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Baby Evie


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Title of story: Baby Evie

Type of Fic: Long Fic

BTTB Rating: G/T

Main Characters: Evie, Tank, Josh, Maddy, Oscar and others

Genre:  Drama and Family, Romance, Friendship, Teen

Does it contains spoilers: Nope

Warnings: Talks of a sex but it's never actually written

Story beginning read-proofed?: No

Summary: When Evelyn finds out she's pregnant with bad boy Tank's baby her whole world gets turned upside down


Chapter one


Evelyn sat with her back against the bathroom door and watched her whole world come crumbling down around her. The crumbling hadn't started yet, but she knew it was bound to happen. What would Zac think? What would Oscar think?

What would Josh think?

She glared at the plastic stick in her hand, hoping that if she willed it to change that it would. Unfortunately it didn't work, the little plus symbol stayed. Evelyn stood up and looked at herself in the mirror, she was a wreak. Most of her brown hair had escaped the pony tail she half-hardheartedly put it up in when she started crying. Her eyes were red and wet looking, and her cheeks were blotchy and tear stained. She couldn't leave the bathroom looking like she did, someone would notice, and then she'd have to admit it to someone other then herself. She splashed her face with cold water and let the rest of her hair out. She looked almost normal. How was she going to tell people?

How was she going to tell him?

He was to blame for this too, she didn't get herself pregnant. Evelyn hated him, she hated him more than anything in the whole world. He couldn't find out about this, if he did he would have a reason to be in her life again. She didn't want that. Nobody wanted that.

Three loud knocks on the bathroom door startled her.
"Evie, how long are you going to be? I just got back from a run and I smell so bad" Evelyn took a deep breath, she put the pregnancy test back in the box then in her pocket, and left the bathroom. There stood Vj in his exercising clothes, dripping with sweat.
"You're so gross" Evelyn wrinkled up her nose at him. A grin stretched across his face.
"What was that? You want a hug? Come here then" Vj put his arms out for a hug. Despite everything, Evelyn laughed and ran away. If only running away from her problems was as easy as running away from a sweaty Vj.


She walked out into the lounge room, grabbed her phone and wallet and headed out the front door. The first thing she needed to do was find a bin to chuck the pregnancy test into. She had seen enough movies and TV shows to know that if you chuck a pregnancy test out in your own home, someone will find it. She found a bin next to a unoccupied barbeque area, she looked around making sure nobody was watching before chucking the box in the bin. She felt like a massive weight had been lifted off her shoulders now that the dreaded test was no longer near her. Now all she needed was a hot chocolate. she headed off in the direction of the diner. She looked out towards the beach, some of her favorite memories with Tank was at that beach. Even the beach bought her memories of him. He was perfect in the beginning, she couldn't fault him. Something changed, he got controlling, throwing a tantrum whenever she said she couldn't see him for one reason or another. She made so many mistakes in such a short period of time, sometimes she felt like she was still paying for them. She was paying for a big one, and she would continue to pay for it for the next 18 years. She couldn't imagine herself with a kid, she was still a kid herself.


Author's note: I am so sorry it's so short, I promise future chapters will be much longer!

Phoebe :)



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Thank you everyone for your lovely comments :)


Chapter 2

"I'm thinking we need to go out for lunch, my treat" Evelyn loved her brother more than life itself, but she wished he would shut up. Evelyn didn't even want to get out of bed, but Oscar wanted some 'twin bonding time' so here she was, sitting on the couch trying to come up with an excuse not to go outside. She could only come up with one, the fact that she was pregnant, but she wasn't going to tell him that, not yet anyway.
"Can't we just cook something here? I can make lasagna and those cookies you love?" Oscar frowned, Evie hated seeing him frown. After everything the two of them have been through together to see him anything less than happy worried her, he felt the same way about her too. She could tell.
"Don't get me wrong Evie, I love your lasagna and cookies, but I think we need to get out of the house. You need to get out of the house, you look pale" Evelyn had been spending a lot of time inside, only ever leaving the house when she really had to.
"Oscar we've been through this, I'm a vampire. I'm meant to be pale and I can't go outside" This was Oscar's second attempt to get Evelyn out of the house this week, the first attempt ending in a twilight marathon, Oscar loved it.
"Let me guess, you sparkle too?" Evie nodded her head slowly. She had a feeling she wasn't going to win this one.
"Fine Oscar, I'll go and I'll get super burnt and stuff and it'll be your fault." Oscar punched the air in excitement then led her out the door.

Angelo's wasn't crowded when they got there, they never were on Monday at lunch time, even during school holidays. They took a seat not very from the bar, the view was better there.
"I thought you said you could look after him tomorrow?" Ricky whisper yelled to Kyle, not wanting to cause a scene at her place of business. She wasn't quiet enough, Oscar and Evie could still hear.
"I have to go visit Heath, it's a family emergency" Ricky scowls angrily. Evelyn tried not to look.
"Well should Case and I go to? We're part of your family too you know" Oscar's eyes widened, he hated confrontation, so did Evelyn in a way.
"I told him you couldn't make it, because you have your hair appointment." Ricky threw her hands in the air in defeat.
"Well I can't go to the appointment now can I?" Evelyn had an idea.
"Um, excuse me. I couldn't help but overhear your conversation, I could look after Casey. I don't mind" Ricky smiled at Evelyn like she was some sort of godsend.
'Evelyn that would be great! Come by tomorrow at 1:30, I'll show where everything is. I'll pay you when I get back" Evelyn just smiles and nods.

It was one o'clock and Maddy was bored and hated the fact Evelyn was leaving.
"Why did you offer to babysit the Braxton baby anyway?" The way she said Braxton baby was the way Evelyn said maths homework. The Braxton's aren't bad people, they were once upon a time, but they changed.
"I've already told you, Ricky needed help and I didn't have any plans." Also she needed the extra experience with kids, but she left that reason out.
"This sucks. What am I going to do?" Vj ran down the stairs and opened the fridge, taking a swig out of the orange juice carton.
"You could teach him how not to be disgusting. I've got to go, I told Ricky I'd be there by 1:30" Evelyn ignored Maddy's complaints as she headed towards Ricky's house.

"Okay, so he's asleep right and he should stay asleep for another hour? Do you have any questions?" Ricky had gone through every aspect of her house, she even showed Evelyn which direction to turn the shower on, just incase she needed it.
"No I'm fine! So you'll be back at 3:30?" Ricky nodded and gathered up her things.
"Thank you so much for doing this Evie, You're a lifesaver!" Ricky wrapped her arms around Evelyn and gave her a tight squeeze.
"It's not a problem at all Ricky, I'm just glad I can help" Ricky reaches up and ruffles Evelyn's hair.
"I'm still really angry at Kyle about all this. I hope our argument didn't ruin yours and Oscar's lunch" Oscar and Evie still had a great time. He took her to some surf shop afterwards because he needed to get a new pair of sunglasses. She ended up buying them for him, only because she was the one that broke them.
"You didn't, honestly We still had a great time" Ricky smiled at her.
"Well, I better get going or I'll be late. I hope he's not too much trouble for you. Thanks again! You're such a good kid." With that Ricky left the house. Evelyn walked over to where Casey was fast asleep. He looked so peaceful, his eyes closed and his mouth slightly open, little snores escaping his mouth. Evelyn started to wonder what her own child would look like and who he or she would grow up to be. She started to become excited. Once she told everyone she could start to relax about it all and start to plan things. She already knew where the baby would eventually go to school and she guessed they would live with Zac and the others until she could afford to move out. She just had to tell people, and she knew exactly who she was going to tell first. She had a feeling that this person was going to be completely accepting of it. Casey started to make some noises in his sleep, Evelyn grabbed one of his tiny hands in hers. Everything about Casey was tiny compared to her, everything about her own baby would be tiny compared to her.
"Do you think your mumma will still think of me as a good kid when she finds out? I hope so"

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Thank you for the comments! I hope you like this chapter :)


Chapter 3

"Come on Case, I know you're hungry. Drink up, please" Casey was refusing to take his bottle and Evelyn had no idea how to convince him to take it. Casey hadn't stopped crying since he woke up fifteen minutes earlier and it had started to give Evelyn a massive headache. "I'm not fit to be a mother, look at me" She wiped the tears away from her eyes.
"You've got years before you have to worry about being a mother kiddo" Evelyn froze. She hadn't heard Ricky turn the key and open the door over Casey's screaming. Ricky walked over and took Casey and the bottle out of her hands. Evelyn sniffed and wiped her eyes again.
"Ricky, I'm in a bit of trouble" Ricky's face dropped. Evelyn thought everything was going to be okay, she thought it was going to be easy to admit it to people. It's not, it's the hardest thing she's ever had to do. Ricky put Casey down in his crib and he started to settle.
"He was tired still, sometimes he wakes up before he's ready and are you pregnant Evelyn?" Evelyn couldn't manage to say the words so she just nodded. Ricky wrapped her arms around Evelyn and Evelyn leaned into her shoulder and sobbed. "Evie you need to stop crying, everything will be fine. I promise you"
"I thought that too, but then I was here with Casey and I couldn't help him and I felt so helpless." Ricky wiped the stray tears from Evelyn's eyes.
"Honey, it's different when it's your child, it really is" Evelyn took a deep breath.
"You know, just a couple of hours ago I was so sure of myself and now, now I don't think I can do it." Ricky let go of Evelyn and walked over to her bookshelf. She pulled out three books and places them on the coffee table in front of Evelyn.
"You know, I wasn't sure of myself either. These books were a lifesaver. I don't need them anymore, consider them yours" Evelyn smiled at Ricky. She decided right then that Ricky was someone she looked up to.

