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The Braxton Family Torture

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Thank you Kristen and Ludub for your comments

Chapter 11

Heath was sitting on the bed with Bianca.

"So are we going to have another wee bruiser or a little princess?" Heath asks. 

"You and brother have no idea on the preganancy timeline do you?" Bianca laughs. 

"I'm 9 weeks through it's another 9 weeks until i find out the gender." Bianca laughs.

 "Are you going to find out or wait?" Heath asks. 

"I'm going to wait, if thats okay with you." Bianca smiles. 

"Babe thats incredible." Heath smiles hugging Bianca. 

Out of the corner of his eye he can see Kyle. 

"Hey babe quick question can you see anything by the bookcase." Heath asks. 

Bianca turns her head and puts her hand over her mouth in shock. 


Casey and Sasha were in his room.

"Man i miss Ky." Casey sighs. 

"I didn't really know much about him." Sasha sighs. 

"In the end i didn't either." Casey sighs. 

"What do you mean?" Sasha asks. 

"It was like Kyle had a completely different life than we knew.As far as we thought he grew up in a foster home, with parents who cared for him, and loved him, that he lived a normal child life, but in the end we don't know much about him at all other than his mum was killed by his Uncle when he was just a kid, he was abused by his uncle and that somehow he got through it a genius mastermind." Casey laughs the last bit. 

"Case, this isn't funny." Sasha whines. 

"I want to find out though, as sad as it would be i want to know my brothers past, his real past not the one we were told." Casey sighs.   

"Casey it's going to be brutal, and how are you going to find out all this information?' Sasha asks. 

"Katie." Casey shrugs. 

"Case, she was an emotional wreak, she'll not want to go into more detail." Sasha sighs

"Sash, i need to know who my brother was, who he really was not the person that he was pretending to be behind his fear." Casey sighs. 

"Case, Kyle was Kyle that is who he was just because he had a different upbringing than you thought wouldn't change that." Sasha sighs.

"You don't know that Sash, i'll talk to Brax, he'll understand." Casey grunts. 

"Case! i do understand." Sasha cries out. 

"Like you said you hardly knew him."Casey hisses 

"Oi Casey." Sasha hisses back. 

"Just go, i'll call you tomorrow." Casey sighs

"Don't bother." Sasha hisses and slams Casey's bedroom door.


Kyle was playing with Rocco.

"Why Unke Case and Sasha trying to find out the twuth, what twuth?" Rocco asks. 

"The truth about how i grew up." Kyle sighs. 

"Why you sad?" Rocco asks. 

Kyle breathes heavily. 

"I didn't have the best childhood Rock." Kyle sighs. 

"What you mean?" Rocco asks. 

"Rock, you're too young okay, there are things about the world that you don't understand." Kyle mutters. 

"But i smart, and we best mates." Rocco sighs sitting on Kyle's lap.

"Rock, there are still things that i can't tell you, i  just can't it hurt enough telling my brothers." Kyle sighed. 

"You got abused did you?" Rocco sighs struggling to pronounce the word 'abused' .

Kyle looks at him with wide eyes. 

"How do you know that word?" He asks. 

"Your mum, she helps me with words." Rocco grins. 

"Gezz you are one smart kid Rock." Kyle grins 

'Like you?" Rocco asks.

"Yea like me Rock." Kyle grins. 

"Is tat why dad called you a nerd?" Rocco asks. 

Kyle looks up at Rocco and tears start to fall from his eyes, he missed his brothers so much. He even missed all the ridiculous names Heath called him. 

"Yea." Kyle sobs.

"Unky Ky, dont cry." Rocco sighs as he wrapped his arm around Kyle neck and hugged him. 

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Thank you Kristen ~JarlieFanEver~ and Ludub for your comments. 

Chapter 12

Bianca is so shocked she is lost for words. 

"You see?" Heath asks. 

"Yea, ohhhh Heath you found my necklace i thought i lost it." Bianca smiles. 

"Your necklace." Heath frowns. 

Bianca picks it up and walks straight though Kyle making him disappear. 

"Ohhh Baby, i love you." Bianca smiles kissing Heath on the cheek.

'I love you too." Heath smiles but he didn't have any emotion at the moment. 

"I think it's time for bed, lets rest the little one." Bianca grins.

'Yea." Heath sighs. 


Casey was lying on his bed thinking about his fight with Sasha. Kyle was always the one to convince him to fix things with her, it was amazing despite Kyle never having a girlfriend he always had the best advice when it came to fixing things up with his. 


"Get stuffed Casey!" Sasha yells shoulder barging Kyle on her way out causing him to step back with the momentum. 

"Gezzzz that girls got some power." Kyle grins passing Casey his Strawberry milkshake. 

"We had a fight." Casey grumbles. 

"Noooo." Kyle grins sarcastically. 

"Shut up i'm in no mood for your sass." Casey huffs. 

"Oh come on Case talk to your big brother." Kyle grins, 

"You're 20, you are hardly my big brother." Casey smiles. 

"Still older." Kyle grins sucking on his chocolate milkshake.

"Sash and i were meant to work to our English project together and Janice wanted to join our group, i said she could and then Sash went off at me." Casey sighs. 

"Janice as in Janice Henderson the girl who used to have a creepy as crush on you, had photos of you spawn around her locker got a tattoo saying J+C Forever, followed me home from work just to find out where you lived, Had Janice Braxton on a keychain and the one that blackmailed Sash into thinking that you cheated on her so that she would dump you so that she could pick up the little pieces of your broken heart." Kyle questions.

"Uh huh." Casey replies. 

Kyle throws a pillow at Casey.

"Idiot." He huffs. 

"How?" Casey questions.

"You are really asking me that, you 19 think about it, the girl a nutcase." Kyle huffs. 

"She's a kid Kyle." Casey sighs. 

"She's creepy." Kyle replies. 

"She's changed.' Casey sighs

"Really?" Kyle questions. 

"Yea." Casey huffs 

"I don't think that someone can change from being off her head to normal in a year." Kyle replies. 

"So?" Casey asks 

"So fix it with Sash, she probably felt weird have her in your group cause she's a nut, and she right, that girl loved you and not a normal love an obsessed love, i was serving her one day and she asked me if i had any baby photos of you so she could get an idea what your kids would look like." Kyle shudders. 

"So why didn't you call her a freak?" Casey laughs. 

Kyle gives a small embarrassed shrug. 

"Her brother was there." Kyle mumbles. 

Casey burst out laughing. 

"What he's big!" Kyle protests. 

Casey just keeps laughing.

"Ohhh Little Kylie was scared." Casey giggles.

"I'm glad you find it amusing but trust me Case fix it with Sash, you 're already punching above your weight." Kyle grins. 

This time Casey shoved the pillow at Kyle. 

"Just saying little bro." Kyle grins. 

End of Flashback 

Kyle was the only one close to his age, he was only a year older than him and he just wished that they would of spent more brother time together. He had to find out more about him, he just had to find the missing pieces in hi big brothers life but looking at the clock he knew that he would have to fix things with Sasha and find out more about Kyle's childhood tomorrow. 


Kyle was sitting on the ground with his Mum and Rocco. 

"Boo." Rocco grins and sequels with joy as Kyle holds him upside down. 

"Hey Aunty Lisa, Look no legs." Rocco giggles. 

Kyle grins at his mother.

"More like Nana Lisa." Kyle grins raising his eyebrows.

"ohhh, how dare you." She frowns but Kyle knows she's joking so he continues. 

"Sorry Mum. its the truth, I'm his uncle and your my mum, so that makes you.... no kidding you not a nana." Kyle frowns thinking. 

"Thank you." Lisa smiles.  

"Your a great aunt." Kyle laughs, Rocco giggle in his arms, Kyle puts Rocco down.

