Anton he loved making your life horrible." Heath sighs. 

"I think you're a bit tired mate; next time don't stay up all night playing on the x box." Kyle laughs 

"So you're alive, you're not dead." Heath smiles. 

"Yea, I'm alive." Kyle laughs. 

Heath picks his brother up and hugs him.

"Ahhhhhh." Kyle sighs as he's in the air. 

"I've missed you mate." Heath smiles. 

That was when Heath heard a loud bump which caused him to wake up for real. It was kind of similar to the dream it was August 15th Kyle's birthday and Bianca wasn't next to him. 

He walked into the lounge but snuck into Kyle's room, he opened the door and .............. It was empty, just like it had been the previous day. 

Heath lowered his head; It was all just a dream his brother is still dead, and he still blames himself for it. 

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Thank you, Kristen, Ludub, ~JarlieFanEver~ and KyB for your comments it really means a lot. 

Chapter 2 

Heath walked out to the lounge everyone was sitting down at the table eating pancakes. 

The dream seems so similar except for the fact that Kyle was dead. 

"Heath we're going to the cemetery in about an hour." Brax sighs his eyes were red. 

"Why?" Heath asks. 

"Cause it's Kyle's birthday and we are going to have a small party thing you know since we never celebrated it when he was alive," Casey mumbles Sasha was beside him comforting him. 

"You're kidding me right he's dead, gone he won't have a clue that we are doing this so what's the point!" Heath yells. 

"I don't care, Heath, We're still going to do it even if you don't think it's a good idea and you're coming ." Brax sighs. 

"No! It will hurt too much; I can't go back there and stare at the dirt which is now what my little brother looks like to me dirt, Kyle looks like dirt to me now, whenever I think of him I think of dirt." Heath yells. 

"You don't think that we miss him as well." Brax grunts. 

"I never said that Brax, but your the one that wants to celebrate Kyle's first birthday when he's not alive!" Heath yells 

"We're not celebrating the fact that he's dead you idiot, we are celebrating him and the man he was." Brax sighs. 

"Was!!! You see he's gone, that's not going to change." Heath mutters. 

Bianca walked up to Heath and hugged him. 

"Please, Heath," Bianca begs. 

"Bee, I miss him." Heath mumbles. 

"So do we baby." Bianca sighs tears dripping from her eyes. 

Heath nods reluctantly. He knew that he was going to find it hard but he had to face his fears and go to his brothers grave. 


Hey guys what do you think about these three versions to go through this story with 

1) Heath dreaming of a happy version of their lives with Kyle alive only to realizes he's gone (like chapter 1) 

2) Heath is seeing Kyle around in happy times, but he's the only one that can see. 

Or 3) Heath dreaming of being tormented by Kyle because he thought that he made Kyle's life miserable when Kyle was alive. 



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Thank you, Kristen, Ludub, ~JarlieFanEver~ for your comment  I've decided to go ahead with option 2 but with a little extra added on 

Chapter 3

Heath held Bianca's hand as they got out of the car. 

He didn't want to do this, seeing his little brothers grave was the last thing he wanted. 

They arrived at the cemetery, and all gathered around Kyle's grave. 

Kyle Braxton 

August 15th, 1993- October 3rd, 2016 

Loving brother of Darryl, Heath, and Casey

'Our brother, our best mate.'

They all took turns placing things around the grave. 

"Mate, I would give anything to have you back here, to be able to see you again, that pretty boy smile you had, I miss it all little bro." Brax sighs placing a mini electric guitar on a concrete stand next to Kyle's headstone. The guitar was Kyle's life, and they all thought that it would be a great thing to put around his grave. I mean he did always play it, everyday he played it, it was his escape from everyday life. Work was always stressful for him being the manager of a very restaurant was a ridiculous ask especially for someone who a lot a people consider still a kid, at such a young age. His love life was also a great thing to distract himself from, He had never found the one, girls just didn't see what a great person Kyle was. He was kind, caring and he adored his family and anyone that was got close to him. He always played music to be himself so that he knew who he was and that there was nothing else he needed to be but Duncan and his sons had changed that about him when they were around him. They always made him not feel good about himself, Brax hated them for that, Brax hated them so much he wished they didn't exist and as evil and cold-hearted as that sounds if these men didn't exist his little brother would still be alive and happy where he belonged with his family. He sat down and waited for everyone else to talk to Kyle. Ricky was next 

