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Evil Lurks at Check In


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Story Title: Evil Lurks at Check In
Type of story: Short/Medium Fic
Main Characters: Casey,Denny, Charlotte and Hunter
BTTB rating: A
Genre: Comedy Horror
Does story include spoilers: Slight UK spoilers
Any warnings: Mild sexual content, violence/death.
Summary: Casey and Denny go to stay at Hotel Sands in a hope that it would bring them a dirty weekend away.

Here's a short Halloween story hope you like the first chapter.


Long ago while the worlds of our great and vast universe were under construction The ancient ones took it upon themselves to break the worlds into different sectors. These sectors were to be known as safe zones and danger points


Once having been housed within a safe zone you were safe as long as you didn’t breach and try to break away from your given safe zone and the horrors of the evils could not find you.


But being in a safe zone makes one crave excitement  Living within the safe zones causes people to feel as though they have hit a rut in their lives No adventure no new friends. You see the same people day in and day out, visit the same shops eat the same foods, everything just becomes boring, uneventful and dull


The danger points on the other hand  are unpredictable exciting wondrous But this is where evil lurks waiting to take hold Waiting for the chance to grab you and toss you amongst its other souls it has already collected


The small seaside town of Summer Bay remind themselves every year of the evil that awaits them just beyond its golden sandy shoreline.


Alfred Stewart stands high amongst the people and revisits the old story of Daryl Braxton, the small but brave little hobbit, who with the help of he’s small but long blonde haired hobbit friend Ash had breached the safe zone of Summer Bay for the quest of love.


Daryl wanted a ring a golden ring for he’s beloved girlfriend Ricky. Daryl and Ash had made it back to the safety of the bay without issue with the said golden ring but then Ricky had broken Daryl’s heart by saying no to his offer of marriage, saying she was planning on leaving to become a famous photographer. Well Daryl had left in a right huff with Ash in toe to return the little golden ring to its fiery pits of doom for where it had been found.  Ever since then though hobbits Daryl Braxton and  Ash have become lost never to be heard or seen of again. Ricky has since broke the breach of the safe zone also to follow her dream of taking photos


Casey Braxton and his girlfriend Denny Miller are the next people to break free and venture out to the place which is known as the Yabbie Creek this is their story of nightmarish horror.


Chapter 1


Denny looked down at the picture in the holiday brochure once more the photo she was most puzzled over was one that Ricky had taken. Denny looked back up at the so called delightful and dreamy hotel that the photo shopped picture


“It says here it has a sleek and sexy look to it” Denny says turning the picture of the hotel this way and that, as in some weird way that would help it to match up with the sheer look of reality of the dark and gloomy look of the hotel’s true image.


“Well Den as long as there’s a double bed for us I’m sure we can think of something sexy and sleek to do to make for it Casey says winking.


“Casey oh you are naughty” Denny says as she blushes while  thinking of her lacy sulked underwear.  


The Hotel Sands towers over their tiny car like a looming shadow of doom. The roof titles are crooked cracked and falling away from the roof.  a few already lay within the hotel’s dead and blackened lawn of grass. The hotel’s windows are smeared with bird poo mostly likely to be crows or ravens. Denny shudders.


“Should we really stay here Casey? This place looks sort of dangerous”


Casey eyes Denny with a look that shines of  god I love you girl and you do make me laugh.


“Denny we are only staying here the one night. I’m sure it won’t kill you, plus just think our world trip starts tomorrow” Casey opens his car door and jumps out.


“Now give us a hand with the suitcases so we can go check in, I want to go test how bouncy the bed is.”


Denny opens her car door slowly and peers upon their so called five star hotel.


 “How did Ricky make the place look so nice?”


Casey never heard her question he was far to busy struggling and pulling what felt like  Denny’s ten ton over packed suitcases towards the hotel’s flight of exhausting  steps.


“Oh hello there you two”


Casey stops nearly dropping the suitcases onto his foot, to gaze at the sight of this golden haired goodness with her fluttering eyelashes and tight and juicy looking bum which looked just prefect as she bent over to give a very odd mould of dirt a forceful whack with her shovel.


“Oh don’t mind me I’m Charlotte King the owner of this wonderful hotel.”


“What are you doing with that shovel?” Denny asks looking kind of scared.


“She’s digging a grave Den”


“Oh yes I am, very good and who are you?”