"Lets get him Rock." Lisa grins. 

Rocco grabs Kyle by the leg and his mum pushes him. 

Kyle laugh as Rocco sits on his chest.

"Beg for mercy." Rocco grins. 

'Na." Kyle laugh trying to get up but his mum pushes him down lightly by the shouder. 

"Fine, you give me no choice." Lisa grins 

She gives Rocco a nod and he starts to mess up Kyle hair. 

"Noooo." Kyle fake moans. 

"Do you give?" Rocco asks.

"Yea please just no more." Kyle fake begs. 

Rocco gets off him and as soon as he does Kyle jumps up ad grabs him but he waist. 

"I Know you your weakness to, hahahaha." Kyle laughs evillly tickling Rocco. 

Rocco squeals with laughter. 

"Please Great aunt lisa." Rocco begs. 

"Sorry every relation for themselves." Lisa giggle evilly and runs off. 

"Your mine now." Kyle laughs evilly. 

He throws Rocco up to his eye level and kisses his forehead. 

"I hear my command you to be my sidekick, now lets get the venomous witch." Kyle grins. 

"Can i be little Dracula?" Rocco asks. 

"Whose big Dracula." Kyle laughs. 

"You, Dad calls you twilight, and aunt Lisa said their vampires." Rocco grins. 

"Yea ill be Dracula." Kyle laughs picking Rocco up and putting him on his shoulder. 

"Yes." Rocco sequels with joy. 

'On one condition, we get costumes." Kyle laughs.

Kyle loved bringing joy to his nephew Darcy was too old for him and act like too much of a kid and Harley was too young, he was so thankful to Rocco, being here with him and playing with him everyday gave him the childhood that he missed out on. The childhood that was taken away from him. 

"Now zoom." Rocco commands still on Kyle's shoulders. Kyle runs which causes Rocco to laugh so hard. 

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Thank you Kristen ~JarlieFanEver~ and Ludub for your comments. 

Chapter 13

Heath woke up in the morning and kissed Bianca on the head.

"Hey Babe." Heath smiles lightly. 

"Hey Baby, How are you today?" She asks. 

"Better, but i still can't get things off my mind." Heath sighs. 

"Baby, Kyle loved you." Bianca smiles.

"Did he?" Heath asks. 

"Yea has he ever told you other wise?" Bianca asks. 

"No, but he wouldn't he would go been too scared." Heath sighs. 

"Yea i guess you're right, but I'm sure that he loved you Heath i know that he did." Bianca smiles. 

"How do you know that?" Heath asks. 

"You forgot that Kyle was my company whenever you all went surfing." Bianca grins. 


22 year old Kyle Braxton was sitting on the couch about to eat his lunch when he got a whack on the head and his noodles were snatched out of his hands.

"Hey." He moans he knew it was Heath straight away. 

"Sorry baby bro, i'm hungry." Heath laughs. 

"Then get your own food." Kyle sighs reaching for his noodles. 

"na nana na na." Heath laughs holding the bowl out of Kyle's reach and still eating them.

"Hey Bro, surfings looking great." Brax grins. 

"Sweet. Here you go Kylie." Heath laughs.

"It's all gone." Kyle mumbles. 

"Sorry Ky." Heath laughs slapping Kyle's face mockingly. 

Kyle plummets on the couch. 

"KY!!!!!!!! we need our good old no surfers chat." Bianca grins. 

Kyle grins up at her.  

"You know Heath just jokes around right, you seem to always cope it." Bianca grins

"Yea i know he's just joking, to be honest it makes life more interesting and it actually makes me feel like one of you guys." Kyle smiles. 

"So you bare with him treating you like that." Bianca grins.

"Well i now have a family, he treats me like one and i love all of you guys." Kyle grins.

"Even Heath." Bianca laughs punching Kyle in the shoulder. 

"Yea even Heath." Kyle grins. 

Bianca ruffles Kyle's hair,

"I'll tell him that one day." Bianca laughs

End of Flashback. 

"That doesn't mean anything like he would of told you he hated me." Hath grunts

Bianca didn't know what else to do, it seemed the only person who could convince Heath that Kyle loved him was Kyle.   


Casey woke up and picked up his phone. 

"Hey Sash please can we talk I'm so so so sorry." Casey texts. 

He really hope that he hasn't blown things with Sasha he loved her so much. After that happened to Kyle it was easy to say life's too short.

He waited for Sasha to text back. He really needed her.


Hey Guys i will try my hardest but i'm leaving for a trip tomorrow and we be away for a few weeks, if i can i will update but no promises.

Thank you for all your comments and support


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Thank you Kristen ~JarlieFanEver~ and Ludub for your comments. 

Chapter 14 

Casey was laying in his bed when he got a text message. 

'What Case, you kicked me out." Sasha texts. 

Casey smiled yes she was talking to him, she wasn't happy but she was talking to him. 

"And I'm sorry, I just need you here." Casey replies. 

Casey was so nervous he had to fix things with her. 

"What's changed?" Sasha replied quickly. 

Casey was so nervous with this but he shad to tell the truth. 

"Ky." Casey replies. 

"I'm on my way." Sasha replies.

Casey breathed a sigh of relief, yes now all he needed to know was what to say to her. 


Heath was about to go for a surf when he saw Kyle blocking the door. 

"Kyle can you please get out." Heath sighs. 

Kyle look at his and tilts his head. 

"Looks I know I made your life hell, I'm sorry." Heath sighs. 

Kyle steps towards Heath and smiles. It was a kind smile. Not threatening not abuive not scary in the slightest bit. It was Kyle's smile, his sweet smile. However Heath took it a different way. 

"Out!!!" He yells shoving Kyle causing him to disappear.

Heath breathed in anger. Then the pain hit him. 

"No no no Kyle Ky! Ky please come back." Heath cries. 


Kyle was sitting up watching everything unfold. 

"So I finally found the devil spawn I heard a lot about from up here." Someone laughs behind Kyle. 

He turns around and looks, she very pretty but not his sort because she would be about 11 or 12 years older.

"awwww with a face that pretty it's hard to believe your a Braxton or a devil spawn all though it's the cute ones people need to be careful of." She smiles. 

"Do I know you?" Kyle asks. 

"I dated your brother." She smiles. 

"Charlie?" Kyle guesses. 

"Wow you are the smart one. How you finding it up here?" She asks. 

Kyke sighs running a hand through his hair. 

"Mixed feelings." Kyle sighs. 

"What do you mean?" Charlie asks sitting next to Kyle placing a hand in his shoulder, which normally would be weird to do for someone you just meet, but Charlie knew a lot about Kyle. 

"I've got my mum again, after everything I went through without her I've got her in my life again, calling me names I haven't heard since I was just a little kid. I've got  Rocco a cool little dude who I rest as my best mate but in the inside I feel like he's my son, I've always wanted a child, after everything I went through I wanted to make sure that my child wouldn't have to go through that. I'm not scared anymore, of Duncan or my cousins pushing and shoving me and bullying me to get their way. But I don't have my brothers, the boys helped me get back to the life I love. The happy me, the me that didn't have to look over my shoulder whenever I heard a bump, the me that could believe that their are good people in this earth." Kyle sighs. 

"Your are a good kid, you deserved so much better than you got, I hope you know that." Charlie smiles. 

"That's life, kids who live in county's with poverty are good kids too and they die younger than I was when I first moved in with my uncle they don't have a choice neither did I. There are kids who have maids and butler and everything a kid wants in life and they didn't choice it they were given it life's life that's all it is." Kyle sighs. 

"You're different to the boys you know that right?" Charlie grins. 

"How?" Kyle asks. 

"You are more open about your feelings,you've never meet me before and you basically just told me the best bits about you without knowing." Charlie smiles. 