"Happy Birthday Ky, We all miss you so much, you were so loved, and I hope that you know it." Ricky smiles with tears in her eyes. She placed a bunch of flowers next to the guitar. She missed Kyle so much, and he was such a softy, and they all knew it. The flowers that were placed next to him were the same type of flower that Kyle gave to Ricky when she and Brax got married, he had mentioned that they were his favorite and they later found out from Katie that, that was because they were Kyle's mums favorite and they always placed around his their house.  They all guessed that they must have reminded Kyle of his mum so that he always felt like she was there watching over him like an angel. What Kyle didn't know was that he didn't need an angel he had a family, and he was their angel despite the beginning they had he was their angel he was always there for them. He never left until he was forced to. She walked over and sat next to Brax. 

Heath moved closer to the grave. 

"Hey Bud, There's so much that I could say to you but sadly it can't change anything, you'll still be gone and I'll still be without one more little brother than I have, Happy Birthday baby bro, you'll never slip my mind or my heart." Heath cries placing down a picture of him and Kyle on his 30th Birthday. Kyle might have never celebrated his birthday but he always celebrated the boys birthdays. He always got them gifts and always partied with them even though that wasn't really his thing. Kyle preferred his own company most of the time and the boys guessed that this was probably because he was what people described as a loner, as sad as it was that is exactly what he was they didn't want to call him that but he didn't have many friends and the only reason he had those friends was because of the them. Kyle was always on his own he still found ways to get through the day. 

Bianca slowly walked closer.

"Hey kiddo, we're finally celebrating your birthday, but you're not here. It's so wrong you should be here it's only your 24th birthday, and you are already gone it's just not right." Bianca cries placing down a toy tiger which was Kyle's favorite animal. They had taken Darcy to the zoo once, and Kyle was more than excited than she was he had been amazed at all the animals and couldn't stop looking at the tigers, he thought they were incredible. They all thought Kyle was strangely hyperactive and childish during this trip and they later found out that the last time Kyle had gone to a zoo was when he was 6 or 7 and he forgot how much he loved the animals and how much joy they brought to him, especially the tiger. Katie said that his mum had bought him the biggest tiger stuffed toy there was, but when he moved in with them, Duncan had actually gotten rid of it. So they had all decided together that they should get him another.  

Next, it was Casey's turn, and he slowly approached his brothers grave. 

"Hey Mr. Perfect, I miss you, it's hard now being the only one under the age of 30 like Ky seriously, I need your help to convince the grandparents to actually watch a good movie. I'm serious they have no taste, It's hard without you bro, everything hard without you, the accounts are looking horrible we need your big nerd of a brain to do them. Brax has had to do them, and it takes him fours times as long, and he gets it wrong. I guess there's only room for one brainiac in a family." Casey smiles lightly he had used the name to point out Kyle's flawless appearance placing down a Pokemon card which they had found in Kyle's room when they cleared it out. It was the only card. It was a Tyranitar, which everyone found out from Casey was a really cool card and an awesome Pokemon. By the look of the card, Kyle would have had it from a very young age, and it is the only card that he kept must have had some significance to him, and no one knew why but they all wanted to know. Casey walked over and sat down. 

Sasha walked over.

"Hey KyKy, I can't believe that it's the first birthday of yours that we have actually celebrated and you're not here, you were always good at keeping to yourself I just wish that you told us cause I would have made sure that it was a birthday that you really would have remembered. I would have made you a cake. I just want you to know how much you really mean to us all and how much you are missed, and Rosie sends her love." Sasha sobs lightly placing down a photo of Kyle's mum and him when he was younger. Katie gave it to them. Kyle was so small in the picture. He was a smaller version of a young Brax, and it was easy to see. They had the same little cheeky smile and the same sparkling eyes. Sasha sat down next to Casey. 

Heath decided to go for a walk to clear his head, and when he stood up, that is where he saw him. 

Impeccable fashion sense, perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect smile. Perfect basically everything. There standing right in his view was his younger brother. His darling baby brother.His dead brother. 