“I like you Casey good sense of humour. No I’m just planting the seeds I’m growing veg” Charlotte then throws her head back and laughs loudly, which Casey just thinks sounds very sexy.


“Here let me Casey”

Charlotte takes hold of the suitcases making sure that she stokes up against Casey’s thigh as she does so. Charlotte then walks swinging her hips from side to side as she moves up the steps as though she had the grace of a swan.



“Hunter we have guests”



“Guests Mother that’s splendid  which room will I put Them in 999 is free, and I have already put clean linen on the bed already.


Denny grasps at the coldness  as Hunter presses the shaped 999 room key into her shaking hand something seems quite odd but this place.


“Oh no you have handed me the wrong key this one’s 666” Denny looks worried into Hunter’s sexy but somewhat psychotic eyes.


“Oh no the key is upside down you see” Hunter grabs the suitcases and dashes off up the long and twisting staircase.


 Charlotte glides angel like around to the other side of the desk. She leans over the desk slightly making sure she shows Casey a nice glimpse of her bare nipples which are hidden slightly by her full length leather shoulder strapped dress. 


“How many nights would you like” Charlotte asks while brushing her hair playfully.


“Oh I don’t know a week?” Casey says dreamily.


“Oh no just the night” Denny corrects.


 Charlotte then asks for names and jots them down in the hotel log book. Casey and Denny are the hotel’s first ever guests


Denny lays out in a very sexy pose that has Casey panting as he throws his clothes high from their suitcase.


“Dam I have forgot, well you know”


“No Casey I don’t know but who knows their maybe a chemist open close by. So you can go and get Mr Sock Puppet for your Mr Winkle”


“Denny just say condom its far less embarrassing for me”



“What is it your after?” Hunter asks eyeing Casey with a icy stare.


“Are there any chemists open please?”


“Are you sick in the need for medicine?” Hunter exits from around the desk and starts to pace around Casey his arms folded.  

“I don’t think that has anything to do with you.”


Hunter comes to stop in front of Casey his face inches away.


“Oh really this is my hotel and you might be wanting to do drugs so yeah what is it you want?”


“Hunter he wants to have sex with his girlfriend, isn’t that right Casey?” Charlotte smiles and pinches Casey’s behind as she glides over to him.


“Look yeah fine me and girlfriend want to have a dirty weekend away before we start our trip around the world. Would either of you please tell me where I can find a chemist?” Casey can see the fire of sudden anger within Hunter’s gaze.


“Yes sure there’s a chemist just down the road just by the crossroads” Charlotte says sweetly while pushing a murderous looking Hunter back behind the hotel’s main desk




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Thank you very much everyone for the comments

Chapter 2


The spontaneous impending sudden blanket of freezing fog has Casey slamming his car door shut quick smart. Gosh he’s freezing his nuts off.  Casey cranks the car’s heater to full blast as well as the heated seat bum cheek heaters to ensure he would make himself feel warm and toasty. But in truth he couldn’t wait until he could get underneath the bed covers with Denny to cosy on down, and to feel the heat from their luxury hotel room, even though it was more like sleeping within the walls of the most spookiest broom cupboard. Casey revved his engine of his vehicle which had quickly turned itself into a freezer box with four wheels


The car shot backwards at what feel like zero to hundred and crashed into something hard and solid making a monstrous thud that rattled Casey’s already chattering teeth. Pulling away quickly from what ever he had hit, hoping he could use this thick fog as a cover to make a quick and unnoticed getaway, Casey drove away from the crumbling old wishing well that had gone unnoticed from both the around the world adventurers  when they had drove into the hotel’s grounds earlier.


Casey’s desired destination of the chemist was to be found at the crossroads. That was all well and good if not quite a odd place to find such a place to go to when one needed medic supplies. But with this misty fog blinding Casey of his whereabouts he was just hoping he would find another car’s tail lights to show him where the road was. Casey didn’t find any other cars or even another human to guide him anywhere on his journey, the fog just kept on pulling him further and further into its spooky depth of greyness.


Denny lay silent, her eyes darting back and froth. There was something moving within the walls of the room. She never considered herself to be scared of such things as mice, rats, or spiders before. But by the sound of the creature that was dragging itself throughout the room’s inside wall structure Denny imagined the hugest oversized rodent known to man. Or in this case something edging on the borders of the supernatural.