"Yea I think Heath calls that being a girl." Kyle laughs. 

"Heaths a comedian aye." Charlie laughs. 

"Yea," Kyle grins.

"He loves you though." Charlie grins.

Kyle looks at his hands. 

"I hate him beating himself up, how can he blame himself for my death." Kyle mumbles. 

"No idea but if anyone can pull him back on the straight and narrow it will be your other big bro and he will."  Charlie grins. 

"Or his crazy loving wife." Kyle grins.

"yea or anyone Ky they will help him." Charlie grins.

"Thanks Charlie." Kyle grins. 

"Anytime sweetie," Charlie smiles ruffling Kyle's hair and grinning.

"now I know why everyone does this to you." Charlie smiles kindly.


What do you guys think of Charlie being in it? 

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Thank you Kristen ~JarlieFanEver~ and Ludub for your comments. 

Chapter 15

Heath was at Kyle's grave. 

"Hey mate, i miss you, i really wish you were here, mate it's not the same without you." Heath sighs sitting down and cleaning Kyle's headstone and picking up the miniature guitar which had been knocked over and he placing it down again.

"Angelos is good but we need your nerd of a brain to fix the books Brax is struggling." Heath chuckles lightly looking at Kyle's headstone

Kyle Braxton 

August 15th 1993- October 3rd 2016 


Loving brother of Darryl, Heath and Casey


'Our brother, our best mate'


His brother was only 23, barely even an adult and he was gone, it just didn't seem right.


"Ky, I'm sorry it's all my fault i had to be the one to protect you from your Uncle and cousins but i was oblivious, I'm sorry Ky I'm a monster, but i bet you have always known that right, the way I treated you Kyle was horrible, I pushed you, i shoved you, i mocked you, No wonder you had such a low self esteem some times the way i treated you and embarrassed you caused it. I'm sorry Ky." Heath apologises.


He could imagine now Kyle's brown eyes looking into his. 


"Ky, i know that you will never forgive me and i don't blame you i will never forgive myself either but please i'm begging you look after yourself wherever you are i don't want you getting even more hurt." Heath begs, He didn't know he really believed if there was life after death, but he hoped so, so that Kyle would still get to live a life, sure it might not be much of a life but one thing was for sure Heath knew that it would be much better than darkness, like his little baby bro was sleeping everyday forever. He needed it let his brother know that if there was a second life up there that Kyle was living it.




Kyle Braxton had his nephew on his shoulders, 


"Kyky, do you have a girlfriend?" Rocco asks. 


"Na Rock, girl's didn't like me." Kyle smiles lightly but he's hurting inside it was never fun being the kid that no on liked and girls didn't even think about dating, to be honest he didn't see that there was much wrong with him, sure he was a pretty boy but he couldn't help that, even if he had got a black eye, it would clear up and his eye's would be pretty again, He couldn't help that fact that he was a slimmer build than most other guys. But girls liked the big boys, the ones who showed off their big muscles the ones that looked like they could fight and that thy had been in lots of them, but no not pretty boys, not him. 


"Why not you're so lovely." Rocco grins.


"Girls like tougher guys, Rock." Kyle chuckles.


"Thats stupid." Rocco giggles.


"Yea well that girls." Kyle grins putting Rocco down and plummeting on the floor tired.


'Girl's are stupid." Rocco grins. 


"You watch your mouth Rocco Scott- Braxton." Lisa grins. 


Rocco giggles and jumps on Kyles back. 


"Save me Dracula," Rocco grins. 


Kyle jumps up and runs from his mum.


"Vampire hunter." Kule screams in horror. 


"Bite her." Rocco giggles. 


"Not so fast, pretty little vampire, look what i've got." Lisa grins holding up a wooden stake. 


"RUN!!!!!!!" Rocco screams. 


Kyle starts running n the other direction.Hiding from his mum. 


"Ohhhh Kyky and Rock where are you.' Lisa calls evilly. 


"Save me." Rocco whispers. 


Kyle places Rocco on his shoulders. 


"I'll always protect you little dude." Kyle grins. 


"Why didn't anyone protect you?" Rocco asks. 


"There was just no there to help me Rock, if my brother knew they would of but they had no clue so they couldn't." Kyle sighs.  


He races off in another direction away from his mother. 


"Tree." Rocco points. 


Kyle sprints to the tree and lifts Rocco up on to a branch an then pulls himself up. 


"Can witches climb?" Rocco asks. 


"No. Well at least that witch can't." Kyle smirks as he sees his mother. 


'You evil monsters." Lisa laughs. 


"You're the monster, we are the heroes." Rocco grins. 


"Yea mum haven't you ever seen twilight or the Vampire Diaries, Vampires are the heroes." Kyle smirks. 


"I didn't know you liked those shows Ky." Lisa smirks. 


"I lived with a teenage girl mum i was forced to watch those shows." Kyle smirks. 


'alright, alright come on down, game over you win." Lisa smiles. 


Kyle was going to jump down.


"No no no no no no Ky! its a trap." Rocco squeaks.  


"I'll go down first then aye i'll fight her off." Kyle smirks and jumps down. 


His mum pushes him to the floor. 


"hahahahaha stupid boy." She laughs. 


"Nooooooo." Rocco cries jumping down on Lisa's back.


"Get off me baby fangs." Lisa growls but she can't help but giggle. 


Kyle jumps up and pulls Rocco off his mum. 


"Game over." Kyle smirks. 


'we won, we won, we won." Rocco chants. 


Lisa shakes her head with disbelief. 


"My two little boys." She smirks them looks at Rocco. 


"Is it okay if i call you that Rock?" She asks. 


"Yep i love it." Rocco giggles as Kyle tickles him.


"what do you two want for dinner then." Lisa asks.


"Chicken pasta." Kyle and Rocco yell at the same time. 


"You always did love that Ky." Lisa smiles kissing Kyle's cheek. 


"Well you make the best chicken pasta Mum." Kyle grins hugging her with his arms wrapped around her front. 


"Yea right mine is just a cheesy sauce with chicken and pasta." Lisa shakes her head.


"Yea and it's delicious." Kyle grins. 


"You're too sweet my boy." Lisa grins walking away. 


"Goooo Dracula to the treehouse." Rocco smirks giggling.


Kyle scoops his nephew up and runs to Rocco's treehouse.


"What should we call it Rock?" Kyle asks. 


"The coffin." Rocco giggles.


"Do you want it written like dripping blood?" Kyle asks. 


Rocco nods his head frantically. 


"Well we'll do it tomorrow aye." Kyle grins as his mum calls them to help her get everything ready for dinner. 


"Ky, you'll never leave me right we'll have forever together right?" Rocco asks. 


"Forever bud." Kyle grins. 




Casey was sitting on his bed when there was a knock at his door. 


"Hey Sash, thanks for coming." Casey grins. 


"So whats Kyle got to do with our argument?" Sasha asks. 


"I remembered the last argument we had and how Kyle told me i was an idiot." Casey sighs. 


"Janice Henderson." Sasha smirks. 


"Yea." Casey blushes.


"I forgive you Case and i want to help, i remembered that i know everything that their is to know about Dex and Indi now and i want that for you and i'll be right there for you no matter how sad it gets." Sasha grins. 


Casey smirks at her and shuts the door.


"I love you." He whispers.





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Thank you ~JarlieFanEver~, Ludub and Kristen for your comments 

Kyle and Rocco were at the treehouse, Kyle was naming the treehouse with red spray paint. He wrote down ‘The Coffin’. 


"That's so cool Unky Ky." Rocco sequels jumping up into his Uncles arms.


"Wanna go up?' Kyle asks lifting Rocco up to the stairs. He climbed up behind him.


"This is so cool." Rocco grins sitting int he treehouse, Kyle and Rocco had been working on it for a while.