She walked into a empty house. Maddy must've made plans after all. Evelyn layed down on the couch and closed her eyes. The books Ricky gave her are in her bag and she couldn't be more grateful for them. Ricky said that whenever she needed a babysitter Evelyn would be the person she called first. Evelyn sat up at the sound of someone entering the house through the front door.
"Hey Evie, want a cup of tea?" Zac filled up the kettle and boiled it. Evelyn took a deep breath and stood up.
"Uh, no thanks Zac. I have something to tell you and you won't like it." Zac turned around with an empty mug in his hand and a scowl on his face.
"What's going on Evelyn?" She only ever got Evelyn from Zac when she was in some sort of trouble. She took another deep breath and closed her eyes.
"There is no easy way to say this so I'm just going to say it, I'm pregnant" The mug dropped from Zac's hand making a loud shattering noise.
"Evelyn that's not something to joke about" Evelyn gulped and tried to hold back more tears.
"Zac, I wish I was joking but I'm not. I made a mistake and now I need your help. Please" Zac ran his fingers through his hair. He opened up his arms and Evelyn fell into them. A wave of relief washed over her, she really wanted Zac's support and now that she's got it she couldn't be more grateful.
"I'm guessing the baby is Tank's?" Evelyn nods and cries more. "Oh Evie, you have to tell him, you know that don't you?" Evelyn pushed away from him.
"I can't do that! He'll worm his way back into my life. I don't want him to have anything to do with me or this baby" Zac ruffled her hair and put his hand on her shoulder. Evelyn didn't want his pity, she just wanted his help.
"I understand that Evie but he is the father. He has just as much right as you do to be a parent to that baby inside your belly. You're smart and strong, you can do this. I know you can" Evelyn hands start to shake. Her world had started to crumble, and in a very bad way.

She found him on the beach. The sun had started to set which meant he was just getting out of the water. She had hoped that she wouldn't have to see him again, not after everything he put her through. He wasn't worth it. She deserved better. He smiled when he saw her, one of those smiles that would've made Evelyn swoon a few weeks earlier, now they made her feel woozy. She stood next to his towel and shoes and tried to come up with some sort of script of what she was going to say to him.
"Evie Macguire, what can I do for you" Evelyn clenched her fists, closed her eyes and counted to ten. She would have to count to 100 before she was calm enough to talk to him. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore filled her ears, it was soothing.
"I need to tell you something, and then I'm going to leave and you won't try and talk to me ever again. Got it?" Tank looked surprised. Evelyn almost scoffed, did he think she was there to beg him to take her back. That wouldn't even happen in his dreams.
"Alright, spit it out." She almost turned around and walked away, he'd find out eventually when she was walking around with a huge belly. The only reason she didn't was because Zac's words were bouncing around in her head. He was right, she was strong, she could do this.
"I'm pregnant" She started to walk away but was pulled back when his hand grabbed her wrist.
"What do you mean you're pregnant?" Evelyn had to fight the urge to roll her eyes. How did she date him for so long, they had only been talking for five minutes and he was already driving her batty.
"There's a baby inside my belly. The baby is half me and half you. Do you understand now?" Tank was silent, which was unusual.
"Are you going to keep it?" Tank spoke after two minutes of the waves being the only thing they could hear.
"Yes Tank, I'm keeping it. You have as a much right to see this baby as I do, so we need to sort some sort of visitation plan." Tank shook his head and started to gather up his things.
"No, I don't want anything to do with the baby." Evelyn was so happy she could scream.
"That's fine by me."

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Thanks again everyone! I'm really happy with this chapter, I hope you guys like it too!

Chapter 4

It was nine o'clock when Evelyn decided that the light of her phone was hurting her eyes. Facebook was boring, even fights weren't any good anymore, they all started with one girl calling another some horrid name. She plugged her phone into charge and layed back to try and sleep. She kept picturing children's birthday parties with all her friends there to celebrate her child living another year. She decided that Oscar looked dorky in a party hat. Evelyn climbed out of bed grabbing her dressing gown and wrapped it around her. She tip-toed downstairs incase anybody else was sleeping, she highly doubted it though, she lived with night owls. She found that she was right, everyone was still up and watching some bad reality TV show that Leah and Maddy adored. She smiled at everyone and gave a little wave before heading to the kitchen to get herself some water. The glass was full and she was about to head upstairs when Zac appeared beside her.
"Evie, right now would be a good time to tell them. They're all together and the boys want an excuse for that show to be turned off. Even if it's just for a minute." Evelyn's eyes widen and hands started to shake causing water to spill over the edge of the cup and splash on to her hand. She had a plan, she was going to tell Oscar by himself, she felt like she owed him that.
"I want to tell Oscar first, it doesn't feel right to tell him with everyone else." Zac smiled one of encouraging smiles that he gives to his students when they make eye contact with him during tests.
"That's a good idea, Oscar will appreciate that." She knew that Oscar would appreciate that, they were born only minutes apart. There wasn't anything Evelyn didn't know about Oscar. She knew that Oscar would feel much more accepting if she told him without anyone else around.
"Oscar, I need to talk to you for a minute." Oscar didn't need to be told twice. He hopped up sending Matt and Vj a smirk as he jogged past them. Evelyn led him to the back patio area and made him take a seat on one of the chairs.
"You just saved my life, I owe you the world. I couldn't take another second of big brother"  Evelyn smiled at her brother. He may be dorky and he may have a major hatred for reality TV but he's an awesome guy.
"How about instead of giving me the world how about you give me your support and understanding with what I'm about to tell you" Worry washed over Oscar's facial features. He gave Evelyn a small smile.
"You've always got my support Evelyn, you know that" Evelyn took a deep breath, she seems to do that before she tells people. It's a strange habit.
"Oscar, let's put it this way, you're going to be an uncle" It took a moment for Oscar to comprehend what Evelyn just told him. When he did figure it out he smiled at her.
"Well it's not completely ideal, but you'll get through this Evie and you'll be a great mum." Evelyn and Oscar both stand up and share a hug. She knew she could count on Oscar, she's always been able to count on Oscar. "You should go tell the others." Evelyn nodded. She's had told four people and every time it went perfectly, there was no doubt in her mind that this time was going to be any different. Big brother was just wrapping up when the two of them entered the lounge room again. Evelyn grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. Vj started making unimpressed noises and Maddy called her rude. She just rolled her eyes.
"Oh will you two shut it, I have something I need to say" Everyone quickly directed their attention towards Evelyn and she smiled at them all, she felt very confident in herself.  "This is going to come as shock to you all but please try and be understanding. I'm pregnant" Matt stood up abruptly, making the blanket he had draped over him fall onto the carpet.
"You're pregnant? You, Evelyn Macguire, is pregnant? You're joking aren't you? Tell me that you're joking." Evelyn took a step back. Matt looked pissed, more pissed than she had ever seen him.
"No Matt, I'm very serious and I was hoping that you'd be supportive." Matt laughed, making a point of throwing his head back and placing his hand on his stomach.
"Matt I think you should go upstairs. Now" Oscar and Vj had both stood up but it was Oscar that spoke. Matt shook his head before walking past both Oscar and Vj, shoving them as he passed them. Evelyn had started to cry, it felt like a massive punch to the gut when Matt reacted the way he did. She and Oscar had been nothing but supportive to him, even after he treated Oscar so badly and now he does this. Maddy stood up and wrapped Evelyn up in a hug.
"Congratulations Evie! I'm really sorry about Matt, I'll go talk to him. He just needs some time." Matt needed more time than Evelyn was willing to give him. Maddy ran up the stairs yelling Matt's name as she went. Evelyn looked over at Leah who had a look of worry and pity etched on her face.
"Please tell me you're okay with this Leah, please." Leah doesn't make an effort to stand up but she does smile at Evelyn.
"I wouldn't say I'm okay with this Evelyn but I'm supportive. I have a lot of faith in you. So does Matt, he's just upset at the moment, he will come around." Evelyn nodded her head and picked up the glass of water she originally came down the stairs for.
"Well, I'm going to bed. I'll see you all in the morning." She walked slowly up the stairs trying not to spill her drink. She was drained physically and mentally and she only found out about the baby a few days ago, how is she going to survive the next 18 years.