Swinging her legs around so she could stand Denny knocked the bedside table and from it landing at her feet was a photo of man named Norman Bates. Denny hasn’t noticed the picture though she is too busy edging closer to the far off wall on the other side of the room, while she’s doing this part of the wall splits and in that gap stands Hunter.


“Denny is that right, is that your name?”


Twirling around Denny looks at him wide eyed.


“There’s something big and scary crawling about inside the walls.”


Hunter chuckles.


“Yeah that was me I was looking at you watching using my little spy holes or peep holes.” Hunter casually throws himself on the bed.


“Looking good girl, how about we get down to something dirty?” Hunter pulls a can of  squirty cream from his pocket.


“Are you mad?”


“My Mother thinks I am yes, and granted I too think I’m slightly bonkers but what is the fun of being normal Denny?”


Denny watches as Hunter fills his mouth in spuirty cream.


“That’s it I’m phoning Casey.”


“Ah yes the boyfriend he will away for ages, I mean have you seen the fog outside? Now come” Hunter pulls at Denny until she falls and trips on the photo of Norman Bates.


“Oh I see you have found the only picture of my dad Mother says my real dad is someone called Zac but she’s lying I know that.”


Denny thinking it wise to play along asks……


“How do you know if your mom is lying?”


Well just look at Norman’s mad eyes, the thirst for insane knowledge, the need to kill. Oh yes we are related but you are the one Denny the one who will save myself from myself from becoming just like Norman?”


“Um Hunter think fast.”




Denny quickly chins Hunter with an uppercut punch to his face. she was very thankful at this moment of her ex boyfriend Chris Harrington, who had bored her to tears with his obsession over Jackie Chan movies. The subconscious mind is a curious and wonderful thing; television had helped Denny to self teach herself some very nifty self defence kung fu moves.



Charlotte stood over the top of the laundry Shute where a  very dazed Hunter was coming around.


“What the Heck Hunter, why would you try it on with one of our guests?”


“No Mother she rejected me how dare she do that to me. I was coming across as nothing but charming and she will be sorry oh boy she pay for……………”


“Oh for goodness sake Hunter I do love you, but you have got to learn how to take rejection grow up and go have a shower you stink from all the dirty washing your laying in.”


As Charlotte marches away Hunter starts to think of showers and how slippery and deadly they can be. 



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Thanks Sarah,Red Kristen and JoiseTash for the comments.

Ah JoiseTash you noticed the the wishing well :wink:

Hope you enjoy this chapter


Chapter 3


The slivery glow of the moon’s silhouette glistens amongst the tiny ripples of the deep dark depths of the wishing well’s waters. Denny is all but transfixed upon its beauty that the sheer pinging sound of a incoming text message shakes her to her core.

Grabbing her phone from the bedside table she spies she’s just received a message from her sister Evie informing her that she likes to ride Tanks. Denny can’t help but feel slightly confused by this new found fetish of her sister’s, Evie’s never showed any interest in Tanks before. Denny re reads the message, could it be as simple as a mistake made by predictive text, and Evie meant she was dating a guy called Tank? But that would be as equally silly as Evie’s claim to like to ride Tanks wouldn’t it? That her possible boyfriend could be named after some serious army machinery weapon?

Denny puts her clogged confused mind down to the dank damp stale smell of the room, where specs of dust are dancing within her line of sight. But there’s no doubt in her mind that her sister Evie might just be entertaining the motion of  riding this very odd Tank named fellow anyway. Denny shudders her skin feels gravely and itchy with dirt 


 It would seem that the so called clean sheets that Hunter had changed the bed with were not so clean after all. In fact there were brown patched stains of some sort of disgusting mystery substance, that Denny dreads to think of what could have caused them.


The unstable swingy light bulb hangs from its maggot invested lightshade shinning its ghostly glow around the room allowing Denny to see how spooky their hotel room really was. Cobwebs dangle from windowsills blacken black handprints dance across the peeling rotting wallpaper Denny all of a sudden feels very dirty and in desperate need to scrub herself clean underneath a hot and refreshing shower.

