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Summer Bay and Home and Away plot-line in a Pokémon FireRed ROM Hack I am making!

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I am making a ROM Hack of Pokémon FireRed, which will involve Prisoner: Cell Block H references and Home and Away references. I've had these ideas for many years and I believe it's time they came to fruition! I have attempted at making a ROM Hack involving Home and Away before, though, I lost it all on a previous computer. For those of you who are unaware of what ROM Hacking is, visit this The PokéCommunity Forums' ROM Hacking section, or simply look up "Pokémon ROM Hacking".

How Home and Away will fit into the ROM Hack:

There will be a location based off of Summer Bay, most of the well-known locations will be included in the ROM Hack (Diner, Summer Bay House, Barrenjoey Lighthouse, etc). With certain programs, you are able to add custom music to Pokémon ROM Hacks, because I have a few Home and Away MIDI files, one will be added as the background music for Summer Bay. There will be story lines involving Home and Away characters and a possible special event which will be triggered inside the Summer Bay House. One such story line will be the villainous team p*ssing Alf off, only to be stood up to and flamed by him. Summer Bay won't be "huge" or have the same number of buildings as the "real" Summer Bay, but it will resemble the bay as much as possible.

Here is a few maps of Summer Bay from a previous attempt at making a ROM Hack (these are early ideas).


First attempt. The Summer Bay House and the caravan park appear on the same map. (The patches of dirt represent the caravan park's gravel terrain)



Second attempt. Now the town looks a bit better, with the Summer Bay House and caravan park being behind the trees, which the fences lead to. (there exists a tileset where you can add shadows in front of the trees) and the pier now has a building on it.


Diner. This is meant to represent the Bayside Diner.

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Hey, I saw this topic from the main page a while back and meant to check it out but I kept forgetting. This is fantastic! The building on the pier is a great touch :D I know nothing about how any of this works, but if I had your kind of skills, I doubt I'd get anything else done lol. As to the layout of the town, as I said, I don't know how anything works, but if it's possible, I'd probably try and have the "gym" and the "mart" close together so they could be like the the fitness gym/bar of Summer Bay, and move the buildings closer to the beach. That's if you're after constructive criticism. If you're just wanting someone to tell you it's awesome as it is, I'm happy to do that too! IT'S AWESOME!! :D I've named a lot of pokemon after H&A characters over the years but nothing close to this. Very impressive! 

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