"Kyle?" Heath questions.  

Hey, Guys what was your favorite nickname and favorite gift placed at Kyle's grave and why? 

 Thank you 

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Thank you Kristen, Ludub, ~JarlieFanEver~ for your comment :)

Chapter 4

Heath kept looking that was definitely his younger brother. 

"Kyle?" Heath asks again approaching his brother.

"Heath! Where are you going?" Brax asks. 

Heath turned back around.

"Over by the trees." Heath points out. 

"Why?" Brax asks. 

"Cause...." Heath turns around to see Kyle gone. 

"Mate, where going home." Brax sighs. 

"Ky?" Heath whispers to himself wanting to see his brother again. 

He turned around to see Kyle sitting by his grave, everyone walked past Kyle not even looking at him. 

He ran up to Kyle. 

"Ky?" He asks. 

Kyle smiled back at him. 

"You're here." Heath smiles. 

"Heath! What are you doing?" Casey asks. 

"Can't you see him too?" Heath asks. 

"Who?" Casey asks. 

"He's right there.' Heath points. 

"No ones there Heath." Casey sighs pulling his brother in by his shoulder. 

"But Case." Heath moans turning back around to see Kyle gone. 

" Mate, its an emotional day." Casey sighs. 

"He was right there, please don't tell anyone about this Case." Heath begs. 

" You're grieving Heath, i won't tell anyone, but can you tell me who you saw?' Casey asks. 

"Doesn't matter." Heath sighs him and Casey walked back to the car. 


Back at the Braxton house everyone was sitting down around the table.

Suddenly the phone rings.

"Hello?"Heath answers. 

he's quiet for a bit. 

"YOU HAVE NO RIGHT!" He yells. 

He boils with silent anger for another while.


"Who was that?" Brax asks. '

"Duncan!" Heath hisses. 

"WHAT HOW DARE HE CALL US!!!" Brax yells. 

Heath saw Kyle out of the corner of his eye exiting the house and going outside. 

"I need air." Heath sighs he follows Kyle outside. 

Kyle wasn't there. 

"I need to see that doc" Heath sighs to himself. 

He walks inside and grabs the keys. 

"I need to go for a drive." Heath mumbles. 

He gets in his car and drives to the hospital. 

"OI Doc, i need a word." Heath sighs. 

"Thats what i love about you Heath manners." Nate sighs.

"Can we talk please." Heath asks reluctancy using the please. 

"What about?" Nate asks. 

"I'm seeing things." Heath sighs quietly. 

"Huh?" Nate asks  

"I'm not saying it again." Heath blushes.

"I didn't hear you Heath." Nate sighs. 

"I'm seeing things." He sighs loud enough for only Nate to hear. 

"Like?" Nate asks. 

"Can we talk in private?' Heath asks. 

"Sure." Nate smiles and leads Heath to a room. 

"Look Nate, i'm seeing Kyle." Heath sighs. 

Nate looked at him and Heath could only describe it as confusion. 


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Thank you, Kristen, Ludub, ~JarlieFanEver~ for your comments.:) 

Chapter 5

"Heath what do you mean you are seeing Kyle," Nate asks. 

"I see him, today we visited his grave cause it's his birthday and I saw him, it was him." Heath sighs. 

"I'm sorry about it being Kyle's birthday how old would he be?" Nate asks.

"24." Heath sighs. 

Nate just shakes his head, Kyle died so young. 

"Heath, maybe since its Kyle's birthday do you think that's why you are seeing him?" Nate asks.

"I don't know, you tell me you're the Doc." Heath huffs he looks up and sees Kyle and sinks lower in his chair. 

"Heath, do you see him now?" Nate asks.

Kyle looks at Heath with begging eyes. 

"No." Heath lies he looks down for a second and when he looks up again Kyle's gone.

"Heath, it's very important that you let us help you." Nate sighs. 

"He comes and goes Doc not uttering a word, how can I help you." Heath huffs. 

"By letting us in on more information, like when did this start?" Nate asks. 

"Today." Heath sighs.

"Heath if you are still seeing him in a week come back to us, I think the fact that its Kyle's birthday would make these visions come." Nate sighs. 

"Then why is no one else getting them aye?" Heath questions. 