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Thank you everyone for the comments! :)

Chapter 5

Evelyn walked into Angelos and the sound hit her straight away, there was two birthday lunches going on plus some families wanting a bite to eat. Ricky was behind the bar cleaning the glasses and talking to Ash. She waved and took off her apron when she saw Evelyn walk in.
"Hey kiddo, feels like I haven't spoken to you in ages. How are you feeling?" Evelyn and Ricky had been texting back and forth but hadn't actually had the chance to meet up, until today when Ricky said she was more than willing to miss a day of work to spend time with her favorite teenager.
"I'm okay, a little stressed out, but I'm okay" They walked down the stairs and exited the building. Evelyn immediately wanted to head back inside, there was Tank fresh out of the water with a towel around his neck and his surfboard tucked under his arm. Ricky squeezed her hand encouragingly. Evelyn smiled at Tank and he gave a small wave. She hadn't told Ricky about how their talk went, just that they talked. "He doesn't want to be apart of the baby's life" Ricky stopped walking and they both stared out at the water. Evelyn loved living so close to the beach, she loved the waves crashing against the shore and how pretty it looked. She even loved constantly having sand in her room, no matter how often she vaccumed and sweeped. She was glad that her son or daughter would grow up in such a pretty town.
"Seriously? That's great Evie. You probably shouldn't hold him to that, something might change his mind. You know that right?" Evelyn had thought of that, she had even thought of trying to change his mind herself. She had pictured herself saying something like our child will need a father and who will teach them to surf, she imagined herself saying things that would get to Tank. She voted against it when she remembered what kind of guy Tank was, the less influence he had on their child the better.
"Yeah I know. I wish something would change Matt's mind. He wouldn't eat breakfast this morning because I cooked it. I'm willing to forgive him but that's going to ware thin pretty quickly." Evelyn called Ricky in tears once she got back to her room the night before, she explained that Matt was disgusted in her and wanted nothing to do with her, Ricky suggested Evelyn sleep over the next night so they could have some girl time. Maddy was invited too but she was determined to get Matt to calm down and open up to the idea. Maddy believed that she could change anyone's mind, even someone as stubborn as Matt. That's how her and Oscar ended up back together, she convinced Oscar that they belonged together and that her feelings for Matt had passed, which they had, her and Matt just weren't good for each other.
"Out of everyone you've told one person isn't accepting, I think that's pretty good Evie" She was right, Ricky was always right.


Evelyn was lying on the floor with Casey when Josh knocked on the window. Evelyn called out to Ricky letting her know that she wasn't keeping an eye on Casey and jumped up.
"Hey Josh! What's up?" Josh clenched his jaw and made a fist.
"What's up with me? What's up with you? You're pregnant? And you didn't tell me? God Evelyn I thought we told each other everything" Evelyn's face dropped. One of her friends or family members had gone and told Josh, it was the ultimate act of betrayal. Everyone who knows Evelyn knows that Josh is important to her.
"I was going to tell you myself I just hadn't had the chance. Who told you?" Josh shook his head and put his hand on the front door handle.
"Matt's at the surf club and is telling everyone who walks past him. Maddy has been trying to stop him but he won't listen. I have no doubt in my mind that you were going to tell me, it just would've been nice to be one of the first few people you told. Don't expect for me to come to you about things anymore, the way I see it I don't owe you anything." Josh opened up the door and entered his house. Evelyn couldn't believe what Matt had done, he was one of her closest friends and he was telling everyone something that was meant to be a secret for as long as it could be a secret. She no longer had the freedom of walking around without anyone knowing she was pregnant.
"Evie, is everything okay?" Ricky stood in the doorway with Casey on her hip and concerned expression on her face.  
"I'm really sorry Ricky but I have to go."


She was hoping that Josh was lying but he wasn't. Matt was standing next to the door with Maddy by his side trying to pull him out of the door. Evelyn started to see red, she watched as a group of girls from her school passed him and as they did he told them the news, Maddy punched his arm after they passed. Neither of them had seen her yet. She walked up to them, she moved Maddy out of the way. He stared down at her with a grin. Maybe it was the fact that he was supposed to be a friend or maybe it was because he was telling everyone something she wanted kept quiet, it was probably a mixture of the two but she reached up and slapped him hard across the face. Maddy backed away like a scared dog, her eyes wide and her mouth open. Matt held his cheek with both hands in disbelief. She could hardly believe what she had done herself, she had never been a violent person. There was no doubt in her mind that he deserved it, he betrayed her in the biggest way, she could've slapped him twice.
"Who needs enemies  when there's friends out there like you."

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Thank you everyone for commenting! This chapter is twice as long as usual, I hope you like it!


Chapter 6

"That really sucks, I was hoping you'd be available, everyone else is busy and I have no way of getting to the appointment" Evelyn had made her first appointment with the midwife, but she now had no way of getting there.
"I'm really sorry kiddo. I'm sure you'll sort something. I gotta go before Ash catches me back here talking instead of working. You'd think he owns the joint the way he acts sometimes." Evelyn sighed a dramatic sigh and said goodbye to Ricky. The only person who was able to take her to the appointment was Matt, they hadn't said a word to each other for a week now. He would find some reason to be out of the house all day and she stayed in her room when he got home. VJ said Matt was feeling guilty about about the whole thing and that he wasn't angry Evelyn slapped him, but Evelyn didn't think she could forgive him. He ruined all chances of a relationship between her and Josh, Ricky said Josh has been bringing some blonde bimbo looking girl home. Tank hadn't contacted Evelyn at all either, she really thought he would come around eventually. Evelyn turned around to find the phone book so she could get the number she needed to call to cancel her appointment but instead she found Matt leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.
"You've got no one to take you to that appointment of yours?" He must've been standing there for a while.  She could tell he was nervous, his voice was quieter than usual and he seemed hesitant, he wasn't himself.
"Maddy was going to take me but she got called into work because Kyle got sick which means Ricky isn't available either and everyone else is at work also. I'm just about to cancel it" That's the most she had said to him since she found out she was pregnant. She grabbed the phone book and started to skim through the pages but then Matt reached out and took it off her.
"Don't cancel it, I'll take you." The last thing Evelyn wanted was for Matt to take her to her appointment. Her and Matt weren't talking and it was far too personal for Matt to be there even if they were talking.
"No, it's fine I'll just reschedule it." She held out her hand for the book but Matt still kept it tucked under his arm.
"Come on, don't want to be late" Evelyn had no choice but to follow him out the door.