"Yea, it's not bad aye." Kyle grins.  


"Did you have a treehouse when you were younger?" Rocco asks. 


"Na Rock, My mum never had room for one and my Uncle didn't let me use my cousins one." Kyle sighs.


"Your Uncles mean." Rocco sighs hugging his uncle. 


'I"m sorry that you had to grow up with that." Rocco murmurs.


Kyle smiled lightly at his nephew. 


"Yea, but it only made me a better person because I would never treat another person like that." Kyle sighs. 


"Why you?" Rocco asks. 


Kyle shakes his head cause he starts to feel tears falling, He hated his life so much and he's surprised he didn't try to end it long before he died. 


"Kyky," Rocco mumbles rubbing Kyle's arm. 


Lisa comes up and sees Kyle crying. 


"Hey Rock, let's go make some fairy bread aye." She smiles lightly knowing that her son would want to be left alone. 


Rocco took one last look at his crying Uncle, it was the first time he had seen him cry to the extent when he can't stop but he took Lisa's hand and let her lead him to the house. 


Kyle meanwhile couldn't stop crying, his heart hurt he couldn't stop, he wasn't just crying because of his childhood he was crying because he missed his brother so so much. 




Casey and Sasha were sitting in his room. 


"I need to know more about Kyle, will you come to Melbourne with me, I want to go to his house, apparently after his Uncle and cousins went down, Katie moved back in, I want to see where he grew up, I just have to." Casey mumbles looking at Sasha 


"Of course and I'll come with you, I want to be there for you because I can already tell you it's not going to be pretty," Sasha whispers in Casey's ear. 


"Then why come?" Casey asks. 


"Because you didn't just lose a brother that day Casey, I lost a possible future brother in law." Sasha sighs running a hand through Casey's hair. 




Sasha was sitting on the couch in the Braxton house when Kyle came in and collapsed on the couch next to her groaning and resting his head on the back of the couch. 


"Tired." Sasha laughs. 


Kyle opens up one eye and looks at her. 


"Double shift." He yawns. 


"You do work a lot, how do you meet girls?" Sasha asks. 


"I meet girls at the bar." Kyle yawns. 


Sasha lightly whacks him in the gut. 


"You know that's not what I meant." Sasha laughs. 


Kyle just shrugs his shoulders. 


"I'm all good, I get nervous around girls anyway." Kyle shrugs closing his eyes. 


"You don't seem nervous now." Sasha smiles. 


"Yea, cause your my brothers girl, I would get beaten to a pulp if I made a move on you, but since you are Casey's girlfriend it makes me less nervous because if I make a fool of myself you'll just be embarrassed because one day you'll be related to me." Kyle chuckles. 


"Oh, yeah and why are you so sure, that Case and I are going to get married?" Sasha smirks.


"Because Casey isn't an idiot, he will propose to you one day," Kyle smirks and gets up to go to his room.


Sasha hadn't really talked to Kyle before but she always thought that he was a great guy.


End of Flashback


"If you're sure." Casey sighs. 


"100%" Sasha smiles. 


Casey leaned in and kissed Sasha.




Brax and Ricky were at te restaurant, Ricky was waiting tables and Brax was in the back doing bookwork. He couldn't understand how Kyle did it for so long, he must have been really smart at school, he opened up the bottom drawer to find a stapler when he sees a letter. 



if you are reading this letter that means that your Uncle has most likely killed me, I'm sorry that you had to go through that and the fact that your Uncle would have got custody of you afterward. It's your 21st birthday today and I'm sure that you are a lovely young man, you were a darling child after all. Kyle, i love you more than anything else in the world and I wanted to pass on a message, Your Uncle killed your Grandparents for insurance money but he didn't think about the fact that he had to split the money with me, That is why I was killed. I tried as hard as I could to stay alive so that I could see you grow up but your Uncle had other plans, please Kyle. Live your life as much as you can, you deserve to be happy. 

I love you my little prince 

Love Mummy xx


Brax stared at the letter he couldn't believe it Duncan had killed his own parents to get insurance money, he really was a monster. 


"My little prince." Brax smiles lightly. 


He stares at the letter for a long time until Ricky comes in. 


"Brax." She sighs 


Brax couldn't stop looking at the letter, Kyles mum must have sent it so Kyle would get it on a certain day, Addresses were scribbled out so much on it which means it would have been from place to place. 


"Come on Brax lets go home." Ricky sighs grabbing Brax by the hand and taking him home, everyone had tried to go back to work but it was just too hard, they all expected Kyle to be there or to just walk in. They were still broken. 





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Thank you, Kristen ~JarlieFanEver~ and Ludub for your comments. 


Chapter 17

Casey and Sasha were packing their bags, Casey picked up a picture of him and Kyle at the beach for a family picnic. He remembered that day clearly it was the day that he and Kyle had shoved Heath off the pier when he had tried to throw him off 


"Come on Heath cut it out." Kyle yells as Heath tries to shove Casey in the water. 

"Shut it Kylie, or you're going in next." Heath laughs, attempting again to shove Casey off. 

"Help, someone." Casey calls. 

Kyle knew that he had two options, save Casey and have an opportunity of getting the better of Heath or maybe ending up in the water himself with Casey or do nothing and probably end up in the water anyway. 

He ran up to Heath and pulled him away from Casey so that Casey could get away from the edge so that he could help Kyle shove Heath off. 

"Don't you even think about it." Heath mutters.

Casey and Kyle grin at each other and together push Heath into the water and the whole rest of the family laughs. 

"I'll get you." Heath laughs. 

Brax comes up behind the boys and they flinch expecting to be shoved off as well. 

"Well done boy's you suddenly stood up to the big goose." Brax grins ruffling his two younger brothers hair. 

End of Flashback 

Casey and Kyle separate were no match for Heath but together they always managed to handle him fine, same with Brax. Casey and Kyle were the little brothers, no match for their superiors unless they worked together. 

Casey put the photo in his bag. 

"You ready babe?" Sasha asks.

"Yea, let's go?" Casey sighs. They had called Katie not long ago and she had sent them the address of where she lived and Kyle grew up.

Casey and Sasha walked out to the lounge, Everyone was there. 

"Where are you going?" Brax asks. 

"Melbourne." Casey sighs. 

"Why?" Heath asks. 

"I need to know more about Ky, I feel like I've lost a brother I didn't know." Casey sighs. 

"No." Heath hisses. 

"Heath shut up, Case go and bring back stuff please so we'll all know." Brax sighs. 

"Of course." Casey sighs as him and Sasha walk out the door hand in hand. 

" We need to know more about out little brother Heath." Brax sighs and walks back to his room. Heath turned to the door where Kyle stood, Kyle walked outside. Heath followed. 

Kyle was lying on the hammock.

"Can you stop tormenting me?" Heath asks, only to receive a shake of a head. 

"Why not, you're freaking me out" Heath hisses.

Kyle sat up and tried to walk away, but Heath grabs his arm. 

"Just stop, before I completely lose it." Heath hisses. 

Even using strength against his dead brother, Heath was disgusted with himself but Kyle disappeared before he could fix it. 

"I'm sorry Kyle!" He cries. 

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Thank you, Kristen ~JarlieFanEver~ and Ludub for your comments. 

Chapter 18

Casey and Sasha arrived in Melbourne and got to the address Katie gave them and knocked. 

“Hey Casey.” Katie smiles lightly pulling Casey in a hug. 

“Hey, thanks for this.” Casey sighs, he knew it would be hard for both him and Katie but he just had too. 

“Come in.” Katie smiles lightly. 

“So this is where Kyle grew up.” Casey sighs. 

“I'll take you to his room.” Katie sighs motioning upstairs. 

“Can you help me move the bookcase please?” Katie sighs pointing at the bookshelf. Casey pushes it out of the way and then a door comes into view. 