"Is there something that you were always hiding from the rest of the family about Kyle?" Nate asks. 

"No.' Heath mumbles. 

"Then I'm sorry Heath just give it time." Nate sighs. 

"Time, Time is going to bring my little brother back, it hurts seeing him, I know I've only just started seeing him but it hurts so much, he shouldn't be dead, he was killed by his family, sure they were never a good family, but they were still blood to him. Blood is blood and those monsters killed their own blood, the blood that they had been torturing for years, you have no idea what my brother went through growing up. he grew up with monsters, not the type of monsters that only come out at night, the type of monsters that mock you and stay in your brain as long as you are still alive, SO NO I DON'T WANT TO GIVE IT TIME, IT HURTS TOO MUCH SEEING MY BABY BROTHER WHEN I KNOW ILL NEVER BE ABLE TO HEAR HIS VOICE AGAIN." Heath hisses at Nate.

"Heath." Nate tries to calm him down. 

"NO, the voice that always had reason, the voice that was slightly high pitched at the time when he got emotional, the voice of my little brother I'll never hear it again, so I don't want to see him." Heath hisses. 

"Heath you need to understand that I can't help you I'm not a psychiatrist." Nate sighs. 

Heath calms down a bit," I know Doc, I'm sorry it just seeing him but him not being here hurts." Heath cries. 

Nate looked at Heath the only two other times he had seen Heath cry was when he found out Kyle had died and at Kyle's funeral.

"Heath stay strong you have wonderful people who are going through the same thing." Nate sighs. 

"But they didn't make Kyle's life a misery." Heath sobs.

"Heath what are you on about, you never made Kyle's life a misery you cared about him so much and you were a great big brother." Nate sighs. 



22-year-old Kyle Braxton was walking out of his bedroom wiping the sleep from his eyes. 

"Heath?" He questions, Heath was the only one meant to be home. 

Unknown to Kyle Heath was sneaking up behind him, He wraps his arms around him tightly and laughs as Kyle tries to get free. 

"Heath, not again." Kyle hisses. 

"I'm taking Bianca out for dinner tonight, I need $50." Heath smiles lifting Kyle up off the ground.  

"Ahh, forget it pay for it yourself I'm not your bank." Kyle hisses at Heath. Kyle never really stood up to Heath and Heath was taken back by this.

Heath moves up a bit higher and puts Kyle in a sleeper hold. 

"I'll give you one more chance baby bro, give me $50 dollars."Heath laughs. 

"Noooo, you're 8 years older than me, you should have more money than me." Kyle grins trying to stop himself from crying.  

"Well, I'm wanting your money." Heath laughs. 

Kyle was still not keen on giving up $50 of his money. 

Heath holds him even tighter. 

"Fine." Kyle squeaks. 

Heath lets go at Kyle at grins

"Thanks, sis, now go and get it.' Heath laughs. 

Kyle thought about it but instead changed direction and pushed Heath to the ground, Heath threw Kyle off of him and pinned him to the ground.

"You wanna do over bro." Heath grins.

Kyle tries to push Heath off him but he couldn't. 

"You have 30 seconds to get me the money or else I'll give you the biggest noogie I've ever given you." Heath laughs. 

Kyle rushed to get $50, he raced and gave it to Heath.

Heath showed him his watch. 34 seconds

Kyle tries to make a run for it but Heath grabs him and puts him in a headlock. 

"Heath, just stop you got your money," Kyle mumbles as Heath gives him a noogie.

"Kylie, so next time I ask you for money will you give it to me." Heath grins.

"Yes! please just stop." Kyle begs. 

Heath lets Kyle go his hair is a mess.

"Better go fix your hair mate." Heath laughs. 

Kyle plummets on the couch, he knew Heath was his older brother but he just took it too far sometimes.

End of Flashback  

Heath had started driving back home after talking to Nate and was nearly there. 

Kyle was sitting next to him. 

He closed his eyes and thought about anything about Kyle and he opened his eyes again and he was gone. 

"This needs to stop before I go completely crazy." Heath sighs resting his head on the headrest as he arrived at the Braxton home. 