Hunter sits staring watching the flowing blondest of Charlotte’s long hair, as it bounces to and fro across her shoulder line and down the back of her leather studded mini skirt. Was it normal to feel slightly turned on by his mother’s sudden sexiness? He wasn’t certain Hunter had always felt very close to Charlotte though. He still slept in bed with her sometimes, when he thought that there might have been a scary monster lurking within his bedroom cupboard despite his age.

Charlotte smiles across the desk at him.

“Are you all ready for snuggles and hot chocolate now Hunter?”

Hunter sighs there was nothing more that he wanted than the delightful  offer of having snuggles and hot chocolate with his mother right now, but it would seem that Denny has switched her leaking shower on. The leak that drips from the overhead pipes of the hotel’s crooked roof suddenly angers Hunter After all he was the hotel’s handyman and it was down to him to see to the repairs and fix the problem. Ever since Denny had turned down his charming but sexual advances she had been a problem well in Hunter’s mind she had been anyway.


“Maybe later we could have snuggles Mother I need to go and fix that annoying leak.”


“Oh Hunter wait awhile she’s in the shower.”


“I know that Mother I won’t peek I promise”


Hunter causally picks his handy man tool kitted box up from behind the desk. He has all the tools of the trade within that box. Everything ranging from screw drivers Hammers power drills A GIANT BLADED KNIFE!!!!!, spanners bolts…………..

Casey hears it once more, the laugh of a hyena. It is somewhat comforting as it reminds him of the way Ricky often laughed. But the danger was real he knew that, the fog blinds him of having any clue of where the creature could be. Plus his phone signal had long ago gave up the ghost and died.


Denny sighs heavenly as the warm smoothing water caressed down her slender soft bikini slim prefect body. She laughs girly at her perfectly shaped bouncy breasts that she can see jigging about in the bathroom mirror. The shampoo melts through her browny blonde hair making it smell of strawberries and cream. Water runs down her long and slightly tanned legs, where the water gathers for while making the wet room styled floor slippery before draining itself of the used cleansing water.

The curtain is suddenly jerked back, knife raised but seeing as Denny has been trained with the art of kung fu  she blocks Hunter’s first stabbing action of revenge with her arm. Blood gushes mixing itself with soap and body lotions.


“Mother says to tell you that you are flooding the downstairs carpets with you insane need to shower.” Hunter screams raising the knife again for another shot of teaching Denny the errors of her ways mainly that being the fact that she turned him down.


Denny staggers forwards holding her palm out towards Hunter’s face. The blood from her gushing arm drips into his eyes.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh silly girl I’m missing snuggles with Mother right now Denny, she doesn’t reject me like you did you see”

Hunter staggers towards the door knocking it open while being blinded by the blood in  his eyes. Denny slips but like a very talented ice skater she manages to slide on through to the bedroom. Hunter is still dazed by the bathroom door, Gathering his thoughts and his balance quickly though Hunter charges at Denny once more. Denny who is still very much blinded by the strawberry scented shampoo grabs the first thing to come to hand, she swings and the fire poker from the hotel room’s fireplace connects with Hunter’s face he staggers backwards from what felt like Denny’s full handed heavy golf club swing, shoving him back across the wet floor of the shower Hunter raises the knife one last time before he becomes entangled with the shower curtain. The knife pierces through his chest allowing Hunter to breathe his last breath of life. The bathroom door slowly and very ghostly manages to close itself.

Denny meanwhile has found her towel and has wiped the shampoo from her eyes. She will need to phone on down to the hotel reception and complain about the insane Looney tune pervert who tried to disturb her while she was taking a shower.


As Denny hears Charlotte’s cheerful and inviting voice on the other end of the phone Denny notices the blood dripping from her arm which was caused by Hunter’s knife.




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Thank you guys for the comments Sorry I have been quite busy with rehersals this week so couldn't update


Hope you like this chapter


Chapter 4


Denny can hear the steady knocking sound of someone’s light tapping against the hotel room’s wooden door. Quickly she rips a flimsy piece of dirt invested brown strained bed sheet and uses it to wrap her knife wielded bloodied arm. Denny then rushes to the door thinking its Casey, hoping that he will be able to whisk her away from this creep fest of a hotel. She would not be recommending the Hotel Sands to anyone, that Denny could be sure of. The door opens splinters of wood chippings crumb against the rotting wall of the room. Denny is blinded for a spilt second from the sheer blondest of Charlotte King’s golden enchanting hair.