“Is this his room?” Casey asks walking into the small closet sized room. 

“Yep, Duncan kept it as a trophy case.” Katie grunts picking up the small picture of Kyle and Lisa. 

"Are those diaries?” Casey asks pointing to books in a small pile. 

“Ah yea, He wrote every bad thing that ever happened to him because he promised himself that he would make them pay for everything.” Katie sighs. 

Casey picks up a book. 

March 30th 2010

I hate it, my life it's awful. Before school Duncan starved me and refused me breakfast all because I had gotten up to get a drink of water in the night and he counted that as stealing. Then when i got to school my cousins started their torture. Anton dragged me into the bathroom stall and gave me a swirly even before school began. They hate me so much, I can't stand up to them, they're too strong. When interval arrived they cornered  me and shoved me around, over and over again. Eventually Anton purposefully missed and I felt to the ground in a heap. They started kicking me and they wouldn't stop until the bell rung. Then I had to push myself up even though I was in complete agony all so they wouldn't get in trouble. At lunch I had gym last period and they stood behind me and grabbed ahold of me and shoved me in the shower, once they had had enough fun practically drowning me they dragged me to the main section of the locker room and they hung me up by a hook giving me a wedgie. They laughed at me so hard it hurt. Why me I wasn't a bad kid and yet my life isn't treating me well. 

Casey looked up, the pages went on and on all with stories. They gave him swirlies, wedgies, pink bellies, they shoved him in lockers, shoved him under water, beat him up, taped him to flagpoles and all around embarrassed him. 

"They are sickos.” Casey hisses.

"They are, they always were even as a little kid Anton would torture Kyle.” Katie sighs handing Casey another book, 


January 5th 1999

He's so mean, is making my life sad the only thing he has to do in life, I hate it. Anton and his mean friends pushed me to the ground today at school and messed up my hair and hit me in the stomach, I bruise so much. My mum asked why I came home with bruises and I had to tell her it was my cousin it was embarrassing. Jospeh hates me too but Jacksons my friend, but he can't stand up to Anton either. They just mock me I'm 6 and I hate my life. He treats me like I don't belong and loves hearing me cry and beg. Last week he stuck his finger in my ear when it was all wet, he said it was a wet willy I hated it so much. But him and his friends all laughed and each did it as well, they all just pick on me and no one does anything about it because they think that because we are cousins that it is all for fun. 

“Six!!!” Casey yells. 

“Yea six, it started earlier than that though but Duncan hide those diaries, he figured since they were the first years they were the most memorable.” Katie sighs. 

“There's got to be at least 25 books on that pile.” Casey points out. 

“Yea, they bullied him for a very long time, he always drew dark pictures.” Katie sighs pulling out a shoebox from under the bed and pulling out pictures.

Casey's eyes popped, Kyle was pretty good at drawing, he was an extremely artistic person over all he loved music and he was an amazing artist. 

The pictures were all dark, the pictures of the boys made them all look like devils and demons. 

“Is this how much he was scared of them that he saw then as demons?” Casey asks. 

"Yea." Katie mumbles pulling a picture album of Kyle when he was 10 till 17, Duncan had always stripped Kyle down to just his boxers and took photos of him do that he could always smile when he saw his body never mature because he was never feed enough to grow. 

"If you want to see what Kyle was like here." Katie sighs. Handing Casey the album. 

Casey opened it and flicked through the pages. He didn't see much difference in them. 

“How old is he in this one?” Casey asks holding up the album. 

“15.” Katie sighs, he didn't look like a 15 year old. He had scruffy brown hair and his arms weren't as big as others his age and Casey thinks that this would have been because of the starvation and beatings. 

Casey looked at the picture, this was his older brother and he looked the size of a 13 year old him when he was 15. 

Sasha rubbed his shoulder, he looked so tense staring at the pictures of his brother. 

"He didn't deserve any of this.” Casey hisses slamming down the pictures. 

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Thank you, Kristen ~JarlieFanEver~ and Ludub for your comments. 

Chapter 19
Heath was pacing up and down in the living room. Brax, Bianca and Ricky were sitting on the couch looking confused and a little bit annoyed. 

“Can you stop it?” Brax asks groaning, Heath pacing was making noice and as much as he hated to admit it made him nervous as well. 

“I'm worried alright! What if Casey finds something he can't unsee and he's stuck with it forever.” Heath sighs running his hands through his hair. He was not in the right head space and seeing Kyle wasn't helping at all.

“Look it can't get any worse alright, we knew things were bad before he and Sash left on their trip.” Brax sighs. They had already found out that Kyle was raped when he was younger how could it get any worse.

“That's not the point.” Heath hisses and he sees Kyle in the corner of his eye. He was walking to the backyard.

“I'm getting some fresh air.” He moans and runs his hand over his face. He always followed him hoping that one day Kyle will talk and say whether he forgave him or not. 

“Do you or do you not forgive me because this whole spirit thing is getting old seeing you is making me miserable and I'm sick of it.” Heath growls at Kyle. Kyle tilts his head at Heath  as if to say what do you think. 

“Alright, alright, I'm sorry alright I'm sorry how I treated you all those years, all the bullying, teasing, the names, the jokes okay Kyle I'm sorry will you talk now. I MISS YOUR VOICE! I MISS YOU!” He yells, suddenly realizing that he said that way to loud and out came Brax. 

“Mate?” He asks, he was worried for his brother who has been acting weird since Kyle's Birthday. Not normal Heath weird but a really weird Heath, he was different like he was hiding something. 

“Brax, I'm seeing Kyle.” Heath admits, feeling sick to his stomach how could he just confess to that to his older brother, he was so embarrassed, and nervous about what Braxs reaction was going to be. 
Casey was helping Katie make dinner. It was chicken pasta. 

“You know Kyle loved this meal.” Casey grins, remembering that whenever it was Kyle's turn to cook he made chicken pasta cause that was his favorite. He didn't care if everyone else got sick of it at times he loved it. 

“Yea, his mum always made it for him, but I'm pretty sure that the first time he had it with you guys would have been the first time in a long time that he had actually had it. To be honest he hardly got feed at out house, his meals were children like portions.”  Katie admits because she knew that he would have never been feed it at her house after she left and she knew that they would of stayed at that size because Duncan never thought he was big so he never gave Kyle a lot of food, She knew that, that could be a reason that Kyle was on the average to just a little bit small size and it hurt her to know that she left him. She smiles lightly to herself when remembering a fact about Chicken pasta.  

“Lisa always had dinosaur pasta pieces Kyle loved them sometimes he would suck them till all the sauce was off and the play with them, very cute. Lisa would always get mad and tell him not to play with his food, but he always did it, up till the last time she ever made it for him, the day before Duncan killed her.” Katie sighs as she puts out three bowls. 

“Tell me more about when he was younger?” Casey asks as he puts the pasta pot on a board and puts in on the table. 
Katie eyes sparkle and she smiles lightly. 

“He loved life, yes that little boy loved the life that he had when his mother was alive despite the fact that my sons and husband tried their absolute best to hurt him, he always had so much energy, he would constantly riding his bike up and down the street sometimes for hours on end, he always played the guitar, it was something that he thought made him. He loved his mother, so so much but I suppose having an absent father would do that. He was a mummy's boy and he would always run up to her and hug her, he was so much like her as well, I don't think he got too much of your fathers looks, he was a Bennett, an absolute Bennett. I adored him, he was just a little boy who most people found impossible to hate.” Katie smiles lightly but a tear falls from her eyes, oh she missed that little boy. 

“I didn't like him at the start in fact I hated him.” Casey sighs admitting that him and Kyle were not friendly towards each other when Kyle first arrived in fact they hated each other. 