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Thank you Kristen, Ludub, ~JarlieFanEver~ for your comment :)

So this a very big fiction part of my story

Chapter 6

Kyle Braxton was looking down at his family. 

"Hello my little prince, Happy Birthday." Lisa grins. 

"I miss them Mum." Kyle mumbles. 

"I know pumpkin." Lisa sighs running her hand through his hair. 

"I missed you too, so so much." Kyle mumbles resting his head on his mums shoulder. 

"Darling, I missed you too but seeing you grow up into the lovely young man you are was more than I could ask for" Lisa smiles. 

"I wish that Heath would stop beating himself up, he'll destroy himself if he keeps going." Kyle mumbles. 

"Kyky he wasn't always nice to you." Lisa mumbles. 

"He was my older brother mum, he did what brothers do best, tease their younger brothers." Kyle laughs. 

"So you love him?" Lisa asks. 

"Mum." Kyle groans. 

"Oh come on where's my little prince who used to say he loves me every 5 minutes." Lisa laughs linking her arms around Kyle's left arm. 

"I was five." Kyle laughs. 

"It was still adorable." Lisa grins. 

"Yea I love him,I love all the boys and the girls ." Kyle mumbles. 

"Then why the frown?" Lisa asks.

"Cause it hurts to love them when I can't be with them." Kyle frowns. 

"You will always have them and they will always have you." Lisa sighs standing up and holding out a hand to her son. 

"Now we had a deal." Lisa grins. 

Kyle looks up at her.

"we never had a dance at your 21st." Lisa smiles pulling Kyle up. 

They slowly dance around. 

"My little prince, you're finally a king." Lisa grins kissing Kyle cheek. 



I just really wanted to add in Kyle and his mum I hope you liked it. Who would like to see some more of them? 



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Thank you Kristen, Ludub and ~JarlieFanEver~ for your comments

Chapter 7 

Heath entered the house again everyone and got changed. 

"You okay babe?" Bianca asks. 

Heath had told the doc but he didn't want to tell his family, they would just think that he was crazy.

"I was thinking about Ky." He replies. 

"What about him?" Brax asks. 

"How i should of treated him better." Heath sighs. 

"Heath, what are you talking about?" Casey asks. 

"ALL THE PUSHING AROUND, THE BULLYING , THE TEASING i never got to apologise." Heath mumbles the last bit. 

"Heath please stop beating yourself up, you didn't kill him." Brax sighs. 

"I was his brother, he wouldn't of told you because you were like a dad to him Brax, Case he wouldn't of told you because you were his younger brother but me i was his older brother and that is what i was to him an older brother, maybe if i was nicer to him he would of thought of me as a mate and then he might of actually told me what was going on though all those horrible years." Heath mumbles. 

"Heath you can't change it, and no he wouldn't of because he was threatened by his uncle and cousins and he wasn't going to tell anyone no matter how close you two would of been." Ricky sighs. 

"He might of." Heath mumbles.

"Heath Kyle was scared, scared like a little kid, he wouldn't of told anyone." Brax sighs. 

"YOU DON'T KNOW THAT!!!!" Heath screams.

"Yes i do Heath, why do you think he didn't tell the police all those years, they could of done something but he never said anything!" Brax hisses. 

Kyle was watching his family. 

"They need to stop fighting, it will rip them apart." Kyle sighs.

"Ohhhh sweetie, it's cause they love you." Lisa sighs rubbing Kyle's back

"I know, i love them too but i will all be so much easier if they just let me go." Kyle mumbles.

"You never let me go, you cried yourself to sleep most night, when you knew everyone else would be asleep, you missed me so much,  i saw you." Lisa smiles lightly. 

"But your my Mum, i couldn't let you go, you brought me into this world." Kyle mumbles. 

"Then why don't you hate me?" Lisa asks. 

"Huh?' Kyle asks. 

" I brought you on to a world which never treated you well, how can't you hate me?" Lisa asks. 

"Cause i love you, it's not your fault that Duncan and his sons were raging psychopaths." Kyle sighs. 

"What about your father?" Lisa asks. 

"Danny, he was different, yes he was a raging psychopath but he was worse he made me think that i had love , for a long time he was all i had and i thought it was love but it wasn't but he led me to my brothers and for that i can't thank him enough." Kyle smiles.