The car ride to the hospital was the most awkward experience of Evelyn's life, neither of them spoke and Matt's radio didn't work so they drove in silence. Evelyn spotted Hannah as soon as they entered the hospital she ran up and hugged her. Evelyn never got the chance to tell Hannah about the baby, Matt did that for her.
"Are you nervous?" Hannah let go of Evelyn and looked up and saw Matt for the first time that day. She frowned and looked down at Evelyn in concern. "What's he doing here?" Hannah didn't try and hide her disapproval of Matt and Matt didn't try and pretend he wasn't hurt by it.
"I'm fine and he was the only person available to take me. Try and be nice, I am" Hannah sighed but complied with Evelyn's request. She pointed Evelyn in the direction they needed to go and then left because a patient pressed their buzzer. The two of them sat side by side in the plastic chairs and waited.
"No one is my biggest fan at the moment are they" Matt sounded sad, Evelyn would've felt sorry for him if he hadn't brought it all on himself.
"Maddy still thinks you're okay" Maddy had done nothing but defend him the whole week, it was starting to cause problems between her and Oscar because all Oscar did was slam him. The atmosphere in the house was unbearable. Evelyn told Oscar to back off a little bit for his relationship's sake and he agreed. Now he came into Evelyn's room once Maddy had gone to bed and complained about everything Matt said or did.
"Evie, I'm so sorry. I'm not just saying that because everyone hates me I'm saying it because I screwed up big time. It's just you're the same age my mum was when she got pregnant with me and she abandoned me. I know you won't do that to your child, I knew when I made the scene, I just seem to have a grudge against teenage mothers. I promise from now on you'll be the exception" Matt grabbed her hand and squeezed it. Evelyn was close to tears, she knew the story about Matt's mother. As soon as the two of them got out of the hospital she made a run for it, leaving Matt with his dad who resented him.
"Matt, I can't forgive you that easily. You did more damage than I think you realise, but there's a big chance I will forgive you, just not right now" Matt nodded his head and smiled, like he had won.
"I understand completely" Evelyn had a feeling that the two of them would be friends sooner rather than later.

The paper underneath Evelyn crinkled as she tried to get comfortable on the bed, she doubted she would ever be comfortable if Matt stayed in the room but he refused to leave. He said that usually mothers have someone to support them at this particular appointment, she had to stop herself from mentioning his previous support. He sat in the chair next to the bed, trying his best not to make eye contact with Evelyn because he knew she uncomfortable. The nurse had to leave the room to go grab some equipment leaving the two of them alone.
 "My stomach's going to be exposed you know?" Evelyn had been making comments like this to try and get him to leave since the nurse ducked out. Matt didn't seem phased at all.
"Evelyn, I've seen you in a bikini. I've seen your stomach, it's not a big deal." Evelyn sighed loudly just as the nurse entered the room again with the ultrasound equipment.
"Alright mum and dad, are you ready to see your baby" The nurse beamed at them. Evelyn felt her cheeks heaten, she heard Matt clear his throat.
"Oh, uh, he's not the father. He's just a friend" Evelyn stuttered out. The nurse paled and cleared her own throat.
"Oh, I'm very sorry. Let's just get this started yeah?" An awkward silence filled the room as the nurse set up the machine. "You'll need to lift up your shirt, the gel will be cold just a warning." Evelyn lifted up her tank top exposing her belly. She hadn't started to show yet but she knew it was only a matter of time. She gasped when the cold sticky gel land on her stomach, it was colder than she expected. The nurse pressed down hard on her stomach with the wand, it took a moment but her baby flashed up on the screen. For a moment it was like Matt forgot the baby wasn't his, he grabbed Evelyn's and squeezed. Tears welled up in her eyes, it was a proud moment for her. "Everything looks normal, I'll print out the pictures and then you can go." Evelyn looked over at Matt and smiled, he smiled back.

"She thought Matt was the dad? I'm so sorry I couldn't go with you" They had just finished dinner and Maddy wanted to talk. The two of them had started to drift apart lately and Maddy had noticed it. The two of them were topping and tailing in Maddy's bed with a bowl of skittles in the middle of them.
"It was so embarrassing, but I survived. How was your day?' Maddy grabbed a handful of skittles and groaned.
"Kyle owes me, a kid poured their coke on me, I'm pretty sure on purpose" Evelyn snorted which made Maddy laugh. Maddy threw a skittle at her and it hit her on the head.
"Owch! Okay, I'm sorry I'm sorry" Evelyn took a few deep breaths and she stopped laughing.
"So you've decided to forgive him?" Maddy pulled her hair up into a ponytail and grabbed another handful of skittles.
"I've decided to forgive him in the future. One day I'll forgive him, possibly one day soon" Maddy smiled and threw a skittle at Evelyn and it landed in her lap.
"I'm so glad to hear that. I'm sick of Oscar's sooking. He's either sooking about Matt being stupid or sooking about the fact that he can't be stupid with Matt because he feels like  it's his brotherly duty to defend your honor" Evelyn appreciated Oscar defending her but it wasn't needed.
"Oscar is a saint, it's both a blessing and a curse"

"Hey, Evelyn, wait up" Evelyn was almost at Ricky's house when her named got called out. It was none other than Tank.
"What's up Wayne?" He stopped abruptly and and gave Evelyn a questioning look.
"I'm Wayne now?" She hadn't meant to say Wayne, it just slipped out, but it felt right. He should be Wayne to her, Tank was a nickname his friends called him. They weren't friends.
"Yes. What do you want, Wayne?" He sighed and shook his head.
"I just wanted to let you know that I'm skipping town." Evelyn's heart dropped. She really wanted Tank to stick around and be a father to his child. Now her child will grow up without a father, she really didn't want that.
"I really thought you would come around, but you're running away from it instead" Tank clenched his jaw. Evelyn hadn't felt more disappointed in her whole entire life, she was counting on Tank changing his mind.
"Evelyn, I'm only just 18. I can't be a father" Tank scratched the back of his head awkwardly. Evelyn could see his E tattoo when he did that, her stomach started to turn at the memories.
"Wayne, I'm not 18 for a couple of months, I have no choice in the matter. You know what, this conversation is over, go finish packing your bags or something" She turned on her heel and walked away, like he was walking away from their child. He was leaving her to raise their baby all alone, she had no idea how she was going to do it. It seemed impossible. She was sobbing by the time she got to Ricky's, she didn't want to think about how embarrassing is was to be seen like this. Ricky opened up the door and pulled her into a massive hug.
"You've got quite the voice you know kiddo, I could hear your conversation from here" Evelyn was scared. She felt like everything was fighting against her, the only thing that wasn't was Ricky. Ricky was her main support system from the start.
"I keep thinking I'll have to do this alone, but I have you and the others back at home. I mean VJ announced the other day that he wants everyone to start calling him Uncle VJ, Oscar didn't like that" The crying had stopped but Ricky still wouldn't let her go.
"VJ is a good kid, so is Oscar. So are you, Evelyn you're doing so well with this, you're extremely strong. I couldn't be any prouder of you" Ricky let Evelyn go and led her into her lounge room. Evelyn sat down in her favorite chair and waited while Ricky boiled the kettle.
"Thank you Ricky, for everything." Ricky scooped the hot chocolate powder into two mugs. Evelyn's love for hot chocolate had growed over the last few weeks, she drank it like other people drink coffee. Ricky made the best hot chocolate, even better than the diner's.
"I'd do pretty much anything for you Evie, you're a like a daughter to me now" Evelyn smiled, that made her extremely happy.

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Thank you for the comments! You guys are awesome :)

Chapter 7


The last place Evelyn wanted to be at seven in the morning was the toilet. The morning sickness had finally started, and Evelyn hated it. She had the most sensitive nose now as well, the smell of fish makes her want to vomit and it doesn't help that Zac loves tuna on toast in the mornings. Maddy thought it was hilarious, she laughed as Evelyn ran past her with her hand on her mouth to get to the toilet. Evelyn poured herself a little bit of mouth wash after she was sure that she wasn't going to spew anymore and gargled it. She was really starting to hate being pregnant, everything she read said that being pregnant is one of the happiest times in a woman's life, that might be so, if that woman was older than 17. The only upside to it was people didn't expect a lot from her anymore, VJ took over her washing up duty days, she's convinced that he'll use it to get things out of her in the future but for now it was nice. She exited the bathroom to see Matt standing in the doorway of his room like he does most mornings, waiting for Evelyn to emerge from spewing up the night before's dinner.
"That one sounded brutal." He scrunched up his nose causing his eyes to crinkle at the sides, Evelyn would never say it out loud but she thought it was adorable. Her stomach growled loudly and Matt threw his head back laughing at her.
"Don't laugh at me, in fact you could help me, could you take me to McDonalds? I really want an egg and bacon McMuffin and some of their extremely watered down juice." Evelyn's cravings are all over the place, she went through three big bags of skittles in one week. When she was asked about it she argued that Maddy ate them too but it didn't quite work.
"Alright, you're lucky that I miss our friendship or I wouldn't be so willing to do these things for you Evie" He ruffles her hair before grabbing his wallet and keys. She goes into her room and grabs some money from her dresser. When she meets up with Matt at the bottom of the stairs he starts laughing.
"Why are you laughing at me?" Matt continues to laugh, this just makes Evelyn angry. She places her hands on her hips and glares at Matt coldly. He takes a deep breath and finally stops laughing.
"You're still in your pajamas" Evelyn looked down to see that Matt was correct, she was still dressed in an old shirt of Oscar's that she stole one day because he was annoying her and her blue pajama bottoms with penguins on them. Not to mention her hair was still up in the ratty ponytail she put it in before she went to bed the night before. She considered changing but that would involve going back upstairs and she really wanted her McDonalds.
"So what? Lets go Matty boy!" She skips out the door and she heard Matt call out something along the lines of never call me that ever again,but she didn't care she just wanted food.