“How come?” Katie asks, she was curious to know why Casey hated Kyle, Sasha cane in and sat down.

“I don't want to ruin your memories of him.” Casey mumbles dishing up himself some pasta. 

Katie lowered her head, she think she had an idea of what happened.

“He cracked didn't he?” Katie asks knowing full well that Kyle would of cracked with being bullied all those years and he would of snapped at the smallest thing. 

“I killed Dad, Kyle was helping him do a job, Dad used Kyle when he needed him but abandoned him when he didn't, Kyle was always put second, or fourth in a way. It was all about me, then Brax, then Heath then Kyle. Dad didn't love any of us but Kyle loved him or at least he thought he did.  Anyway when I killed Dad, Kyle knew it was me and he came after me and kidnapped me, he was messed up in the head and he snapped, I guess he was just pushed too far.” Casey mumbles. 

“Where'd he take you?” Katie asks shocked that the little sweet boy that she remembers could do such a thing.

Casey swallows lightly and looks at Sasha, should he tell her, she wanted to know but he didn't want to ruin her thoughts of him. 

“Katie.” Casey sighs looking up at her making it obvious with his expression that he didn't want to say. 

“Please.” She begs. 

Casey breaths deeply and lowers his head. 

“The desert.” He sighs, looking at his hands not particularly wanting to look at Katie. 



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Thank you Ludub, Kristen and ~JarlieFanEver~ for your comments it really means a lot and I'm so sorry I haven't updated in sooo long. But I will definitely try and make weekly. This one is a longer one than usual.  

Chapter 20

Katie stares in shock at Casey. 
“The desert?” She gasps grabbing her chest and feeling it beat fast. Kyle really went downhill and as bad as it made her feel she couldn't help feeling sorry for him, for what he did. He was a beaten down boy who had just lost who he thought was his last family member that actually gave a toss about him even through deep down, Kyle knew that Danny didn't love him and he never would care. 

“Yea, but please don't think less of him, he was a severally messed up guy. And hearing all of this I can understand why, I can't believe the childhood he had. It hardly even counts as a childhood.” Casey sighs looking into Katie's eye hoping she wouldn't think less of Kyle, he didn't deserve it, Casey understood that. Tell him that three years ago and he would've called you an absolute idiot but now he got he, he understood. As bad as what Kyle did to him was he couldn't help but have that Kyle tug at his heart strings, he was just a broken young man and Casey felt sorry that it took him so long to find it out. 

“Yea I'm not. I knew he would crack that poor sweet little boy was pummelled everyday he lived with Duncan and the boys. I'm not the least bit surprised. But I'm so sorry that you were the one that had to cope it. You didn't deserve it.” Katie sighs getting up and pulling Casey into a hug. 

“Thanks Katie but what Kyle did to me was so minuscule to what he went through all his life.” Casey sighs as he grabs Sasha’s hand and rubs it to try and calm himself down. 

“I sometimes wonder what his life would be like if his mum had never died, it's sweet. They were like the perfect mother son combo. He wasn't a spoilt kid but he loved his life, once his mum died that all disappeared.” Katie sighs, she had always wanted that life not only for her nephew but for her sister in law as well. 

Katie's version of Kyle's life with his Mum. 

“Hey Mum.” Kyle smiles coming up behind his Mum and wrapping his arms around her.

“Hey beautiful boy, how was Uni?” Lisa asks kissing her son on his cheek and turning to look at him.

"Yea good, Med school is quite tricky, so many terms to remember.” Kyle sighs as he softly pushes his mum away from the chicken she was cutting up and started doing it himself.

“What did I do to deserve such a precious boy like you?” Lisa asks quickly washing her hands and  running them through Kyle's hair.

“All you had to do was be yourself, you deserve to live a long perfect life.. and this is just the start.” Kyle smiles as he puts all the chicken in a bowl and washes his hands and kisses his Mum on the cheek. 

“I'm sorry you never found the right guy. Danny was an idiot for never treating you right.” Kyle sighs grabbing his mums hand and pulling him into a hug, he rests his head on his mums and sighs lightly. “He didn't deserve you anyway.” Kyle grunts and hugs his mum. 

“And he didn't deserve a perfect boy like you.” Lisa smiles as she pulls away from him away from him and handing him a pile full of papers. 

“It's not my birthday yet.” Kyle jokes as he grabs himself a glass of water.

“Then think of it as a late graduation from high school present. Trust me sweetheart I want you to look at it.” Lisa smiles handing Kyle the papers. 

“This is about my brothers.” Kyle smiles lightly looking through the papers and smiling up at his mum but suddenly frowns. 

“But you said…” Kyle starts remembering that his mum said that the Braxton boys were dangerous. 

“Honey you're a grown up now. You're 24, I know that you'll make the best decision possible. I still believe that they are dangerous but I know your cousins made your life miserable so I want you to have a happy family, with the brother you've always wanted.” Lisa smiles kissing her son on the cheek. 

“Yea well Uncle Duncan and the boys are all in prison now, and I don't know. The Braxton boys, how will they react when they have a nerdy half brother. They are big and strong they probably won't even acknowledge me as a family.” Kyle mumbles thinking why on earth would they want a brother like him.

“Well if they don’t, you'll always have me.” Lisa smiles as she kisses him on the cheek. 

“Thanks Mum, I'm so lucky to have you.” Kyle smiles as he hugs his mum tight. 

End of thought.

Casey looks at Katie with sad eyes, it must have been so hard to want a better life for a loved one, especially when she knew it was never going to happen. 

“Kyle was going to be a doctor, his love for it grew when his mum died. He wanted to save people. Before it was too late like his mum.” Katie sighs sitting down at the table and looking heartbroken.

“Duncan ruined his dream.” She bursts out crying. “He ruined the only thing Kyle was holding on to.” 

Casey looks heartbroken and bends down to the ground. He couldn't breathe. Sasha kneels down and comforts him. It was so hard seeing her boyfriend like this. A mess with tears running down his face, but she couldn't blame him. It was heartbreaking hearing all of this. Kyle had had such an awful life and nit a single person after his Aunty left had bothered to try and help him. That just wasn't right. She thought about her Dad and how he was an amazing doctor and thought with Kyle's brains, personality and determination when he worked he would have made a great one too. 

Casey's thoughts of Kyle being a doctor. 

A sick young girl was sitting in her hospital bed, she had leukaemia. She was pretty sick, her parents didn't know how long she had left.

A young Dr Kyle Bennett walked into her hospital room and kneeled down to her level and handed her a red liquorice stick. The young girl frowns at Kyle but takes the liquorice stick and mouths her thanks to him.

“Hey my name is Kyle. Now your name is Libby, that's a beautiful name. Now  I'm sorry you're so sick. But I promise you that we are going to everything that we can to make you better okay, but you need to promise me something you need to be brave. But by the looks of you. You are brave.” Kyle smiles lightly.

The young girl flashes Kyle a smile, her parents give him a smile as well. She hadn't smiled in a long time but this young doctor had made her see that she could fight this. 

End of Casey's thought. 

Katie sighs and starts eating her pasta. 

“Kyle never had many dreams, it just hurt to see that one ripped away. Kyle's brains were something to be proud of but all the bullying and teasing. He ended up being too afraid to use it. So goodbye med school. I'm just glad his mum wasn't here to see it. It would have broken her heart to find out that Kyle had given up on his dream.” Katie sighs as Casey and Sasha sit down with her. 

“So Lisa his mum, how'd she meet my Dad?” Casey asks curious to see how his father had managed to get with this women who seemed so different to him. 