He pulled out the photo of his mum. 

"I always kept this, i never forgot you, cause i love you, for a long time you  were the thing that kept me going growing up, i never killed myself because i knew that i had to be strong for you, you always wanted me to live my life so thats what i did, i lived the life that you anted me to have and in the end it payed off, i got my happy ending, just like the stories you read me i found my fairytale." Kyle grins.

He suddenly blushes at how lame he sounds. 

"Yea that sounded less lame in my head." Kyle grins.

"Sweetie its not lame its lovely." Lisa grins. 

"So looks like i will always be a prince." Kyle grins. 

"Yes you'll always be my little prince, forever you'll be a Prince to me, but you are a king to everyone else." Lisa grins. 

Kyle was always called a prince growing up and it was one of the things he missed most about his mums embarrassing as the name could be he loved it.

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Thank you Kristen, Ludub and ~JarlieFanEver~ for your comments

Chapter 8 

Everyone had gone to bed, well everyone except for Heath. 

He was sitting at the table staring at a photo of Kyle. He stared at Kyle who was wearing a cheeky grin. 

Heath just felt angry on the inside, he was raging he slammed down the picture of Kyle. 

He got up and made his way to Angelos. He got in his car and drove there, he was angry so angry with himself he was going to fast he knew he shouldn't have but he was. 

He treated his brother like dirt, Kyle was his brother and he treated him like dirt, he was a monster to his little brother. A real monster, not like the ones big brothers try and scare their little brothers with. He was real. A haunting bully of a monster. 

He never knew why he treated Kyle like this but someone deep down he found it sadly satisfying. Picking on someone who wasn't ever going to fight back was oddly satisfying and Heath hated himself for it. This was his little brother that he was bullying, his little brother who was so much younger than him. Why did he pick on Kyle like he did. Kyle was a human being with feelings but Heath didn't care, he just saw him as a target and sure Heath had fun  but he never gave any thought to how it made Kyle feel. How Kyle felt about being a personal bullying target for his own brother. The names Heath called him were just horrible. No wonder Kyle always felt to insucure about himself around girls. What kind of guy wants to be called a girls name. What kind of person wants to be picked on by the way they look. Kyle was always being called pretty boy by his brothers, Heath especially but how would that make him feel. He couldn't help that he had flawless tan skin, bright white teeth, brown eyes that sparkled or perfect brown hair which girls just loved to play with. 

He couldn't help any of that, yet he may of grown to be ashamed of it. Ashamed of himself and who he was. His personality and his features. 

How can a brother make his brother feel this way. 

Heath turned his head and there sitting was his brother. 

He pulls the car over to the side of the road. 

"Leave me alone will ya, I know I treat you like you were nothing, I treated you like you were worthless just like your Uncle and cousins did. I'm sorry just leave me alone! I don't want to see you anymore, we buried you okay, your dead! It's not your birthday and you are not sitting right next to me okay, cause you are dead, lifeless. GONE!!!!" Heath screams. 

Kyle didn't move. 

"Take the hint Kyle, I don't want to see you, got it so buzz of. You're torturing me okay!!!! You're dead. You don't exist anymore I need to learn that. And so do you. So just go!!!!" Heath hisses. 

Kyle tilts his head sympathetically. 

Heath was so angry. He hated seeing his brother. The anger was just building up inside of his so much. His brother was still there. Heath thought that he was mocking him but deep down he knew that Kyle would never do that. But the anger was too much. 

"Just go Kylie!!!!!! I don't want you here." Heath barks at Kyle.

Kyle looks at Heath and all Heath can say about is heartbreak. He looks at him like nothing has changed through all of this you are still treating me like nothing. 

Heath sighs and closes his eyes ashamed of himself. He had once again treated his little brother like dirt. He hadn't changed and maybe he never would. Kyle was dead and yet he still had the nerve to call him Kylie and yell at him. 

"Mate... I'm sorr...." Heath starts but when he turns to Kyle he sees that he's gone. 

"Some big brother I am," Heath sighs. 

Heath pulls out onto the road again. He drives a bit less violently and just takes his time to get to Angelos but unfortunately the car that's heading towards him is driving a bit dangerously and it's getting close very fast, losing control. 