"Oi Macguire, no eating in Kelly the KIA" Evelyn had no idea that Matt had named his car and she found it hilarious. Matt glared at her for a quick second before focusing his attention on the road again.
"I thought naming your car was a girl thing" She picked up her orange juice and took a sip before putting it back in the cup holder. They drove past the surf club and Evelyn spotted Josh sitting inside with some blonde girl she had never seen before. Her laughter quickly stopped, Ricky didn't mention the girl being pretty. Matt saw what she was looking at she quickly turned into the parking lot of the surf club.
"Let's go" He unbuckled his seat belt and stared at Evelyn expectantly.
"What are we doing?" Matt rolled his eyes and reached over and unbuckled her seat belt for her, it was one of the weirdest things a boy has ever done for her, it doesn't beat the boy in grade 6 who she had never spoken to finding out what her favorite type of cookie was and then bringing in a big container full of them in for her on her birthday.
"We're going to show Josh that you're just fine without him." Evelyn smiled at him before opening the car and jumping out, but then she looked down at what she was wearing and she blushed.
"Uh Matt, I'm not exactly dressed for the public eye" Matt grabbed her hand and gave her one of his massive grins.
"That makes it seem like I woke you up for an early morning McDonalds run and a orange and mango juice" Matt had a way of making her feel better about anything.
"But I still have my juice?" Matt pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.
"Well then I'm getting the juice because you already have one, better? Can we go in now?" Evelyn chuckles a little bit and nods her head. She felt a bit strange letting people think that she and a boy who just a few days ago she hated were dating. What's worse is most people know what Matt did. She thought screw it, let them think what they think, her and Matt knew the truth. They walked hand in hand into the surf club and walked up to the bar where Matt ordered some weird drink that Evelyn would never drink in a million years. She felt someone's eyes on her and looked around to see that Josh was the one staring at them, his face was unreadable. She leant her head on Matt's shoulder and looked down at her smiling. Butterflies started to flutter in her stomach, thoughts of an actual relationship bounced around in her head. She tried with all her might to push them back down again, Matt was her friend, barely her friend, she couldn't feel like this.

"Leah, do you think I could work at the diner? I mean you need someone to help out now that Marilyn's gone. I'm a good worker I promise." Evelyn was helping Leah prepare tea by cleaning and peeling some potatoes when the idea occurred to her. She needed the money so she could try and buy a house before the baby comes.
"I do like the sound of that Evie but are you sure you're up for it?" Evelyn was definitely up for it, she was starting to get bored and restless at home with nothing to do but watch TV and read.
"Yes Leah I'm up for it, I'm pregnant not dying" She says with a cheeky grin. Leah shakes her head at her with small smile on her face.
"Then I guess you can. You start next Monday, you've got to give me time to talk to the other girls but I'm sure they'll perfectly fine with you working at the diner." Evelyn was happy, things were starting to pan out for her. "How about you go and join the others down at the beach, I know Maddy's missing you a little bit." Guilt rippled through Evelyn. The last few weeks have been crazy and she's barely had time for herself let alone Maddy, but there has been times when she's chosen to go to Ricky's instead of hanging out with Maddy.
"I miss her too. Thanks Leah." Evelyn dried her hands on a tea before running up the stairs to change.

She spotted the others on the stretch of beach outside of the surf club where they usually like to swim. She spotted Maddy and Oscar mucking around in the ocean and then she spotted Matt and VJ laying down on their towels still wet from their dip in the sea. She waved to them before laying her towel down next to VJ who shook his head at her sending the drops of water from his hair towards her.
"Urgh you're like a dog VJ" Evelyn chuckled as he started to do it again. Oscar and Maddy came walking towards them from the ocean, Oscar had his arms wrapped around Maddy's waist and she was talking animatedly and he was laughing at something she said, they looked so adorable together. Evelyn wants something like they've got someday. Maddy waved at her when she saw her laying there. Matt stood up and walked along to stand in front of Evelyn.
"Well Macguire, you're the only person who hasn't been in the water yet, I'm here to fix that." Before it clicked in Evelyn's head what he meant he picked her up like a baby and carried her out to the water before dunking her in it a few times making sure to get her wet. She still had her top on and it stuck to her uncomfortably.
"Matt I hate you so much right now" she laughed out, he didn't reply he just splashed some water in her direction. The two of them were soon joined by the other three and Evelyn was still in her water soaked top. She pulled it over her head so she left in her bikini and board shorts. She chucked the shirt as far as she could and landed a little before their towels. She felt a small hand on her belly she looked up to see it was Maddy.
"I just wanted to say hello to my niece or nephew and I wanted to say that I love him or her" Evelyn smiled at her best friend who smiled back at her. Oscar slammed his hand down in the water.
"We love you baby Evie!" He yelled and the others cheered and Evelyn couldn't do anything but laugh and blush.

Ricky handed her a bowl of mint choc chip ice cream and sat beside her with her own. It was eight at night and Evelyn was staying the night at Ricky's, no having to go slap Matt this time. Evelyn felt a lot happier since she forgave Matt for what he did, in the end he helped get rid of a possibly poisonous person from her life. If Josh wanted to run around with some pretty blonde girl, let him. She was happy the way she was, she didn't need him.
"I feel so guilty for saying this but I really appreciate nights that my mum takes Case, I love him and all but sometimes I need a break" Evelyn has watched Ricky do Angelo's books and feed Casey at the same time, it's quite scary to watch. Ricky is a one woman machine, sure she has Nate by her side but sometimes Casey just wants his mum and when that happens Nate can't do anything.
"Don't feel guilty, you have to do most of this by yourself, yeah with a little help for Kyle and Nate but it's mainly you, you deserve a break" The ice cream was cold against her teeth making her cringe at the cold. Ricky and Evelyn hadn't hung out in quite a while, hanging out with Ricky was topping off a perfect day.
"So Nate called me today. He said you went to the surf club early this morning with Matt? In you pajamas? Please explain child" Evelyn chuckled and put another spoonful of ice cream in her mouth.
"Matt took me for a Mcdonalds run and then we spotted Josh in the surf club and Matt wanted to make him jealous? I honestly don't know why we did it but it felt good to get him thinking" Ricky nodded at her and ate more of her own ice cream.
"I see something happening between you and Matt, I see it now" Evelyn chuckled and ate more of her ice cream. Deep, deep down Evelyn was kind of hoping Ricky was right, but she would never admit that.

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Hey look at me updating twice in one day! :P Thank you everyone for the comments, they make my day!


