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Strictly Come Dancing 2015


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I know what you guys are thinking..... "It's time for the new series of Strictly already?" It really feels like it flies by.

Whilst the new series isn't due to start just yet (As far as I'm aware, there has been no official date for either the Launch Show or the Live Shows starting), we're being given the celebrity reveals now. The first two have been revealed over the last 2 days, so I'm not sure if the reveals will just be daily from now on. I will update this list as we get the celebs revealed officially.

So far the 2015 celeb line up:

Jeremy Vine (Current affairs supremo, according to the bbc website. I know of him vaguely from TV)
Ainsley Harriott (Chef)
Kellie Bright (Eastenders actress)
Georgia May Foote (actress, formerly of Coronation Street)

What do we think so far? I'll update the list as we get the reveals. :)

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I can not wait for this to start. When strictly starts I am officially allowed to get excited for Christmas.

I believe the series starts first Saturday in October normally & launch is always 3 weeks before then, that is because they have had 3 weeks rehearsal for first dance even before the start of this launch show business. 

Jeremy Vine presents Eggheads on BBC2 at 6.30pm (most of the time), has a BBC Radio 2 show (some point during the day) and is also Tim Vine brother. 

Ainsley Harriott well I think he has a high chance of dancing with Natalie Lowe. Then again isn't there a new female pro and not sure of her height. 

I hope Anton does quite well, as I plan to go see his tour in Feb and I love the bit they do about strictly. However in the past the banter between Anton and Erin about who got further won't be there :( I miss Erin. 

I am very excited for Ian Waite Wednesday Warm Up. I love that man! 

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I agree with you BethFaye, I miss Erin on the show too. For me Erin & Anton's pro dances were always the highlight of the shows for me. 

As for this years contestants so far. I don't mind Ainsley Harriott, i've always liked him on any show he's been on so that's ok. Jeremy Vine I'm not such a fan of, I can tolerate him but I wouldn't switch on just to see him. 

Can't wait to see who else is going to be on this years show. For about 4 years now I've been hoping for Lesley Joseph to be on it & for her to be paired with Anton. Can you imagine that partnership, I bet it would be hilarious. 

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Eastender's Kellie Bright is the 3rd celebrity appearing on this years show. I've been a fan of Kellie for as long as i can remember, i grew up watching all the shows she appeared in like the T-Bag series & The Upper Hand so i'm looking forward to her appearing on Strictly. 

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I think Kellie will be in awhile too, she is very popular on Eastenders. Think she will be great too, but I have held back saying that since Victoria Pendleton (though I did vote for her a lot still) 

I am starting to get excited now, can't wait for tomorrow announcement.

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