“Hello Denny I’m so very sorry for your very frightening showering experiences, we here at Hotel Sands do not make a habit to allow insane and unstable guests to come breaking into other guests rooms while they happen to be in mid showering flow.”


Denny steps aside to allow Charlotte to enter the room with the easing movements of a wistful and beautiful swan.


“Do you know where the intruder is now?” Charlotte asks giving the room a quick wandering glance. Denny shakes her head specs of water fly from her wet shiny hair.


While Charlotte expects the room for any hidden clues of who this knife wielding maniac might have been, Denny who throughout this whole chaos has forgotten that she is still wearing nothing but a mini tight towel which clings to wettest of her glistening body, grabbing her blue hot pants she quickly begins to dress.


Charlotte comes to a stop just beyond the bathroom door and slowly opens it. The fear of what she might find behind it makes Denny take a sharp intake of baited breath.  


“HUNTER!!!!!!!!!” Charlotte’s thunderous outrage of stricken horror echoes throughout the whole hotel, in the unlikely event that people were downstairs waiting by the check in desk Denny was sure they would of ran with fear thinking they might just be about to experience a encounter with the Hulk.


“What’s Hunter doing in there?”


“Well I don’t think he’s up to much to be honest with you” Denny says quite sheepishly.


“He came to fix your shower leak and this is the thanks he gets a knife through his chest?” Charlotte glares at Denny with a look that contains utter hatred and acid like poison. But that doesn’t make Denny shy away from suddenly feeling brave enough to stand her ground. She wasn’t going to allow someone to give her such a dark toned and murderous insane look.


“Oh yeah and how was he planning on fixing the leak with his knife exactly?”


“Maybe he was bringing it up to you ready for when you ordered room service” Charlotte fires back knowing full well that was not true. Hunter had been utterly  bonkers she knew that.


“He’s dead Denny my lovely son dead, and I can’t have you getting away with he’s murder” Charlotte falls to the wet floor taking Hunter’s head in her hands.


“He slipped he must have I never touched him” Charlotte’s eyes scan the room her eyes fall upon the long and narrow fire poker that lies across just within Denny’s reach.


Denny spots it and in a way to hide it from Charlotte’s view goes to kick it away but hurts her foot in doing so, causing her to hop around, cursing under her breath. Denny having now turned away from her Charlotte takes a maddening shrieking leap at her son’s much desired fancy piece. Denny  feels herself get jolted forwards. Charlotte pounces again flying into Denny’s body with full impact, knocking both of them face first against the wall. Charlotte grabs at Denny’s hair and pulls back forcing Denny’s head backwards. Denny’s feels the impact of the splintered wood as Charlotte smashes her face against its frame.


Pain explodes throughout Denny’s senses, which leaves Denny with such a staggering rush to fight back that Denny wills herself to block the pain out allowing her to bring her leg up for a round house kung fu kick upon a un expecting Charlotte. The kick connects sending Charlotte sailing backwards across the room.


Denny should take this chance to make her daring escape but she still feels very dazed from getting her face smashed against the door, that she staggers out onto the hotel landing where the stair banister awaits. Charlotte comes at her again flying wildly at her. Denny loses balances and topples over the top of the star banister. Charlotte also screams as Denny makes sure that she takes her with her. Charlotte falls to the floor below while Denny has come to rest hanging and gripping to the hotel chandler.


Charlotte picks herself up from the floor large gashes of cuts plaster her face. She stares up at Denny who mockery waves down at her. Charlotte screams outrage before darting around to the desk where she keeps a gun


Taking the time to aim Charlotte fires, The bullets impacts with the golden chain of the chandler Denny screams as she crashes down to the floor Charlotte grabs her and takes to the hotel entrance.


Denny feels the coldness of the mud as she hits the ground but soon finds she is once more being picked up.


“You killed Hunter and that means I will have to kill you now, I’m sorry Denny but I loved my son very much.


Charlotte aims and fires her gun.


Denny isn’t aware of  being shot but she is aware of hitting what feels to be hard brick and then her balance goes and then she feels nothing but hears the whispers of waters far below Then…………………..


Denny do not be scared for I am the voice of the wishing well and I can grant you one and everlasting wish while you remain within the grasps of human existence.