Chapter 8

Evelyn tied a ribbon in a bow around the base of her ponytail to hide the hair tie and smiled. She was wearing a floral dress Leah brought home for her to wear to work for her first day. She looked at herself sideways in the mirror, her stomach was only sticking out a little bit but it still made her feel fat. She stood there just poking her tummy and pouting.
"Poking it won't make it go away and you're even showing that much yet" Oscar had entered her room with a glass of orange juice and a piece of toast, he placed both of them on Evelyn's bedside table. He walked over and sat on the end of Evelyn's bed.
"I just feel so gross, I shouldn't feel gross today it's my first day working and I feel gross" A tear rolled down her cheek. Oscar sighs and pulls her down next to him and wraps his arm around her waist.
"You don't look gross, you've got that whole pregnancy glow thing going for you now. I've never been more proud of you then I am right now. You've matured so much within the past few weeks it's crazy." Oscar reached over and grabbed the glass of juice, took a mouthful and handed to Evelyn.
"Oscar don't get all gushy on me, I don't do well with gushy" Evelyn always cringed at the sappy parts in movies and hated weddings because everyone cried and the people getting married stood there proclaiming their for each other in front everyone. Oscar was one of the criers, Maddy claims that's why she loves him, because he's not afraid to show emotion. Evelyn drank the rest of the orange juice and Oscar glared at her.
"I wanted more of that! And I know you don't but I do so deal with it" He stood up and took half of her toast and walked out, she sighed finished off her toast and then went downstairs to make some more. She popped another bit of bread in the toaster and turned around so she could talk to whoever came down the stairs next, which happened to be Matt. He was dressed in a pair of black board shorts and a tank top Evelyn and Maddy helped him choose a couple of weeks ago. He furrowed his eyebrows at her.
"Didn't Oscar just bring you a piece of toast?" Evelyn hoisted herself up onto the counter like she did when she was kid and swung her legs back and forth.
"He ate half of it and I'm eating for two now" Matt jumped on the counter next to her. Evelyn never believed in the saying you never know what you've until it's gone until she lost Matt. He had become such a big part of life and when they weren't talking it sucked, the whole time she just wanted to talk to him.
"I don't understand why you two do that to each other, just let each other eat" The toast sprung back up and Evelyn had to hop off the counter to spread it. She grabbed the Vegemite and spread it on thick. Matt screwed up his nose. "No butter? That's strange" Evelyn hopped back onto the counter and took a big bite of her toast.
"The greasiness of the butter makes me want to throw up" Matt laughed. There was a knock on the door.
"Anyone home?" It was Josh. Evelyn's eyes widened and she paled, she hadn't spoken to him since the day outside of Ricky's. Matt motioned for her to stay where she was and then he walked to the door.
"Yo, what can I do for you?" Matt's voice was friendlier than it usually was, which meant he was faking. Evelyn desperately wanted to watch what was going on but if she moved or made it known she was around Josh might want to speak to her.
"Is your girlfriend around?" Josh sounded annoyed. Evelyn's cheeks warmed, Josh actually thought her and Matt were together. She didn't think he would fall for it.
"I think she's in the shower, why's that?" Evelyn's cheeks got warmer, Matt didn't deny it, he was going to let Josh think that they were dating. She could hear one of them sigh loudly, she guessed that it was Josh.
"Well can you tell her to call or text me, I need to talk to her" Evelyn shook her head at him. Josh's relationship must've failed if he's trying to get to her again, she wasn't going to let that happen.
"Oh yeah, definitely" Evelyn had to bite her tongue to stop herself from laughing at how fake that last sentence sounded. Matt and Josh had a rocky relationship to begin with, that was mainly Matt's fault but he was having a hard time back then. Matt walked back around the corner with a massive grin on his face. "He is so ridiculous. What did you see in him?" Evelyn hopped off the counter and put her plate in the sink.
"I honestly don't know" She really didn't know.

For the first time Evelyn was standing on the other side of the counter. Leah had just finished going through how the cash register works and everything else she needed to know. She just finished making a customer a coffee and she couldn't anymore proud of herself. She was finally earning some money of her own, she wouldn't have to sponge off of Zac and Leah anymore. She carried the coffee with both hands and was very careful no to spill it, the customer was a boy just a couple of years older than her, he flashed her a smile.
"I payed up at the counter but I think I should tip the pretty waitress" He handed over $5 and Evelyn took it blushing. She put the note in her apron pocket and got back behind the counter to serve another customer. she looked up and saw it was Josh. The colour drained from her face.
"What can I get for you?" Evelyn prayed that he will order and then leave. Something told her that it wasn't going to go that way.
"I don't actually want anything to eat I just need to talk. I dropped by the house, did your boyfriend tell you?" Evelyn clenched her jaw. She didn't like the way he couldn't say Matt's name anymore and she didn't like the fact that he just turned up and expected her to talk to him.
"Yes, Matt, told me. You need to go you can't come here to talk, this is my place of work not socialization." Josh looks behind him and either side of him to see that no one was in line after him.
"I'm not holding anyone up, what's the big deal?" Evelyn closed her eyes and counted to ten, she can't make a scene at work it's one of the first things Leah spoke to her about.
"Buy something or leave." Josh let out a large breath and left.

Oscar and Zac were cooking tea when Leah and Evelyn got home, it was steak and eggs and Evelyn's stomach didn't like the smell. She put both hands over her mouth and ran outside because she didn't think she could make it to the toilet. She started to spew into a pot plant, someone came up behind her and pulled her into a ponytail. When she finished she turned around and fell into the unknown person's arms and cried. She could tell it was one of the younger boys, VJ was staying at a friend's house and she could hear Oscar yelling at Zac for choosing eggs and steak, so it had to be Matt. He rubbed her back and made soothing noises and she continued to cry into his chest. She pushed away and wiped her eyes.
"This sucks Matt, it really sucks" He frowned at her and pulled her into another hug. The two of them stood there hugging until Evelyn had calmed down. "I think I killed the pot plant" Evelyn said with a laugh. Her voice congested from all her crying. Matt laughed a little then led her back into the house. Oscar ran up to Evelyn with guilt all over his face.
"Evie I'm so so so sorry! We had no idea that would happen." Evelyn laughed a little. She was never mad at Zac or Oscar, they didn't know, they couldn't of known because Evelyn didn't know.
"Oscar don't sweat it, I spew all the time there's no avoiding it sometimes"

Evelyn woke up with tears streaming down her face. Sometimes Evelyn has dreams about the cult, in the dream she walks in on Oscar getting bashed by the leader. He's got blood all over him and he's clearly hurt. She checks her phone it's one thirty in the morning and she knows she won't get back to sleep by herself. She hopped out of bed and crept down the hallway. She slowly opened Oscar's door, just to make sure he's okay and of course he was. She closed the door quietly trying not to wake him up. She crept further down the hallway and saw that Matt's light is on. She stopped in front of the door and hesitated. She wouldn't be waking him up, Matt's one of those people who can't sleep unless it's pitch black dark. She knocked on the door and opened it slowly. Matt's was laying in bed shirtless with a play station remote in his hand. He looked really confused when she walked in.
"I-I had a nightmare and I won't be able to get back to sleep by myself I can go wake up Oscar but you're awake" Matt just patted the bed next to him. She smiled gratefully and layed next to him. He switched the TV off and stared at her.
"Do you want to talk about it?" She shuffled back until her back was against the bed head.
"I have this recurring dream where I walk in on Oscar getting bashed by the cult leader and it's horrible. I don't have it very often but when I do I get pretty shaken up about it. No one understands except Oscar." Matt   shifts so Evelyn's head rests against his shoulder.
"Oscar is fine, you're fine, everybody you care about is fine." Evelyn nods her head and stares at the black screen of the TV and so does Matt. They just layed side by side in silence. Evelyn didn't know how long had passed when Matt got out of bed and walked to the light switch. "Night Macguire"

The next morning Evelyn was sitting on the beach by herself. It felt like the first time she had been alone since she announced she was pregnant, she liked being alone with the waves crashing in front of her. Despite what she had been through she was happy, happier than she'd ever been. She had the support of everyone who mattered, and she realised that if someone didn't support her she didn't need them. She hadn't missed Josh at all, she almost hated him now. he was being unfair and she knew that he knew it. A part of her was missing him but she felt much better without him. She was so scared a few weeks ago, she was scared and confused and the only way she got through it was with the help of the people who supported her, mainly Ricky. Ricky hugged her while she cried, Ricky was brutally honest about childbirth so she didn't get a horrid surprise when the time came. She owed so much to Ricky.  Evelyn heard someone walking behind her, then the person sat beside her. It was Tank, he was looking out at the water, his sunglasses over his eyes even though the sun wasn't at it's brightest yet.
"Wayne, you're back?" He takes off his sunglasses and looks at her.
"Evelyn, I want in."


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Thank you all for the comments! It means a lot to me :)

Chapter 9

She had so many questions and Tank wasn't the kind of guy to give answers. Why now? What made him change his mind? Where was staying? Who got through to him? He was still looking at her with those blue eyes she got lost in not too long ago. Something wasn't right about him, he didn't look like his normal self, he seemed unsure of himself like he wasn't sure what he wanted.
"Uh, okay. That's great, that's good to hear." Tank turns to look back out shaking his head. Evelyn wanted to get up and go home, she didn't want to be there with Tank, it was an extremely uncomfortable situation and she hated it and she could tell he did too.
"Please don't lie to me or yourself Evelyn, you don't want me around the baby. You never did, that's why I was so hesitant. Then I spoke to dad and for once he said something that actually got through to me, that's my child in your stomach too. I deserve to see him or her. I should be able to teach them how to ride a bike and how to surf and they should be able to come to me about things when they feel like they can't come to you. I'm not asking you to like me, I'm just asking you to be fair about this, I want to be a part of that baby's life." Evelyn was lost for words, she had no idea that Tank wanted this. She thought it was some sort of inconvenience to him and that's why he ran off the first chance he could. She felt horrible, she was the reason, not the baby, her.
"Wayne, I'm so sorry for making you feel like that. I'm going to be honest you were the last person I wanted the baby to have contact with in the beginning but then I spoke to Zac and he said that as much as I didn't like you it wasn't just about me anymore, it was about the baby. The last thing I wanted to do was to chase you away, I am genuinely glad you're back, this baby will need you." Tank took a deep breath and stretched out his legs.
"Yeah well, I guess that's it. I'll let you get back to whatever you were doing before I came over and had a sook" He didn't even give Evelyn the chance to say goodbye he just walked off.