Bianca woke up and saw that her husband wasn't next to her and she sat up. 

"Heath." She calls, she was worried for him, he had been beating himself up so much. He thought that it was all his fault and no amount of convincing from everyone else had stopped him thinking that. She was worried that now that it was Kyle's birthday he would absolutely be pushed over the edge. 

She walks around the house and can't find him, she's tries to call him but he doesn't pick. She walks off to Brax and Ricky's room. 

She knocks on the door and slowly walks in. 

"Heaths gone." She mumbles. 

Brax sits up slowly, sometimes he thinks that the night they lost Kyle they had lost a piece of Heath as well. Heath had not been the same since Kyle's death. 

"You tried calling him?" He asks yawning. 

"Yea, I'm worried about him Brax, he hasn't been the same since Ky's death." Bianca sighs. 

"I know, he's been different, he's been beating himself up." Brax mumbles. 

"You don't really think that Kyle hated him do you?" Bianca sighs. 

"I don't know, I mean Heath did always show his superiority over Ky, but deep down he loved him and he would never tell Heath but I'm pretty sure the same goes for Ky." Brax sighs. 

"So what are we going to do, Kyle's dead, he can't tell Heath that he loved him and Heath will only listen to him because he's not listening to either of you, who are usually the only ones he will listen to you." Ricky mumbles.

"Well I don't know what to do, Ky was always the one to point out when there was a problem." Brax mumbles. 

Brax just didn't know what to do, Surely Kyle wouldn't of hated Heath, but then again the things that Heath did to Kyle were very horrible sometimes, sure he was a big brother just having a bit of what he thought was fun with his little brother but he didn't know whether Kyle saw it that way or not. 


Kyle did see it that way. He hated Heath beating himself up over all of this, it just sucked. 

"Heath please." Kyle begs. 

"Darling, there's no way to stop him." Lisa sighs. 

"But mum I love him, he needs to know that I forgive him." Kyle sighs. 

"Ky my little prince, you can't change anything." Lisa sighs. 

"My whole childhood I was treated like dirt, no worse than dirt. I was treated like the bacteria and diseases that are found in dirt. I need to let Heath know that he never made me feel like that. He needs to stop seeing me!!! He's causing himself too much pain and it's got to stop mum." Kyle dobs the last bit. 

"I know sweetie." Lisa mumbles. 

"I've felt pain all my life I don't want to see it now." Kyle cries. 

Lisa pulls him into a tight hug. 

"You listen here my boy, you need to be strong, be that big brace boy I know you can be." Lisa whispers in Kyle's ear. 

"It just hurts seeing him in pain." Kyle cries. 

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Thank you Kristen, Ludub and ~JarlieFanEver~ for your comments

Chapter 9

The car sped past Heath and sighed a breath of relief. 

"That was too close." He sighs. 

He kept driving towards Angelos still feeling that he needed something to drink. 


Brax called Heath.

"Come on mate pick up." He sighs. He put his phone on the table when it went to voice message. 

Bianca was running a hand through her hair worried for her husband. 

"What if he's hurt." She sobs as Ricky comforted her. 

"Brax, Rick I'm pregnant." She lightly smiles. 

"How far?" Ricky asks now staring at her friend properly and seeing that her stomach was a little bit bigger. 

"9 weeks, i found out a week after Kyle died." She frowns. 

"Do you know the gender yet?" Brax asks. 

"Brax its another 9 weeks till that." Ricky laughs lightly.

"Are you going to find out?" Brax asks. 

"I don't even know if we're going to keep it, not after Rocco." Bianca sighs. 

"Bi, we will support you no matter what you do." Ricky smiles. 

"Thanks guys." Bianca smiles lightly. 

" Does Heath know?" Brax asks. 

"No are you kidding me, Ky hasn't been gone long and look how it has hit Heath, I can't expect him too be happy, not yet and especially since i don't know whether I'm keeping it." Bianca sighs 

"Bianca Heath will be over the moon, and he will support you no matter what." Brax smiles. 

"Really?' Bianca asks. 

"Bianca believe me, my brother may be an idiot a lot of the time but he will pull through especially to support you." Brax smiles. 

Casey and Sasha came out.