“Lisa told me about him, they  meet in a pub and both had quite a bit to drink. Lisa was a partier up until she feel pregnant with Kyle and that night she saw him and apparently he was very flirty and good looking which  I'm not surprised by, by the look of you boys, and she was desperate she wanted a family so bad. Then she found out that he was married but only after Kyle was born. She was hurt but she had a beautiful baby boy. The only scare was that he was born just a little bit premature and she was worried that she was going to loose him. But he was a fighter, he fought and obviously lived. And she didn't need Danny anymore because she had her little baby boy and she couldn’t be happier.” Katie smiles lightly. 

“So not only was Kyle born by a one night stand but he was born on a drunk one nights stand. Did he know?” Sasha asks curious to see if Kyle actually knew that his parents were both drunk when he was conceived.

“Pffft no, all he knew was that his father had slept with his mother, it would have broken him to know that if his mum had just not drunk as much as she did that he would exist. Lisa saw nothing else in Danny but she couldn't tell Kyle that. So she always pretended that she was heartbroken by the fact that Danny couldn't be there with them. His whole life was just one big lie. It was heartbreaking.” Katie explains. 

“So he never knew the truth about his whole life, oh my god. His life is just so heartbreaking.” Sasha starts to tear up. 

“Did your boys know?” Casey asks, thinking that if the boys knew they would have told Kyle at some point. 

“No, I didn't even tell Duncan. Which I'm happy about because they would have told Kyle if I did.” Katie sighs and grabs a photo of her, Kyle and Lisa when Kyle was three. 

“He was such a little cutie. Although he was also cute when he was in Summer Bay so that's not surprising.” Sasha smirks staring at the picture that Katie was holding. 

“He was not cute!” Casey protests, girls always told Casey that his slightly older brother was cute, but he didn't see it. 

“Of course you think that because it would be weird if you thought he was cute you're his brother. But he was. He was the cutest out of all of you, it was a shame he struggled to talk to girl, if he could've he would have been a magnet. And when he met the right girl he would have treated her right.” Sasha grins? She always thought that Kyle would be a perfect match for her best friend Rosie but Kyle was too quiet and Rosie was too loud. 


“Sasha I hardly know the guy and he's the guy who kidnapped your boyfriend, why are you setting me up with him?” Rosie questions her best friend wondering why on earth Sasha was setting her up with her boyfriends kidnapping older brother. 

“Rose, Kyle's actually not even dangerous he's just misunderstood.” Sasha laughs pointing out to her best friend that she would be completely safe with her boyfriends older brother. 

“Isn't he like 22 though.” Rosie sighs, thinking that he was quite a bit older than her. 

“He's 20 and he actually really sweet, but he's quiet. Casey says he hasn't had a girlfriend since he's lived in the bay and all the others if he has them would have been juvenile ones that don't count.” Sasha laughs and knocks on the Braxton’s door knowing that Kyle was gone because she had checked his roster, really wanting to set him up with Rosie.

“He's probably not even home.” Rosie smiles pulling on Sashas arms. 

“No I checked his roster. He's home.” Sasha grins, she could see how nervous Rosie was she often blushed over Kyle. 

Rosie looks at his with wide eyes.

"What! It's not creepy.” Sasha protests “and anyway I thought you thought that Kyle was cute.” Sasha points out Rosie was about to protest but suddenly the door swings open revealing a tired looking Kyle wearing only his boxers. 

“Hey Sash, whoa Rosie.” He blushes and grabs a pillow quickly and covers it over his boxers. 

“Oh don't worry. I've seen it before I was hanging with Sasha here and was going to the bathroom but opened the wrong door.” Rosie laughs causing Kyle's cheeks to get redder. 

“Ohh cute you're blushing.” Rosie laughs. Causing Kyle to blush more. 

“Anyway, Sasha is trying to set us up. Which I find weird because I hardly know you apart from the fact that you wear boxers. Oh sorry bit personal.” Rosie laughs.

Kyle looks at Sasha gobsmacked. He was a nervous wreck, Rosie was way too loud a person for his liking, sure she was cute, pretty and lovely but he was quiet and he was worried that she and him would be just too different. 

“Ahh how you would you feel like a double date?” Sasha asks, she looks at Kyle who open and closes his mouth like a fish. 

Rosie decided that she might as well give it a go and she answered for both her and Kyle.

“Okay! Sounds amazing, see ya then Kyle.” Rosie grins and waves to Kyle and leaves. Kyle holds the pillow tightly over his boxers.

Sasha smiles friendly at Kyle, and sighs quietly. 

"Rosie, she's  really sweet and I know you're quiet and all but hey lets try yea.” Sasha smiles lightly and shrugs at Kyle who just continues to hold onto the pillow. 
The door shuts and Kyle drops the pillow and tips his head back. He's never even had a girlfriend before how was he supposed to act. 

Later that night Casey comes in. He goes to Kyle's room and sees him choosing his outfit. Casey chuckles lightly. “Hey Ky, so you and Rosie hey, if you guys get married she can make the speech she'd love that.” Casey chuckles, He knew that Rosie loved to talk and Kyle hated it, he loves teasing him for that. 

“Can you give me a hand please?” Kyle begs as he tries to pick which shirt he waves to wear.

“Blue.” Casey points at the blue shirt that was in Kyle's left hand. Kyle puts it on and sighs heavily.

“Case, I've never even had a girlfriend, how am I meant to go on a date.” Kyle sighs as he fixes his hair. 

“Well this is going to be fun then.” Casey laughs as he goes and gets ready himself. 

Sasha and Rosie arrive at the Braxton's and both look beautiful. 
Brax opens the door and smiles.

“Come on in girls. Boys!” Brax yells, the two boys come out and smile. Well Casey gives a genuine smile, Kyle's gives a nervous one.

“Hey Rose go easy on our brother. He's never had a girlfriend before so he's a bit unexperienced.” Heath laughs and slaps Kyle on the back. 

Kyle blushes more than had before and it's not gone unnoticed. 

“Ha! Kylie’s blushing!” Heath laughs shoving Kyle slightly. Brax smiles and ruffles his hair.

“Ohhh I love the brother connection you have, I wish I had it. Although for a brother connection you need a brother which I don't have, actually to be exact I'm an only child, well I do have foster siblings but their not blood. It's funny how it's called blood when it's not the same blood. Imagine if family had the exact same blood. Blood donations to other family members would be so simple. Woah sorry.” Rosie blurts all out and then blushes. 

Heath smirks at his little brother, and slaps him on the back. “Come on Ky, speak up.” He chuckles, staring at his brothers shocked face. 

“Come on boys. Lets go.” Sasha smiles as she grabs Casey's hand and Rosie grabs Kyle's.

“So just at Angelos, pizza.” Rosie points out and smiles at Kyle,  who just nods lightly. 

Casey and Sasha look at the awkwardness and both wonder if this whole double date thing was a good idea.

“You don't talk much do you.” Rosie laughs lightly. 

“Umm no not really.” Kyle sighs, running his hand through his hair.

“You know when Sasha first told me about this I was nervous I mean all I know about you is that you kidnapped Casey….. I'm sorry that was so rude I just don't have much of a filter.” Rosie apologies. 
“Umm yea it's alright.” Kyle blushes he didn't know what else to say and he could hardly yell at his brothers girlfriends best friend.

“So tell me about yourself?”  Rosie asks wanting to know a little bit more about her date. 

“Rose. Kyle's quiet okay. Ummm just give him a bit of time.” Casey laughs lightly. 

“Okay.” Rosie smiles. Casey looks at his brother. He looks so nervous. 

They arrive at the restaurant and sit down. Kyle and Rosie sit next to each other and Casey and Sasha sit opposite them. 

“Hey Sasha what did you get on your algebra test?” Rosie asks, she was devastated about her mark she had failed. 

“Agh I hated maths.” Casey laughs remembering how much he had hated maths when he had it as a subject.

“Yea who actually likes it, anyway Sash what did you get?” Rosie asks. 