"You alright Evie? You look like you just saw a ghost" Evelyn had just wandered into the diner after Tank had left her completely confused, she glad to see Oscar, VJ and Maddy sitting at one of the tables. Evelyn had the day off so she sat down to join them.
"Uh, I kinda did." She reached over and grabbed Oscar's milkshake while the others stared at her quizzically. she rolled her eyes. 'I saw Tan- I mean Wayne, he's back and he wants in. He pretty much poured his heart out to me about the baby. It was weird." Oscar snatched his milkshake back off Evelyn, Maddy's eyebrows were raised and VJ just looked confused.
"So after saying so many times he didn't want the baby, after moving away, he comes around and plays the poor me card? That's low." VJ said with a mouthful of some sort of cake. Evelyn just shrugged and looked around to find Matt at the counter ordering his food. He was saying something to Roo that made her laugh and Leah reached over to lightly hit his arm. Evelyn shook her head at the scene.
"You wanted him to be in the baby's life, so you're okay with it?" Maddy said taking a sip of whatever she ordered. Evelyn was happy he was willing to be a part of the baby's life, she just hopped that he wouldn't want something more between her and him. As far as she was concerned they would raise their child and nothing else, what they had is gone.
"I'm fine I think. He is the father he should be around the baby." Matt had dragged a seat to the table next to Evelyn. He handed her a chocolate chip cookie.
"I brought that and then decided I didn't want it. Was I hearing that right? Tank's back?" Evelyn took a bite of the cookie and nodded her head. Matt ran his fingers through his curls.
"And he's playing the poor me card, the poor me card on a pregnant chick!" Evelyn, Maddy and Oscar chuckled and shook their heads. VJ was having a big problem with Tank letting his emotions out.
"I'm sure my Evie can take a little guilt trip from a scumbag" Matt wrapped his arm around Evelyn's shoulders. The other three were staring at him like he had three heads, Evelyn had a sudden interest in her sandals.
"Your Evie? Did you just say your Evie?" Evelyn didn't need to look up to know that Oscar was on the verge of laughter. Evelyn was sure her cheeks were on fire and she looked up to see that Matt's were a bright red.
"He did, oh this is great" VJ was laughing so much their was tears forming in his eyes.
"Alright cut it out you two. Maddy's mature, why can't you be like her" Evelyn said gesturing to Maddy who hadn't laughed or said a single word since Matt said. His arm was still wrapped around Evelyn's shoulders.
"Thank you for the compliment, Matt's Evie" And the three of them burst into laughter.

Oscar and Evelyn were playing some play station game Oscar loved in his bedroom. It was one of those war games all boys their age loved. Oscar was kicking her butt, he had twice as many kills as she did but she didn't care she was just happy to hang out with Oscar by himself. The only problem was Oscar's room was trashed and smelled like old socks and pizza. Oscar didn't like the smell of Evelyn's room either, he said all the perfume gave him headache.
"Man you suck at this game." He said lightly elbowing her in the side while successfully shooting her character again. She chucked her remote on the bed in front of her.
"I give up! I'm just no good at this stuff. Can we do something else?" Oscar sighed and turned off the console and the TV. He layed down and put his arms behind his head.
"I had this weird dream the other night, you gave birth to your baby and it was an alien. Apparently you got abducted in your sleep and yeah" Evelyn snorted and hit him with a pillow.
"I never worried about my baby being an alien until now, thank you Oscar for that" He grinned at her. Oscar had this weird thing with aliens, he was convinced that they were real and that when they finally came down to earth it wouldn't be in peace.
"When was the last time you had that cult dream? You haven't had to come in here for a while. Did your therapist actually say why you were having that dream?" Evelyn hadn't told him about the dream the other night, she didn't really want to to let him know that she spent the night in Matt's bed after it instead of his like usual.
"I had it the other night, you were out for it and Matt's light was still on so I went to him. The therapist said it was my minds way of dealing with what happened and because you getting hurt was one of the most traumatic things that happened it sticks in my head. Nothing to worry about" Oscar quirked one eyebrow in her direction.
"Why aren't I surprised that you went to Matt? And that's good I guess, I hope they stop eventually." Evelyn put her hands on her hips and gave Oscar a stern look.
"What do you mean you aren't surprised about me going to Matt?" Oscar just shrugged.
"You two have something, I just hope when you get together he treats you right.

"Why is all the maternity wear so old ladyish? I don't want to wear a smock" Ricky snorted and Evelyn screwed up her nose at a blue gown with red roses on it. It was official, none of Evelyn's clothes fitted her anymore, her bump wasn't big but it was noticeable now. Ricky picked up a pair of denim shorts and a purple tank top and showed Evelyn. "Finally something that doesn't remind me of my grandma." Ricky shook her head at her.
"You are something else Evie. Have you heard from Tank again?" It's been a day or too since he made it known that he was back and he hadn't tried to contact her since, much to Oscar's delight.
"No and I don't think he will for a while, he said what he wanted to get off his chest and now he doesn't need to talk to me until he needs something." Evelyn picked up a plain black dress and folded over arm.
"I agree with VJ, he was playing the poor me card and that drives me insane." They had walked along to the maternity bathers now and Evelyn picked out a black one piece she thought would look good on her and placed that over her arm too.
"The boy is allowed to have feelings Rick, and I hurt them." Ricky grabbed Evelyn's arm that wasn't full of clothes. Her eyes looked tired and there was massive bags underneath them.
"Evelyn, you did nothing. That boy thought you didn't want him around because he knows in himself that he shouldn't be. Don't let him trick you again, please." A tear rolled down Evelyn's cheek and she quickly wiped it away.
"You should've heard him Rick, he said something like please be fair about this. He doesn't think I'm going to give him a chance." Ricky shook her head.
"Don't play into his trap Evie"

"Knock knock" Zac bumped the door open with his hip and he walks into her bedroom with two mugs. He hands Evelyn one mug and sits on the edge of the bed with his own mug.
"This isn't coffee is it?" Zac rolled his eyes and sipped from his mug.
"Oh god no, Matt would have my head, he's very protective over his Evie and her baby" Evelyn sighed and put the mug down on her bedside table. The other three had been teasing Matt and Evelyn about the whole my Evie thing since it happened and now Zac was in on it.
"VJ told you didn't he? Poor Matt, he can't catch a break" Evelyn took a sip and it was in fact hot chocolate.
"Yes, he could barely stop laughing long enough to tell me" Evelyn sniggered. VJ was like the lovable little brother, no matter how annoying he was being you couldn't help but laugh at him.
"So why are in you in my humble abode" Zac downed the rest of his coffee and sat the empty mug on the bedside table. He sat his hands in his lap.
"I just wanted to talk to my favorite niece. How's work?" Evelyn was loving working at the diner. She was welcomed with loving arms by the other staff members. Irene was over the moon about the pregnancy.
"I love it, It's been really great. I can't thank Leah enough." Zac nods his head. She takes another sip of the hot chocolate.
"She says you're doing well. I'm so proud of you, you know that?" Evelyn sighed. Zac and Oscar were too much alike.
"Like nephew like uncle honestly." He nudges her with his elbow. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed, hard.
"Oscar's a good kid and I'm a good uncle, you should be thankful for us." She was, she really was.