Charlotte rushes over to the old and crumbling wishing well. She glances into its dark depths for signs of Denny but all there is, is blackness and the drip, drip of the water


Denny’s long and slender arms take her by surprise as they shoot up from the wishing well to take their grip of the well’s old and rocky stoned edges. Denny pulls herself part way out of the well and then speaks in a voice in which only menacing death could ever sound like


“I had one wish bitch and you know what that wish was? it was to have my revenge and revenge I shall have” Denny glares at Charlotte through her long mousy hair.


“If you ever see me again, beware because if you ever do you will only have seven more days to live.” Denny then gives into the darkness of death her last thoughts are of Casey her lovely Casey, oh how she had loved him Charlotte watches chilled to the bone as Denny lowers herself down below the waters surface.  




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Thanks for the comments Kristen Sarah and Red

Chapter 5


The howl of the high pitched laughter of the screeching hyena is all Casey can hear as he spins, grinding the tyres into the dusty gravel road. The fog has parted ever so slightly, and the low hanging sign for Hotel Sands can be seen within the distance. Once Casey gets back to the god forsaken hell hole of a hotel, he would be packing his bags.


The whiteness of this ghostly fog had clouded his mind. He no longer remembered where and why he had been travelling through its thickness. Had he been holidaying here and had he been with someone at the start of this ghostly adventure? Casey wasn’t at all sure but somewhere at the back of his mind there was the memory of a girl called Denny but as with the fog she too was vanishing.


Casey feels a sharp jolt as the hyena jumps hitting the bonnet of his car. Long gaping claw marks slowly rip through the car’s metal.


Casey drives faster throwing a few swereing actions in for good meraure trying he’s best to knock the creature off balance


Charlotte King would have to see about filling the wishing well in, She couldn’t have little children going happily up to it to throw their parents loose change down into its depths only to find it was haunted by a young woman with blonde mousy hair. To come to think of it without Hunter around Charlotte wasn’t able to cope with hotel’s troublesome guests any longer.

Charlotte ponders on what the next step is going to be while she stares into the orange brightness of the flame from her lighter that she had lit so many of Hunter’s birthday candles with.


The hyena flies through the air as Casey manages to crash into the side of the wishing well. Fragments of gravel and dust rain down onto Charlotte blinding her from the hyena’s oncoming attack. The stunned animal lands on top of Charlotte causing her to lose grip of her lit lighter.


Casey watches as the Hotel Sands is set ablaze, Loud gunshots are heard as Charlotte defends herself from the hyena


Casey has had enough his well and truly out of here. He presses his foot down hard and speeds off into the distance leaving the burning inferno that had once been Hotel Sands far behind him. The only thing left standing is the wishing well where the ghost of Denny awaits her revenge upon Charlotte King who had managed with the help from Hunter spoil her and Casey’s world trip.


Meanwhile Charlotte has managed to slip away into the undergrowth behind the burning hotel






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Thank you for all you comments on this story Red Kristen,JoiseTash, and Sarah



Chapter 6

Six Months Later


Greg Snelgrove prided himself at being the most professional outstanding top notch school principal to ever grace the hallways of Summer Bay High. He employed the most educational teachers that he could find. Teachers that would encourage and carry with them hope for their students futures, teachers such as Charlotte King who it soon come to Greg’s attention was taking her educational purposes to far and beyond new heights, that had him blushing and feeling rather jealous that some of the students taking her class were getting to experience biology and sex education in their most practical forms.


Greg passed Matt Page Charlotte’s luckiest latest sneeze to get a invite to go see her behind the bike sheds everyday. Matt passed him red rosy lipstick stains upon his cheeks, school shirt slightly askew with blotches of mud stains running down the shirts whiteness, school tie wrapped around his head.


It almost broke Greg’s heart to receive the call from the educational department informing him that he would need to fire Charlotte King immediately There would be no more of her trying to flirt him awhile he tried to have quiet little chats about Matt in his office. No more cheeky little glances at her jiggling swinging hips as she passed him in the hallways, and no more trying to chat her up in the staff room while Charlotte licked the melted chocolate from her cookies from her very kissable lips.


Greg had put his foot down hard and firmly now though for today was Charlotte King’s last day at the school, and Greg could hear the yells and moans of the gutted male students and the yells of triumph from the female students as he knocks on the classroom door.