"Where's Heath?" Casey asks. 

"Still out." Brax sighs. 

Brax secretly looks at Bianca who just shakes her head, nt wanting Case and Sasha to know before Heath. 

"Hey Case can you please drive to Angelos and see if he's there." Brax sighs chucking the keys at Case.

"Sure lets go Sash." Casey sighs.

They walk out of the house oblivious to everything else.

"I'll tell him when he gets home, and we'll talk." Bianca smiles lightly but the frowns. 

'I'm sorry i shouldn't of brought up such a happy thing on such a sad day." Bianca sighs.

"Bi, we need this and Kyle would love it as well, he wouldn't want us to be upset on his birthday." Brax smiles pulling Bianca in a hug. 

"Ky would be happy wouldn't he, he loves babies." Bianca laughs. 


Kyle had Rocco on his shoulders who was now 5. 

"Here that mummy and daddy might be having another baby." Kyle grins.

"What they like?' Rocco asks. 

"Their lovely Rock and they love you so so much." Kyle grins. 

"Happy Birthday Unky Ky." Rocco grins. 

"Cheers Rock." Kyle grins putting him down and sitting down. 

"how old you?" Rocco asks. 

"24." Kyle grins. 

"YOU OLD!!!!" He laughs. 

Kyle ruffles his hair, this was definatly Heath and Bianca's kid. He had Heaths eyes and hair but Bianca's looks.

"How you die?" Rocco asks. 

Kyle looked at Rocco not knowing what to say.

"Rock i was shot." Kyle sighs. 

"What that mean?" Rocco asks. 

"I'll tell you when your older mate." Kyle smiles. 

"Unky Ky can you be my daddy since my daddy can't?' Rocco ask sitting on Kyle's lap resting his head on his shoulder.

"Rock, as much as i would love that your daddy is always going to be your daddy so how about we be best mates instead." Kyle grins.

Rocco grins and nods his head.

Kyle stands up and picks Rocco and and spins him around. 

"Unky Ky put me down." Rocco giggles. 

Kyle puts him down and Rocco hugs him.

'Since i don't have dad i'm glad i have you." Rocco grins wrapping his arms around Kyle's neck. 


Casey and Sasha walked into Angelos, Heath was drinking whisky.

"Heath, come home mate." Casey sighs. 

"Buzz of Casey." Heath hisses. 

"Heath don't push everyone away." Casey sighs. 

"I said buzz off before i punch you into next week." Heath hisses. 

Casey knew that Heath was hurting, so he didn't take it seriously. 

"We all all hurting about losing our brother Heath." Casey sighs. 

Heath slammed his hand on the table causing Sasha to jump.


Casey stared back at Heath. 

"We all need to be together as a family, we need to be with each other so we all say sane." Casey sighs and grabs Sashas hand and was out of the restaurant, hoping that Heath would soon follow. 

"Case wait." Heath calls. 

Casey turns to Heath.

"I'm sorry." Heath sobs, Casey pulls him into a hug.

"We are all here for each other mate." Casey sighs holding Heath tight as he cried. 

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Thank you Kristen, Ludub and ~JarlieFanEver~ for your comments

Chapter 10

Heath arrived home and saw Bianca straight away. 

"We'll give you guys time." Ricky smiles. 

"Baby, sit down." Bianca smiles tears in hers eyes. 

"You want a divorce don't you, you know that I'm a monster just like i've found out." Heath mumbles looking at his hands. 

"No thats not it at all baby, i'm pregnant Heath." Bianca smiles lightly. 

Heath looked up at Bianca he had always wanted another baby with Bianca but she never did not after Rocco.

"Ummm...Are you...you know?" Heath mumbles struggling to get words out. 

"Thats why i wanted to talk to you." Bianca smiles. 

"you might kept it." Heath smiles. 

"I don't know..... if I'm quite ready yet." Bianca sighs. 

"Babe, i will be with you the whole way." Heath smiles. 

Bianca smiles at Heath. 

"Here comes the newest Braxton then." Bianca grins. 

Heath picks her up and spins her around. 

"Babe i love you." Heath grins. 

"I love you too Baby." Bianca smiles kissing Heath.

Sorry it was so short just wanted the conversation between Heath and Bianca

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