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Thank you again everyone! I'm not the best at writing romantic scenes so the very end it's great in my opinion but I hope  you guys still like it

Chapter 10

Evelyn untied the apron from around her waist and collected her things from the back and stashed her money in her purse. She had her second ultrasound today, Matt and Tank were both going. She had called Tank after she booked it in and asked if he wanted to go and to her surprise he said yes. Matt overheard the conversation and demanded he go, he didn't want Evelyn alone with Tank. Matt was sitting at a table waiting for her when she came back from collecting her things.
"Are you ready?" She nodded and they headed towards Matt's car. Evelyn was nervous, she was more nervous than she was before the first appointment. She wasn't sure whether things would be awkward in the room with both Matt and Tank there she knew that they didn't like each other and Tank didn't know that Matt was coming. They were at a red light and Matt was drumming his fingers on the steering wheel. "Are you sure you're going to be okay with him in the room? Seeing your stomach and all" Evelyn started to giggle.
"Matt, I wasn't okay with you in the room the first time and Wayne's kinda seen more than just my stomach." The light turned green and Matt continued driving.
"Urgh, don't talk about it, it makes me feels sick" Evelyn threw her head back laughing. Matt looked genuinely disgusted. His eyebrows were furrowed and his nose was screwed up. Despite Evelyn being pregnant she hadn't spoken about what happened that made her pregnant, Ricky didn't want to hear about it and Oscar usually walked out of the room when Tank was bought up. She hadn't tried to talk about with anyone else other than those two.
"You are so immature Matt Page" He just shrugged and turned into the hospital parking lot. Evelyn spotted Tank waiting by the entrance with his sunglasses over his eyes and his phone in his hand. Evelyn and Matt got out of the car and Matt locked it behind him. Tank looked angry when he saw that Matt was with her. He took off his sunglasses and his eyes were filled with rage.
"Why the hell is he here?" He took two steps towards Matt, Matt just grinned and stepped forward too.
"I don't trust you with her." Evelyn wanted the two of them to stop, people were staring at them and it was just mortifying.
"You don't need to trust me, only she needs to and guess what lover-boy, she does." Evelyn could see Matt making a fist at his side. Evelyn didn't want things to get worse so she squeezed in between them, making sure she was facing Matt.
"That is enough! If either of you want to join me in that room then you will both grow up and stop this right now." Matt let out a deep breath and took a step back. Tank was till right behind Evelyn so she moved towards Matt. "Alright ladies, lets go" Evelyn muttered. The three of them walked through the hospital, a boy either side of Evelyn. She couldn't help but notice people staring, it must've looked bad, a pregnant teenager with two boys with her. She tried her best to ignore all the looks, but it was hard. The three of them waited in the waiting room together, Tank played a game on his phone and Matt had found some car magazine and was pointing out cars he wanted to Evelyn who couldn't of cared less.
"Evelyn Macguire?" The midwife smiled at her when she stood up. There was only one chair in the room so Matt stood by her side. "So you're the father?" She said smiling at Tank while she grabbed the equipment out.
"Yes I am, that douchebag over there is barely even a friend." The nurses face fell but she tried her best to smile to smile politely. Matt tensed up beside Evelyn.
"You're barely a friend, also this douchebag, as you put it, was the one to be with her for the first appointment. I didn't see you put your hand up to take her." Evelyn gave the midwife an apologetic look and glared at the two guys. Evelyn lifted up her top and the midwife squirted the gel on her stomach and pressed down with the wand. Her baby showed up on the screen again and Evelyn smiled.
"Wow, that's, amazing" Tank breathed out. Evelyn looked over and smiled at him. Matt didn't say anything he just stared at the screen while the midwife did everything she needed to.
"Well, you're done for today." She handed Evelyn a tissue so she could wipe the gel off.
"Thank you so much, I'm so sorry about these two. I'll come on my own next time"


Matt pulled up outside of Ricky's and turned to face Evelyn. She hadn't said a word to him since they left the hospital, the two of them had a habit of awkward car rides. Evelyn was so unbelievably mad at both Matt and Tank, she thought they were mature than that.
"Evelyn, I'm so sorry for what happened in there, I just can't stand that guy" Evelyn stared straight ahead of her so she wouldn't have to look at Matt.
"I don't want to talk about it okay? Goodbye, I'll be home in an hour or so" Evelyn didn't give him a chance to say anything she got out of the car and walked up to Ricky's door and knocked. She opened it with Casey on her hip with a dummy in his mouth.
"You don't look to happy, the appointment didn't go well or something? Did the midwife make a comment because if she did I swear to god" Evelyn walked through the door and threw herself into Ricky's couch, narrowly avoiding one of Casey's toys. Ricky sat beside her and Casey started making grabby hands at Evelyn so she took him of Ricky and sat him on her lap.
"No it wasn't the midwife. Both Tank and Matt wanted to go to the appointment and they argued in front of the hospital and then they argued while I was having my ultrasound. I'm so done with the both of them." Casey grabbed her finger and tried to put it in his mouth but she pulled it away from him just in time.
"What did the midwife say?" Evelyn tickled Casey under the arms and he giggled and then tried to grab her hands to stop her.
"Nothing but she looked extremely uncomfortable. I felt like I should be on Dr. Phil, maybe he can shed some light on why Matt has so much anger towards Wayne" Ricky snorted and grabbed a tissue to wipe off some slobber that was running down Casey's chin.
"Well kiddo, I don't have a degree in psychology but I can answer that for you, he's jealous. He's jealous that at one stage you were romantically involved with Tank or Wayne whatever you call him, and not him. You need to talk to him, tell him how you feel, I'm extremely positive he feels the same way." Casey had started to doze off in Evelyn's arms. Evelyn wasn't convinced that Ricky was right, maybe Matt didn't like him because it's Tank and Tank isn't a nice person.
"Like you said, you don't have a degree in psychology" Ricky shook her head and took Casey out of Evelyn's arms.
"You should head home I recon, it's getting close to dinner time. Speak to him, and call me afterwards."


Evelyn wasn't ready to go home, she wasn't ready to face Matt. She knew Ricky was right, she had to talk to him otherwise there might be another repeat of today and Evelyn didn't want that. She wanted to be able to raise her child, with Tank, with Matt around. Both of them will help her child in the future. Matt will probably have more contact with him or her than Tank. Evelyn was walking in the water, her shoes in her hand. The water was just above her ankles. She loved the ocean, she loved how so many different kinds creatures were able to co-exist within it. She also loved how beautiful it always looked, no matter what time it was or what the weather was like. The sky was dark, the sun had just gone down and the moon was slowly starting to rise, she wasn't a fan of this time of night. She found it to be spooky. The water was getting a little bit deeper with every wave so she moved across a bit. It was cold, there was an icy wind and it was hitting her hard. She rubbed her arms with her hands trying to warm up. She looked up and saw a figure moving towards her, it was probably no one she knew, one of those late night beach walkers or something. The figure got closer and she could see it was a boy with curly hair and a nice smile. He got closer and Evelyn saw that it was Matt. He had changed clothes since she saw him last. He was dressed nicer. He started to run towards her, trying to get to her faster. Her heart started to beat fast. She hadn't had time to think of what she was going to say to him. She couldn't just blurt it out and hope for the best. It had to be perfect, especially if Ricky was right.
"Hey, I've been looking everywhere for you" He sounded out of breath, which was surprising considering he ran with VJ most of the time. He slipped his own shoes off and carried them like Evelyn was.
"You found me, what do you need me for?" Matt was staring at her, he always stared at her. Evelyn tried her best to avoid eye contact with him, she didn't want her eyes to give away something she was yet to say.
"Well, Zac got that promotion he was going for so we're all going out for tea to celebrate and you didn't give me chance to apologise properly earlier. I'm so sorry that i made things so awkward for you, that guy just makes me so angry. I know I haven't been supportive since day one but I've supporting you longer than he has and he comes around and expects me to just back off. Not only that he hurt you, he hurt you badly" Evelyn still wouldn't look at him she couldn't, not with what she was about to admit.
"Why does it matter to you that he hurt me?"
"Because you matter me. For some twisted reason it took losing you for me to realise. When you said that Tank didn't want to be a part of the baby's life I had dreams about the baby growing up and calling me dad. I was gutted when you said he was back, because he doesn't deserve to be a part of your life, I don't deserve to be a part of your life but I'm hoping you'll past my mistakes and let me be with you. Not just pretending to be together to make Josh jealous, actually being together." Evelyn turned to face him and grabbed both of his hands. She allowed herself to look into his eyes for the first time that night and all she saw in them was hope.
"Matt, there's nothing you can do to scare me off. You could've told the whole world that I was pregnant and I still would've forgiven you in a heartbeat. You could've bashed Wayne half to death today and we would still be having this conversation with the exact same result. I'm completely and utterly smitten with you and you have no idea how happy I am that I haven't scared you off." Matt wrapped his arms around Evelyn's waist, he leaned in and kissed her. It took a few seconds for Evelyn to respond but she did kiss back. It was Christmas, Easter and her birthday all rolled into one. It was all she ever wanted.

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