  “A-.” Sasha shrugs thinking it was about right, she would have preferred an A+ but an A- was still really good in her eyes. 

“I got a D. Like can anyone get an A+ on algebra.” Rosie moans and takes a sip of water. 

“I did.” Kyle shrugs lightly. He was a bit embarrassed by it but he didn't want to be the awkward one not in the conversation.

“You're a nerd?” Rosie asks shocked. Casey chuckles lightly and Sasha glares at Rosie.

“Rosie.” She moans and rests her head in her hands.

“Sorry, you're smart. I'm sorry but I wouldn't have guessed that. I mean a smart guy in prison, how'd that go down?” Rosie asks not realising how awkward Kyle was feeling. 

This time it was Casey to try and stop her. 

“We don't usually like to talk about prison, it's a touché subject.” Casey points out trying to save his brother from further questions.

“And I don't usually let it be common knowledge, it's hard enough in there.” Kyle admits it was probably the most opening thing he had said all night. 

“Wow an A+ though. Can you tutor me?” Rosie jokes as she looks at Sasha who looks beside herself with remorse. This was not a good idea. They were just to different. A chatterbox young girl who loved to joke and a young man who really only spent time with family. As much as she wanted it to she knew it could never work.

“Sure, I mean. If you actually want that, I can try slip you in but I'm busy most of the week. Friday is my only free day.” Kyle sighs, looking at Rosie with his big brown eyes. 

“Oh um I was just kidding. There's a maths tutor at school I normally use but I just forgot this week, thanks anyway though. I'll be back.” Rosie blurts and rushes off to the bathroom. Kyle stared after her thinking it was his criminal record that had got her nerves going and that was the reason that she had rejected his tutor proposal. 

“Sorry Ky.” Sasha apologises she knew that Rosie didn't mean to hurt his feeling and make him feel like an outcast she just wouldn't have known how to react. 
The rest of the night was as awkward as the start and Kyle wasn't the least bit surprised. That was the first date he had ever had and it was so extremely awkward. All she wanted to know was all about him but that was something he didn't even share with his family let alone a girl who he was on a first date with.

Everyone had finished their dinner and the boys went up to pay the bill. 

“Well that went well.” Kyle sighs paying for him and Rosie. 

“Ohh chin up mate you'll find someone.” Casey smiles lightly at his brother.

The four of them make their way out of the restaurant. 

End of flashback. 

They had all finished their dinner and had decided that it had been a long day and that they should get an early night. 


Heath sat down with Brax. He knew this was going to be hard. Brax was going to question him so hard, although he wasn't surprised. 

“So you're seeing Kyle. Since when?” Brax asks confused by the fact that his younger brother is seeing his dead younger brother

“His birthday. At the cemetery. He just turns up and disappears. It's scary Brax, he says nothing either he just stares at me. He's haunting me Brax!” Heath yells putting his hands up to his head and staring at Brax, just behind him stood Kyle with his sad brown eyes. Heath face changes and Brax notices. 

“Is he here?” Brax asks, staring at Heath hard, he was smiling slightly. He didn't understand the pain that Heath was having and all he saw was the chance to see his little brother again. 

“Is not a good thing you idiot!” Heath yells as if he can read his mind. 

“You're seeing our little brother again and you think it's a bad thing. I would do anything to see him again. I miss him. So do you actually. So what I don't get is why seeing him is such a problem.” Brax points out. 

“Maybe because it's not a nice version of Kyle. He doesn't say anything it's like he's haunting me for all the bad things I did to him. All the bullying and the teasing. He couldn't haunt me for it before because he's was the little brother but now that he's dead and I'm vulnerable he's getting his chance.” Heath points out. 

“This again Heath, Kyle didn't hate you alright sure you teased him but hey what older brother doesn't tease his younger brother, I teased Kyle. All the time. He looked up to me. I'm sure a past of him looked up to you too.” Brax points out at Heath moving closer towards him. 

Kyle stares at him intensely and as much as he hated to admit it all he wanted to do was punch him on his pretty boy face. 

Heath reacted badly to Braxs comment. No it wasn't the same, Kyle looked up to Brax because he was like the father figure that he had never had. Seeing his face the face that was genuinely trying to tell him that Kyle didn't hate him. Infuriated him and he sent a punch straight into Brax’s face and yells straight down at him.

“Just admit it I was a horrible brother.” Heath yells and Ricky and Bianca walk in and separate the two boys. 

“What is this about Heath?” Bianca yells, pushing her husband away. 

Kyle straightened up when the girls came in and Heath was staring hard at him. 

“Bee, watch out for the baby.” Ricky warns not wanting the boys fight to hurt Bianca’s chance of having this baby.

“I can handle this! Now what is going on!” She asks again. It had been an emotional year. Ever since finding out about Kyle's past and then his death. This was followed by all the grieving. Then all of a sudden it was Kyle's birthday and then the pain was intensified. He would only just be 24, how wrong was that. 

“He's seeing Kyle and he think he's haunting him I personally think that he's just trying to remember him as best he can but all he thinks is that Kyle is haunting him.” Brax points out.

“Haunting you?” Ricky gasps she was gobsmacked. Kyle would never. 

“I treated him so bad. I was a bully.” Heath hisses at all of them, why couldn't they see that. He always teased Kyle. He would of hated him but he was never allowed to admit to because it would cause a family argument. 

“You're being ridiculous sure you teased him, but we all teased him at some point and he loved us, okay!” Ricky yells trying to get Heath to see that Kyle didn't hate him. 

“You know what I don't believe any of you!! The one person I am going to believe is Kyle and he is dead!” Heath hisses and pushes past Brax to get past him going straight through Kyle as well. 
His family stared after him, he was really struggling with Kyle being gone, they all were it almost felt like Kyle was the glue and now that he had been gone for a while, everything was falling apart. 

Kyle, Rocco and Lisa were all sitting around a fire under the stars.

“You know, you don't have to babysit me. I am okay.” Kyle sighs as he roasts a marshmallow. 

“Ohh sweetie you're heartbroken and I'm your mother, I need to protect you and always make sure that you're okay.” Lisa smiles. 

“Yea I am.. I just wish that I could see them one last time. But I'm dead and they're alive, I'll have to wait years and years to talk to them again, and I thought the time I had to wait to meet them was long.” Kyle sighs, when he was younger he counted down the days until he could leave his horrible life and start a better one with his family and it felt like he had to wait a lifetime but this time he really did have to wait a lifetime. 

“Unky Ky I miss Mummy and Daddy too. But they are in our thoughts and we are in theirs. We also have eachother. And I'm happy for you to my honorary Dad till I can have my real one.” Rocco smiles. 

“Ohh thanks Rock. I love you so much.” Kyle cries slightly as he hugs the young boy. 

“I love you too… Dad.” Rocco smiles wrapping his arms around Kyle's neck and resting his head between his shoulder and his head. 

“I'll always be here for you.” Kyle whispers. He would have loved Rocco to live the life that he was meant to but it was taken away from it all because of SIDS. 

“I know, because that's who you are, I wish you had had a better life.” Rocco cries. 

“Shhh Rock, it's okay.. I'm okay.” Kyle whispers in Roccos ear as he stands up with Rocco still in his arms and hugs him tight. 

“Look Rock. Everyone is given a life and I was in the end blessed with mine. Sure I had a horrible childhood, but I was brought into an amazing family with amazing people and that includes you, you hear Rock. I'm blessed with my life because you're in it. So don't go feeling sorry for me. Because I belong to an incredible family. The Bennett Braxton's and I couldn't ask for anything more.” Kyle smiles lightly. 

“You mean it.” Rocco asks pulling away slightly to look Kyle in the face. It was a teary mess. 

“You bet I do.” Kyle smiles and pulls Rocco into another tight hug. 

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