“Er yes Miss King I’m just bringing you this DVD to show to the students. it’s the new school promotion video” Greg feels the smoothest and the softest of Charlotte’s hand as she takes it from him, for someone who’s last day after being fried Charlotte it would seem to Greg was taking it very well but then again Greg was unaware that within the contents of her handbag Charlotte was carrying a bomb. Greg felt his bum cheeks lightly sneezed as he turns to leave the classroom. Charlotte smiles and turns to place the school promotional DVD into its player the wide screened television is already set up.


Oscar and Evie Denny’s brother and sister sit amongst the classroom of students Casey is also there.


Charlotte plunges the classroom into sheer darkness by letting the blinds fall at the windows, the sun just about blinking through.


The picture on the screen blinks and then flashes into nothingness.


“Ah Miss King the TV’s busted” Matt laughs quickly turning to watch Oscar and his girlfriend Maddy French kiss each other using the darken room to their advantage while they had the chance. 


Charlotte walks over to the television and lightly taps it.


Casey yawns but his eyes widen as he witnesses a familiar  sight from the TV screen, The wishing well from outside Hotel Sands why would that be in a school promotional video?

Charlotte takes a step back too banging into her desk Oscar and Maddy’s lips part at the sound and both look up at the TV screen.


The first arm comes first and then the second jerks up both gripping upon the stony edge of the well, and then slowly her head emerges her mousy hair drenched and matted to her face.


“Isn’t that Denny? Evie screams horrified from up the back of the class.


Casey’s memories of Denny suddenly flood back, why didn’t he realise that she had been missing and was not sat next him when he had fled the burning hotel six months ago? He edged closer to the TV screen Denny spotted him and moved jerkily closer to glass of the TV screen.


Charlotte feeling scared of the students’ claims that this girl on the screen was in fact Denny rushes forwards to try to switch the DVD player off. Denny’s spooky warning for revenge resurfacing in her mind.


“Casey!!!!!!!!!” Denny hisses as she climbs from out of the TV screen, Water from the wishing well leaving puddles upon the floor.


Casey shoots backwards into Oscar as Denny’s outstretched hands touches his cheek Denny’s fingers feel icy cold.


“WOW that is some serious outstanding 3D effects” Matt yells His about the only person who is excited by this whole thing, everyone else is getting seriously freaked out. Denny starts to drag herself across the floor of the classroom her movements looking very disjointed.


“Casey!!!!!! Why are you watching this video? You shouldn’t be it was meant for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Denny jerkily turns her head towards Charlotte who has taken to hiding underneath her desk.  


“I told you that you would be seeing me again didn’t I?” Denny pulls herself across the floor towards Charlotte, who is busy trying to put herself across as being calm and collected while sitting underneath her desk whimpering lile a small girl.


“Wow just wow I didn’t know that this class had changed to media studies this Hollywood right here” Matt says clapping his hands impressively.


“Show some respect Matt that’s my sister if you don’t mind” Oscar says  shooting Matt a dirty glance.


Evie has edged herself closer towards the action where Denny has placed her dead icy hands upon Charlotte’s horrified looking face  


“Seven days you have seven days” Denny hisses.


“No I finish today I have been fired and I’m leaving today” Charlotte manages to stammer.


“No I mean you have seven days to live Charlotte”

“Wow it’s just like that horror movie The Ring, do you remember watching that Oscar where you cried and Maddy had to comfort you?” Matt laughs.


“Yeah I do that’s when you gate crashed our date wasn’t it Matt?” Oscar moves forwards to get a better look at Denny. Her skin had turned grey since apparently having died while away with Casey travelling.


Denny turns away from Charlotte to address the wide eyed classroom of students.


“Ok so according to the cruse I’m meant to give you all just seven days to live but what the hell I will let you go.”


The classroom door is ghostly blown open and the students run for it, probably off to go watch the movie The Ring because its selling records rocketed that day after that encounter with the ice queen dead but still rather fit looking Denny.


“Casey, Oscar Evie if you ever want to catch up just stick this DVD on and I will be here, now go”


Casey turns…..


“Can we still you know have…….”


“Yes Casey we can still have zombie sex if you so wish”


Casey smiles but shudders too as he gently pushes Oscar and Evie out of the door because now Denny has taken on a very vengeful look.


The classroom door slams the students are met by Greg Snelgrove and all they can hear are Charlotte’s chilled to the bone  screams

The End




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